The Fundamentals Of Online Game (Part 1)

Unlikely to be your first encounter online.

Unlikely to be your first encounter online.

So I went ahead & got my knees treated. The extraction of what appeared to be a lot of blood (was actually only 50ml), thrown in a centrifuge & injected back into my knees circa about fifteen injections into the tendons of my knees. Cue shuffling around like an old man & crawling up the stairs for four days.

Although the sweet & fine Venezuelan is currently taking care of all my sexual needs, during this time of recovery I’ve found myself seeking more variety without wanting (or actually being able) to put too much physical effort into the acquisition of new pussy. So naturally, I find myself being drawn again into the murky world of online dating, predominantly using Tinder & POF. Why those? Well, they’re free (enough) to arrange meetings; the only way you’re ever going to get any.

I can remember when the concept of online dating was considered bizarre, freakish & viewed as the gathering place for the fringes of sexual tastes. In the beginning, some providers subscribed to this perception & we saw the flagrant advertising of ‘specialist’ websites as we surfed innocently through our porn. But over time as business realised the massive revenue potential, the rough edges were shaved away & presented to the mainstream populace as a way to find the love of your life. Slowly, more & more people got involved, the phenomenon established itself within the masses & brought us to where we are today.

There’s a number of reasons why among us men, it is popular. Firstly, there is of course the same thing which empowers trolls all over the world; the protective anonymity of the internet. You can say things to women without ever having to worry about consequences like if you’d said the same to them in real life.

Secondly for similar reasons, it is of course far easier psychologically to approach a woman over the internet than it is in real life. Although if you do approach a woman in real life, you’ll quickly realise after a few attempts there’s actually nothing to worry about at all, the perception is the very essence of why internet dating has become wildly popular – we don’t fucking talk to one another. I’ve noted this is a particular problem in my home country, where dating is something is barely acknowledged as something enjoyable, compared to countries in South America where people are quite open about sex & dating.

You don’t have ‘leagues’ in internet dating. If an attractive man or woman has a profile, anyone can try their luck to the point of saturation. I’ve had profiles on sites, where some combinations of photos & text have been miserable failures, while others have utterly smashed it in terms of popularity. On one of my popular profiles, I’ve had frankly disgusting, ugly & vastly overweight women getting in touch. It was common to the point of me questioning if I’d somehow lost my looks or charm, as I only seemed to be attracting these monstrosities.

But it wasn’t that. It was because the same principles that occur in every day life also occur online. A beautiful or sexy girl (the first being far, far less commonplace generally) will get all sorts of attention from desperate men & so have the inflated entitlement ego we are all familiar with nowadays. Because of these male ‘feeders’ constantly fueling an attractive woman’s ego, you’ll always be up against a challenge & this is even more the case when interacting online.

Ever had a woman chatting away to you online, only to randomly stop replying? That’s because she was chatting to other at the same time as you, met up with him, fucked him & that’s it. You can pepper her with messages, to which she might reply to one or two out of courtesy until things become ‘steady’ with said fuckee, to keep you as a backup, but once she knows it’s on with him, you’re out the door. Personally, I think it’s like a hyper enhanced version of real life. The only reason we don’t see it more often in day to day life is because the majority of people are cowards & afraid of being humiliated or hurt.

SO, what to do? Well, allow me to explain my own situation first. I’ve generally always had a dating app on my mobile phone. I don’t pay it particular attention but in my down time I cycle through a number of profiles & in keeping with the de facto official female philosophy of ‘dating’, I chat to several girls simultaneously. It depends on the app but I’ve noticed online dating has given me more success in mainland Europe than on the outskirts, due to either of one of the two extremes of there being hardly anyone seeming to be on there (less male competition) or in capitial cities (more competition but more prospects).

In any case, it’s a backup to my social game (meeting people through existing social groups), my work game (very discreet flirting or innocuous insinuations once comfort & trust has been established – don’t generally do work game in anything more than a one on one situation with the right person!), my street game (more commonly referred to as ‘day game’ in the manosphere) & my rare night game. Why is it a backup? Because on average, it delivers less percentage bangs than any other medium.

Online game from dedicated sites/apps or commonly known mediums can be a good way to practice getting together with women. But you simply must not consider it normal or your standard way to meet women. If you see a girl in the coffee shop or walking down the street, go & talk to her in the proper way. Whether it’s online or real life, you must understand sometimes you will fail no matter what. But as with everything, failure is an opportunity to learn & you’ll feel better because you followed through on something.

What’s the general principles to success with online game? Sure, you can try the machine gun approach & eventually you’ll get success. But let’s not expend too much energy on messaging girls back & forth, & giving your personal emotional energy to girls who essentially you just want to fuck. Yeah sure, maybe it’ll lead to more but we need to move things forward.

In the second part coming later this week, I’ll outline the most effective practices for converting an online prospect.

~ Unjaded

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