The Chaos

Andressa Urach, fresh out of Brazil & with a point to prove, apparently. No doubt something to do with leveraging her sex appeal & nothing of actual real value.

Well, these last few days have been very interesting. The general optimism from the holiday period has now safely dissipated & left in it’s wake days of utter routine, tolerated only because of the exchange of real life for monetary gain. While still professional, I have now firmly confirmed within myself that to work full time in the corporate world is one of the least rewarding & utterly dullest ways to live one life. Those within in often look outside, idolise alternative lifestyles but except for those few who simply cannot tolerate it any longer & who would otherwise (& often do) psychologically snap, they never consider taking the jump & simply embracing risk.

Risk. What a concept. Normally associated with the financial impact of a change & secondly with infidelity, it is in it’s very nature exciting. The illicitness of the bored housewife’s parlay with someone not her husband resonates deeply within her bones, despite it in reality being increasingly risk free thanks to the concurrence of men to a lopsided legal system, their own lack of self esteem & the general lack of honour among men today.

I don’t claim to be an honourable man. In the socially conditioned definition, one would class me as utterly dishonourable; laying with the wives of other men & morally ambivalent of their conduct, providing I get what I want. Put simply, I have reached the point of simply not caring about who or when a girl who is barely more than a sexual partner with me, has sexual actions with others. I also don’t care for those whom I don’t know; an overarching principle in life. As I’ve pertained to before, I don’t care about the person who falls into the train tracks or the person who gets hit by a car. There’s plenty of people who will rush to the aid of someone, who they have no idea or notion about. The man who you just rushed to pull out of a building on fire could have just raped a girl. It’s entirley plausible that he is deserving of such a fate. This is seen as dishonourable too, because the very notion of being honourable in the typical Western driven society is one of social responsibility, which itself has come from politically correct concepts.

Never underestimate the power of people’s ego. As we are increasingly all told how individual & special we are by default, the nagging feeling within most seeks them to do things to convince themselves the value of some things gives them intrinsic value beyond what should be the purpose of doing something. In other words, they attempt to fill a hole they clearly feel within their character by subscribing overblown value to what they do, & equally as importantly why they do it. There is a seed planted long ago within them that they cannot be humble enough to face up to & show humility in that intrinsic value is earned through actions & doing those actions for their real purposes. Instead they superficially align themselves with socially popular (note; I don’t choose the word ‘relevant’ here intentionally) causes & make sure they are seen doing it, speaking about it & appearing central to it, while not risking any comforts of their own life. The goal is reassuring the ego through putting oneself in a situation where another cannot publicly criticise what is being done, nor the reasons behind despite everyone knowing deep down why.

The easiest example is celebrities, assuaging themselves through a token appearance here or there. Most charities formed for genuine causes struggle, so it would be remiss of them to turn down the opportunity for more exposure regardless of the motivation of the ‘celebrity’. Thanks to social media constantly reminding us, the desire to be special has become so wildly out of control, this filters through to those using it. Look on Instagram or Facebook & the vast majority of what you see is people sharing content that is completely unrepresentative of their own life. We all know it’s a mutual fantasy world, as the competition for likes fuels our desire to feel special. The mutual stroking of egos is like a mutual masturbation session, as a value is placed upon a like by one’s perceived social standing; a ‘celebrity’ like raises feeling of euphoria in the supposed common person, but in reality it means fuck all. Compare these dickheads to people such as Mother Theresa or Ghandi, who while did receive a significant of media attention, conducted themselves according to their beliefs and/or goals. I’m not even advocating them as stand up examples on the basis of what they did being immune to social criticism. I’d equally hold up Warren Buffet or even Bill Gates as examples in the same way, whereas other might criticism them on account of their fortunes. That’s nothing more than them acknowledging their own jealousy. While particularly in the latter case there were elements of fortune, he set a goal & made the actions to pursue them. His chances of being in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’ were increased by the decisions he made. This for me is honour. It’s living your life with authenticity, without direct intent to harm others.


Like practically any corporation, they couldn’t care less about you. Whatever you do, more meat will be fed into their metaphorical grinder to take your place & without doing anything tangible, you will be forgotten within weeks at most.

Is it any surprise social media is more popular with women? Although these days I’m going away from a gender conflict towards a growing intelligence gap in the cause behind some of this shit, it can’t be ignored statistically that social media is far more common with women, & single men. The latter, we know precisely why despite it unquestionably being truly the worst way to meet a girl. What’s women’s excuse? Knowing they have done nothing to achieve any value of note & the core of any experiences have been rooted around opening their legs, akin to a heroin addict they need harder & harder doses to distract them from acknowledging that.

These types of social media, ‘like’ driven people are to me, far more dishonourable than anyone who lives their life through their own choices. Me not assisting some idiot in the street who falls on his ass for whatever reason, who frankly speaking is unlikely to be an interesting or valuable person to society purely on percentages alone, is me being authentic to myself. The woman who makes the decision to come & fuck me while she’s getting divorced or her boyfriend is back home & thinks she’s gone shopping; is simply not my responsibility. My primary responsibility is to myself in order to empower myself as much as possible, in order to enable me to fulfill my secondary responsibility – to those who care for me & I for them. Only then, do tertiary responsibilities even begin to enter the picture & those can be whatever I wish, or none. Personally, it’s firstly animals, then some children & rarely old people. Able bodied people who are capable of making their own decisions deserve everything they get, whether it be physical injury from not being specially aware or mental anguish from making stupid decisions. Learning from these, will be the making of you.

I take responsibility for being the sum of my actions. I’m a good singer because I spent ten fucking years trying, being lambasted by armchair critics & persevering. I’m shit at learning languages because I don’t have a passion for them & so struggle to really absorb the information. People talk bullshit in every language. It’s like a relief for me not understanding most of what I hear, as at least then I can maintain elevated hope that most people are in fact not cretinous morons repeating verbatim what they heard on the TV or read in the free newspaper yesterday & will make them more popular with their colleague or drinking buddies, as is the case with what I’m regularly hearing in my native language.

I originally thought about writing this post as about how there is no longer honour among men. But then I reconsidered, as in fact the notion of honour has been long dead. Men have always killed or betrayed each other, usually for pride. Women it seems, like to destroy happiness too. A friend of mine has recently got into a relationship & being a firm user of social media, changed his relationship status to reflect this. While I would have encouraged him to entirely delete his social media, the reaction of the various women he was connected with was unprecedented. Out they came with their direct proposals, as they realised someone they possibly could have was now slipping out of their grasp. Why didn’t they do this when he was clearly single? If they liked him, even for casual relations, they should have made it clear when they realised they liked him. But I would wager, at least half the reason they push hard for him now is because they are unhappy for the very same reasons I outlined above. Their miserable egos, dissatisfied with the gnawing feeling within of not strived towards what they want, now wish to see others unhappy. They may think for example, that because society educated them that as being an ‘entitled woman’, all they needed to do was download Tinder & put up some semi naked or well angled pictures depending on their physical strengths. They tried it & before long became disillusioned because either the quality of men they met was low due to the medium, or the better men they met quickly realised that their wasn’t even a kind or loving person within, & quickly consigned them to the ‘pump & dump’ category as it is often called. Their bitterness consumes them & they try to use their sexuality to tempt the man into cheating, so they can fuel their belief that all men are the same. So dishonour exists within both genders, manifesting itself in different ways as per the instigator’s abilities. Women can’t generally use violence upon men, so they use their other weapon. It carries even further weight, as should she succeed, the man is then universally blamed for not controlling ‘his’ rampant libido.

I don’t justify my own actions through these words, but simply live outside the normal moral constructs & accept the consequences of my actions should they cause myself or others pain. It’s not ideal but nothing is. As a person, you should think about what you are doing & question if your motives are clear. Anything of motive having a value greater externally than internally, should be opened to complete change or abandon.

~ Unjaded

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