The Boring One

Now this, is what I need at work. Not just the picture; the willing girl & her location...

Now this, is what I need at work. Not just the picture; the willing girl & her location…

Last week, I recorded a demo for the band I single-handedly put together last August. We’ve also wrote an entire album since then; eleven songs totalling forty plus minutes, without a single weak song in the pack. We’ve probably written at least four possible breakout singles from those. Of those we’ve played our songs to, we’ve only had positive feedback. If we approach this in the right way, we’re well on course to do this professionally.

But apparently, I’m boring.

I’m currently negotiating an extension to my contract. An extension which is double the length of a typical contract & have principally agreed a rate increase of forty percent, taking me even further into earning five figures net in Euro’s per month, as my base salary.

But apparently, I’m boring.

I’m near to the best shape of my life, age becoming little more than a figure, as I maintain fitness levels & heal long term problems to remain well ahead of men ten years younger than me. Because of the hours of training I’ve put in at the gym, women stare at me in the street & their eyes are alight with desire, running their hands over my abdominals as I make love to them.

But apparently, I’m boring.

Through keen observation of the markets & developing a new strategy in the equity & oil markets to profit even during the unpredictable volatility that shook the financial markets earlier this year, I’ve increased my risk capital by thirty one percent so far this year, without realising a single loss making position. It’s a enviable record that even full time traders would be proud of. Putting the hours in, & keeping a close record of price movements, trends, volatility & market indicators has been an enriching & profitable experience for me. Adding to my property assets, I’m approaching becoming a millionaire in the next two years maximum.

But apparently, I’m boring.

I’ve slept with girls from Chile, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Portugal & Spain in the last three months. I have sex with a mean of three different women per week, who for the vast majority are also very happy with the arrangement.

Apparently, that’s boring too. And also wrong.

I live my life, without apology for my actions, providing they do not harm others. I live truthfully, acknowledging & experiencing the mistakes & bad decisions I make. I live through them & no matter how difficult (even the lowest points), I come through them.

I do not lie to myself. I do not create justifications for my own inaction or circumstances I have, through self destruction or neglect, created as part of my life. I know no matter how difficult your circumstances or however hard they may be, there is always a choice that can be made. There is always an alternative, providing you are courageous enough to take that risk. I do no delude myself or try to rationalise weak or poor behaviour. I accept I am only human, & so I may procrastinate, or make poor decisions, or indulge myself too much at times. But I accept myself for who I am, & strive to be the best version of myself I can be. Leaving a legacy after I am gone.

I am not satisfied with simple peer acceptance, because those supposed ‘peers’, deemed as such because of similarities in age, background or status, are rarely so, because I’ve elevated myself to that level – they’re often born there out of privilege. As a result, they have no proper conception of struggle or adversity. I do not care for showing my face amongst those to whom I am supposed to aspire to, because I am aware the only thing I can fully control; is myself. Hence, all change is driven from within. By going through extra mile. By doing things properly. By being a man of action, rather words.

I’m not interested in ‘fitting in’ or being involved in any context with people on that basis. People can either accept me as I am or leave me alone, because I know my quality through the hard work I put & don’t have to overcompensate for it through bravado.

I walk forward in a straight line, towards my goal. My value is intrinsically built. I don’t care to, or need to imitate others.

~ Unjaded

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