Bored Ad Infinitum

This is exactly who I need to meet while at work right now...

This is exactly who I need to meet while at work right now…

I think if you’re fortunate enough to have a job where you don’t find yourself thinking more often than not, ‘What the fuck am I doing here?’ or ‘What am I doing with my life?’, I would say you’ve done well already.

It’s all well & good to think money is the key to happiness; I remember the phrase someone in network marketing (I don’t recommend this at all by the way) told me once ‘Money can’t solve all your problems but it sure helps when you pull up to them in a Ferrari’. This sounds like something a cunt would say & yes; said quotee was indeed of that classification. It’s just a marketing ploy cunts say to susceptible / poor people to rope them into their scheme.

On the other hand of course, not having money is even worse. Before I got to a decent level in my career, which apparently I’m highly esteemed within by my peers but yet still feel like I’m bullshitting my way through it fifty percent of the time, I fucking bled for money. Literally. While I was studying, I decided to go to a nearby kick boxing class who then offered to enter me into some fights. At first I wasn’t interested, but when offered seventy Euros per nine minute fight, I took it up. I still have a scar on my head & two on my right fist from those days.

It’s a case of diminishing returns. When I got my first major pay packet, it was fucking amazing. After years of struggling, I went out & brought two new, high end suits, followed by a luxury dinner for me & my fashion advisor for the day, who later decided to give me a very good blowjob.

Ahhh, good blow jobs. Not as many of those around these days.

Coming back to our primary subject, once you have everything you want, which in reality is only housing, safety & close people, everything else is bullshit & leads to boredom. When I had very little finances, I would often think about why rich people would seemingly spend their money on pointless shit or ridiculous ventures. But it’s simply due to a lack of challenge in their lives. Money has made them comfortable & bored.

It’s much the same with banging women. When I was younger, it was my primary goal – banging women. I didn’t really have any game, & the thirst for sex led to me staying in relationships. That was a mistake. Nowadays it’s different. Of course I still have that desire to fuck a girl. I see a few women every day where I think, ‘I’d love to hammer that’. But the amount of false bullshit you have to go through to get there isn’t motivating at all. I just couldn’t care less what most people have to say, let alone some (not always, but often) stupid bitch who derives most of her self esteem from what’s between her legs. That in itself is boring.

We all need a goal that challenges us continuously. Something to fight for. It provides us with a journey, that gives us out stories. Stagnating will not. The years will roll by & you’ll end up with nothing. And personally, that’s all I see around me while I’m sat here at work, figuring out my next adventure.

The journey is what matters, regardless of the goal. It could be personal, financial, material or spiritual. But whatever the goal is, it’s only the journey that will give you the value you truly seek.

~ Unjaded

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