The Difference Between People

Not much wrong with that!

Not much wrong with that…

Here I am again, waiting for a delayed flight. Furthermore, thanks to having to exchange phones again for the second time in two weeks, the phone had to be charged & so I sat there in contemplative, uninterrupted silence, overlooking from a balcony the masses as they scurried around before their flights left.

And it helped me remember, why I look fondly back upon times before mobile phones & particularly smartphones, as I sat there with time to reflect & consider upon number of things.

Being thirty five, I remember when mobile phones didn’t exist. Even after I’d hit puberty, they were only starting to become popular. As I sat there with the Spanish Knife comparing mobile phones in our late teenage years, I was convinced I’d been one of the first people to send a text message, as I delved through whatever limited additional functionality I could find on this new, but now comparatively rudimentary device.

Even then, internet access was possible. But limited to specialist ‘WAP’ sites, which were effectively just text links on ultra simplified pages & hence fairly useless for any practical use. Take up was limited in the early days if the mobile phone, where corporation was hesitant to embrace this new technology, to the extent of any official application or similar asking for only land lines in the ‘telephone’ section of their forms. Actual access to any site with a purpose aside from exploring the limits of this new technology was extremely low.

Compare that to now, where as we have passed through the phase where your internet enabled PC is capable of handling pretty much any task. As portable technology bounds forward, limited only by costs of manufacturing competitively, we begin to see more of these tasks shifted into our pockets.

This can be a good thing; as with a lot of my posts I’m writing this on my phone right now. But for the subject matter we usually cover on thewordsofaman, this has entirely changed the nature of human interaction.

As I sat on the balcony looking at the various girls walk by (most of which were pretty atrocious, it must be said), I noticed how the first default action of any bored person nowadays seems to be to reach into their pocket & recommence an activity using their mobile.

Depending on the nature of the person, this could be a number of things. The sexless, corporate drone will start scrolling through her work emails. The bored muppet will fire up the rapidly more useless dating apps, eventually succumbing out of desperation from the comparatively poor conversion rates of online on rates to a sub-par female. And the real cunts will whip out their phone & write a blog post.

But in all seriousness, it’s this mentality that is a direct consequence of the erosion of people. Whereby in prior days of no technology, even the meekest would be forced to approach & interact with others, simply because existing left no other choice. If you didn’t speak up, you could very easily be left with nothing or at least have to resort to drastic measures. The nature of society initially laid out your inadequacies for all to see but then, you had nothing to hide anymore – with their dignity cast to the floor in it’s entirety, even the most awkward of people were eventuality able to interact with a modicum of ability.

Now we have the protective barrier of the internet. An unmoderated comments section of practically any popular website will show you people interacting in such ways which are simply not seen in day to day activity. Fear of being shamed in some way utterly regulates many. The internet prevents that possibility in most cases.

When commonplace technology allows the internet to be used as that protection barrier at any time, by way of what we carry in our pockets, it revolutionises human interaction. Any situation where the easy slippery slope of self doubt crawls into your decision making process, there is now regularly an option to resort to an internet enabled alternative.

Too scared to speak to a salesman in case you can’t say no? Order it online. Don’t like to chance interacting with others in a restaurant? Order it online. Fearful of reprimand from a colleague, because of your politically weighted opinion? Don’t say it to their face, send an email with all the hierarchy copied in. Seen a pretty girl? Quickly start up Tinder in case she’s on there. I’m sure she’ll pick you out from the hundreds of other cunts with the same idea as you.

Of course, online dating is the perfect example, & one the vast majority of people succumb to, myself included. I’m actively trying to now stay away from it, as it’s a fucking demoralising experience. Not only is it the least successful way of getting any woman into bed because of it’s ego inflating properties for even straight up ugly women & the massive competition from frantically right swiping men, as your expectations are grinded down, you’ll find yourself unconsciously dropping your standards & meeting women who may look ‘OK’ in their photos, but inevitably are worse in real life.

Men don’t seem to realise how Tinder & it’s copycat wannabes have simply become another tool for the ’empowerment’ of women. It’s no wonder abysmal yet popular magazines like Cosmopolitan & their online equivalents (whose name I won’t mention here but you can imagine) trumpet Tinder & the like as ‘the perfect dating app for women’.

Of course they will say it is! Imagine as a man, an app where anyone you were interested in matched with you & immediately flooded you with messages. You’d have a field day; they’d be so many guys fucking different girls it’d probably go out of fashion in a few months & Buddhist monks would have a massive increase in the amount of applications. Men remaining on the street would probably be getting approached by women non stop, as girls, rejected again & again after fulfilling their sexual purpose for a man in favour of another woman, would desperately crave acknowledgement from other men, to satisfy their own ego that they were still desirable. Their self worth would be ever more largely dependant on men’s desire, as abundance made men increasingly blasé about if a woman wanted to have sex with them.

Now read what I’ve just wrote about ‘if’ that was the situation with online dating, & reverse the gender roles.

That’s what’s actually happening.

Being in a large capital city right now, I’m in the middle of the purest version of this. Although daily it is typical for people to be entirely within their little ego universe, as they totally succumb to their own self importance, once the socially acceptable time frame & environment of ‘evenings in a bar / club’ is reached, the floodgates are open. Men utilising whatever cards from their own suit (demonstrating their wealth with a massively overpriced table, wearing tightly fitting clothes while not having any ability to communicate or game, & finally some just bleating away about rubbish, which is obviously of no interest to a woman), which they feel would be most effective in their desperate attempts to attract a woman, while the women languish around like bored empresses tiresomely waving away attempts to impress them.

Unless the woman might be in the mood, whereby some lucky winner might get a number or laid, depending on how much of a slut she is.

Some might feel I’m going into men’s rights activists territory here, but the imbalance between the sexes throughout the entire process of dating, whether it be from the initial attraction game to the divorce courts & everything in between, is entirely imbalanced. The concept of ‘women choosing’ is rampant, from dating to picking the rug for your house. Even as I write this, I see a bumbling fool almost constantly adapting to his girlfriends various mini mood swings, as he tries to avoid any possible confrontation, the fear of losing her at the forefront of his mind.

Now, I actually feel sorry for this guy. He’s clearly not in good shape, presumably from his clothes is not particularly affluent & his character seems overly grateful that he even has a woman. But he’s not a bad looking guy & simple shift in character could easily sway things in his favour. The power balance with his certainly average woman is in her favour, & she’s a five at best.

I often cite Russian gender culture as a counterpoint to what we are used to in the west, simply because it’s so wildly different to our own. While I don’t advocate striking women (as tempting as it has been at times however), recently I saw a video where a male Russian game show contestant, while being mocked by a bikini clad model (as part of the show), straight up went & punched her out. He even gave her another one to finish the job while she was on the floor. He then returned to his previous position, where he casually stood as though nothing had happened. For whatever reason, this woman flaunting her sexual assets in his face had triggered something very primal in him, something I imagine was commonplace before humanity reached where we are now; the exertion of his physical dominance.

What happened next astounded me. The presenter of the show went to investigate the girl, who I’m pretty sure had a broken nose & consoled her. The perpetrator was allowed to continue as though nothing had happened. The show continued & concluded as normal, & aside from some western interest, little more was spoke about it.

I thought about this & tried to imagine the uproar & fallout that would have took place if this would have happened in our western societies. I imagine the perpetrator would have been immediately wrestled to the ground by whatever security was nearby, then escorted out to the frantically assembled police & led away. His future would no doubt be one where he was ‘made an example of’, villanized by every media outlet for a considerable amount of time & so forth.

The model who had been assaulted would gain new found fame by happily accepting the role of the ‘victim’, as the same media championed her as a figurehead for abused women all over the world. I imagine the leader of the government would be wheeled out to confirm his condemnation of the ‘brutal assault’. Once the media furor started to die down a little, the model would start a foundation for abused women (irrespective of if she ever had any concern prior to the attack) & occasionally make a media appearance in her new found D-list celebrity.

How does this, & the man metaphorically running around his girlfriend on the train pertain to the title of this article? In both cases, we have a situation where respect & even some might say, a little fear are either not present at all, or clearly present. Although I’m sure the model was upset & shocked at being attacked given her profession being based around how she looks & little else, there is no question she’ll think twice before any occasion, personal or professional, where she might otherwise shamelessly use her body to mock a man.

On the other side, the man on the train is entirely at the whim of his girlfriend. A lack of threat, physical or because of a fear of not being able to find a replacement should he leave (not that he would), to her, has left her in a position of complete control. His historic or current ability to improve himself to a point where he carries real value or power as a person, has left him in a position of almost complete acceptance. He fails on every level against any potential competition in her eyes, & as I’ve alluded to before, she now holds all the cards, should for example on her next ‘girls holiday’ (when the fuck did this achieve social acceptance by the way), Pablo the sexy waiter wants to take her up to his beach side cabina one evening.

I have struggled at times with this, that is well documented. But rapidly, I see where I was weak & make myself strong. I never stop in ways to improve myself & I learn from my mistakes. I went through hell, came out the other side & then decided to try to make things work with Main. Time will tell if that was the right decision, sometimes I think after I came through hell it wasn’t.

But regardless of that, I exist only to increase my power. Increase my worth. Increase the perception of other accordingly; that I am not to be fucked with or that I am better than them. By doing this, I attract certain things into my life; money, respect, women. This is an exponential process.

The difference between people is showing not them, but yourself what you are truly capable of, to actually do it & to take what you want from life, rather than accept what drifts to you. Ultimately we are all swimming in the same current but those who paddle, can determine what they see before we reach the inevitable end.

~ Unjaded

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