Architecture probably not optimal for winter.

Architecture probably not optimal for winter.

Finally back home. Although I have a couple of trips lined up to move some remaining things, I am for all intents back from my self imposed, two & a half year accumulation of money adventure. A bit like a game of Super Mario Brothers where I’m the one jumping around collecting coins. No banging my head on blocks however, rather banging my hips into other sets of hips. Observe my sharp & relevant cultural wit.

Despite being back however, as I write this I am in fact on my way back to the land of wealth & women as part of the aforementioned movement of things (mainly just clothes fortunately). A skew of texts has resulted in four women over the next three days, so my entertainment is taken care of.

A quick run down of those:

Tonight: MMR, a married Romanian thirty eight year old with three kids & more interestingly to me, a superb body, beautiful face & a raging libido that’s tearing her apart at the seams for the last three years, as her husband  apparently uses her as nothing more than a dumping ground for his semen. Cue Unjaded to the rescue from her conflict between her morals & libido, as frequent references to what I’d like to do to her & her telling me how she masturbates every night while thinking about me, manifests itself into heavier & heavier in person sessions. Tonight, I’m expecting the full works.

Tomorrow day or following day: Shy Student. She still wants me, so who am I to say no?

Tomorrow night: Verman. A vegan German with incredibly long hair. Been chatting for ages & finally arranged a meeting. Not sure what it’ll come to but she’s slim, pretty & has long hair. She’s also quite ‘new age’, which usually bodes well for someone to be pretty relaxed in their sexual attitude.

T+2 evening: YAU (Yet Another Ukrainian). I can appreciate you may have got a bit lost over the historic posts, with references to Ukrainian & a chase down previously in action with BFTP Ukr (who incidentally, is impossible to nail, because she’s impossible to nail down to a firm day). YAU is a girl I propositioned online who had outstanding pictures. As often is the case with Polish, Russian or Ukrainian women, the real life version was not as impressive. However, she was still fairly pretty & after some early boundaries setting by me (getting short shrift over messages), she actually started putting lots of effort in. So a third date later, off we go to watch a hockey game, hopefully followed by some athletic sex.

Whichever day Shy Student doesn’t come over: Security. Nice girl & good sex, so let’s do this (again).

The following day: GOD’S DAY, which means I may do nothing whatsoever. Or she who is up for a random hookup (possibly FreAlg).

So a busy few days ahead. Being back home, I’ve already arranged to meet a very hot forty two year old Romanian Doctor next week (I don’t waste any time). It’s been a while since I had an older women & I feel like seeing that look of almost disbelief on the face of an older woman as she gets shafted by a younger man (that would be me) over her pristine & well maintained living room table. But I must say goodbye to the women whom I’ve been close to, as well as getting the new contenders in my own unique way.

On a more serious note, it’s being back home that has reminded me how important it is for a person to at least temporarily get away from their main family base. Only by embracing the notion of ‘flying the coop’ will you be able to truly discover your own strengths & areas for improvement. Although it’s great to be back among my family, familiar faces & in conditions where I can (mostly) relax, it’s so easy to slip back into old habits, even from years back. While I’m still maintaining my decision to utilise this time back home to address some minor niggling injuries, finalising tenants for my apartment & to study up, it’s clear I’m not as productive as I could be back in my old apartment, away from everyone. I’m as guilty as my surroundings for this, as ultimately I make the choice, but it’s not easy when you have an environment full of distractions. My family live in a relatively isolated village, where even the central city of the region is not exactly inspiring. It’s easy to see why people fall into their distraction of choice. Really, we should be eliminating these distractions & focusing on self improvement or plans, but we go in too far & end up being too entrenched to do anything. Governments are happy with this arrangement, as it creates happy (enough), quiet worker taxpayers. Not everyone can be a leader, they need grunts & those grunts will only subconsciously tolerate the status quo if there’s enough for them to forget about ever questioning their jobs or indeed, very existence in the time their not working. This means the existence of alcohol, the token wars on drugs, the popularity of certain sports of a perpetual nature & the advertising being almost exclusively based on the notion X or Y good will elevate your life to that next level you’ve always envisioned but never quite managed to acquire.

Take football. Here I refer to the international variant, but it’s equally applicable to the US version. Season after season, we fervently follow our chosen team, pouring emotion & energy into them. For the majority of us, it’s inevitable heartbreak as there can only be one winner. But regardless of what actually happens, it all starts again the following season. Everything from the previous season is historised, & may possibly be used in some ultimately unwinnable & pointless argument when in a bar with a fellow aficionado some day, but otherwise it means nothing at all. It’s there simply as yet another distraction because the bottom line is the average person is bored with their life. Modern life as proposed by default simply isn’t that interesting.

It’s the same with soap operas, shopping, video games & practically anything else you see being advertised or broadcast. The array of distractions vying for our attention all take advantage of a unstimulated mind that, if stripped of all distractions & inebriation, has the potential to collude into a mobilisation strong enough to overthrow any existing social or governmental construct.

Don’t believe me? Any of you working the stereotypical ‘nine to five’ job (not sure any job follows those hours anymore but I digress) ever get a strange, unhappy or dissatisfied feeling on a Sunday evening? Maybe it’s a time you feel lonely & message a recent date or ex. For others, perhaps it’s a time where you start to think about the weekly routine of your life; ‘why do I do this job, where is my life going’ etc. For others, it’s the time where they immerse themselves deepest in their distraction of choice, getting a sharp realisation when they emerge from the escapism, lasting only until the finally fall asleep, & before they are catapulted back into their automatically learnt routine the next morning.

Yes? This is your subconscious crying out to you, to live your life as your really want to do; not as you’ve been conditioned to.

I slept with a palliative care nurse once. We met, had lunch, had coffee & then fucked like crazy. Bit bigger than my usual preference but proportionate with curves in all the right places, great breasts & sucked cock like that was her job. During our conversions earlier that day, she told me; without question, the biggest regret mentioned by people on their deathbed was not doing what they really wanted to do in their life.

Ask yourself. Do you really want that to be you? In the same way you have to have a pair of balls to walk up to a pretty girl in the street or go for sex when you’ve got that privacy, you’ve got to have balls & discipline to achieve anything above your starting station in life.

I used to think the upper middle & upper classes of life exclusively used to have success because they had financial security or connections through their family or social standing. While this is true to some extent, I was missing a vital piece of the puzzle. Because of the non-pressuring or dangerous environment they have been brought up in, they have little perception of how others might perceive them.

‘That doesn’t sound good’ I hear you say. And yes indeed, it can be true this is a disadvantage in person to person relative. However this disadvantage is completely outweighed by these people using this same trait to do whatever they want to move towards their goals without fear of shame or consequence – the most powerful of abilities.

It may seem as though I’ve diverged somewhat from my original point, but I come back home to my old friends & family to (disappointingly) see some of them having been completely consumed by distractive behaviour & activities, & not having changed at all.

To see real change you have to be completely aware, completely honest with yourself & completely in control of yourself at all times.

~ Unjaded

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