Another Day, Another Vendetta

I'm not sure exactly what it is about Eline Powell, but for whatever reason I think she's stunning. ALL DAY LONG.

I’m not sure exactly what it is about Eline Powell, but for whatever reason I think she’s stunning. ALL DAY LONG.

My vendettas tend to be against the most powerful of foes; the power of pussy. My sword sweeps through it, cleansing the world of bad sex & clueless idiocy. The more clueless men existing in the world, the easier & easier it becomes to have my way, in a world within which I am beginning to see almost anything is possible.

Such is the chaotic nature of my pussy hunting at time, I now find myself almost unable to keep track of where I am. The number of phone numbers & possibly willing partners far exceeds the amount of time I have. Tinder has gone practically unused for a number of weeks now, as the harem grows beyond all control. Natural attrition, mostly to be found inside countries of either women desperate to confirm to biological or societal expectations or wherein men have some semblance of ability to be able to provide something resembling an enjoyable time for women; has simply failed to materialise. The net result is a whirlwind of women wanting repeat performances time after time.

While those requests have slowly become more & more functionally simple; where I don’t to make much more effort than simply making them a cup of tea & talking a bit after inviting them to my apartment, I’m seriously going to have to stop seeing some people soon or at the very least put some expectations into perspective, as inevitably I have noted, women can’t resist trying to escalate things to the next level.

Up to the point of me fucking a girl, I do understand the need to entertain the notion of romance to some degree, as well as her feeling comfortable with me. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know her better & ensure I actually like her as a person; an increasingly important part of me want to even sleep with her. But after the sexual barrier has been traversed, frankly my unconscious mode is to begin to make her become just attached enough to still want to sleep with me regularly, but not so much so as to want anything more from me.

And frankly, I’m notably aware I’m not going to be able to (or necessarily want to) maintain this type of lifestyle permanently. There is certainly a limit on the thrill of sleeping with many women, even for whom is effectively a sexual deviant in terms of monogamy such as myself. I do believe men can continue having a range of different women until even fifty. But what inevitably happens is a woman becomes more attached than she should; whether it’s Hungarian who went quiet after I told her I didn’t want anything serious & then who I’m going to bang senseless tonight, through to the BalletDancer who unfortunately is becoming very annoying now, constantly messaging me & pushing for ‘date’ activities. I’m generally not interested in ‘date’ activities unless it’s either to get a woman closer to stepping over the sex threshold or it’s with someone who I genuinely have feelings for.

In terms of possible sex partners, it’s getting fucking ridiculous. I’ve literally got about twenty women who are either already sleeping with me or potentially up for it. I simply am going to have to cut off some people soon, otherwise it’ll inevitably blow up in my face at some point or another. I’m also due a chat with Venezuelan, to discuss her expectations & timelines. I’m not going to make any more decisions based on relationships & having had an amazing debut show with the music project I’ve been working on here, am not intending on leaving where I currently reside any time soon. Despite not actually liking it here aside from that, & the incredibly easy work life I have here. She’s got an especially good heart & is someone special, that’s for sure. But I have goals & dreams I want to pursue, such as my lifelong dream to be a professional musician; something actually achievable now. I have to make decisions for myself henceforth.

At the moment, I’m getting a huge urge to move to North America. Why? Difficult to say. Perhaps just for the experience if nothing else. Doing that without Venezuelan would basically be at least the temporary end of that. But that’s a precise example of the type of possible choices ahead. I think I’ve come to the realisation of accepting I’m not the type of person (at the moment at least) who will be satisfied with what most would describe as a ‘regular’ lifestyle. The fact that this week, I’ve arranged to meet six different women this week already on Monday, three of whom I’m pretty much guaranteed to sleep with, testifies to that. I haven’t even arranged the weekend yet…

~ Unjaded

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