Transcripts: #9 (Crazy Uzbek)

Misa Campo, who the Uzbek woman looked a little like, if you added glasses…

Met a woman from Uzbekistan, with whom although I could sense some issues from the beginning, got on with initially very well & whom made the most from her ‘sexy geek’ kinda look. A couple of meetings later after some intimacy & I received messages saying we should meet, to which I refused as I was busy. I then got told about some guy who offered her dinner & how she was going to meet him instead. I of course, told her to do as she wished & to ‘have fun’. If a woman wants to sleep around, that’s up to her but it was clear she was attempting to play games; that I might ‘lose her”.

I receive the below the following day…

CU: Hey.

CU: How are you today?

Unjaded: Hey, good thanks. Although tired. And you?

CU: Very well thanks.

CU: You can rest today hopefully.

CU: Wanted to ask about smth

CU: Later in the evening. Won’t interrupt from work.

CU: Enjoy the day.

Unjaded: Have a good date last night?

Unjaded: Your attitude yesterday was quite typical & disappointing.

CU: I did not have date.

But she met up with a guy & had dinner with him.

CU: To read from you that I am typical is also disappointing.

CU: I wanted to meet shortly not more.

CU: I met someone for giving medicine to my Mom.

My confirmation of bullshit. Ninety percent of the time you hear something like this, you can be sure it’s bullshit – using something no one can realistically justify disbelieving, but obviously isn’t true. I stopped responding.

Later that evening…

CU: How does your evening look like?

CU: I want to bake a cake… Any good recipe?

CU: In the mood to join baking?

Unjaded: I’m going to be in the city at seven to meet a possible new guitarist unfortunately.


Unjaded: Otherwise would be a nice idea.

CU: Fine. I am typical with typical attitude and behaviour.

CU: Will ask a typical question.

CU: I am not interested in a once a month meet friendship.

I’d met her three days ago by then.

CU: Online, even the street is full of girls to get laid.

CU: I made it clear at your place, that I am not the one for sex stories.

But yet you slept with me on our second date & again the third time we met. I didn’t bother responding again. Then a few hours later…

CU: You won’t block me typically?

CU: It’s all a turnoff, what I say and do.

CU: Oh no…. You don’t have time… You are busy. Just online non stop.

CU: You will not be online nonstop because of the possible new guitarist, right?

CU: That’s typical actually.

I left it a couple more hours to let her simmer, then lambasted her with some education.

Unjaded: Is it? Are most men you talk to in multiple projects? Or trying to achieve big goals that take up a lot of their time? I don’t think so, as apparently I am the only one who doesn’t have enough time.

Unjaded: If you’re not interested in seeing me, then don’t. I can offer what I can offer. Honestly, I think your ex damaged you a lot & you still have to heal. I am not your ex & not matter what you think about men, they are also not your ex. Life IS taking risks & being hurt. And there are good people in the world. Your answers & reactions are extreme, & you need to find peace in yourself.

She’s coming over next week to show me her new underwear!

~ Unjaded

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