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Voyeur mode activated; as I publish this post, I note the girl with the straight hair. She speaks English, with an accent. The picture here doesn't do her justice. Will I approach? Won't I? The choice is all mine.

Voyeur mode activated; as I publish this post, I note the girl with the straight hair. She speaks English, with an accent. The picture here doesn’t do her justice. Will I approach? Won’t I? Will I sit nearby & make her think I’m about to, just before fucking off without even a second look?? The choice is all mine.

Back to normal business then, somewhat clear of mind. There has been low moments, but this is expected & normal. Crying your fucking eyes out does get it out of your system. So, we move forward.

‘What developments have taken place since your last post Unjaded, I clearly hear you shout over the various great landmasses that separate us. Well, it’s snowing. And cold. And it’s pretty bleak as fuck. I certainly won’t be getting old in a northern hemisphere country, let me assure you of that.

But that’s not what you mean is it? I know what you’re referring to, you cheeky band of fellows you.

Well, it starts a couple of weeks back. The Venezuelan wants us to still be together. Cue meeting for a couple of serious conversations, following by spending the night together & a series of orgasms for her. We’re now in ‘seeing each other’ status, which suits me fine right now, given the logistical fallout I am currently dealing with.

But what of other news? Well I just went for it & asked the cleaner at my office out for dinner. The cleaner? Trust me when I say, she is superb. Absolutely beautiful, with a smile that brightens your day. A son from a previous relationship, but she isn’t looking for a dad. Just someone to have a nice time with. She is half Spanish & half Portuguese, & a truly lovely girl. Henceforth she’ll be known as SPC.

SPC & I struggle a bit to communicate, as she doesn’t speak English so well & I don’t speak much else well, but someone we really connected as we met for a coffee, followed by some food & a film at my place. She has obviously lived life & had her fair share of struggles, which makes her smile & positivity even more attractive.

I’ll probably be leaving soon, so I don’t want to build her hopes up too much though. But we have a great time together. She came to my place & we got cosy on the sofa. Before long we were all over each other, but we didn’t go beyond kissing. It was actually nice to take a little more time.

How’d I meet her? Just chatted away to her when I bumped into her in the kitchen one day, & then worked my way up to number, arranged something & there we are. It’s not hard.

So yeah, leaving. Following recent events, not really much point in me hanging around except for the money & the band I have formed here, which is actually really amazing. Initial estimates are April earliest & June latest. I’ve never really bonded with this place & following recent events, it’s soon time to get out of here. Likely destination; back to the homeland & start to get shit done properly.

I formed a band, which is going very well however, so would like to see how that pans out over the coming months.

Who else? The Ballet Dancer is still in the picture, & got a long, hard shafting after I returned. Strangely enough though, she’s not a very sexual person. She is nice & has a great body, but isn’t sexually aggressive at all & doesn’t suck dick.

DOESN’T SUCK DICK. That’s a key point an alarming amount of women need to consider asap. Particularly given that most of them are practically borderline whores anyway. I get any kind of blowjob every three girls I fuck, & about one in ten amazing blowjobs. Use a banana to practice on or whatever but SORT IT OUT.

Turkish Delight is still as committed to me as ever. Patiently awaiting me to visit. She’s a good girl, although I know she likes a flirt online. Whatever though, she’s a young girl & she’s good to me so if it stops there I don’t mind. Will pay her a visit soon.

There’s a FrenchSwissSpanish girl whose well into me. Quite the typical corporate female employee who has been shafted badly by some colleagues who thought they’d try their luck at the latest excuse for a corporate alcohol fueled party. She basically admitted to me as much, when she said she hadn’t had any ‘good’ sex for a long time. A bit ‘unique’ (read ‘geekish’) but a nice trained body & that partially innocent look of ‘I want to be fucked by you but am too shy to ask’, similar to what I did like about she who shall henceforth shall not be named. It’ll be fun fucking her.

Also got a very attractive forty year old Swiss Business Woman (SBW), who clearly has a great body & that air of refinement about her. A few drinks & dinner, & I can fully assure you she’ll absolutely be getting a hard seeing too.

There’s a plethora of other women online also. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of online dating but it is a high volume, low effort way of filling the pipeline. I’ve done it for so long I feel as though I know the process  quite well now.

I’ve detailed how met SPC; basically a direct approach. The Ballet Dancer, was a more softer approach, chatting day to day & resulting in her asking for my number the day she quit working at the gym.

I’ve picked up quite a few women from the gym in my time, which is quite surprising considering I walk around so focused, looking like I’m training to commit a murder soon or something.

Turkish Delight I recap, I met during my travels to see BM-13, the ferocious chemistry resulting in her messaging me & her getting a personalised visit from Unjaded.

Venezuelan was online too, although not through typical channels. That worked out a lot better than o expected though. I think we wanted to fuck the shit out of each other since after our first meeting. She would make a good wife. Big genuine heart.

The others were just through typical online sources, which generally makes me immediately suspicious of them. But whatever man, I go with the fucking flow.

I have mentioned previously I wanted to be a better person this year. I feel like these past two years certain events from others I’ve been close to have made me into a certain way. While I still have a voracious sexual appetite, I see it now as not at the cost of all else. Furthermore, I think it better to be fairly straightforward with people about my intentions.

Post sex, of course. After the deal breaker has gone through…

~ Unjaded

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