Code C.UN.7FU

My office co-workers. I'm at the back trying to get someone to listen.

My office co-workers. I’m at the back trying to get someone to listen.

Well I just got a stuffy email about using ‘official lines of communication’ to communicate about a charity world cup sweepstake. Some little bitch faggot even forwarded the email to the compliance officer (noted the ‘FW’ preceding the subject title). How fucking pathetic, there really are some soulless, deserted husks of people inhabiting this world.

What possesses someone to do that, honestly? Has their corporate life reduced them to fun-less slaves, happy to feed their overlord in exchange for a life of soulless, nondescript safety?

Obviously I hurt someone’s wittle feelwings, who got bullied by someone who liked football at school. Truly pathetic.

It’s fucking obvious someone has a problem with me at work & decided to jump on this opportunity. Clearly I’ve made a big impression in someone’s little life, that all the pent up anger about their little dick or sexless life the corporate policy won’t let them express, had been waiting to be attached to something.

~ Unjaded

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