You’re Not Always Alone (Part 1)

And who said the second line?

And who said the second line?

Just most of the time. As a man in the modern Western world today, you’re pretty much obliged to toe the socially defined line.

Of course you don’t have to, & many men don’t. Some don’t even make any action to do so. They simply are subject to outside events they can’t control.

I work with a guy, who I thought was a little subdued & found it difficult to speak up. With the exception of work related matters which his years of experience give him confidence within, he barely speaks to anyone, even if you’re normally pretty good at getting people to open up (like me). He’s comfortable with his two female Indian collegaues, who couldn’t be more generic & inoffensive if they tried. But aside from them, very little.

Of course, we get people who are less inclined to open up & there’s nothing wrong with that. But those people normally are generally fine, but often wearing headphones, comfortable in their own company & so on. You can sense the difference in the the damaged men; the head turned downwards or away by default. The eyes always avoiding contact & so on.

Of course, he was divorced. Of the few details I was able to carefully prise out of him, it sounded like he’d been subjected to a stripping of every material & physical thing possible, as the system went to work on a man psychologically ill equipped to deal with such a situation. While women have the weight of the law on their side & massive emotional support networks, we’re left to sink or swim. ‘Be a man’ is the best advice we can hope for, as we struggle to rebuild some semblance of a life after what we had is napalmed into the hands of a most likely, undeserving recipient.

It happens to the best of us. Why is it the majority of homeless people you see are men? Why is the suicide rate vastly highly (four times at last check) amongst men? Why are there more alcoholic men than women? Why do more men die alone than women, despite women naturally having a longer life span?

Simply because, women are entirely supported now. From the governments in society, to the HR department in the office, to the Western feminists who blindly argue for equality when their own are massively persecuted elsewhere; MEN ARE LEFT TO DIE.

It is the nature of man to take risks & be competitive. But a gentleman knows when his opponent is beaten & doesn’t deliver the coup de grace. Once you’ve taken everything from a man, finishing him completely would be doing him a favour in one respect. In the modern day, this often pertains to one element, unless your wife fucks your boss & then he sacks you. I’d suggest you burn his house down with all the doors locked if this ever happens. But hey, that’s why I write under a pseudonym!

When you’re in a relationship, it can feel as though everything is on top of the world. Immersing your predominantly logically driven emotions within those emotionally delivered words of the woman, when times are good you can easily forget how quickly everything can change.

Sure, I banged a girl & got caught. In the space of an evening, I’d gone from the man of Main’s dreams, to someone who would never be spoken to again. A person who a year prior had admitted over dinner she’d fucked her ex after I pressured her said, in the exact words to my Mum said, it was definitively over.

I’m not going into that again, as that whole situation has been well documented. My point is; regardless of what I am told, how I am treated & how wonderfully fantastic everything seems at any given moment, I never forget how quickly things can happen. And I’m not necessarily talking about large scale events; I’m actually referring to more common events, such as your girl fucking someone behind your back.

I take care of myself & although I tend to attract certain types of women, on my day (ironed clothes, feeling confident, actually had a proper fucking sleep & crucially, horny) I genuinely think I can get any girl in real life (not including online, which comparatively is a low effort & low reward strategy). Of course there are caveats to this. Some girls… Sorry, let me rephrase that; a tiny minority of Western culture based women are still faithful. But even when I wear the aviators, these fuckers still have a good look.

I’ve seen girls hugging their partners while checking me out. I wonder what it’s like for the indisputably attractive male models or celebrities of the world; they must really see women for what they are.

I can observe a woman for a few minutes & pretty much work out as much as I need to, to get a good idea of their character. Speaking to them completes the picture. When I was back living on my own, I got so confident I started being purely direct with my approaches; ‘you’re looking very good in that dress’, ‘perhaps we could meet up tonight’ straight from the off. Direct with the pure abundance mentality.

I have to say, more often than not, it straight up worked. Crucially though, I never directly questioned their relationship status. I did this intentionally, because I have never really done one stands (I don’t want to waste that effort for just one night) & so, if at the very least it develops into a regular casual thing, the truth will come out eventually.

Towards the very end (such as with MMR, I just didn’t give a fuck anymore because I was leaving & furthermore took it as an opportunity to test the boundaries even further. Her case proved my point entirely. Things were not good with her husband & so she was already starting to slip; placing herself in situations where ‘something’ could happen. She’d kissed a couple of guys & it took the following key points to make her drop her pants;

1) After some typical small talk online (NOT on a typical dating site – rather a networking site), responding to her proclamation of her having a husband by telling her I was very good in bed. Looking back, this intrigued her & whet her appetite.

2) Meet up with her to show I wasn’t a nutcase & was the real deal in terms of confidence.

3) Going for the kiss at the right moment after we went out for a drink, which involved taking her somewhere relatively discreet before attempting.

4) Inviting her to my place for dinner, making it, eating it, putting a film or music on, getting some wine out & slowly escalating from kissing, to the point of getting her almost completely naked & doing down on her.

By this point, she was practically gagging to introduce herself to my cock. You could see her physical conflict between her wanting to throw herself on it in some way & her ‘morals’.

5) Simply carrying her into the bedroom, getting her naked & getting my cock out. Things then escalated as you’d expect. In a short space of time, she was (very) enthusiastically bouncing on me, enjoying every stroke.

So I got what I wanted, & frankly didn’t give a fuck about her situation. That’s her responsibility, not mine. Following a repeat performance after a few days (which turned out to be the last time), she hasn’t stopped telling me she wants.

The purpose of me describing all this isn’t to be boastful. It’s to illustrate my overall issue with the aforementioned unfaithful women.

The simple reason why I don’t trust hardly anyone, & last of all women, is because of this attitude of people placing themselves in situations with the potential for something to happen, & then often wondering ‘why’ something happened.

Women do this non-stop. Any opportunity, from a work situation, to the possibility of getting their pussy pounded by someone better or new, they’ll sow the fucking seeds by engineering the situation. They’ll be overly friendly when you’re just speaking normally, pause nearby unexpectedly, go for drinks with ‘colleagues’ if one of them is interested & so on. Anything to disarm you, if you were not raise grievence with what they are doing. Don’t be fooled.

Coming back to my earlier point about being direct, this is the reason why in an approach, you don’t need to be direct. Just have a normal conversation, presenting yourself confidently & read the signs. If you think there’s enough there to escalate (asking for a number for example), do it. If she says she’s got a boyfriend, counter by saying ‘that’s fine, I’ve got a girlfriend’, clearly establishing what you’re suggesting. It’s not in women’s nature to vocalise anything to do with sex, because although half of them are whores, they like to maintain the illusion they’re ‘ladies’.

So, at this point she might say ‘blah blah blah but we can be friends’. Being a man, & particularly so if you are inexperienced, as a young man I’d take this at face value. But it’s bullshit. If she suggests such a thing, what it really means is she’s interested in at least fucking you, providing;

1) Her emotional state is in the right condition to invent an excuse about why it ‘wasn’t her fault’ if something does happen. For example, she has had an argument with her partner & it hasn’t been resolved, or an ongoing issue.

2) There are enough factors in the given situation for her emotional state to be turned to your advantage. That is, alcohol is present, there is privacy, you are strategic with your affection & so on.

Once you understand this, you realise although it might require different amounts of time & the engineering of different situations, any woman is potentially available to be fucked. In fact, the crudest version of this is uses extensively by pathetic gamma cunts like the one previously orbiting around Main, where they just hang around in the background, waiting for a adequately sized blip in their targets relationship, before moving in with their faux nice guy facade. Of course, they have no idea about the intricacies of such things beyond hanging around in the background like a cunt, but they’re there.

Continued in Part 2

~ Unjaded

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