The Worst Place You’ve Ever Been

This is what you'll typically have a chance with where I am now. You might say she's not bad; I say she's fucking awful. I wouldn't even waste my time.

This is what you’ll typically have a chance with where I am now. You might say she’s not bad; I say she’s fucking awful. I wouldn’t even waste my time.

Direland, should be the name of where I am now. It’s tried so hard to be politically correct for so long, even the most traditionally sordid of meeting places, has become almost a formal meeting place. Instead of flirtatious chat, lubricated by some alcohol, you instead have an environment where people formally discuss their occupation & go through all sorts of mundane conversations, to get some pussy.

Now, if you’re looking for a relationship that’s all well & good. But I believe I know women, & even those who claim to be angelic are susceptible to have their emotions manipulated, which is why I don’t trust any of them entirely.

But effectively, it’s FALSE. While there are young men out there who actively want to have a relationship, there are others who want to GET LAID. And there’s nothing wrong with that; each to their own. But there forced to play through this game where they pretend to give a shit about getting to know the woman they want to fuck.

What’s worse? Being a guy who, while maintaining respect (assuming it is given also) flirts, but makes it fairly clear he’s a sexual being & so this is his primary interest? Or being someone who goes through all the bullshit, pretending to be intrigued by someone, only because this is how they know they can ultimately get laid?

In my experience, most women would appreciate the honesty. On significantly more than one occasion in my experience, I’ve dated a girl & enjoyed it for what it was. When they’ve eventually asked me ‘what am I looking for’ or another inane question, I’ve straight up told them; ‘I like you, you seem cool & I enjoy your company, but I’m only looking for a lover / I’m not looking for anything serious’.

It’s always the same; they’ve said ‘oh no, I’m looking for something more’ or some such. Give it a couple of weeks or maybe even less, they come back.

Girl: Hi. I was wondering if your offer still stood?

Unjaded: Hey, long time no speak. Which offer?

Of course I know full well what she’s talking about. I just love hearing them say it.

Girl: About being lovers?

Unjaded: Ah right, yeah am sure that’d be fine. How about we meet for a drink blah blah blah…

And before you know it, you’re fucking them.

Some people might read this & wonder about the terminology I use. Perhaps I’m an aging old cunt, as I use words like ‘lovers’?

No Dickson, in fact I use such words because women like it more. Why? Because they feel less like a slut when they finally agree to fuck you. You can call a long time adult porn star a slut, & there’s still a chance she’d get offended because of the feminist agenda, which essentially prohibits shaming of any kind, unless it’s against men.

Which brings us full circle to the most boring place in the world. I recall Roosh V’s series of ‘Bang’ books, which although I never read, I did find particularly interesting as to some of them being retitled as ‘Don’t Bang’ XYZ country. I believe Denmark was one of this, another country when political correctness & so feminism has run wild. Apparently it was awful there; not only for the lack of masculine & feminine distinction, but the proliferation of female entitlement & the sprawl of hipster fashion contaminating female fashion.

Although they infest the area where I live & make loads of noise at the weekend, I don’t fundamentally have any problem with hipsters. In fact, they can be both interesting & useful contacts to have typically.

But the affect they’ve had on women’s fashion is dreadful. I don’t find what effectively is the style of a homeless punk charity worker attractive in the slightest. I’d rather my girl was in a tracksuit with her hair up than wearing that shit. Give me a woman in a nice dress & heels any day.

I won’t name it, in order to continue my anonymity but where I am now is very much the same. With the possible exception of some of the women looking in fact, very attractive in the body at the absolute least, personality wise; you’re either stuck between princess mentality because of rich parents (pretty much fucking impossible now, give entitlement levels of even the normal woman), stuck up bitches who even if you were Brad Pitt performing Bruce Lee level martial arts while singing Frank Sinatra, probably wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence.

THERE’S SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. It’s like being in the fucking Matrix or something. I’m expecting to suddenly wake up, gasping for air as I break out of my cocoon.

Already started putting the word out for roles elsewhere so let’s see what comes up. As much as I complain about my job, it pays well & allows me to maintain a certain lifestyle, so I’ll use it as a tool to get where I need to be.

Let’s see what comes up.

~ Unjaded

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