'It's never happened before...'

‘Now get dressed & get the hell outta here.’

To some, the dreaded ‘R’ word. And yes, I’m talking about you bitches out there too. In fact, you’re just as bad as the men. Half the girls I’ve fucked have had a man or been seeing someone else, so don’t start complaining about how you ‘can’t find a decent man’ when you’re conducting yourself as you are.

Which brings me on to my main point; the reality of modern day ‘serious’ relationships. Once a staple of the dating landscape, the media’s normalisation of alternative arrangements (see films like ‘Friends With Benefits’, the inexplicable blot on humanity that is ’50 Shades…’ & others historically that have led us to this point) now sees western society happy to embrace all types of alternatives to the ‘serious relationship’.

Although women often harp on about how they’re looking for this, in reality it’s more for show. They’ll be just as happy to accept anything else as men; women are more concerned with how their peers might view them than pretty much anything else. It’s more about the process with them, which is relatively easy to engineer as a fairly intelligent man.

Personally, I’ve had mixed luck with ‘serious relationships’. Whereby I have had no problem receiving proposals for things to get ‘serious’, when I’ve actually gone ahead with the relationship I’ve seen things change. On one hand, this could be because I’ve become too relaxed & haven’t maintained my relationship game. But while this is important, I also think it’s related to the challenge a woman faces. When I’ve been seducing a girl, I’ve presented myself from the beginning as quite cold although open, intelligent, wearing clothes exhibiting my best features & basically being the optimal version of myself. The key message I’m attempting to convey is ‘I’m in control & you need to convince me you’re worthy of me’. In practice, it’s not as literal as that of course – there are different amounts of give & take required depending on the person. But that’s the impression I want to convey.

When I’ve got into a relationship, there is much more insight into your day to day actions by the other person. Maintaining the impression you’ve previously given can be more difficult & as such, it’s easier for the other person to see things they don’t like.

Alternatively, if they’re just bored of being with / fucking you, perhaps they’ll begin to look for reasons to convince themselves they don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Then you’ll start to hear ‘I love you differently’, ‘I’m not sure what I want anymore’ & all the other generic crap, as they try not to feel bad about themselves (another driving force behind women’s motivations).

As Jaded, I tried everything to make my relationship work with EEP, to the point where I felt I didn’t even know myself anymore. When I finished it, I found all my old characteristics rushing back into me. It was like I’d been set free.

It’s been said a man only truly knows he’s been in love after it’s over, but I don’t think this is quite the case. In my opinion, a man does truly love. He listens to everything he’s being told; ‘I love you just as you are’, ‘I want us to be together forever’, ‘You’re the only one for me’ & so on. And as a result, he believes & to his detriment, relaxes. He allows himself to become comfortable in the relationship, unaware that all these things he’s been told, are being said to him by a creature who is primarily emotionally driven. From every sweet nothing to every argument, 90% of it is emotions of the moment speaking & little else, & so it doesn’t have weight.

This isn’t always the case, but with most generic character types (which you’ll suspect soon after even the first couple of meetings, usually in the gut), you’ll find it is. So be fully aware, regardless of what is said, what the situation is & how you feel when something is said, it’s very probable to be an emotional response.

I can’t emphasise this enough. As a man, you are generally inclined to take something that is said at it’s informative, fact value, regardless of the style of it’s delivery. In the throes of the hot & wild beginnings of a new girl, it’s possible you’ll already find yourself becoming head over heels for a girl who gives you great sex, seems fundamentally good in character & is saying all the right things back to you. Everything will feel fantastic.

Don’t confuse infatuation with love.

Real love is long term, timeless & practically unconditional. Infatuation is a state affecting both men & woman; where an idea of the other is maintained in the mind, only to slowly be chipped away over time due to the reality of most people being far more normal than they like to perceive & so, project themselves. Think of it as over-advertising. We all do it & it will never end, so even during this blissful phase remain prepared for the worst.

The gradual deterioration of the infatuation stage underpins other things you’ve already heard of; to be fairly rapid in the escalation of women to sex, & the necessity of relationship game. It’s there, so heed my words.

As the infatuation stage begins to end & approach the critical point discussed earlier of the woman convincing herself of reasons that won’t make her look like a whore to her peers, as she thinks about other cock she’d like to try, you’ll likely observe certain indicators. These include;

– Speaking to you with a greater air of indifference or a greater lack of interest, particularly when not talking about herself.

– Speaking you with a underlying tone of disrespect.

– Mentioning about how she went for lunch with a colleague or ‘friend’ you haven’t heard of before, who upon further questioning you discover to be male (why is she putting herself in situation which could ultimately escalate?).

– Mentioning how she misses partying or going out with the girls etc (remember the main motivation behind the vast majority of women going out is to feed off attention).

– No feeling of her having any desire to impress you anymore.

– Generally acting in such a way whereupon reflecting back to recent conversations, you think she’s actually someone you don’t even like, let alone have any feelings beyond this for.

Just constantly remember, you must always be aware. You must always be strategic. And you must always be practically objective. Why? Because the typical Western influenced woman who pieces together her personality from her peers & her surrounding popular culture unknowingly follows the following principles;

Morally malleable, dependent on circumstance.

– Ultra practical to their own benefit.

– Capable of rationalising delusional thoughts in order to make themselves feel better.

– Susceptible to being pressurised into doing things.

– Will say & do things without logic or rational thought, & then excuse herself on the basis of temporary emotion afterwards.

– Maintaining a public face, quite in opposition to her behaviour when she knows she is in privacy.

So just watch yourselves among a lot of these cunts. A lot of men are fucking assholes either; full of shit, talking a big game but when you scratch below the surface or challenge them, they’ll back down. In fact, they’re equally to blame for the women being as they are. Perhaps even more so. But regardless, due to the practical nature of the vast majority of women, they’ll tar you with the same brush as the assholes.

~ Unjaded

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