I thought I’d try searching for ‘sexy feminist’ today, to give a fair shot. And I’m sorry, but that was an abysmal failure unless you have a weird Beyonce fetish. So here’s a picture of the incredibly hot Bryana Holly instead.

I love travelling by train. It’s quite the metaphor for life in my eyes. You make a decision on where you want to end up & on that journey a whole bunch of sights speed past. As I thunder past, these landmarks seem more interesting to me than if I were just passing by in my day to day activities. Even things such as a field with some cows & a big pylon in it seem to gain an extra level of intrigue to me; not because of that childlike wonder when you discover new things as a youngster but more that it reminds me of that time. As you get older & learn how things really work, that idealism gets replaced by a survive & prosper mentality. You look at the situation, decide what you need to do to firstly stabilise & then optimise, until you reach a level of satisfaction.

I find that pretty sad. Not only do we lose the playfulness that makes us who we are, but we also become cynical. These days, the most attractive thing about anyone in any type of relationship is their playfulness & ability to have fun. That in turn fuels me. There’s nothing like having a bit of optimism & laughing in the face of potential tragedy. Given the inevitability of our own mortality, what other choice is there? A life devoid of feeling or experiences is a complete loss of an opportunity in my opinion.

On the other hand, I’ve realised environments where a bleak & grim acceptance is prevalent, just utterly drain me. An example is the total joke of self important politics that exists within the corporate world. While the typical day to day activities of my actual job are tolerable & at times, even verging on interesting, I’m currently being encouraged (read ‘pushed’) into management conversations in my job, which honestly I’ve always despised on account of it clearly being akin to childlike flirting; those who need something from the decision maker of the day sit at the meeting table with their overly prepared, dressed up presentation which when you strip it down, is often little more than ‘we need money for this’. The decision maker sits there with his inflated perception of himself like a king or emperor, as everyone awaits his thumb to indicate up or down.

But in the vast majority of cases, they don’t even dignify the requester with a response in person, instead waiting until they are safely huddled up in their office with the barrier of email. A fucking cowards escape. In the event of money becoming worthless one day for whatever reason, these cunts would have utterly nothing to offer the world.

One might read this & think ‘Oh Unjaded must have had a proposal rejected or some such & now he’s venting’. In fact, I’ve always had that side to me. I believe my teachers at school assessed my attitude as a ‘problem with authority’. I would rather describe it as ‘knowing no one is better than me’. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe I am better than anyone else either. We are but a product of our choices, external stimuli & privilege. All of these can be controlled or mitigated should you wish. No fucker is born any better than another, & we all have our talents.

There are too many protection methods for people these days. While I do actually advocate equal opportunities for all, I also support equal consequences for all. If someone in your job speaks or acts with you disrespectfully, your measured response should also be equally acceptable. I should be able to respond to him at the same level without recourse. Whatever is or isn’t acceptable should be applicable to all equally, for then people would further consider their actions because of consequence or retribution. As satisfying as it would be, I’m not suggesting I should be able to strike my manager in the face if I don’t like what he’s saying but what applies for one should apply for all. I worked in security for several years before starting in the corporate world & saw a few occasions where girls (admittedly, generally of a lower intellectual grade) thought themselves so invulnerable because of whatever illusions society or the media had impressed upon them, & decided to lash out & strike men. Fortunately for them, there was usually a white knight on hand to protect any response but I had seen a couple of occasions where they weren’t quite so lucky & the scorned man ‘replied’ in kind before making his escape. Let’s just say women quickly realise their physical limitations rapidly when a man repays the favour.

Let me just append the above by categorically stating that while I expect any person should expect an equal reaction to whatever action they choose to take, I have at no point encouraged, advocated or myself engaged in violent behaviour against women. I would however, actively use full non-lethal restraint techniques as required without hesitation however, for both women & men, in line with the concept of reasonable force in the defence of oneself.

One for the publishers of the eventual book adaptation there.

But this isn’t about violence, & never should it be. It is about understanding that while people should have the freedom & safety to express themselves freely, anything which genuinely impinges upon another’s normal state should be expected to have consequences. Those consequences should be equal in measure. I do believe (although not personally agree with) that controversial subjects should be allowed to be spoken about freely. I’m literally the least homophobic person on earth & I for example, believe if homosexual wish to celebrate that then they should be allowed. However, I believe that in the modernised Western world, there’s no longer a need for this to take place as a public event, simply because of the presence of children. Children should be taught that (continuing with the homosexuality example) whatever sexuality stance you choose, it is of little consequence & should be a personal matter. More important is the qualities that comprise being a good human being, regardless of your sexual preference or any other distinguishing criteria you were born with, inherited or discovered one day within yourself. One should not be promoted above another as more glamorous or acceptable than another, which is where reverse discrimination brings you.

The other day, I was getting changed in the gym locker room when a girl who works there comes in with a mop to clean up. I actually have absolutely no problem with that, assuming a man can also do the same going into the women’s locker room. I’m obviously not monitoring the situation but I’m assuming the male staff are not allowed to do the same in the female changing room. What’s the difference?

Much in the same way as there are women’s rights marches; the acceptance of both has taken place long ago in practical terms. You want to protest about women’s rights? Go to Saudi Arabia & state your case. That I would absolutely respect in a woman.

Equally, I wouldn’t tolerate someone making judgments upon my character based upon a perception they have of me. I remember watching this disgusting female who happened to also claimed to be a feminist hurling a torrent of vile slurs against a man whose only crime appeared to be being a man. He handled it incredibly well considering she spat in his face & physically assaulted him, her sure any retribution would be captured on camera & somehow manipulated into her being the victim. This type of behaviour is on a par with any of the worst forms of discrimination, such as racism. I can totally understand the aggression that ethnic minorities build up inside themselves when they’re treated in particular ways because of their colour or demeanor. I mean, an idiot is an idiot in any colour so we’ll put that aside, but I’ve seen it myself that some prefer those of their own creed. This results in a backlash in almost every situation.

And there we are: the backlash. In much the same way as the minority can feel compelled to revolt somehow after a lifetime of marginalisation, to how I start looking for another job because of how I’m treated by certain colleagues, through to how marriage rates & even relationship commitment is wildly spiraling downwards as men fail to see the upsides of long term commitment; any behaviour to shut down, harass, humiliate or prevent the expression of oneself without the harm of another without equal & fair measure to all, is only going to result in a stronger reaction later down the line.

~ Unjaded

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