The Giant Experiment: Update Four

'Hmm, what kind of dick would I like tonight?'

‘Hmm, what kind of dick would I like tonight?’

As I look down at my phone, I see open conversations with about twenty girls or women. The level of chasing sex has reached almost systemic levels, as I utilise the lumbering beast known as Tinder to try to lock down the most unreliable women as they bathe in the flood of attention the internet dogs afford them. Alongside this, I use another online resource, not conventionally used for dating but somewhat successful to date. And of course, trying to leverage any every day situation to best effect. Full awareness of your situation is always good, & I feel as though some direct street approaches will soon increase in frequency. Now the confidence is back & summer is here, I simply become overcome with sexual energy & must take action. It’s that feeling, when someone catches your glance & the chemistry between you is clearly tangible. At that point, it’s simply logistics that honestly are the problem. With enough emotional intelligence & a complimentary environment, any woman can be persuaded into some level of willing sexual activity

The Giant Experiment continues. After going through literally the entire population of a twenty five mile radius of my locale following my arrival in the city way back when I was with the Mexican; my new found intentions quickly succumbing to the temptations around me resulting in the BalletDancer & another forty three year old woman being visited on a regular basis. Although as I’ve mentioned I do regret some things about how I handled that situation, getting two blowjobs in one night was thoroughly enjoyable. Banging the BalletDancer in our shared apartment however, was really playing with fire & quite unlike me after what happened. If I would have been caught in the act, it would have been disastrous. It’s clear there was a part of me with a desire for revenge &  resentment towards the Mexican.

But let’s not get off topic & veer back into lamenting or celebrating the past. We’re now in a position where Tinder has just provided me with a lovely twenty five year old, of Italian, Swiss & French background. Blonde hair, not a giant & confirmed to be slim. God, I love slim girls.

In recent weeks, it has been kind to me. I decided to continue the experiment by being systemic about it; I have no reason to be an honourable man, but at the same time no reason to be nasty or tar everyone with the same brush either. Hence, I put my desires first & adjust my behaviour to the level the person in question demonstrates. I set up a new profile, which consisted of all the successful elements from previous experiments with Tinder & set the distance to a reasonable radius. I then started with girls only of eighteen, exhausted the entire complement of women available & then incremented the age criteria by one.

At eighteen, there was basically a zero response rate. Nineteen yielded a couple of conversations, one of substance, which then inexplicably went quiet when I dared to suggest meeting up for a drink.

Twenty went pretty much the same, with any serious traction only really coming once I’d hit twenty one. For a few weeks now, I’ve been talking with a kickboxing Finnish girl. We’ve chatted to each other over video calls & talk quite regularly. She’s challenged me to go & visit her, to which I’ve accepted the challenge. She has some nice big athletic legs, a nicely rounded ass with a slim torso & is very feminine yet confident. Honestly, I’d love to fuck her like crazy & honestly, I probably will.

There’s another twenty one year old closer to home, who I’ve been trying to nail onto meeting me. We were supposed to be meeting on the evening at time of writing, but I’ve already double booked myself as I expect her to flake tomorrow too. If she does, that’s done for me. I don’t have time to waste, even if she’s young & pretty.

From twenty two to twenty four, I’ve had significantly more conversations. It’s probably worth mentioning my age on there is thirty but on my profile I mention I’m actually thirty three. I noted previously that setting my actual age resulted in an massive drop in the quality of women you can be potentially matched with – a huge drop in quality & amount of girls. I’m not interested in banging women who are straight ugly, regardless of age. It was pretty much the usual pattern when talking in this age bracket; very good & flowing conversations, which would then suddenly go dead without warning, normally when I tried to escalate things.  Frankly though, I don’t give a shit. I’m not wasting time with people who aren’t even willing to meet, let alone put out. If they don’t reply, they’re saving me time.

Upon hitting twenty five, there was a marked difference. People went from not only chatting but also meeting. Before I knew it, I was meeting two girls. One tonight, & one in a couple of days. The first actually seems very nice & is the one I mentioned above, while the latter also seems very nice & crucially, agreed with me when I said I was looking for a ‘friends with benefits’ scenario. Ah so refreshing! A good humoured person with a friendly personality, who enjoys sex & isn’t hung up about it. Therein still lies hope. Surely this is the better way to start a more typical ‘relationship’ isn’t it? Make sure the chemistry sparkles between you both & then freely embrace that through the intertwining of bodies. Anything deeper will come from that no? Every time I see the MarriedBelorussian for example, the sex really does get better & better. As she finished me over her beautiful breasts for the first time the last time we met, after in her own words two ‘intense’ orgasms of her own, I saw in her eyes how much she enjoyed pleasuring me. Incidentally she told me she’d never done that before, which I found hard to believe as it was incredible. But in any case, she left that day with a truly affectionate kiss. This is how feelings develop.

Currently I’m at twenty five & working my way through. I’m dreading getting to thirty, as this is really where the desperation in a lot of women becomes apparent. But on the flipside, due to their desire to ‘not waste time’ (as I’ve often heard it), they’re also quicker to jump into bed – getting what some of them seem to view as a necessary phase in locking down a man for a serious relationship & ultimately, marriage.

It does concern me somewhat that either some men are still getting into massive lifetime commitments on their beliefs of traditional relationships, under confidence of otherwise getting laid or the fear of being alone. Or, that women still think withholding or having the idea of ‘granting’ sex, is going to secure a relationship through a man’s obligation or infatuation. All of these ideas are entirely obsolete today. It’s possible they can work, if by sheer perseverance, incredible luck of fluke, you find someone with compatible ideas & at a similar stage of development or cynicism as you. But in reality, most relationships seem to be built on compatible insecurities. This latter point is fairly normal if you’re being honest & again honestly, I wouldn’t criticise any couple together on this basis, as it’s a far better arrangement than many others. In any case though, while I do appreciate different men may not be as blessed in X or Y regard as his peers, one should prioritise self development above acceptance of the status quo. Too many people (men & women) seem to think there is nothing more than what currently ‘is’.

Anyway, that’s the current state of play regarding the Giant Experiment. I feel as though this time, while it’s the purest form of a machine gun approach, it’s a far better indication of how far an online profile can get you. Irritatingly, much of it tends to gravitate towards weekends, so I get entire weeks of no action at all, & then end up with five women in four days as recently occurred.

Could be worse things than fucking three girls in one day though

~ Unjaded

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