Conversations With Zan #5

‘Do you carve those angles into your beard intentionally?’

Unjaded: The typical narcissistic modern female’s whole existence is based upon preemptive, unbelieving falsities.

Zan: It’s taken me of the most of the night to comprehend the magnitude of this statement. I’ve treated this as a numbers game for so long that I’m bored of that equation. For now I’m trying to find out about myself, by pushing my limits along the way.

Unjaded: Like banging members of the same family?

Zan had been sleeping with a girl & somehow started chatting with her mother too, which resulted in the mother coming over to his house the day after he’d banged the daughter, for a taste of the goods.

Zan: Even that feels normal. Help me now.

Unjaded: Limit pushing! Yes, I know what you’re saying. Still have a little bit of that in me. Just work it through & enjoy the process. You’ll start finding other things far more interesting soon.

Zan: Like?

Unjaded: Well, like the day I decided I wanted to bang four different women in a day. Stuff like that. Banging women with husbands & boyfriends, which always seemed to give me more of a kick than a single girl. I know why; because of the power thing. I liked to demonstrate my power. It’s a bit sick really & comes from when I was a young man seeing women have all the sexual power & feeling helpless. But then, everyone is sick in some ways. People just decide to indulge, suppress or purge it: the latter through total, prolonged submersion.

Zan: Interesting. I always preferred banging loads of women when I was in a relationship as it was more exciting. Probably the same underlying reasons though. Now though, it’s the equivalent of having a wank. Ultra basic.

Unjaded: When I was with my ex who in hindsight treated me like shit in certain ways, I got a massive kick out of banging her after I’d banged a different woman earlier in the day. Because I resented her. But I don’t get that with my main squeeze now, because I actually like her. In fact, I struggle a little bit to reconcile needs against guilt at times. I’m fucking paranoid about getting caught, to the point of CIA levels.

Zan: What will be, will be. That’s the control element.

Unjaded: Yeah sure I know that. I accept the risk profile.

Zan: When I look back, my main three relationships have all been with narcissistic women. All were a cunt in some form, hence why I enjoyed doing shit behind their back. Do you remember me telling you about that girl I finished with earlier this year? The super kinky one that pissed herself for that guy? She messaged me yesterday after a seven month gap.

Unjaded: And does that surprise you? Of course not, because you knew she’d come back as you fucked her well, & she’s presumably a cunt with low self esteem.

Zan: Nothing does anymore. He dumped her and now she’s crawling around for affection. But, the way she spoke to me was like the things that bothered us then are still bothering her now. I took great pleasure in struggling to recall who the other guys were and pointing out her low self worth. Seven months!!! She’s still in the same mindset as then too. So pathetic.

Unjaded: Because unless she has a light bulb moment of great introspection, she is doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes & being the same idiot.

Zan: I agree. It’s funny because at some point we have had that light bulb moment and now it amuses me when people haven’t. I’ve been amusing myself with the one that text me yesterday out of the blue. She’s still giving it large about the boyfriend who gave her the best orgasms ever (and ultimately chose his job over her). She’s so self absorbed, me telling her I’ve not great orgasms for a few years barely registered as the insult it was intended to be.

Unjaded: I just feel sorry for them mate, especially the men. I actually think men have more chance of escaping that mindset than women, providing they embrace the pain instead of hiding from it. Women typically just go deeper & deeper into their delusions, like a vinyl constantly being played, & the needle slowly scraping the grooves deeper & deeper.

Zan: I’ve stopped drinking coffee whilst reading some of the stuff you send!

Unjaded: It’s true though. Even when I’ve tried to help them, they seem to listen but fall back into habit. Being self aware is one of the most important traits one can have I think.

Zan: I’ve met so many women who are good at pretending to be self aware, but when you bring up the inconsistencies in what they tell you the truth becomes clear. I was talking to The Spanish Knife the other day and I think even my mother is narcissistic. My upbringing with her was horrendous at times.

Unjaded: Of course man. They want the validation from fitting into a peer group, but then pick & choose whatever reflects their inner desires, & then find a way to rationalise the breaching of their moral standpoint. It’s called compartmentalisation.

~ Unjaded

Divide & Conquer

Welcome Doutzen Kroes, Victoria Secret model. Yes, that’s a real name & yes; you would. And no, she has nothing to do with this article.

It was some years ago when I depressingly discovered than the vast majority things are either directly or ultimately linked to money. Although I may have had the naivety of childhood to colour my opinion somewhat, I don’t always remember it being so flagrant. A fair business should entirely be entitled to make a profit as per their ingenuity & quality & you do occasionally still see some businesses from those times still doing reasonably well even now, albeit usually in small towns where conglomerates haven’t made local businesses an offer they ‘can’t refuse’.

However I suppose such is the natural order of things to some degree & when multinationals aren’t propped up by local or national governments, they do fail & the order of mankind rises up to ensure essentials open. When a supermarket closes, shops or stalls will rise up to meet demand. Where there is equal enforcement of law, mankind creates his own economy. The ingenuity of mankind cannot be underestimated. A starving person can always find a way to feed themselves in a state of nature. Pure trade is irrepressible & the stalwart upon which empires or even civilisations have prospered; the longevity of the British or Roman empires being two of the closest (yet flawed) historical examples.

These are ‘close’ examples however, as pride has understandably interfered in any empire having a shelf life. While a country can advance through it being conquered by a more advanced society, nationalism will often motivate people into uprisings, necessitating people to be placed into power to effectively maintain the status quo, such as the British Raj being established in place of the East India Trading Company & concurrently, rewarding large landholders & those other groups who had not participated in the rebellion into positions of more influence. This extended the British dominion of what is now India, Pakistan & Burma (among other regions) by another sixty or so years.

What we see now as basic history is a demonstration of what is in effect today, although taking into account technological or communicative advances. What was being conducted as described above is now typically referred to as a ‘divide & conquer’ strategy; which through popular media we have often heard quoted in reference to promoting infighting between otherwise allied units. We become accustomed to seeing this manifested in it’s physical form, usually comically whereby the ‘bad guys’ in an formulaic action film will start arguing or fighting between themselves, only for the forces of good to storm in & surprise them to gain a strategic advantage. The ‘bad guys’ unite once again in the face of their common enemy, only to inevitably fail regardless.

This happens to the population of the world on a daily basis, where the masses choose not to engage a holistic view of for example, a flammable media point. Rather than examine & dissect a news article or report that’s been designed to provoke a fierce an emotional response as possible, people just fall straight into the trap. As their indignant ego compels them to quickly advertise their support of whatever is the socially acceptable standpoint regarding the firebrand point in question via social media (the chosen format for any type of ego feeding), the hive mind quickly rumbles into action. As any of what’s been reported fails to be checked for authenticity or factual accuracy, a position of acceptability is established. To even speak of anything other than this becomes taboo. Ultimately, we see this manifest itself in real life, as speakers are physically prevented from expressing their viewpoints.

Anyone reading this is probably well aware of this, as manosphere literature is forcibly equated to strong rhetorical concepts by default, such as being pro rape (which is absurd & insulting) or anti feminism.

But what’s really happening here & with all other sub-grouping is the sponsored conflict between those of different races, genders or whatever else, to distract from the real issue at hand; the disruption of the current world order. The world is full of those who may wish to change it, but whom are quickly dealt with & discredited through a four step approach;

1) Buy them out. Much in the same way independent prime commercial land holders are offered to sell up or bullied into submission, a person who is seen to genuinely be a threat will initially be offered a position of comfort. Basically, shut up & we’ll make sure you live comfortably.

2) Legal manipulation. Should someone have a criminal history, this is brought up to justify said person’s alleged implication in an otherwise unrelated issue. Should there not be a history, recorded instances quotable to that person can be cherry picked out of context to justify legislation to be passed by the local or in worst cases, national government in order to cripple someone financially by compromising for example, their property rights.

3) Character assassination. By linking someone to something not yet passed as acceptable typically by the left wing., a character assassination can easily be employed. An example would be allegations of pedophilia, wherein even someone who has been through the entirety of the legal system to clear their name, will still have their name subconsciously associated with it. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ proves to be a myth in at the least the corporate world, as the very mention of even lesser sins (such as adultery) result in the mass withdrawal of association with that person.

Of course the hypocrisy here borders on hilarity, as those passing judgement no doubt have transgressed barriers of their own. No man or woman of worth exists without their vices.

4) Complete erasure of the person, though an entire variety of easily manufactured scenarios. You know a person, you know their weakness. And everyone has a weakness.

I’ve often ranted about feminism here & frankly, it’s because it’s so obviously ego driven, with no clear tangible goal. We have hear accusations of sponsoring rape culture so much now, that it simply becomes tiresome. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve no doubt those who have genuinely been raped who throw around such words carelessly. And frankly, it’s a doubly vulgar insult by the feminists against those same rape victims, that they have nominated themselves to speak on their behalf.

So instead, the latest kid on the block employs terrorist group activities, trying to gain credibility among their peers by upping the ante. We hear one prominent feminist speak about how men should be contained within farms & used for nothing more than their sperm. One might get angered by this, but it’s so laughably unemployable that their very existance can only be assumed to be their ego needing to feel as though they are famous for something, or that they’re sponsored plant by someone with vested interests. You don’t see action, only words.

Such people could be easily dismissed, if it wasn’t that they fuel the division between people. That for example, women are alleged to get paid less than men simply isn’t an issue within the western world on the basis of gender but is a result of the glass ceiling maintained by the ruling elites. The few women that exist within boardrooms may well be entirely capable of equally or even surpassing their male counterparts on the basis of talent, but much in the same way as the question to be asked is not about gender but in fact about overturning the status quo of those in power. Among people, you will always find those who are either predisposed or have endeavored to be better qualified to do a role better than another but this is nothing to do with gender differences, as much as a black person is any better or worse than a hispanic or asian is better at X, Y or Z. Firstly, generalisations are always untrue by their very nature & furthermore, the wrong battles are being fought. Despite us being blessed (or cursed) in an age of easily available information (or disinformation), we are getting caught up in the wrong battles. 

As some of us continue to campaign for endgames that will never realistically be achieved such as the imprisonment of all men into farms or the complete eradication of a certain race, we should instead be uniting & taking action against common grievances, such as the prevalence of governmental & corporate corruption that are affecting people country to country. The reform of bloated international institutions that bring about little to no actual change. The overthrow & replacement of any of the above. There will be no slaughter of organised protest in the televised world. Stand up against what effects us all. Water supplies being poisoned for corporate financial gain. Valuable public resources being cut back alongside wage increases for the administering board. The misappropriation of taxes. Look outside your window & instead of reading, listening or watching information streams with questionable agendas or sponsorship, read forums, listen to independent podcasts & best of all, talk to your local community.

Wherever you live in a democratic world, don’t allow yourself to fall into thought traps proliferated by mindless talk, fear or controlled information. Question, examine, assess. Then decide, organise & take affirmative action.

You’re more controlled living in apparent suburban bliss, than you are in ghetto of guns.

~ Unjaded