Who The Fuck Are You?

It was a toss up between this, & a picture of a awfully fat woman Jezebel was trying to promote as 'sexy'. What the fuck ever...

It was a toss up between this very sexy woman, & a picture of a awfully fat woman Jezebel was trying to promote as ‘sexy’. What the fuck ever. Pretty sure like me, you’d rather see this.

The Great Experiment is still very much underway, & there is much to tell. The hours of the days are simply not enough for me to describe the multitude of insight & confirmations I’ve had since beginning; for the majority, as depressingly predictable as one might expect.

But as mentioned, my day game is still very much on the boil in recent weeks, taking a slight backseat this week as I struggle through the days with some virus or some such, that starts my week with a massive nosebleed & then follows with consecutive days of what can only be described as feeling akin to jet lag. Lots of coffee & looking forward to getting home, only to restart the process again. Man, I really have to get the fuck out of the rat race asap.

Part of my recent day game has been at the gym, as it often has in recent years. Safe in the knowledge that I can attribute most of any failures to either language, racism or the general fucking attitude problem people have here in the worst place you’ve ever been, I set about my ways to nail some pussy.

One of my pipeline targets who I don’t believe I’ve mentioned up until now is SwissGreek. Interesting mix, I hear you mumble, & you’d be right. Sharply carved features as you might find in a Swiss person (subject to the possibility of a nose job, all the rage with the Swiss), with the sultry features of a Greek. All good so far. We add additional value to the proposition, with the inclusion of a very highly trained body, offset with a brazenly attached big pair of fake breasts. Right up my street.

I noticed her about for a while & watched her from the corner of my eye, intentionally not making eye contact in the possibility she might be a bitch. I soon realise she’s also working at my gym, only a day a week however. I strike up a conversation as I left one day & flow into a number of compliments, admittedly somewhat uncontrolled towards the end as I see her lapping it up. I intentionally didn’t ask for her number, so as to set a little intrigue in her mind about me

‘All good’, I thought to myself, going off abound my horse into the sunset & about my business. ‘One of a few prospects’, I thought to myself, preparing myself for the usual routine. I’d wait until the next time I saw her in the gym, make some bullshit small talk & ramp up to getting her number.

The next time I saw her, it couldn’t have gone smoother. I did exactly that. I mentioned I wouldn’t be around that coming weekend because I’d be back in the UK, & perhaps we could meet the following week. A cheery exchange of smiles later, we carried on working out & left it at that.

I was aware I’d be away for quite a few days before I saw her again, so wanted to stay in her thoughts somewhat. I messaged her again, just the usual chit chat, how are you & so on.

I wasn’t getting much to work with. When I brought up the subject of meeting the following week, she said she couldn’t for a couple of weeks. Well versed in this type of bullshit, I replied simply with ‘OK. I understand’, understanding she wasn’t actually interested anymore. An undefined but certainly significant amount of time later, I finally got a reply stating ‘what do you understand?’. I replied bluntly; ‘that you are not interested anymore’.

She then sent me a lot of information that she had a crash in the gym car & had suffered some whiplash, & so her doctor had told her to take it easy for the next couple of weeks. I said ‘OK, just let me know when you’re free or feeling better & we can meet’. I sent her a cute picture of my dog later that day to cheer her up, to which I received little more than an acknowledgement. I felt that for some reason, that was the turning point. I’m not always photogenic, & perhaps I was being too nice.

From the point on, I’ve had little to work with. She replies to messages in bursts, initially seemingly enthusiastic to hear from me but as the conversation goes on, losing interest & then finally just not replying.

During these two weeks of recovery & particularly this week, where she said she ‘wanted to recuperate because she pushed herself too hard last week’, I’ve seen her in the gym no less than three times, doing squats, leg presses, pull ups & fucking anything else you wish to mention. Today I saw her with her friend, who is the girlfriend of a guy working there who I get on very well with & whom he is a great guy, but who I also was told by a third party in the know, was a total fucking slut before she got with him. We often keep company with those like ourselves or who we aspire to be like.

The final straw was today where I saw her, & she admittedly did smile, but barely acknowledged me. Then, her & her friend set up behind me when  throwing kicks all over the place, to the point where I had to move, despite being there first.

The whole time she was exercising next to me, she didn’t even so much as look over once. I saw her as I was leaving & raised my eyebrows in her direction as a test, & again barely got a response.

I will write this in bold capitals, but it still won’t do justice to how I really feel about this;


If there’s one thing I cannot stand about women, it’s this attitude of superiority which oozes out of some of them. I’ve created & achieved so much in my life, & you walk around acting like you’re better than me, because I was nice to you?

It seems like after I sent her the picture of my dog & I, something switched in her. Perhaps she’s looking for a ‘bad boy’ & that was something too nice for her. Or perhaps actually having enthusiasm in going out with her was also too much; far be it from her to have someone ask her out.

Honestly, I have no idea how people in this country get together or even hook up. Seventy five perfect of the people are one dimensional fuckers who think almost complete inertia, over taking a fucking risk in doing something, is cool, as long as you’re dressed well. Perception of image is everything, while actual substance is entirely absent. The SwissGreek for example, has admittedly done well in the gym as she did send me a picture of her before she started, & she really was a two or three. But has had a huge amount of plastic surgery done; a nose job, fake breasts, liposuction to name but a few. It’s done the job to be fair.

To be honest though, that last point is not the issue. If it was, I wouldn’t have been attracted to her in the first place. But I am surprised that someone who has been on the other side of life, in the same way as a self made millionaire generally is, would be a more down to earth & approachable. Even the aforementioned friend from the gym noted how she barely peeped a goodbye as I left the gym the other day. But yet she was gassing away with some other prick who was talking to her & her friend at the squat machine. I even said to her over text ‘I understand you’re but interested any longer, no worries’, to which she vehemently denied & said she needed a couple of weeks to recover. Then I saw her in the gym exercising at least three times that week.

I was messaging her, until she stopped replying, to perfectly reasonable questions. I was making the effort to talk to her, until she reached the point of barely acknowledging me, & then I stopped.

Why? Because I’m not a fucking cunt, girlfriend. As I’ve mentioned several times before, there is only one thing the understanding of a person should be derived from, & that is simply actions. Words mean nothing unless they are unprompted, with integrity & followed by action. This is how a person gains value in my eyes.

And the opposite; that is, words without action gains only my indifference. Because this is the most common, & I have no interest in this most common of attitudes in people. I’ll let you bleat out your piece, as you attempt to justify your standing and/or beliefs in life with all the conviction of a peacock displaying it’s grand feathers but who still remains intrinsically fragile, before letting you think you’ve convinced me. Little do you know, I keep even my potential enemies close & all you do when you speak is show me your weaknesses & fears, so I’ve got plenty of ammunition if you ever get overconfident & attempt to undermine me.

You can’t undermine something rebuilt on foundations from the ground up.

But for the most part, as long as the ego of these ‘common attitude’ people is fed & they feel special about themselves, they’ll be no threat. Consciously playing along with feeding someone’s ego is one of the powerful ways to dominate them.

The real lowest type of person is the person who says one thing, brazenly does another & then if discovered, firstly doesn’t seem to register or care about that inconsistency but moreover, if confronted (even in jest), tries to justify their behaviour or in the worst cases, is delusional in even recognising your issue with their contradictory behaviour.

Zan has recently cited this very condition in his excellent series of his experiences with a narcissist, as one of the central tenets of narcissism; the actual inability to see why your predominantly self obsessed behavioural patterns would be in question. And it must be said, this behaviour is commonplace predominantly in many women nowadays.

The question is why. It’d be easy to attribute much of this to average & below average women getting copious amounts of attention via stupid, internet protected men on applications such as Tinder. But it’s not only this & to be honest, I’m still trying to figure out why.

Perhaps it’s a result of the general efforts of Western society to become as asexual as possible; the celebration or absolution of women performing biologically unnatural behaviours such as promiscuity or adultery quickly forthcoming & as such, an attitude of invincibility in recent female generations.

‘I don’t have to justify my actions’ is a common riposte to one confronted about such behaviour. And this is true, you don’t. But whatever you say, one always remains accountable for their actions, regardless of action or inaction, & regardless if as a direct consequence or indirectly. And what in my opinion we are currently missing in the current situation is those people being made aware of this.

The action of the above for me personally, in the context of all the above, was simple. I remembered I wasn’t a fucking animal performing in the hope of impressing someone who isn’t even worthwhile for me & adjusted my behaviour appropriately.

The next time I saw SwissGreek was later that day. I noticed her arrive in the corner of my eye, coincidentally near where I had left my towel & bottle. I could have easily have used this as an excuse to rush over obediently & strike up some ‘nice guy’ conversation. But let’s face it, this would have been inauthentic. I originally wanted to fuck this person. Assuming it wouldn’t have been dreadful in that respect, I would have then quite happily even got to know her better, spent some time & see what developed. That’s quite a lot to potentially put on the table, even in principle.

After my initial interactions with her, I that day remembered or realised much of the above, & concluded in fact, I didn’t even like this person & for me to even consider entertaining those concepts again, I would need to see considerable effort on her side. Needless to say, I have seen nothing to date, as it’s clear she is someone convinced of her baseless high value. Let’s ask ourselves; without a vagina & given what I’ve learned about her so far, would I even be remotely interested?

Let’s make one thing crystal clear: I am not a effusive cunt. And so my behaviour changed to reflect my true feelings. Authenticity is vital.

~ Unjaded

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