Transcripts: #3 (KorCar)


‘How are you, what happened with your attendance at empathy classes?’

Currently in the sky at time of writing, flying around in circles. Thanks to ‘fog’, which is somewhere out there apparently…

Having examined in detail, all of the mountains below, them peering up at me thinking ‘look at that asshole’ as we pass by for the seventh time, as well my fifty-odd year old seat partner’s reluctance to rotate her body into a position where I can view her rather appealing fake breasts more easily (I’ll take whatever’s on offer at times like this), I thought now would be a good time to share some more transcripts over the next few posts; to illuminate with you some of the mentally imbalanced females I’ve recently had exchanges with.

Plus fifty year old’s body language has gone all defensive now…

Case One: KorCar

As we know, has been a general pain in the fucking ass. Was interested in nailing a Korean girl & she was the least weird (I’ve met three & they’ve all been quite unusual) & there was a bit of chemistry there. So smoothed things over. Then we see the tail end of an exchange;

KorCar: Realized I didn’t respond to your message properly. I’m free this Fri. Wanna meet then?

Already had been waiting a day for a response after I proposed to meet. Let it slide though.

Unjaded: Sounds good but let me get back to you tomorrow to be sure?

Was actually shattered & needed a decent night’s sleep. Thought I might’ve been getting ill.

KorCar: Yeah, you can ‘get back to me’.

Shit joke, let it slide again. She has a habit of trying to be ‘sassy’, but just comes across as a dick.

Unjaded: Good morning, sorry for only getting back to you now. I’ve had a couple of crazy days, not finishing until late. It will be like this for the rest of the week but from next week things will calm down a lot… Please note, I say the above as the way things are going, I will have to work Friday evening (already working Saturday too!). Not because I wouldn’t be able to relax with you. Quite the opposite in fact.

So, I didn’t get back to her until after I originally said I would, admittedly. I had been genuinely busy at work, so it was the evening instead of the morning. Not twenty four hours as it had been with her previously. Trying to be nice about it too.

KorCar: So, I’ll try to do this without joking. Well…maybe a little. Your willingness to follow through on your words seems to have short-lived.

Oh man, here we go. Warm up the emotional bullshit machine.

Unjaded: How’s that? I’m not making plans I can’t keep. Better to do that, than make plans & break them

I could see what was coming & having experienced this with her before, wasn’t going to be all nice about it.

KorCar: Hmm..I forgot this is a texting thingie. I wasn’t expecting a reply. That was a joke.

Unjaded: OK. Difficult to tell over text sometimes.

Wasn’t quite sure what ‘was a joke’ here.

KorCar: Ahhh, no. I wasnt joking about the first comment. Me not expecting a reply was a joke. My earlier comment was regarding your words about getting back to me by yesterday. And your being MIA yesterday. Thing is Unjaded, it is just your thing. And I don’t think you can just change overnight because these things find a way to show through somehow.

I seriously don’t know if there’s any logical sense in what she’s saying here, because this is clearly a emotionally driven outburst…

Unjaded: OK whatever. No need to go on. It’s clear you’ve made your conclusions about me. I had to work until 10pm, which I would understand if the situation was reversed. Pity because thought we had fun together, but I’m here because of work, so that has to take priority.

…hence this instant kill. She’d done exactly the same to me previously, for exactly the same reason. But there is no understanding. Plus I’m not changing myself for anyone again; did that as ‘Jaded’ & as we know it gets you nowhere. So, immediately blocked & deleted.

Transcripts: #4 (Schizophrenic GerRus) here!

~ Unjaded

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