Stealth Game For The Side Bang (Part 1)

Googling 'secret sex' for an appropriate image came up with this picture of Sarah Palin, who supposedly fired someone for 'checking her out'. Sounds like a bit of a cunt to me, but let's face it' you probably would, wouldn't you?

Googling ‘secret sex’ for an appropriate image came up with this picture of Sarah Palin, who supposedly fired someone for ‘checking her out’. Sounds like a bit of a cunt to me, but let’s face it’ you probably would, wouldn’t you?

So, here we are in May of all months. And looking back over my recent posts, we see things haven’t been great. The chronicle of a man with practically everything at his disposal, living the stereotypical playboy lifestyle with the additional security of a relationship, then dropping to the deepest depth as his utopia crashes down around him, piece by piece. Worthy reading for some I suppose, who no doubt might have wanted me to get my karma returned to me after I boasted about banging eight girls in seven days. But bad news bitches; I’m still around & so is this blog.

I generally don’t bother looking at the stats page of this blog, because as per my introduction in the header; this blog has always been a chronicle for myself. But if what I’ve learnt along this twisting path of life can be of benefit to others, then I’m also happy to know that. And looking at the stats, I see many of you are indeed still reading. Hi. I’m Unjaded, & always will be. I was away for a while, but now I’m back with new information, experiences & a new mindset. And it’s time to move forward.

You may remember I mentioned about how Main & I decided to try again, after the cataclysmic disaster that was her finding out about my trip where I met BM-13; at the time a seemingly amazing girl. Over time though, it was clear the distance was going to be a major issue. I find it hard enough to be faithful when in the same place as my main squeeze, let alone when she might be thousands of miles away. I’d tried to keep her warm for a return leg, but her inability to control herself or keep anything off of social media resulted in a terrible ending that wracked me with guilt. I might like sex a lot, but I don’t want to intentionally hurt someone.

Main went away on a long trip & came back a couple of days ago. Using some methods I’d implemented before her leaving, I was able to monitor her activities pretty much the whole trip & I’m confident nothing happened with anyone else. The nature of where she went was one reason behind that, but additionally her behaviour was also surprisingly positive towards me while she was away, & exponentially so as we neared her return. Before she’d left, I’d made a conscious decision not to bother her too much, seeing this escapade (which was planned long ago) as the real ‘make or break’ moment to us having a relationship.

And it has actually turned out really well. We are closer than ever before, she seemed to have put the misdemeanors with BM-13 to bed mentally & things seem better than ever. I’m actually enjoying the time we’re spending together more than ever. Things are finally back to normal, or even beyond ‘normal’; they’re better than ever. I’m actually feeling quite content.

So that’s the end of the post right? Unjaded has managed to save his relationship he didn’t fully appreciate before & everything is great?

Well, not quite. I’m not sure if it’s a curse or some such, but without even particularly trying I’ve managed to attract three different girls; a very hot forty one year old, a very pretty girl who can’t be any more than twenty four & another twenty nine year old who is also pretty & rather cool. And the truth is, if I could get away with it, I’d bang every single one of them. All are in the preliminary stage, where they are clearly interested & full of enthusiasm. Banging them wouldn’t be difficult using my previous methods; I had the means to weave whatever story I could tell they wanted to hear, or in fact be relatively honest with them if I thought they’d still put out.

As I was pondering this situation, a phrase I’d often heard said came to mind; ‘Don’t shit on your own doorstep’. While the practical elements of this are very straightforward to imagine, in real life defecation upon one’s own doorstep is not usually a common practice & so here we look to the metaphorical meaning, which is of course not to risk everything one has put time & effort into as part of a relationship, for the sake of a bang. In other words, if you are going to do anything, you need to do it in a zero risk situation.

I’ve always known this in principle, but totally let it slip during the trip where I met BM-13. And look at the fallout of that. I made key mistakes; letting her take pictures of us on her phone, giving the opportunity to put them online & so on. As I’d mentioned before, I was somewhat taken with her but the distance was a killer. And in the end, the situation completely slid out of my control, beyond even damage limitation.

Yet somehow, things have been resolved but for a long time it looked hopeless & the guilt almost killed me. When I think about how a simple bang could bring all of that back & finally kill my relationship completely, I seriously think it’s not worth it.

But as I said above, the truth is; even now after these recent terrible experiences & the genuine desire to not fuck around for now at least, it feels (important to distinguish this) if I knew there would be no chance of Main finding out, I”d fuck all those women in a heartbeat.

But actually would I or not? I don’t think I would. Recent events are too fresh. Many would argue it should be a simple decision, & a lot of me is presently inclined to agree with them. I’ve fucked a lot of girls & I’m thirty five years old. The truth is, things happen as time passes & throwing yourself in the pursuit of X direction , can often ultimately incline you to want to start to go in Y direction. It’s true the journey of the reaching of any goal is the most satisfying part of the experience & once that goal becomes so easy it becomes routine, you start to crave more. I would suggest this has been both the bane & benefit of great businessmen or entrepreneurs, who’ve had great success in one area because they do that very well, but then find it so easy to keep repeating this process, they seek to stretch themselves further, as they once did in the attainment of that previous goal which is now so routine.

On the other hand, perhaps my current limbo-esque situation with career is screwing with my sense of self worth. As much as I’ve complained about being a slave previously, having the security of a career at least gives you some structure in your life, which is of particular importance when going through some traumatic event. Although things with Main have at times been quite volatile, it’s actually been quite nice to be able to

Generally, women handle the dilemma of side bangs very easily, by simple putting interested men into a ‘friends’ catagory, which is clearly just a ‘reserve’ catagory, for all the pathetic orbiters who like to interfere in other people’s relationships by hanging around in the background. For me, this is truly the lowest type of person. I’d rather someone fucked my girlfriend & told me outright. At least he’s doing you a favour by showing you who you thought was your loved one is a whore & you shouldn’t be wasting your time in a relationship with her. The orbiters don’t do anything positive for anyone of any gender & just deserve a fucking beating.

This conundrum is easier for women to resolve, as their primary concern is validation, rather than action. As long as they know dickhead is in the emotional and/or fucking queue for her, she doesn’t need to fuck him. That fact alone is enough & she’s not technically cheating on her current beau.

I appreciate after my recent emotional outpourings I may be the pot calling the kettle black to some degree but most men aren’t developed enough to control the way they express interest to a woman. Granted, I’ve been all over the place in the last few weeks but I know how to control myself when trying to show just enough interest in a girl in the initial stages, rather than metaphorically ejaculating my entire load over a girl within days of meeting her; because I don’t go out & don’t have the abundance mentality, like the people who do this.

Main told me the other day she’s actually had men admit to her in the past they’ve fantastised about her. How fucking pathetic, do they honestly believe a woman is going to fuck them based on this admission alone? At best, perhaps this could be a strategy to use if you’re looking for a turning point from heavy flirtation into action, but that they’ve just blurted this out & expected women to fuck them out of mercy or similar is utterly desperate.

If you’re the type of person whose trying to attract women like this, you need to go back & read my previous posts on getting your shit together.

Anyway, I currently have a cunt like this (who again I’ve been monitoring communications with & I must be fair, Main is not feeding him any bait, yet he stays relentlessly in the background, announcing his presence occasionally) who is quite persistent, most likely because he’s an introverted, one dimensional dickhead who doesn’t meet many girls.

I’m seriously considering getting his number & giving him the angry psycho threat routine. This involves working yourself up to an already angry state (the type where you’re breathing quite rapidly & deeply; in the days before reading the messages he’s sent your girlfriend, I used to play Streetfighter on the hardest setting to prepare) before calling your target with a barely surpressed tone of anger & ratcheting up as required when he attempts to respond, to a maximum setting of screaming at him with real purpose & authenticity he’d better start watching his back as of now etc. As approximately ninety percent of people are all talk & will get scared when someone is genuinely threatening their safety, I’ve previously found this to be quite effective.

In any case, a lot of men still maintain the delusional mentality that all women are pure like their trusted mothers & will make a ‘mature decision’ on who they want to be with. The man will happily profess his love & sexual interest to a taken woman, which as she is emotionally more mature than him, she will clearly understand, as she contemplates if /  how much longer / when she should fuck her current partner & if / how / when & should she fuck this new interest. Generally, women won’t escalate to the physical level until an argument or situation with their existing partner, as the validation is enough for them. We should take control & responsibility for our own lives.

On a side note, men really are their own worst enemies. Perhaps it’s genetic or a side product of the competitive nature of capitalism being foisted upon us, but we won’t hesitate to fuck another man’s girlfriend or wife, snatching at any opportunity that presents itself. I’ve done it myself. It’s actually very sad & tragic, especially when you compare to the admittedly false but yet at least still superficially existing mutual support networks women give to one another in times of difficulty. We really do undermine truth in one another because of what we choose to participate in. I’m as guilty as anyone but at least can see it.

In the forthcoming second part later this week, I’ll outline strategies about to enable the side bang with optimal stealth.

~ Unjaded

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