Having admittedly had my doubts about Dan Bilzerian, one interview later I now fully approve, respect & congratulate him. He’s being entirely authentic to himself, as we should all aspire to be.

Once again I’ve reached the point of having fifteen or so women as potentials, & certainly around ten who are locked in for sex in some description.

SPC came back into the picture waving a white flag soon after her ourburst just before Christmas. A couple of visits & pleasurable fumbles later, she still carries a flame for something more, but seems resigned to my preference for our fleeting visits.

BalletDancer also went through a period of getting a little heated over wanting something more, resulting in us not seeing each other for a while. A few message exchanges later & this passed, as we agreed silently the sex was way too good to not continue with. The two to three hour visits are resumed, as is my preference.

The UkrainianModel is going through her divorce but offered herself up to me next week, for what she prefers to be limited to nothing more than a coffee, her new found orgasms by me & then rapidly leaving.

A BustyAlbanian came into the picture recently, as I somehow lucked out on a random online pickup with a girl far surpassing her profile picture & answering my call to the universe for a large breasted woman to have some fun with. She seems quite happy with a no stress arrangement so out came the captain’s hat once again.

The FilipinoHostess didn’t stop messaging me, so we met again & inevitably ended up in bed. She seems to have got over any romantic notions & is now more than content to describe how much she loves me being inside her instead, on those rare occasions every two to three weeks she’s in town. Again, suits me fine.

The SwissArgentinian came back into town permanently, & seems quite content to let me bang her around my schedule.

The Taiwanese girl I’d been banging periodically keeps messaging me about how we should ‘cook together again soon’; a clear euphemism for what happens every time after we do that together.

Singaporean got back into town after a few weeks being away. I think so anyway, because honestly I wasn’t keeping count. She has been all up for us getting together again, which I may invoke soon. Not in any particular rush however.

The Kazakh woman who gave me a superb blowjob & the hot older EstonianRussian seemed very happy after I dropped them a casual “How’s it going” message, telling me we should ‘catch up’ & how ‘good it was to reconnect again’ respectively, pretty much making it clear they’d like to go full experience.

Even the HungarianSlut got back in touch, after her Steven Seagal lookalike boyfriend wasn’t making her wet with desire & she’d had to resort to fucking an Albanian guy on the side, but still stayed with Steven Seagal, who seemed totally oblivious to someone banging his girlfriend, or her trying to bang. I probably will.

In the pipeline we have a young, well trained Ukrainian, a younger Indian girl, a considerably older but still very hot & enthusiastic Turkish woman & a Tunisian, all waiting for time with me.

Every single girl who comes running back to me after me telling them I don’t want anything serious is really quite great for me. I’ve laid out my position & said ‘take it or leave it’. It also makes me realise how I cannot take the majority of women seriously these days.

~ Unjaded

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