Vulnerability & Its Makers

If the question is, 'would you Unjaded', then rest assured the answer is most certainly; 'yes very much so'.

If the question is, ‘would you Unjaded’, then rest assured the answer is most certainly; ‘yes very much so’.

Finally, some time to take stock of everything. Things have been incredibly busy recently. Where before I have complained about my day job being so dead I’ve been bored out of my mind, it’s indeed a blessing in disguise now, as I take things to the next level with my musical side project. And as with anything, the more calculated effort you put in, the more momentum grows & the more effort is required in case you want said momentum to grow further.

The majority of the music industry has become far removed from the traditional model. Whereas reading the stories of bands such as Black Sabbath or Kiss confirms to you that the industry always took advantage of the naivety of musicians, over the last fifty years the power players have consolidated their grip on the industry, churning out version after version of manufactured acts, who are happy enough to just be in front of the camera while the writers & production team ream off the profits. The total commodification of the music industry is effectively complete, with the only leveling recourse being the internet.

Although I often reminisce about how much better the quality of life seemed to be before the proliferation of the internet & equally as importantly smartphones, it’s unquestionable that they’ve increased efficiency, productivity & more importantly, accessibility to a number of sectors. Information of almost anything is not the exclusive domain of the few privileged or chosen any longer. While overall the acceleration of complete commodification through capitalisation has also been enhanced by the internet, we as laymen at least also have access to the means, to level the playing field.

Critically though, what is missing is the ability to persevere through & properly disseminate the mass of information & disinformation, that the internet supplies. Why? Because the very same means which enable us to take affirmative action, also conditions our expectations about how much effort is required to become a relevant figure in X or Y area, thinking such things happen overnight.

If you look at practically any historical or present day figure who is indisputably a genuine master within their area, their craft has taken them a certain time frame to achieve; a time frame which although long can be reduced almost unilaterally to the real passion they have for their area. The true masters are those who have a sometimes unfathomable level of passionate interest in a subject. And in a manner that starts even as far back as within school, they are often mocked, despite regularly going on to greater things later in life. Regrettably, those who come near or within positions where they can make a genuine difference, are still are vulnerable to chancers who will leverage controversy or try to discredit them through some personal indiscretion being blown out of proportion.

And so, we’ve come to be a part of a society where the impression everyone else is receiving instant gratification has led to unreasonable demands in every area. Whether it be your career, a business project or of course, dating or relationships, you are always vulnerable to those whose ignorance or ego disappear, surpasses any other type of intelligence they may have. Impressionable, egomaniacal people are the scourge of the modern world. And we are surrounded by them; in our day to day life & assaulted by them being given wide reaching media platforms to poison the minds of those whose comfort has been assured by the modern world reaching the practical limits of most of it’s technological usefulness & whose minds are bored to the point of stupidity. Without a challenge to focus upon, our minds do not die but instead we fill the unused space with regurgitated noise, delivered by the many different formats of opportunistic puppetry.

And that’s effectively what stupidity is. No one can be blamed if someone does not understand or is not aware of something. But trying & learning are both choices. You are the only person responsible for how you respond to external stimuli, current or historical, & you are the only one responsible for your situation.

This applies to dating, relationships & pretty much anything with the opposite sex, in much the same way as it does in your interactions with most people – they present themselves to you & react in their (preferably) consciously chosen ways or (more often) in their subconsciously chosen ways, to project a certain persona onto you. The goal of that projected persona is designed to differing degrees (normally dependent on the situation), to influence you somehow, to convince themselves of something & to protect the ego. In dating, it’s either to preemptively absolve some guilt about something they secretly want to do or to influence you in how you approach them. In relationships, it can be to mitigate their fears, to influence or manipulate you, to control or so on.

Neither of the above should be assumed to be negative; a person could fully utilise how they’re projecting their persona onto another to make them feel more at ease, comfortable or to instigate them into a mutually beneficial action. Note how both men & women generally act differently around members of the opposite sex who are almost universally considered attractive (for whatever reason; looks, money, power or whatever). This is typically because regardless of it’s conscious or not, they are attempting to maximise a favourable opinion or even better, reaction, in whatever probably minuscule chance they might have with that person.

Regardless of who you are & whatever situation you may believe yourself to be in, you are constantly vulnerable. If you also become complacent or take whatever tangible & intangible assets you may have amassed for granted, you are the most vulnerable of all.

~ Unjaded

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