The Giant Experiment: Update Two

I couldn't find absolutely anything worth looking at when searching for 'online dating sexy', so instead you get this charming young lady to look at.

I couldn’t find absolutely anything worth looking at when searching for ‘online dating sexy’, so instead you get this charming young lady to look at.

Here we are again, trawling through the murky waters of what is the absolute depths of dating; online. While I realise half the purpose of this endeavor was indeed to test my own abilities somewhat, I have realised the actual quality of women using the online medium in this part of town, is fairly dismal to say the least.

I’ve literally swiped through everyone in the city & a fifteen mile radius. Everyone. The only remaining people are those who wander in to the radius (I like to think more like ‘have sank to the depths’) of the catchment area (rock bottom).

The quality is genuinely poor. I had to change my age a little (I can usually get away with a few years less anyway), because being in the thirty five plus bracket was truly, fucking dismal. While I regularly find myself saying out loud sentences such as ‘look at the fucking state of you’ or ‘Jesus Christ, get it off the screen’ while swiping away at the best of times, the thirty five plus options were truly dire. I mean, not only are you looking at women who in real life you wouldn’t even glance at twice, but you’re presented with the old, broken versions of the same.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all up for fucking an older woman any time. That is, as long as she is hot. I am very open minded but I’m not on a mission to right the world by banging women who aren’t getting enough sex, which seems here to be; clearly overweight, having a dodgy eye (bizarrely a frequent occurrence here apparently?) or just simply, being ugly. I’m sorry but while I don’t mind curves, I cannot abide a girl who is wildly overweight.

Anyhow, of the initial eighty five, I must’ve gone through another fifty or so over the last three weeks. Of those fifty, I actually about about thirty five matches – a somewhat impressive achievement one might think. Of those matches, no more than ten replied at all & I got four numbers. Of those four, I met with one & am due to meet with one other.

Last week I went through a couple of days where I’d really had enough of people barely replying or making any effort & sent out a generic ‘good morning, have a nice day message’, to test who even bothered to fucking reply. Those who didn’t were deleted. I became very intolerant of the whole system, & it was in fact only this morning while lying in bed I decided to take a different approach to my usual ‘cut everyone off’ strategy that I do when pissed off with something, & instead decided to just revert to the simple ‘one message only to every reply’ tactic & being more cold / demanding. After all, I don’t really care about anything substantial & need to think about it less, & just get them in the fucking bed.

However it hasn’t been all bad. Let’s go through the existing candidates & new joiners below;

SPC: We meet on average at least once every two weeks, mainly because of her son. The sex is getting better & we have a nice time together. She’s become less aggressive & more horny, which is good. I still think she’s gorgeous, so there’s no way I’ll be giving that up.

SwissItalian: Actually had to go to hospital with some serious back problems & at time of writing, is still laid up in the hospital. She’s actually a decent girl, but as she’s not willing to get down to action, I decided to give her some space. I won’t initiate contact again.

BalletDancer: She doesn’t give up on staying in touch, which to be honest I should be more grateful for. She’s hot & we have great sex now, as we know each other quite well. But we haven’t seen each other for three weeks or so now. Intending to keep her as regular thing though.

Venezuelan: All is good. Been stretching out our visits to save money though. See each other every three weeks on average now.

Verman: Went quiet on me & didn’t reply to my text, which as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before is one of the biggest ways to annoy me, third only to masking your weight on your online profile & cancelling on me on the same day. But then she got back in touch & whatever; she’s hot, one of the few girls on this list who is actually good in bed & living near Turkish Delight now, so I can double up.

Turkish Delight: I actually do care about this girl. She’s very sweet. She’s really becoming a woman now, looking great. I’m pretty sure she at least kissed someone recently, as I can see in her demeanor there’s something slightly different about her. But she’s still into me, so I have to oblige with a two in one visit as described above. Next week might be a good opportunity.

Brazilian: One of my favourite things in the world really is having sex with a girl who is over ten years younger than you, is sexually open minded & who you actually get on well with. She’d come back from Amsterdam where she’d obviously been banging another Brazilian guy, but I didn’t care at all. She came over & we had great sex, more than once. We were very compatible & her body was superb. That she kept saying how big I was also improved the situation. She’s now gone back to Brazil, so that’s all good. A contact abroad is always useful.

SingingChilean: To cut a long story short, she came to my house as I needed to get changed, before we went out for an omelette at a cool bar. I innocently got changed (instead of leveraging it as a short cut to getting naked). We had a tea & then started kissing in the kitchen, which before long led to the bedroom, where she got fucked. She seemed to enjoy it considerably, as did I thanks to her enthusiasm, large breasts & round ass. All in all, a regular to be, thanks to her ongoing enthusiasm also. She’ll be here again very soon as I write this in fact. The only downside was; she wasn’t shaved at all. It wasn’t a big problem, but perhaps I’ve been spoilt with completely shaved a lot recently.

SwissGerman: Died a death after I wasn’t able to spent enough time with her, thanks to my holiday & her being busy. Her youth was more appealing to me than actually her truth be told, so whatever. Met her for a coffee to keep things open for when she returns.

Austrian: As mentioned in my more detailed post, came over, got fucked & then went to Cuba. Haven’t spoke since & I’m not going to be the one to make contact. She’s knows where I am if she’s wants more.

New or returning one’s now!

CostaRican: This woman, I may have mentioned before. She’s actually pretty rough when all natural, but looks fucking hot when she’s puts some makeup on. And frankly, she looks like & is, a bit of a slut. But, she’s also quite funny & honest about her sexual escapades, which is all good in my book. She was seeing some dude, he’s out the picture & she tested the waters with me. I’ve made it clear to her if she wants regular, good, ongoing sex with no strings attached, I’m willing to step into the breach. Let’s see.

Serbian: Pretty funny in the sense, she has no time, is difficult to pin down to even something casual but yet I find her new profile on Tinder again the other day. While initially I was pissed off, I actually thought about it & decided instead to just carry on like I didn’t know. Who cares? I already know, I’m not going to find the girl of my dreams online. We already kissed & the chemistry was very good between us, so great sex awaits. I’ve pinned her down to coming to my place Wednesday, where she’ll be getting the full works.

SwissSun: A police officer! Pretty funny Swiss girl who I went to dinner with the other day & then tried to get into bed after we went back to my house. She was a bit hesitant & I’m not one to press the point, so I listened to her telling me about how she doesn’t know what she wants & perhaps wants a relationship etc. I responded to her by telling the truth; I would be potentially open to anything but want to let things develop naturally. This must be one of the best responses to a girl who is talking about how ‘she’s looking for something more’ blah blah, because it’s irrefutable. How can anyone realistically disagree with ‘letting things develop naturally’? So I let her go, we message every now & then, & I’ll probably meet with her again soon to try to get her in the bedroom. Has lovely big porn star eyes, is actually funny & pretty down to earth.

MexiAust: Mexican / Austrian girl passing through town for a weekend. Impromptu meeting. Got on very well, lots of sexual tension. Tried to be direct & propose her to come to my place for ‘breakfast’ the next morning, which was almost successful but then we just ended up meeting for a drink before she left, which was somewhat anticlimactic. She then left, we messaged a bit but guess what? She has a habit of not replying to messages! Which particularly with her, pissed me off to the point of me deleting her number entirely. From my education on narcissists from Zan’s recent pieces, I could see a lot of those signs too. She’s messaged me again today, we’ve talked & then she’s just randomly stopped replying again. So whatever, again she knows where I am.

BlondeGerman: About time we had another blonde in this list. Early days but pretty new face in town from Germany matched online with me. After a couple of exchanging messages, I thought ‘fuck it’ & went directly to see if she might want to meet for a drink. Surprisingly said yes, arranged to meet & then went quiet. In line with my new non-absolutist philosophy, I decided to message her asking what happened when she simply didn’t make or communicate our meeting. She apologised, said she was busy with a training course & whatever else she said after I stopped paying attention. Meeting in a couple of days for a drink. No high expectations but let’s see.

FilipinoHostess: Another random match passing through town. Some heavy flirting over text, followed by her saying she hadn’t had sex in two years. She is an air hostess, so periodically in town & so after a coffee meeting in person (important to confirm she actually looked good), I suggested a reasonable suggestion of being regulars lovers, which she wanted to commence immediately. I’d already gone home by this point however, & just couldn’t be bothered anymore. Last update was she’s already requested additional trips to where I am. Again, let’s see.

And that’s it for now. Quite exhausting even writing about it to be honest! I’ll conclude the experiment after another one or two updates, as some things have been confirmed & concluded, without much surprise in all honesty.

~ Unjaded

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