The Basic Bitches

Random internet women #1304, who has a truly excellent pair of breasts.

Random internet women #1304, who has a truly excellent pair of breasts on that slim torso of hers.

I feel sorry for the young man who comes into his teens, around prime mating age & enters the world of dating. His impression of women is that about which we speculate upon in these very pages, & the same upon which he knows no different. He understands the typical woman to believe she is by default, higher value than her exact male equivalent, by virtue of nothing more than being in possession of a vagina & living in a society than for the most part, supports any delusion she may so choose to partake in.

It’s certainly not anything new that a girl may think she is a princess; that she is ‘Daddy’s little girl’. And frankly, this in itself should be encouraged in the family unit in boys & girls. Children should be coming into adulthood believing they are special, within the family unit. I’ve seen the difference between typically emotionally warmer cultures (such as the Latin cultures) in the family unit, against the central & Northern or especially European regions, & the differences are astounding. There is no barrier of physical affection in the Latin cultures & this comes across in their women as they reach sexual maturity, as they aren’t afraid to get down to action.

Cultures with an entirely shut mentality (such as the one I’m in now) are quite the opposite; usually affluent (because of a lack of natural environment to enjoy – people work because there’s nothing else to do), well preened but mindless automatons, playing roles they saw in the media because they have been protected from any actual character forming activities their whole lives.

But if that’s the way it is, so be it. A smart person adapts to his circumstances. And the advantage of being in a country full of psychotic introverts is people like me (who actually have a personality; on a good day at least) stand out. I step in, smooth my way in & that fucking is loyal, especially because they see what I can do. I’ve got five regulars now; Ballet Dancer, SPC, SwissSun, Venezuelan & the SingingChilean has made herself readily available. Not bad. JapYog got a nostalgic fucking as she recently passed through town too. Not bad for a weekend’s work.

I’m preparing another update to the Giant Experiment soon enough, but as a taster & to bring this piece back to the beginning, let me just say that this ‘princess’ mentality coupled with the abundance mentality that Tinder brings, puts us as men, into a situation where barely any mistake can be afforded.

I’ll elaborate. I come across as a confident person in this blog the majority of the time, particularly to those reading who may be low on confidence. I’ve only written the truth, as my terrible experiences documented last year can testify. I’m not here to sell anyone anything; I’ve got plenty of money. In fact, I earn as a baseline about six times more net, than a typical job in a well developed country.

I also train like a motherfucker, watching my diet & consequently, am very strong for my size & rather ripped. That’s not ‘ripped for a thirty six year old’; it’s just straight ‘ripped’. No steroids, all natural.

I’m funny. People tell me this. They also tell me I’m easy to be around. And women particularly, say I’m comfortable to be around. That they can be themselves. As long as they don’t start trying to play games with me, I’m also kind to women. I cook for them, properly listen to them & advise them, as well as sometimes do activities with them (when I have any fucking time & aren’t shattered).

Crucially, I’m fortunately blessed with a decent size ding dong that I know how to use. Sex is second nature to me now. I could fuck for a living & I know how to pleasure women.

I don’t say this to promote myself; I have all kinds of faults too. I say these things because; despite all of the above, at the smallest perception by a woman of something she may disapprove of, I am dropped like a hot fucking stone. The phone goes quiet, a message is simply not replied to & they’ve presumably moved on to the next guy without a second thought.

And for the most unexpected reasons either. After some heavy flirting with a new twenty five year old Brazilian girl which was going very well, I sent a top half picture of myself to her; said picture having been previously used & highly commended.

I never heard from her again.

If I were a young man growing up today, I’d be entirely forgiven for knowing this was the only way dating has ever worked. But it’s not. Of the six I mention above, only two are from Tinder & I can say, they’re the most likely to go astray. In fairness though, I think SwissSun was really on the verge of giving up on Tinder altogether, & the SingingChilean is a pretty free spirited & nice person. The only reason I don’t see her more often is because she always wants seconds & hangs about a lot when all I want to do is sleep. Harsh but true. She’d actually be a better friend truth be told, but ah well.

Anyway, the point is although those two are hot in their own way, the other four I mention above are far hotter & frankly, have much better characters than virtually all the women I’ve met online, which can simply be attributed to the idea those online generally seem to have convinced themselves they are greater than their station; their perception of themselves is violently skewed by the massive amount of attention they get by generic men online.

This is because all men want to get laid; either because they genuinely want to fuck as many girls as possible, or they feel obliged to because of the non-existent, real sexual education between men. The former in my experience is a lot less than you might experience. Perhaps a backlash to the brazen & selfish ‘get as much as I can’ attitude of many girls today, many men are actually looking for a decent girl, but regrettably many women only tend to be open to this once they’ve had their fill of different cock in the world.

I don’t blame any guy for wanting to get laid. I can hardly be a person to criticise other for doing that. But if you do, make sure you’re doing it for the right fucking reasons; not just to appear like a ‘big man’ or to fit in. Do whatever you want to fucking do, & be proud of who you are, regardless of what all the other fuckers around you are doing.

Regarding the above, I’ll just say once upon a time long ago, it was truly a special & privileged moment when a guy would muster up the courage to ask a girl out on a date. Now, it’s tossed aside at the smallest whim, not considered valuable at all.

~ Unjaded

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