Words And Actions


Lily Macapinlac, also known as ‘Lily May Mac’ – accused of being racist!

In a time & culture of convenience where fighting for survival is a thing of the past, the people feel bereft of challenge & start to create issues that don’t really exist. This normally is a product of consumerism, as most products need to marketed as a solution to a problem. Most actual problems such as the need for sanitation, access to food or shelter, transportation, opportunities to work & welfare have to varying degrees around the world, been taken care of long ago & remained in place in those countries that sought to ensure all of them are readily available. For example, as long as people have means to accumulate currency, all of these are available.

One of the upsides of capitalism is how it fills demand in the market. If people don’t have a sensible means of shitting, the market will recognise this & endeavor to innovate, & then market a solution. Even if the solution is not perfect or even effective, if the demand perceives it as an even possible solution to the problem that they may have imagined to have & the price point is feasible, they’ll probably go for it anyway. Why do penis pumps sell? Because so many men want to have the biggest dick in the world, which much like trying to be the richest, most powerful or most attractive person in the world, is a hopeless endeavor. You may be a big fish in a small pond, but there’s always another lake somewhere. That said, whoever invents non-destructive penile enlargement surgery is going to be a fucking billionaire.

Steroids are another good example, something I must admit that I’ve flirted with the idea of in the past, when I was wracked with a whole range of insecurities. Men & women are juicing up now to the degree, where that look is considered the ultimate goal. The vast majority of male bodybuilders & pretty much any female bodybuilder is filled up to the eyeballs with some blend of synthetic testosterone, & it’s normalised to the point of not even being questioned.

But let’s get back on point. Living & particularly growing up in a world of ultimate convenience makes one utterly lazy & utterly useless. It’s only trauma or at least the prospect of it, that will give you that extra level of drive. Because they know what can happen if they fail. They understand what’s at stake. A person who has never had to even question anything about their existence except to engage in a futile battle for supremacy of popularity or any of the above, is essentially a completely useless person. Look around you & imagine how useful any of those people would be useful if there was a large scale alien invasion or zombie apocalypse. It’s an amusing concept to consider but the reality of it, is that most of them would be pathetically useless & not even have the psychological temperament to adapt. They’d just panic & cry for someone to save them.

It all ultimately comes down to the fact that most modern western societies are filled with a glut of people who talk way above their capabilities. Talking a big game while being soft as shit has become the norm; being one of the boys or girls & going along with the collective personality of the group . Humility is a thing of the past, & instead the protection or promotion of the ego becomes the priority. All I often hear these days is talk; everyone’s a hard man, every girl is a sexy bitch, every guy fucks like a porn star, everyone’s making big money & everyone’s totally sure of themselves. Everything is great & has the most interesting social life ever, totaling complete satisfaction with their life.

But an observant person will note, that he who claims to be rich always seems to he paying with his credit card. Access to credit these days is possible to even him with a terrible credit history. The ‘sexy bitch’ soon wilts when someone sees through the act & isn’t falling all over himself to impress her like the regular beta. Suddenly she’s not in control anymore & the facade rapidly melts away to show someone very vulnerable. The ‘hard man’ backs down almost immediately when he confronts someone who calmly tells him with a steely, unflinching look straight into his eyes, that instead of making all these hollow threats to start a fight, to just go ahead & throw a punch. Start the fight but make it count. Because if you don’t you’re in serious trouble. Watch how his bravado disappear when he sees someone large or (I regret to say, as it is inherently racist) black comes into play.

More often than not, it’s all talk, talk, talk. Anyone dating knows this all too well, wherein the majority of times a woman gives you her number, it doesn’t mean anything like it did before the well documented days of internet validation. Sorry, it’s called ‘internet dating’ isn’t it… It’s become endemic now, where the stumbling block for anything moving forward will be the need for action backing up the marketing, or the ego getting hurt by someone playing with people of real talent or drive. Either way, suddenly all sorts of excuses come out, because there’s no substance; no true conviction under the surface. Because they never feared whatever there is to lose, or never found the bravery to push themselves out of their comfort zone & grow.

Judge everyone on their actions, not their words & suddenly, you’ll see who is a waste of time.

~ Unjaded

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