Life Game (Pt. 1)

Savannah Prez, who probably has in my personal opinion, the best body of all time. So good, in fact, you get two pictures of it.

A lot of emphasis in the game world is placed upon attracting a woman, firstly to get her to sleep with you & so satisfying your immediate desire as a testosterone infused being. A read of any game blogger who has been around for longer than a year or two though, will show that even the most originally die hard of gamers are susceptible to their frame coming down when certain women press those certain buttons in us that blow our minds open somewhat. Indeed, a historical read of this very blog alone will illustrate even two such stories. While there have been countless women pass through these pages alone, these two epics were caused by women who we individually had little initial for, viewing them as little more than the latest in a long line of entertainment. Only for our worlds, our perceptions & indeed ourselves, ultimately being permanently changed.

But it doesn’t have to all be bad, & despite what you will probably hear, the prospect of your world crashing down around you in a catacylsmic event is far less likely than what should be your greater concern – the gradual erosion of something of significance you’ve established with someone. Once you’ve mastered the art of maximising yourself to attract a woman, the real challenge then lies in maintaining her perception of you. While most typical relationship advice these days would frame this as finding ways to ‘spice up’ your relationship through sexuality (to the extent of certain publications advocating how a woman’s marriage can be enhanced by her having an affair – what?!), in fact it is intimacy that will determine how your long term relationship will progress. The often quoted three year (men) & seven year (women) ‘itches’ are in fact lazy generalisations that people seem all to quick to fit themselves into nowadays in lieu of them just being authentic to what they really want. This in fact can happen any time, as is evidenced by the disposable nature of marriage today.

Intimacy is something which even if you have no desire to have a long term relationship, can be incredibly useful. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been with girls with who I have had a clear bond with, even if it’s nothing more than raw sexual energy. If for example, that raw sexual energy feels in enough of a comfortable position to be entirely released by that girl, then you’ll be getting blowjobs with a real determination & desire to pleasure, instead of running through the motions obligingly. Anyone whose experienced both sides of the coin will know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ll never forget when my ex EEP, felt that mix of raw desire & felt entirely comfortable to me, as I had to pull her head off of my cock after she told me she just ‘didn’t care’ if anyone saw her giving me a blowjob on the train as we pulled into the station. I should point out this was in broad daylight.

This is an important part of maintaining a sex life inside a relationship too, but can also be of much benefit in things not becoming stale. I myself am now on the verge of questioning if, that when my time in my current area comes to an end, should I accept (probably a perfectly enjoyable time) living with Venezuelan, or in fact ride off into the sunset to work in Asia or the US, surrounded by bored horny expats & riches beyond my imagination. One of the things that comes into the equation as I weigh up both sides, is the possibility of her becoming too comfortable. And this is a common situation for anyone to find themselves in, but especially now when in Western society, all of the deck is stacked against men anyway. Zan recently showed me a great example of what he’s up against elsewhere, where straightforwardly physically low quality women are conducting themselves with the attitude of a millionaire’s daughter with the looks of a prime Claudia Schiffer. I literally couldn’t believe how bad it has got, until I thought about some of the women of where I am now, giving me very little to work with at all, to the point where I simply don’t make the effort anymore. If they want me, they make the effort.

If you create an image of yourself to attract & obtain a woman, you must maintain that very same. That’s why contrary to some game practicioners, I don’t advocate creating an image that’s far from what you actually naturally are, because sooner or later you will be found out. No man’s heart is made solely from stone; we are the dogs of the world in more than the ways women unjustifiably label us as. We are also the more loyal of the species. If we demonstrate through our actions how much we love someone (instead of just saying it as some idiots do), it will be real. And if that is reciprocated, then by our very nature we will believe those expressions to also be true & so begin to lower our guard. The lower our guard, the more likely we are to revert to type, & so show parts of ourselves which may not be attractive to our chosen partner. It can start as minor expressions in say, reactions to comments or situations that are viewed surprisingly & subsequently negatively by our partners, through to complete resignation by some (notably older) men, where they abandon all effort in themselves or their relationship to another in total complacency. I do believe (having been there myself) that this is often a method of the subconscious mind sabotaging itself out of underlying unhappiness, but there are many occasions where it’s simple complacency. Often do you hear of them who reminisce of a prior situation which by their own hand, ceased to be.

~ Unjaded

A Whirlwind Of Confidence

I'm sorry; I simply can't explain this image. It's appeared when searching for something to do with whirlwinds. But hey, I probably would.

I’m sorry; I simply can’t explain this image. It’s appeared when searching for something to do with whirlwinds. But hey, I probably would.

Afternoon all, & welcome to a post. About girls. About my current experience with girls. And to top it all off, a golden tip for all you students of the indisputable Unjaded game. Evolving & improving with each passing day.

I’ve been living with Main for about three months now. How’s it been? OK. Generally things are good. If I want to get married & have a family with her & how it stands, it’s there for me. My parents visited us recently & ‘helpfully’ kept dropping hints about grandchildren, which she’s now taken to heart & has dropped in twice in the last two weeks.

We have about one minor argument a week, which is usually underlaid with what happened before. It’s normally resolved by the morning, but my ‘conviction’ pretty much means I can’t raise any of my own concerns without being countered with something about that.

I’ve written a lot about Main. Maybe too much. The simple choice is, do I want children, family & marriage? I have to want that, & frankly right now, I honestly think I have a lot more mileage in me for getting pussy. The fact I see so much that’s obtainable around me almost every day, that I believe I have a genuine chance of getting, says it all. Some men say you never lose this. I think it’s truer to oneself if you just follow your heart.

I truly believe I have become stronger since those awful weeks back in April. I certainly don’t want another dramatic situation, so I’m keeping my nose relatively clean, with the exception of last week where I just didn’t give a fuck anymore.

The truth is, if I have a girlfriend & am fucking other women, the sex with the girlfriend is much, much better. So often it’s been the case where I’ve fucked a side girl, then banged my girlfriend later in the night or the following day, & they have had so many orgasms they literally haven’t experienced anything like that before. So I consider my unfaithfulness a benefit for all (cue angry feminist comments below).

So, the Ballet Dancer is still hanging out with me & enjoying it. Pretty much every time we spend time together, although she won’t admit it until later, she wants me to fuck her. Man, she has a great body & her ass is something from another world. Swiss Cheese is beginning to traverse the ‘I want to fuck you’ phase & slowly going into the ‘I’m developing emotions for you’ phase, despite us not having technically fucked yet. I do actually feel a bit sorry for her, as she’s clearly a romantic at heart, who has been sucked into a certain world because of the guy she’s seeing, only to realise it’s not what she wants at all. Let’s see what happens next anyway.

In other news, I approached a twenty girl old Cuban girl today. Started by asking her for a cigarette & then chatting away about everything. She dropped in a comment about her boyfriend, who apparently is a pro poker player in Las Vegas. Thinking about it now, I probably should have got her number but I was getting the vibe she was a bit too innocent for a guy like me. Also, I think talking to a clearly younger girl is quite a challenge even for an experienced gamer like me. It’s something I’m still improving, but I think I did very well.

Every attempt is a learning experience. Applicable to pretty much anything.

As I’ve previously mentioned, online dating is dreadful on the whole but I have been maintaining a profile just to quickly smash through while waiting around endlessly at work for incompetent people to get back to me. It’s resulted in a meeting with a Female Bodybuilder next week; perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but you know I’m going to hit it. I actually find trained women fucking hot. Plus eleven years younger than me. I’m really into younger girls right now.

What’s really holding me back right now is not being able to travel. All the girls I mentioned before; they’re honestly all hot, but the excuses have to be wildly creative & most of the time are barely even sustainable.

I simply cannot stand an awful home environment. Living with someone feeling the heavy tension in the air. Falling asleep angry. Arguments all the time. It’s awful & my first priority, especially now with this new job, to have stability in the place I sleep.

I think come the end of the year, I’ll have to make a solid decision. Although overall, she is a good person with a big heart, I’ve no doubt Main would hesitate to move us out if she decided to. So I should do the same, providing I’m sure it’s what I really want.

I finish with the promised advice to our young bucks; if a girl likes you, she’ll position herself conveniently to you. She’ll stand clearly in your line of sight, note you but act unobtainable as she walks past you, pause nearby when otherwise doing something else or simply sit / stand reasonably close to you. As with a lot of these tips, this seems obvious when written, but to recognise it & act upon it, particularly in day to day situations (such as on the train home) can be very challenging.

The twenty year old Cuban had the whole bench to sit on while I was waiting for my tram back to work, but stood & then sat either side of me. For me, that’s a sign to at least try. We had a very good conversation & if she hadn’t dropped in the comment about her boyfriend, I would’ve gone for the number & ultimately a casual hookup for sure.

What I should’ve done is drop in a line about my girlfriend, & then asked for her number anyway. I think that’s understandable in any language…

~ Unjaded