2017 Awards

In honour of 2018, we present this life size representation of Unjaded

Here we are again at the end of the year; thankfully the second consecutive year without a awful drama over the Christmas period.

This year I started in an absolute frenzy, working my way through girls like there was no tomorrow & still in the latter days of arranging up to three girls a day. While I’d still be potentially up for that, it’s clear that I’ve found someone who would probably fulfill all of these positive categories, so she will be excluded for the purposes of these awards.

As I went on through the year, there was always a steady stream of candidates making themselves available. I became more busy with personal projects, meaning I became better known in a place which is no bigger than a standard town in a developed western country. When you become better known, maintained an air of mystique can become more difficult. Further to that, I just genuinely got tired of going through the same old routines; wasting time meeting girls & feigning interest. I’ve realised now what I instead focused on, has also been somewhat of a waste of time given the attitude of others but yet, there is always personal achievement if not material success.

Nevertheless, there was still much action to be found in this year & so here we are, with our same categories as way back in the golden year of 2014.

Most Honest Girl: Could be equally shared between the older Ukrainian, the Singaporean girl & the younger Hungarian girl I was seeing. As it turns out, I would have to give it to the Ukrainian woman, who just wanted to get nailed & little more. Unfortunately, while I was the best physical experience she’d ever had, it wasn’t the same for me.

Most Psycho Female: Easily the Uzbekistan woman who relentlessly told me who she wasn’t into anything casual before jumping on me. After me giving her an honest answer to if I was seeing anyone else, she would not leave my house. Only very careful & select language managed to persuade her to leave my house, before a couple of unexpected stalker-ish visits. A total lunatic.

Horniest Female: The Tunisian girl I was seeing, who literally wouldn’t stop coming whatever I did. Incredible sex, before she lost the plot & started getting infatuated, thinking she was falling in love with me.

Easiest Female: I’ll have to give it to Singaporean, as I don’t remember even taking her for a proper date. I think a couple of coffees, & there we were in my house, banging away on the sofa.

Best Relationship Potential Female: Realistically the Hungarian girl I was seeing, who would’ve made a great partner, except I already have one.

Most Pretty Female: A Polish woman I made out with a few times, but didn’t seal the deal because I just couldn’t be bothered with the distance. But the most attractive by some way.

Biggest Mistake By Unjaded Female: The near cataclysmic event of aforementioned Hungarian somehow getting wind of my main partner. I thought that was it there, & quickly realised the need to maintain a low profile once again.

Best Other Sexual Experience: My ‘coaching session’ with the older Israeli; nothing more than a rouse to get it on with me. Cue her giving me a handjob as I also got between her legs.

Best Blowjob Female: The Uruguayan woman I was seeing, with her sucking it like it was a musical instrument or something. I’ve never seen someone work themselves into such a excited state from giving me a blowjob before, & that enthusiasm certainly came across in her technique.

Best Sex Female: A tricky one, as overall it was pretty good. generally. But I’d have to give it to a girl from Kosovo, as her body was something else. Unfortunately as with most attractive women, my delays to see her regularly after that first time due to other interests resulted in her quickly fucking someone else. Easy for me anyway.

And there we are. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be moving on from here to pastures new by the end of the year at the latest, so I’m not currently sure what that’ll mean for future conquests. But let’s see. The fire certainly isn’t dead yet…

~ Unjaded

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