The Opposite Of West

You can find beauty wherever you are. Just some of it is easier for us to see than others.

You can find beauty wherever you are. Just some of it is easier for us to see than others.

Sometimes I do random shit. Not so much spontaneous, but unusual activities. It keeps life fresh for me. By having such an activity coming up, it helps me get through the utterly unrewarding drudgery of day to day corporate existence.

This time, I’m in a non-EU, ex-soviet, Christian, far flung Eastern country in the Middle East. It’s over six hours fight from my current base of operation & one of the most off the beaten track destinations I’ve ever investigated. I left Thursday & will be back Sunday. It’s a place doing everything they can to modernise with the limited resources they have.

I’m open to correction or education on how things were for people living in the soviet republics during the days of the USSR, but it doesn’t look as though the Russians left much here. As I followed the GPS on my phone & noted we crossed the border, my first signs of civilisation were the complete basics of life: people living among aging & sometimes derelict houses. You expect this on the outskirts but aside from a very modern airport, things didn’t improve much as I landed & made my way into the city via Serge & his brothers unlicensed cab. Neither of them really spoke English & as usual in potentially dodgy situations, I acted intentionally shady; I was Italian, traveling on unspecified ‘business’, acting unphased but fully aware when his brother unexpectedly entered the car, shaking hands firmly without breaking eye contact & speaking briefly & low, with intent.

In the end, I kept an eye on my GPS once again & it turned out they took me directly to the hotel, making jokes & pointing out various sites along the way. They were just a couple of dudes hustling, which I can appreciate. I gave them a little extra in appreciation as we exchanged a firm but mutually more genuine handshake & off they went. The capital was nicer. Clearly in a state of transition as brand new buildings juxtaposed themselves against ancient crumbling wrecks. I’d seen similar in the Baltic’s before but not to this extent. I liked though, the place had something.

Whenever traveling to a new & more so, remote country alone, I don’t mess about with hotels. I give myself a firm & established base of operation, as if you end up in a situation, English speaking staff can help with a lot. Plus you’re not likely to get lost when you’re staying at the big skyscraper in the middle of the city.

I always want to see new places, it’s incredibly interesting to me & seeing even minor things can change considerably your own perception & attitude about things, including in your own life. Two of these from recent memory were witnessing a man & his no more than five years old daughter eating from rubbish bags in the street. I thought about buying them both something to eat but I didn’t (linked to another issue of mine I intend to address). Regardless, it reminded me of how much we have in the western works that’s taken for granted, subsequently fueling further my anger against over entitled people & particularly feminists.

The second was seeing three boys, again around seven years old, selling packets of tissues from a small box in the street. Incredible I thought, for them to be doing something like that at that age. Then, I’d had practically everything handed to me on a plate by my parents & as a result, being cripplingly shy as I grew up.

This reminded me of the pathetic range of excuses I hear from people who say they want to change their life, but ‘can’t’ because of X, Y or Z. It’s utter bullshit; circumstance conditions a man & there really is no excuse. Serge & his brother drove their car to the airport & picked up some people. No reason why any of us couldn’t do that. Or sell cool water on a hot summer day to people on the beach, as they did when I was in Brazil.

Anyhow, here I was in this new country, far from home. Any reason why I’m here? I’m finishing a contract, so I would’ve gone somewhere but it ended up being here because of BM-13, a beautiful girl I’ve been chatting with almost every day for the past four months. Now don’t get me wrong; when I say beautiful, I refer more to her character than her look. She is indeed very attractive (as were most of the girls I met there – incredibly beautiful eyes), with a superb slim body, outstandingly shaped breasts & a round ass. But what has been of great appeal to me has been her optimism & approach to life – a positive & humble person who despite living in a recently war torn country (yes I use the word ‘recently’ in as ‘less than ten years ago’), still believes in a better day ahead & makes the most of whatever is foisted upon her country by the overeager capitalists.

That said, it was reiterated to me while there, how important a stable government & legal system is to attract foreign direct investment; a key driver of growth for developing countries.

Anyway, BM-13 has a superb grip on the important moral compass. I finally met her after arriving at my hotel, where she admitted to me she’d been worried she wouldn’t look good enough for me. ‘How refreshing’ I thought, to have a girl concerned about how she presents herself to a man, rather than the ‘if you don’t accept me as I am, there’s something wrong with you‘ attitude prevalent in many western European women. She was refreshingly as humble in real life as I’d imagined during our chats & I felt compelled to treat her well. She’d made an effort, wearing a superb black dress & looked fantastic. As with all my trips, I’d done extensive research before arrival & found a great place to take her to dinner. We made our way there in one of the many taxis prowling the city & enjoyed some traditional cuisine accompanied by a little wine.

The meal finished & we made our way back to the hotel. Because of her beautiful attitude, I felt no compulsion to go through any of my typical seduction routines – I was just happy in her presence & enjoying being away from the dull regularity of everything. Travelling really is a superb way to feel alive again & regain clarity.

We had a little more wine & chatted a lot. Before long, she’d literally jumped on me. What followed was hours of sex, all over the room & in every position. She was a little inexperienced, but then she is twenty one & this isn’t Western Europe, so she hadn’t fucked ten to fifteen people already. But the enthusiasm made up for that. As soon as I’d finished, every time she was on me again, successfully arousing me again & again. This went on for a long time, until I literally couldn’t finish anymore & she was sore from the amount of sex. We collapsed onto the bed. The morning came & she left to her friend’s house in another part of the city, to change into more casual clothes. I took the opportunity to explore the tourist attractions of the city, before we met again later in the day. I noted on the way a lot of buildings were incomplete & I later found out these had been like this for some time, which was a pity to hear.

Despite the effects of a war with a large nearby regional power in recent years taking it’s toll on the country, by the looks of the capital the city was going in the right direction. A rich history was being complemented by the emergence of new establishments, showing slowly things were beginning to change for the better. I was happy to see that & after some good sushi, I made my way through the old town, up via a cable car to the nearby hills to visit an ancient fortress, climbing up to the highest summit for a panoramic view of the city & taking it all in. I felt alive & happy.

I met BM-13 again in the evening. Dressed in more casual clothes, she still looked very pretty & quite cute. This only increased my affection for her & I decided to take her to see some of the things I’d seen earlier in the day. On the way I spoke with her, getting to know her current situation in more detail. She was working hard, night shifts at her local city airport, studying during the day, all while having a significantly ill father who seemed intent on self destruction via alcohol. It sounded like a more extreme version of my father; a self destructive nature with alcohol as the fuel. She continued to tell me how although he’d never put her in direct danger while she was younger, she’d been helping him jack up when he’d been shooting up heroin when she was ten. She’d thought it was something to help him. It was clear she was telling the truth.

I made a definite decision there & then; I would help her however I could, as long as it took, whatever the circumstances. If I can help change the life of a deserving person while I am in this world, it would be worth whatever the cost.

I started by strictly telling her the importance of getting as good grades as possible, & then taking the opportunity to study abroad, before looking for visa sponsorship in another country with an employer. I explained why this would be needed, how it would be challenging but not beyond her abilities & the cost to her but the benefit to her & her loved ones. I reiterated & explained why I was being so serious. She understood & confirmed once again later when I asked her again if she’d understood the implications of what I was saying.

We went on the cable car, overlooking the city together & then to a restaurant in another part of the city, for yet more outstanding food. These people knew how to make a tasty dish. I had to leave the city at 3am the next morning as it had been the cheapest flight, so we went back to the hotel again, where again we had mind blowing sex once again. I couldn’t get over how sexy her body was but yet contained such a inspiring personality. After another extended session, we fell asleep, to be awoken four hours later. She insisted on coming with me to the airport to see me off, which yet again was a sweet gesture. Despite me telling her to take advantage of the good hotel & rest at risk of her getting ill or the expense for her to come back again, she refused & came with me. On the way, I realised the difference in cultures as she told me she’d never met anyone as warm & kind as myself.

‘My God’, I thought to myself. I hadn’t done anything special in my eyes. Just simple things any decent person would do. I didn’t press for it but I’d obviously taken full advantage of the opportunity once she’d make it clear she was interested in sex with me. The humility she kept showing only increased again my desire to want to care for her.

She was visibly upset when I was leaving. It was sad; almost like a dream but in the best way. We’d met & everything had been fantastic. I told her not to worry, I’d always be there for her in some way & we’d try to see each other after Christmas. It was all true.

I gave her more than enough money for the taxi back to the city, & I’d already slipped some money into her wallet while she was sleeping to help out. She told me later she’d noticed, but was too shy to say anything. I told her not to worry at all. I wanted to help & it would go a long way for her.

In reality, what she done had completely changed my perception on certain things. Not only something as obvious as showing me what quality of woman still exists in the world, or remind my appreciation of how lucky we are in the western world to have such an abundance of safety, stability & wealth making opportunity. Anyone who says otherwise is making excuses & nothing more – any situation can be changed if the person has incentive enough.

What she had done, directly & indirectly had reminded me of the feeling of happiness. To really feel what I enjoyed in life, which has assisted me in a crucial time in my life of what I want from life, how I need to be decisive about it & how I must go about it. Rather than the underlying feeling of dissatisfaction that had been prevalent but unrecognised until recently, to the point of making me feeling prematurely old (exacerbated by some niggling injuries that wouldn’t go away until some adjustments in my training routine) & even somewhat obligated to embrace from now a more conservative lifestyle, she’s reminded me of what excitement & adventure still exists in the world, for many more years ahead. We just need to be brave & honest with ourselves, & ignore this supposed obligation imposed upon us by social structures.

I have a feeling this blog will go in this vein on for some time yet.

~ Unjaded

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