Transcripts: #8 (Nervous Czech)

Straight back on Tinder, at the same time as blurting out the below. Read on...

Straight back on Tinder, at the same time as blurting out the below. Read on…

Welcome all, & roll up, roll up. Because in today’s transcript from real life (you know that’s the only way I roll), we see the true nature of your typical modern day woman. A wonderful mix of neurosis, psychosis, a carnival of red flags & some failed guilt manipulation. All in one, wonderful case study I came across, online; the true mecca of the damaged or baggage laden, confused, Western female.

Ironically enough though, today’s subject comes from the Czech Republic; a place I’ve been told is in fact very nice. One might say that she isn’t in fact ‘Western’ as such, coming from there. And geographically, you’d be correct. But I can tell you from personal experience, girls of a certain age (more so the younger), tend to get even more influenced by their perception of female Western values, than in fact their Western counterparts; the latter of which occasionally (& I use that word quite liberally), see through the bullshit. This was precisely the case with EEP, who to this day has totally embraced a whole range of faux-feminist bullshit.

Her acronym incidentally, comes from her standing me up the first time we arranged to meet, because she was ‘too nervous’. She eventually met me for coffee, which was pleasant enough but lacking in chemistry (as opposed to for example, SPC, where it was furious). The below started with her flaking on me again tomorrow night, which I’d already made alternative arrangements for anyway.

Anyhow, here below was the wonderful exchange I had over messaging today…

Nervous Czech: I thought that you want some different and no just sex. It was a reason why I met with you.

I woke up to this.

Unjaded: I didn’t specify what I wanted. You assumed.

Nervous Czech: Really???

Unjaded: Yeah, check your messages.

Had really lost patience with stupid answers by this point.

Nervous Czech: OK. First you wrote; no sex, no wedding, just meet. Second message; the next time will be kiss. Where have you written something where you said it’s just about sex? During our meeting, I told you I don’t go on a date with guys who want a one night stand.

This must have been one of the most deranged messages I’ve ever received from someone. I’ve paraphrased here & accounted in the original version for English not being her first language, but really?! I told you to check your messages to show you I haven’t said anything about only wanting sex (I know this is a killer with women, even if they just want that too), & you’re asking me to show you where I said that? What??

Unjaded: Yeah, it’s just flirting. It’s normal to do that with the opposite sex. I have friends for everything else.

Nervous Czech: I thought that you were different. I thought I finally met a guy who sees something in me more & not just a toy. As you can see, I was wrong. But you have Tinder, so there you’ll certainly find someone else.

Yes, that’s true! So do you, I saw it just as you were texting me! Dickhead…

Nervous Czech: Because now I want just a friend & possibly with time, something more.

Zzzzzzz… How many times do I hear this from women? I already have plenty of friends thanks.

Unjaded: Different? You barely know me. How rude of you to judge me like this

Nervous Czech: Rude????

Unjaded: Yes. You’re judging me. Suggesting I see you as a toy, & that I’m only interested in sex. But actually, all I’ve done is flirt with you as any person would. I was very nice to you over messages & when we met.

Nervous Czech: And you want me to write to you now, that you aren’t only interested in sex???

Unjaded: You can do whatever you want. You were saying goodbye last night.

Nervous Czech: You are right!

Conversation not making sense in any language at this point.

Nervous Czech: And I wasn’t wrong, you are just an asshole.

Last ditch attempt to get a reaction. This girl has some serious issues.

Unjaded: Hahaha, keep meeting guys from Tinder & you’ll see what real assholes are. I’ve done nothing bad to you at all.

Nervous Czech: I wish you a beautiful life. Goodbye.

I’d already accounted for her flaking out on me again, & had already made arrangements to meet someone else tomorrow night. I didn’t reply. But then, about six hours later…

Nervous Czech: I’m sorry, I took it all the wrong way & I really wish to start again better. You were the only one, who I didn’t need to determine the rules. I just talked to you & felt well understood. After the first meeting, I was very surprised. It was a change. You were the first guy who made any attempt to get to know me. Others, they always just wrote what they wanted & I told them what I want. You didn’t say anything & I didn’t realize that it could lead to confusion. For this morning, I apologize to you. Everything I wrote to you was really ugly. The Czech girls have a very bad reputation, & I get annoyed how here everyone just puts me into the same category. And I want you to try to understand & not be angry. Everyone just wants to get me into bed. This was nice & flattering when I was younger. But now I want something more. I’m not the type of girl who goes to bed with a guy on the first or second meeting. And how you were yesterday & how this morning you wrote, I thought you thought I am. And if you didn’t mean it, I apologize, because I understood it differently. And about your flirting, I didn’t recognise it. I’m sorry…

You may well be my dear, but I’m not desperate enough for sex to put up with all the shit that obviously going to come my way if I fuck you. Especially when you’re not even that hot!! Onward we go…

~ Unjaded

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