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Unjaded has spoken!!

Unjaded has spoken!!

The internet has given us many good things; opened access to information of which was previously the domain of the few & so can no longer be exploited by those with said knowledge.

The huge reduction in paperwork as we move to a fully digital society is by me, welcomed, as I’m able to streamline my life & operate from any locale. Competition becomes more global, as we are able to source products & services from around the globe, & the artificial barriers preventing true free trade are eroded a little more.

And of course, providing I’m willing to play up to a certain level of acting in the form of pretending to be naive, I can get laid relatively quickly & without having to put a great deal of effort in.

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, in the sphere of dating there has been a monumental shift in nature. Where a girl being asked on a date was once seen as a particularly special moment, it has now been reduced to being taken for granted. “I’m an independent woman & I scream it loud & proud honey!’, & “If you can’t give it to me, someone else will!’, is the message received loud & truly clearly, by the modern Western influenced woman. Fucking numerous guys, even should it be against her real nature, is the badge of honour, upon which the ‘independent’ woman is measured, as she gorges herself on another triple chocolate muffin.

As with any situation, one must employ adaptability in the face of adversity. In this scenario, we simply let them & even encourage their delusions, as we sift through the chaff & either enjoying it for what it is for the duration, before returning to activities that give you actual value. Or we enjoy the chaff as best we can, before we find that piece of increasingly rare wheat & give it our real being. Either or both (the latter my current choice) are all commendable options.

And much in the same way as the advancement of the internet has brought about changes in dating, we now see differences to the classification of what an ‘expert is’. Expertise is indeed something in it’s true form, an incredible & fascinating attribute. To listen to a person who is truly a master of his or her area, obtained through absorption of knowledge, dissemination & questioning of same knowledge, critical objective consideration & crucially, first hand experience, create a fusion upon which listening or reading can be a genuine life-changing experience.

I’ve read books, have seen video & have met people, which have all altered for the better, my viewpoints of the world. ‘The Seven Habits Of A Highly Effective Person’ was a book written after twenty years of hard, first hand experience, itself built upon a passion for the field, despite the slightly corny title. I’d recommend it to anyone, along with ‘The Road Less Travelled’, a truly insightful book infused with the knowledge gained after the author’s own personal struggles. It’s no surprise the best music & art generally, comes from tormented souls.

The flipside of this distillation of experiences & knowledge, blended into a high quality mental liquor, is the hive mind of the internet. Which regrettably, proliferates at a rate comparable to the most aggressive of cancers. As social media enables even the most unqualified of people to throw an anonymous opinion into the mix, what’s left is a soup of unpaletable taste, as key words are taken out of context & thrown around with wild abandon. Much in the same way as an entirely average woman can post a semi naked picture online which had been taken at a complimentary angle & put it on social media for a rapid ego boost, a uneducated fool can repeat or modify something inflammatory he or she read elsewhere online to the approval of other equally stupid people, emboldening him or her to believe their limited opinion may even be repeatable in the real world. The belief you have learnt something of substance without struggle, persistence or pain, is the making of fools.

Similarly, the internet has enabled prospective artists to the point of saturation. Using the music industry as an example, now there is so much music the old industry model of getting signed & effectively having a record label sponsor you is pretty much redundant. Literally anyone who can play an instrument believes themselves to be prospective stardom level & plasters everything they are involved in across the entire internet. Importantly however, is how such actions open up a very real risk of people becoming embroiled in petty online arguments about for example, the technical standard of how they play. As time & written exchanges pass, we end up in a situation where it is perceived that only the technical level of musicianship is considered the comparative level. The human element becomes lost.

‘The human element becomes lost’ is effectively the net flipside of the enabler that is the internet. As with the song becoming nothing more than a collection of individuals remotely composing a song & wondering why it doesn’t have the same feeling or ‘flavour’ of some of the classics which were indisputable in their contribution to the fabric of music, the notion of asking someone on a date has become worthless.

We are missing the human element in practically all areas of life. When you hear about boutique shops thriving, it’s no coincidence. We are at a point now where almost your entire life can be lived through a computer screen & the need to physically involve yourself can be almost entirely eliminated. We’re surrounded by imposters on every level; in the workplace, in our entertainment & in day to day life to an extent. Human interaction within environments where the internet is highly employed for indulgence in bullshit (read ‘social media’) has reached all time lows, with people barely able to grunt out an apology when they barge into you or maintain basic manners in normal interactions. Yesterday alone, I dared to buy a coffee from a coffee shop as I drove through a service station in the prime middle of the day, only for the half assed assistant to talk with me as though he was doing me a favour by serving me a coffee. I noted it quickly & decided I would maintain my respectful manner that had served me well this weekend until that point, to perhaps inspire some basic manners out of him. But that went unavail, with me moving along & him suddenly discovering his human interaction skills again with the next customer.

What a fucking prick‘ I thought.

~ Unjaded

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