Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Alexandra Lillian, seemingly in need of help finding her bikini top.

Although this may be obvious to veterans of game, this is a blog for all & some of our lesser experienced brethren may not know one of the fundamental aspects of game in today’s ultra competitive attention garnering of females with a view to getting some actual action; is to take advantage of a woman’s infatuation period. As I’ve gone through in more detail long ago on another game blog in my early days, knowing to maintain the interest in the earlier moments is key. The endless stream of attention in your average girls life nowadays means that, while you should never be at her beck & call, in reality you are going to have to maintain some level of at least fake interest in order to get where you want to be; between her legs.

When is the infatuation period? Realistically, it’s going to be somewhat dependent on your game skills. At the very least, game should be used to give the impression your value, is superior to yours. In the early days, your goal to have some level of success is going to be to give that impression to her; that you are superior to her overall. You will need to play to whatever strengths you have in order to maximise that, while in parallel actually working on yourself to raise your actual level. That will benefit in the medium to long term in any case,.

In contrast, a man who has already employed such strategies of self improvement & seen them through, will be very much in the same position. But with more ammunition. The improvements he has made to himself will allow him to link his value perception to more facets of his character, making it more substantive.

How does this link in practice to the infatuation period? It simply will buy you more time. This alongside the level of your applied game (that is, how effective you are at actually employing these principles), will determine the impression you make on the hapless young (or older) lady. Generally speaking though, the more experienced you are in game, the more likelihood of you being able to take advantage of the infatuation period.

The infatuation period is simply the moment between you meeting her with the impression you make on her, & her meeting someone else who will do exactly the same. It doesn’t take long either. I consider myself now a near expert proponent of game. Generally speaking, my day game approaches will be able to get most women into an isolation level first date by standard. During certain phases, my game rises to levels where I can get women into bed by a second date, or even a first on occasion. But by no means does it mean I’m now immune to the attrition that can take place, even after you’ve slept with a girl.

Recently I spoke of a BustyAlbanian, with whom I’d gone through the usual process of meeting, slowly building up her perception of me & comfort with me, in order to get her to my place under the pretense of making her dinner or watching a film, before making my move to warm her up for the bedroom (or sofa, or kitchen table…ahem). All went perfectly to plan, with a total of three dates in total before sealing the deal. Due to a combination of working through my harem & deprioritising her so as to keep interest levels up with the others, I didn’t see her for a couple of weeks. Bear in mind, she is an attractive women & would be considered so by any red blooded man. To cut a long story short, I gave her an orgasm so hard she was dizzy afterwards the fourth time we slept together, had her talking about how hot her giving me a blowjob was the fifth time we saw each other, & her telling me only five days later that she had met someone else & wanted to give it a go with him, as she’s now ‘looking for a relationship’.

I actually don’t mind this at all. Although she was hot, this frees up time in my schedule for someone else. My somewhat obsessive nature with sex does get me into an overloaded position sometimes. Honestly, if she’d wanted to meet up this week I didn’t actually have time. And frankly speaking, I left it with a ‘best of luck’ & a ‘contact me if it doesn’t work out’. I’ve left the door open, because now knowing the local ‘market’ here (which importantly to note, is overloaded with men because it’s a finance city), whoever she’s dating is going to either be a wet flannel or a bastard who’ll she’ll have her fun with & eventually she’ll get angry with.

And in the case she doesn’t come back, do I really care? It was pretty clear from the beginning she wasn’t interested in anything serious & neither was I. She knew what she was getting herself into & here we are, at the logical conclusion.

The only other important thing to note, is to get the balance right between maintaining a certain level of attention & going overboard, as the latter simply results in you coming across as needy. That may have the opposite effect, whereby your lack of aloofness will will start to make you unattractively needy. A balance should be maintained, which is a good test of your own perception & intuition. If you fail, learn & improve.

Finally, it should also be noted that the desirability of a girl & the mediums to which she has availability of options should be considered. A clearly & generally considered attractive girl who puts herself as available on an attention whoring platform (such as Tinder or it’s peers), will be able to get laid with not an Alpha (the true Alpha’s are those who seem unassailable & genuinely rare), but some one dimensional steroid laden dickhead who will be constantly monitoring the app / website & immediately drop whatever he’s doing provide the grinding she desires. Having any goals in life which require real attention & a time commitment, while an fully commendable activity, will be detrimental to the infatuation period possibilities against one dimensional dickheads. You owe it firstly to yourself to use game as a self empowerment tool, to avoid becoming a desperate shadow of yourself as many of the single dimension men will ultimately become. Just understand clearly, that you may have to accept losing out sometimes, which you’ll discover through girls not messaging you back or flaking on you, or all the usual shit we have become accustomed to now.

~ Unjaded

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