The Giant Experiment


An unfortunately increasingly common occurrence…

Like anyone, I go through waves of confidence being high or low, mostly depending upon if I follow through with what I say with actions, or other external factors, such as a breakup.

Additionally, I have my moments of wanting to be left alone. I am quite happy to entertain myself. At times, for up to weeks on end. However, when I’m in the zone, bypassing the above & have made a decision on achieving something, more often than not I achieve it. This is particular the case when it’s something within my areas of specialities.

This time, I’ve decided to truly test myself. I’ve decided I want to go back to fucking hot women. You can even throw a few less hot women in there too, because I’m all about the experience. And what better place to do it, than the worst place I’ve encountered for dating, the very place where I currently reside. Using one of the worst ways to fuck a girl; online dating.

I’ve chose the online medium of choice these days; Tinder. Whereas I have always kept an online profile as a low maintenance way of getting some side action, my recent mentality has meant a very low amount of effort or enthusiasm has gone into my exchanges, resulting in a low success rate.

This time I’m going all out. I’ve put a lot behind me recently & realised a lot of my problems resulted in how I mentally approached them. I envisaged myself as a greater aged version of who I am; I’m not a fifty year old man & shouldn’t have the mentality of one. It’s possible adequate rest, a clean diet & not worrying about everything needs to continue to be improved upon, but I’m fit, still young looking & attractive to the opposite sex. I owe it to myself to experience as much as possible before I really do get too old.

Over the last two weeks or so, I amassed eighty five matches on Tinder. Keeping in mind this experiment I wanted to conduct, I didn’t contact any of them. I was also interested in seeing in the meantime, if any of them would contact me.

A single one did; rated at about a five, a girl who’d ‘super liked’ me, initiated things with a ‘Hey’, to which I responded to within the hour with the same, appended with a ‘How are you?. Two days passed with no response, to which I replied ‘Is that it?’. After another day of no response, I deleted her.

She wasn’t included in my initial sample set of eighty five, but was indicative of the pattern I would have to follow to move anything forward. It’s patently clear after my year of being here, that no girl ever makes the first move. ‘But that’s fine’ I thought, I know how to get things done.

I kept in mind some basic principles, all of which will aready be known by regular readers of this blog. The need to differentiate oneself from the pack. The need to make a girl feel comfortable before escalting further. The need to avoid any explicit flirting too early on. The need to always ensure the girl has hope of something more. To maintain some air of indifference or casuality throughout. And despite my preferences, to not be too specific regarding honesty or relationship status, before you’ve had sex with them.

Despite what many women say, in my experience being entirely honest about your intentions from the outset as a man gets you to one place: absolutely nowhere. Women will just vanish, moving on to the next man, & sooner or later Billy Liar will be fucking her every week.

The game is not being honest, because I am of the belief a girl never starts to truly love you until after you’ve slept with her. Sure, she can be very into you before that, & in some (increasingly rare) cases will have to be in order for that to even happen. But it’s not called ‘sealing the deal’ for no good reason. The culmination of her finally giving up her main selling point to you & EITHER; her watching gleefully as you devour her like a starving man (a lot of women get pleasure enough from only this), OR (optimally) you banging her so well, she realises you stand firmly beyond the pack in bed. She drinks up both the above, & as I’ve said before, the power balance changes. Her main asset has, in part, been devalued somewhat. It’s still highly powerful, as we see men throughout time driven to even murder by their woman or ex woman using her vagina as a weapon – the very witnessing of this can drive a man to temporary insanity. But in that moment at least, when the storm is calm, before any drama or difficulties, it’s a defining moment.

The key is not to be so specifically honest from the beginning, but to not breach such subjects. I suspect women even expect a certain amount of malleabilty with the truth; they know a primary motivator for men is sexual attraction. Women don’t want to hear specifics. Being primarily emotionally driven creatures, they want to lose themselves in the moments; in the illusions we all indulge in. In many ways, I admire this & prefer it to reduction of attraction to a mechanical process, as is often the attempts or approach as such, of many men. It’s these moments that really make those which we remember as we lay on our deathbeds.

Plus I can say categorically, that the best sex & head I’ve generally received have been from either; girls who have been total sluts & with loads of guys, or girls who feel totally loved up with me. There’s something about when a girl is feeling that way about you, that seemingly inspires her to worship your cock like it’s the fountain of youth itself. I do remember taking a colleague out on a day trip to France one day, where I didn’t really do much more than take a walk in the park, had lunch & hugged her a couple of times. Thanks to complete lack of approach in my general gender to previously employ any of the aforementioned in her past & her resultantly low expectations, I was getting my cock practically sucked off my body later that evening; her hands thrusting my hips towards her mouth. It was absolutely absurdly good.

Technology is advancing however. At what rate, we can’t predict. Perhaps not in any of our lifetimes, but at some point sex & reproduction are going to be something that can be substituted by artificial replacements. It’s already happened to some degree, with the introduction of realistic sex dummies, vibrators & test tube pregnancies. When those advancements finally mature, relationships as we know them will become far less common. But those that remain will be some of the strongest known, because they’ll be for the right reasons.

Getting back on point, my approach was to be as generic as possible, while still putting enough of what I’ve learnt & my own personality to make me intriguing. It’s basically making the girl feel central to you, showing enough (not too much) interest & moving quickly to take advantage of the infatuation period.

I’ve now begun & won’t detail here the specifics yet. But from the initial sample set of eighty five, four were fake & ten have responded. Of those ten, there are different rates of progress, ranging from one who seems to be falling in love with me already, to another who replies about once a day. I’ll detail every worthwhile experience in coming posts.

Things I’ve already realised; it’s time & effort intensive, even by online dating standards. The reason for this is because of my multi targeted approach. Just targeting one or another would be straightforward & not so much of a big deal. But maintaining the required levels of attention (within a medium which is the most competitive of all; there’s ALWAYS someone ready to take your place, which further emphasises the notion of striking while the iron is hot), means it takes time from the day. Add to this that I’m not intending to let go of my other girls (SPC, SwissItalian & BalletDancer being the main one’s right now, as well as Venuezuelan from back home. Plus Verman is still expecting a visit soon), & it’s going to require some effort. Based on history to date though, I am expeecting of course, a few rejections or last minute cancellations so they should be filtering themselves out over time. Plus, I don’t intend to keep many except the cream of the crop around for too long.

Forthcoming; more details on the candidates!

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