The Fight

A sentiment from a sadly lost generation - check the other reviews to know everything you need to know about our generation's selection of females.

A sentiment from a sadly lost generation – check the other reviews to know everything you need to know about our generation’s selection of females.

What I ‘love’ about life is even if you try to achieve anything at all above the bare minimums into which you are born, it’s always a difficulty. Want to go beyond a simple life of working nine till six, married to someone you don’t even really like & spending your evening quietly seething at each other while spoon fed a diet of patronising media? Sorry, that’s going to require sacrifice, heartbreak, total commitment & pushing (dragging) yourself to (through) reach new heights (depths) of your person. Why don’t you just sit there, shut the fuck up & enjoy another helping of ‘reality’ TV?

If you’re reading this blog, the chances are after reading that last paragraph you’ve just said either out loud or in your own head; ‘fuck that’. And rightly so. We don’t exist here as men solely to reproduce & slowly watch our dignity be eroded away as the lesser examples of our gender meekly accept from their ‘man caves’, the collective politically correct hive mind of feminism telling us how & when it’s acceptable to express our natural testosterone induced tendencies. The popularity of garbage such as Fifty Shades Of Grey shows us that actually, the hive mind is testing us – with alleged celebrity ‘Lotharios’, ‘bachelors’ or whatever terms are intellectually obtainable to the writer that day, celebrated as examples of masculinity. It’s simply a battle of wills, with most giving up at the first sign of confrontation, as the majority of western men accept the paradigm shift through their acquiescence.

I remember once, during my transitional phase from Jaded to Unjaded, I was out getting drunk with my brother. We’d gone to a rock bar, where we proceeded to get smashed as we jumped around to various hardcore & metal songs from our youth. Being well built, we attracted the attention of certain men who seemed to have a problem with us being there. Perhaps it was the lack of eye makeup or black leather, but there we were. A small pit started & as I turned around from thrashing about by myself, I suddenly saw someone charging towards me, about to use the full force of his body as borderline pit push. Fortunately, seeing him steaming towards me I braced myself, & he bounced off. I reciprocated his challenge by pushing him as hard as I could, to which he slid across the floor what must’ve been almost eight metres. Putting my satisfaction aside, I moved across quickly & offered my hand to help him up, a common conciliatory gesture after you’ve just taken care of someone while moshing about.

Before he could accept my hand, I raised my head to be met by a semi-comprehensible girl who was completely in my face, making all kinds of threats to me. I’m talking about physical threats – here I have a woman threatening to take me out & so on. Rather bewildered in my drunken state initially, after I worked out what the hell she was on about & that she was seriously threatening me, I began to lose my temper.

Now let me just point out, I’m not one of these steroid ridden giant dudes. While I’m not into steroids myself, it’s completely understandable how they’ve become popular after the massively under acknowledged pressure on men to look good (although we never stop hearing about the media placing unobtainable standards on women), & I also understand why they’re popular with older men, who don’t really have a lot to look forward to at times, as free testosterone levels drop with age. But I am muscular, had worked in club security for years & after years of practicing Muay Thai & Taekwondo, I know I can fight & carry myself well. So although I much prefer to have a friendly relationship with people generally, I can turn it on when required. Usually psychologically, is enough to finish most situations.

I faced up to her, getting incredibly angry. Because of the above, I don’t often even have men speaking to me in such a way. But even this is more because most men know, if they confront someone, it’s entirely possible they’re going to get physically assaulted. Ever been to a US project, a Parisian banlieue or a London council estate? There’s a reason why people mind their own business around those parts. So, I knew she had the balls to get in my face because she’d never experienced a genuine situation where she could’ve been in genuine danger. But the world had made her like this; the indestructible princess who had the protection of the white knights in the vicinity & had never experienced real danger. As this realisation screamed through my mind, I felt myself getting incredibly angry & I began to shout at her back, goading her to do something so I could respond.

My brother has often played peacemaker during drunken nights out while I’ve been acting completely irrationally before now, & he was doing his best to calm everyone down. While I was now goading her to hit me as she was promising so I could put her in an armlock or similar, he was breaking us up as we raged at each other.

Then something quite bizarre to me at the time happened. From being at the very edge of confrontation, we then seemed to find ourselves in a moment of intense attraction almost instantaneously, her suddenly being very close to me. Alcohol was involved so I don’t remember the exact schematics of that brief transitionary moment, but there we were; her making it clear to me she was down for fucking.

The point of this story is once again, her confrontational attitude was without foundation, fuelled by the fervour of unopposed media fantasy. It was nothing more than a test & standing up to that with an attitude based on a real foundation, quickly dissipated any notions she had of dominating that confrontation.

The same notion runs through the attempted domination & ultimate control of the masculine energy, as western men fail to stand against the reverse discrimination masquerading as ‘politically correct’ in media, the workplace, government policy making & general life interactions, as day by day we are forced to swallow down little comments, insinuations & ‘jokes’ against male stereotypes, while the exact equivalent with genders reversed resulting in uproar or worst still, retribution.

I totally acknowledge standing up against this plague is not easy. Even a demonstration of the reversal of a joke or comment won’t be tolerated. Hence, begin by empowering your manner to be that of a man of reason yet knowledge, power yet measure & educate yourself with facts. The hive mind empowers itself only with momentum, summonable via social media at a moments notice, to soothe it’s deep down awareness of it’s weakness & lack of knowledge via it’s equally bland membership.

Think several steps ahead before calling someone out on their behaviour. Arm yourself with counters for whatever you expect will come next, which over time will be entirely predictable thanks to the hive mind’s unwillingness to deviate from whatever has been deemed as ‘normal’ by that day.

If you want to see change & make people think twice about demeaning an entire gender, it’s essential to call out what would be considered unacceptable if the genders were reversed. Prepare yourself with hard knowledge for the backlash, but over time we will start to see the already sown seeds of change flourish.

~ Unjaded

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