Everything Is Against Heterosexual Men

Looking to nail many women while not surrounded by two faced cunts? A gay friend is a more valuable asset than you might think...

Looking to nail many women while not surrounded by two faced cunts? A gay friend is a more valuable asset than you might think…

It seems now to be a gay man is one of of the vogue lifestyle choices. While I personally have no problem with gay men (or gay women for that matter) & have had several gay friends throughout my life, the double standards applied to some of their practices when compared to their heterosexual peers is distinct.

However, the gay man has his own challenges, having often been excluded from, or at the very least uncomfortable within many otherwise masculine activities he may enjoy, putting his sexuality aside. Look at popular sports as an example, where homosexuality is widely brushed under the carpet. Because of this & because he is still a man, he can often be sympathetic to the plight of the modern day heterosexual man, & in fact have a unique insight into it because of his inevitable exposure to women, as they all clamour to have a ‘cool’ gay friend. All the benefits of a boyfriend, without having to be fucked or be faithful, right ladies?

No. In fact, the demonisation of the heterosexual male libido when directly compared action by action to his gay peer is driven solely by women. Often, any mention or even insinuation of desire by a heterosexual man in the initial phases of what we have accepted as modern dating now, can almost instantly condemn a man to the categorisation of ‘he’s just after sex’ or similar. A man with a healthy libido who has been with a number of women in recent times is cast as a ‘player’ & hence deemed unworthy for anything, unless he’s hot & acts like a prick, in which case if secrecy from peers or existing partners is assured, they’ll let him fuck her. Compare this to the gay man, who thanks to applications such as Grindr can hook up & fuck practically on demand, who is positively lauded for his actions & encouraged further.

Are women attracted to the lifestyle they perceive their gay male friends to have? I would wager they are attracted to the idea of their perception, but upon engaging in it they fail to realise it’s not making them happy, as they abandon any notion of self awareness & instead replace it with media driven examples. But yet many of them continue to do the same thing over & over while expecting a different outcome – the definition of madness. A simple honest conversation with their gay friends, which may involve getting to know them properly rather than treating them as an accessory to their own narcissism, would likely reveal many gay men ultimately craving a proper relationship, rather than the cock filled festival they appear to be indulging in. Much in the same way I would encourage any heterosexual man who to experience a wide variety of women before choosing one on any basis, this lifestyle is fun for sometime but like anything in excess, can result in dissatisfaction for many people.

But the wheels of reverse discrimination show little signs of slowing down yet, as is evidenced by the unending crowing we hear about when any situation involving a female. A woman gets shot, people (particularly feminists) are falling over themselves to attribute it to a wider agenda of ‘violence against women’, how women (not ‘people’) can’t walk the streets at night. Politicians are practically demanded to explain what action will be taken to prevent such an ‘atrocity’ happening again.

A man gets shot, it’s bad but it’s reduced to almost being solely informative. Furthermore, creative suggestions are masqueraded as some sort of justifications as to why this happened; ‘he had been involved in gangs / drugs / whatever in the past’, ‘he’d played violent video games in the past’, or whatever else. With the exception of very young children, it’s soon brushed under the carpet, never to be mentioned again.

If a woman achieves something, it is presented as though it has far greater value than the exact same thing had been achieved by a man. You can expect to see whatever it is, splashed across otherwise unrelated media forms & ‘celebrated’ for an extended period of time, as said female is paraded as an example all women can aspire to. If she’s not a complete physical mess, we can also expect her to do a photoshoot in some state of undress, as the versatile blanket of modern directionless feminism demonstrates to us how a successful woman ‘can also be sexy’ & contribute toward the notion that ‘all body forms are beautiful’ – a notion exclusively reserved for women of course.

If a man achieves the exact same thing, he will be rightly congratulated by his peers & publicised in appropriate media, in line with the scale of his achievement & noted in history should his achievement be noteworthy enough. That’s sufficient. This should be the case irrespective of gender. The excessive promotion of ‘look what a woman achieved!’ is bordering on hilarity, given the entirely equal & sometimes even preferential access to both education & employment opportunities women have full access to. In fact, it almost singlehandedly undermines real feminism in countries of need over questions of class alone, where women are routinely raped, sold off at young ages into marriage or trafficked, as people begin to question how these privileged women who seemingly have many privileges even have anything to complain about in comparison.

Perhaps it’s the fault of all men, in that we don’t require or at least ask for validation on even the most basic of human functions, instead preferring to just soldier on, content in the knowledge our success shows we are furrowing the correct path. Whether it be a good thing or not, such is the world now where our natural tendency towards building independent strength has been cemented further by the constant derisive jeers of what ‘being a man’ is & so forth. Or perhaps, that the ongoing recent years of male sexuality shaming has battered our collective average self worth to such a low point, where we now subconsciously buy in to the idea women are superior, & so enough of us pedestialise women to the point, where women are convinced shit testing men is the way to suppress them to the point of dominating them & so eliminating any chance of the ‘wild’ & uncontrollable male libido destroying relationships, families & worlds. But in reality, day after day we see or hear examples in the media or our personal lives again proving to us women are as bad, if not worse thanks to their ability to compartmentalise men; the husband, the lover, the one off, the backup. All existing simultaneously as ‘just friends’ to the hapless husband, conditioned into thinking his overweight & spiteful wife is the best thing that ever happened to him, before she leaves him & he realises how little of his true self he lost in his time with her, his life being little more than an accessory to her narcissism.

Being a woman in life in undoubtedly easier than being a man, wildly so if you are clearly attractive. You simply have to exist & men will fall over themselves to make your dreams come true. If man number one doesn’t do it, there’s a whole queue of others champing at the bit to take his place; pushing themselves to the limit physically, financially to the point of no return. An incredibly attractive girl I used to work with used to receive an average of three sets of flowers a month. She was so blase about it, I found myself actually wishing bad upon her. Just so she could get a taste of the struggle that so many of us have to overcome, often on a daily basis.

This same girl pretty much just had to stand in a bar, & men would come flocking over like seagulls to a school of fish. Without realising it, they’d actually formed something of a queue. To even be considered as the common (female proposed) definition of a ‘real man’, your typical man has to kill himself in the gym, is practically expected to have a high level, progressive career as well as an abundance of money & a variety of super cool interests, which incidentally none of which (except those not of interest) can be kept exclusively. He’s privy to unchangeable criteria on height (entirely determined by genetics), while to question a woman’s weight is said to be insulting, despite that being a controllable factor.

Put that in perspective for a second; they were queuing to speak to her. She was nothing more than an admittedly attractive woman. She wasn’t a celebrity or anyone of note. The only men who have even experienced close to that would be massive celebrities or those with extreme wealth. Is it any surprise, taking into account all the above, the popularity of steroids is higher than ever? The nature of business being more mercenary than ever, as men stop at nothing to acquire something another man has earned & think nothing of making a man redundant? That depression is vastly higher among young men of prime mating age than any other demographic whatsoever? That someone else fucking your wife is fast becoming an almost acceptable practice, often suggested by the husbands themselves??

It comes down to the feelings of worthlessness created by constant female driven shaming, as men have accepted the notion we must make sacrifice, to atone for our alleged sins that only a woman can forgive of us, as they have deemed themselves the harbingers of absolution, who deem our penance.

Women have set about to shame every aspect of male heterosexual activity, while excusing themselves of any of their actions. As I’ve alluded to before in previous posts, the actions of women are by themselves framed differently to the exact same actions by a man. They favourably apply this to homosexual men too, who generally have endured enough isolation themselves previously to not care for female validation. But it again provides us a frame of reference. Furthermore in my experience, a proper gay friend will be more than happy to provide full details on any female conniving to a fellow man.

Even putting aside historical achievements, look at the great majority of achievements throughout the modern age; they were largely created by men. The ‘dirty work’ of life; the creation & maintenance of sewerage, the building & optimisation of transport, the extraction of oil, the great scientific leaps forward & so on. The vast majority of it? Men. Why? Because while we constantly hear about the great achievements of women, the ongoing achievements of men have been belittled to the point of being taken for granted, much in the same manner as the shaming of the male libido has been exaggerated because of the actions of a few outliers being blown up wildly out of proportion.

What we need to understand as a complete gender irrespective of sexuality, is the need to stand collectively against the over promotion of women & the marginalisation of men. We do ourselves no favours at times, either sabotaging each other for quick personal gain or worse still, legions of those born into the status quo fawning over well angled selfies of girls taking off a few clothes for a bit of attention.

Put it this way; if you must comment on how hot a girl’s Instagram picture is, at least add a line to simultaneously call her out for being the attention seeking bitch she is too. If you’re gonna fuck someone’s wife, do the decent thing & send the husband an anonymous text from a burner phone when you’ve finished with her to let him know & allow him to salvage some dignity. He’ll be grateful for it.

And finally after she leaves your place for the last time, don’t forget to let her know on her way home she’s a cunt for cheating on her husband.

~ Unjaded

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