Good until they all start telling you how they're looking for 'more'...

Good until they all start telling you how they’re looking for ‘more’…

This week, I’ve seen / am seeing Main, Romanian Lawyer, Shy Student, Polish, Hungarian, Latvian & Old Polish. That still leaves me Saturday & Sunday free.

Doing a quick sum in my head, that means I have eight women I can / am sleeping with, & a further three optional.

The strangest thing is I’ve told approximately fifty percent of them I am leaving soon & they’re still up for it. About the same amount know I am sleeping with other women & also don’t seem bothered. In fact, I honestly get the impression it turns two to three of them on.

I don’t blame them. I make sure they all enjoy themselves & am nice to them all, so everyone’s happy. Why not share that experience with someone you like & find attractive?

On my side, I get a massive kick out of sleeping with so many women, especially knowing they know about each other. It brings out their competitive side for sure.

~ Unjaded

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