The Commoditization Of Life

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Off we go then, on another holiday, albeit this time only for four days. I venture to the very limits of Europe in search of a reminder of what hot weather actually is, as something akin to an ice age sets in across my current locale.

Upon arrival, I’ll meet Venezuelan who’ll be flying in from elsewhere to meet me there, as I prepare for four days of sun, sea, sex & sand with my Sofia Vergera lookalike. Despite the recent drama following my trip to the Eastern reaches & my own dive back into my world of sexual avarice, we’re probably getting on better than ever. Truth be told, I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

As I mentioned in my last post however, this positivity about our forthcoming meeting is in parallel to me looking forward to giving the Ukrainian ex model her second orgasm of her whole life, seeing how the Singaporean teacher looks lustfully at me in my living room mirror as I screw her from behind, finally going the whole way with a girl from Taiwan & having someone else’s Portuguese girlfriend throwing herself at me once again. Although as usual I am going in too deep or hard on a lifestyle choice & equally intend to do everything I can to ensure Venezuelan doesn’t get hurt, I am truly alive & living as close as I can to my ideal lifestyle, taking into account environment, culture & financial means.

While I am fortunate in the latter, I am not without limitations & neither do I live carelessly. With the exception of my positive long term debt which is paying for itself, I am entirely debt free, & this is something I would wholeheartedly encourage in anyone. Modern slavery takes the face of making people feel obligated by guilty debt; as though we’ll lose face beside our peers if we do not honour our obligations. But yet those who have discarded such notions through educating themselves or by simply seeing through the manipulation, act as they wish; high net worth individuals across the globe utilise bankruptcy capabilities at their convenience. Corporations make easy, low risk money by borrowing in one currency & then putting it on deposit in another where interest rate are higher. The only three things which prevent anyone from doing this are a lack of knowledge, regulations intentionally put in place to avoid mass exploitation or more admirably, an understanding that the ongoing acquisition of money is not the path to happiness & so disinterest.

As I boarded the plane today (yes, another post written on a flight), I had already scanned the queue for any potential attractive women. As it happens, I find myself on a aisle seat with a very pretty, presumably forty to forty five year old sat next to me. I could see how she looked at me as I walked along the aisle to where my seat was; she had that look in her eye where she’d fuck me. Anyone with at least some experience with the opposite sex knows that moment when your eyes lock with someone else’s, & that immediate attraction is there. As she got up, I took the opportunity to check her out. The ass wasn’t up to much but a well built set of sizable round breasts & the eyes confirmed to me that even having slept with four different women in five days & preparing ahead for four days of what I know will be not only a great four days with someone of value to me but of course, four days of a lot of sex, that fire still burns wildly inside me. I’d fuck her right here on this plane given the chance, or at least something if it were a long haul flight.

Fortunately throughout my life, unlike my blood father I still possess a strong neocortex which regulates whatever may be raging in the instinctive parts of me. This generally keeps me out of too much trouble & allows me to regulate situations. If this was a long haul overnight flight & I was again sat next to this woman, I’d start some conversation so she’d feel comfortable with me & extremely slowly, ensure lots of eye contact, flirting & ever so slightly, increase physical contact. My end goal would realistically be my hand between her legs under a strategically placed blanket & her repaying the favour after.

This can happen, but it’s extremely important to note this is always a gamble, regardless of how you approach it. In the worst case, you risk total villainy, being painted as some of sexual deviant. This has never been more true than today, where everyone is terrified of not being seen as politically correct & slowly sucking anything enjoyable out of life. You must be at the top of your game as well as having a certain level of luck on your side. One thing we as men are especially poor at, is forgetting other people & especially women are not thinking as we are. Everyone has a different mentality & attitude towards different things, & the difference in gender can be one of the biggest differences. Irrespective of what’s going on in my head thanks to her obvious “I’d fuck you” look, anything with her would require a certain approach & “warming up” of her, which in itself I would have to construct & understand a profile of her from our opening conversations. Even if I’m looking & acting fucking awesome that day, it’s unlikely generally speaking a woman is going to flood her panties at the very sight of me, because I will have to speak to her & she’ll then subconsciously decide if either my character fits into the little fantasy she’s already got in mind, or that if not my alternate character is equally good. For most girls, this is the man giving the impression of being a genuine, honest & nice (enough) guy. It’s irrelevant if he actually is any of these things. In reality, being a dick in the opening stages of meeting a woman probably isn’t going to get you laid. Being a dick can be a very effective counter strategy to when you’re already at a certain relationship level with someone, because in my experience a lot of women like to feel as though they are asserting themselves by attempting to push the boundaries & gain more control. But equally, being an asshole can often be effective with many women when they start pushing the boundaries, because a life of self delusion where your actions repeatedly mismatch the ideas you have about ‘how’ you’d like to live your life, only results in low esteem as you continually undermine yourself subconsciously. Low esteem women are receptive to abusive behaviour because their modern typical behaviours create low self esteem. In fairness, this can be equally true in men as the principle is the same; only self-reinforcing behaviour builds true value in the self.

On no level do I advocate abusing someone to keep them attached to you, male or female. If I have to start manoeuvring around psychologically to deal with someone trying to move the boundaries of whatever relationship we have, I’ll typically just state my position, usually resulting in a delay but then them trying more subvert attempts, resulting in me jettisoning them.

While I of course do get affected by things emotionally, typically I’m able to cut someone loose quite easily because my self worth is derived from within, by reaching my own standards & slowly becoming more at peace with the fact I don’t have a typical thinking & only adapt it enough, in order to covertly conduct myself in ‘normal’ society without being excluded.

While I am by no means of the opinion I am a genius or even anything particularly special, I either find it hilarious or find myself questioning if certain people are really that stupid, as I nod away, feeding their ego to the point where they give me more money, place more status upon me, body or other practical, tangible requirement I need. Ego & voluntary delusional have never been higher, with newer generations not qquestioninganything, except themselves endlessly, convincing themselves they are somehow to blame for whatever the latest thing to go wrong in their lives was but rarely showing humility to admit that.

Face reality. The advent of the internet has brought us many advantages because of the mass instant exchange of information. But this has also enabled any entity to fine tune their emotional triggers to extract tangible assets from you. The bank that ‘warns’ you about the dangers of not opening a pension for your requirements has literally zero interest in your wellbeing. None whatsoever. Those who sell you life insurance; exactly the same. It’s guilt or honour driven manipulation, fed by my own egos, that exists for the singular purpose of extracting tangible assets from you, to reinvest for their own further profit.

I’ve mentioned I couldn’t care less about people I don’t know & although I generally make exceptions for animals, children & to a far lesser extent, old people, I firmly stand by that more than ever. Unless it’s someone I have built some sort of relationship with, the person who gets ploughed down by a bus because they weren’t looking the right way can go fuck themselves. I’ll be looking after the people who looked after me before.

~ Unjaded

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