The Things That Used To Matter

Clearly an ancestor of mine.

Clearly an ancestor of mine.

It seems to me as we get older, we start to care less. Either we care less about what other people think, or we care less about what we may have strongly believed in previously. This is evident in old people, circa sixty-seventy plus who often have got to the point of speaking or doing as they wish, as far as their bodies still let them of course.

On one hand, I feel as though it’s a good thing. We shouldn’t ever care about what other people think about how we present ourselves in life, & should use this only life to do as we please, providing it brings no direct harm to others.

On the other hand though, the erosion of long held beliefs because of them not seeming to bring anything positive to one’s life is somewhat tragic. When I see someone who for example; has held a long term belief that sex between two people is something sacred, then end up with someone who has abused this, you would logically question what the point was in the sacrifice for the former.

They both end up with the same situation, & the latter person has all the more experiences to show for it.

When I was younger, the amount of people a potential partner had been with was critical to me. Now, it’s not really important at all. That said, I’ve yet to find a woman who has had at least admitted to having had more sexual partners than me (as far as I know). If I did, perhaps my attitude would revert back.

~ Unjaded

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