A break from fitness based women now, as we enjoy a look at the beautiful Bar Refaeli…

These last two weeks have led me back to the belief that our lives are there for creating. While there are only a few variables you have complete control over, mastery of these can lead to great gains when combined with perseverance & control. The road to any goal is always peppered with pot holes but a solution orientated mentality will lead to at the very minimum, an interim solution.

I do appreciate however that means can have a significant impact on this. Having reached a level of success within certain key areas such as self confidence & financial means, therein lies a wider range of possibilities when searching to overcome an issue. Where now I have those options, I’ll be the first to admit that despite always having athletic ability even within self defence, I was petrified of fighting. I suppose I still am now to some degree, except I now direct that fearful energy into pushing myself further physically. Likewise, when money was in short supply, it had to be compensated with greater effort. And any internal efforts will always be compromised by internal strife, like depression, anxiety or any other form of unhappiness.

For men, almost everything is against them nowadays. You stand alone. Endless support groups for the promotion of women with no male counterpart has now resulted in the most recent generations earning more than their male equivalents, less male applications for university & vastly higher male suicide rates. Reading between the lines of popular journalism will illuminate these otherwise brushed over facts in favour of focusing on the female element of the larger issue. If for example, female suicide rates in the twenty four to thirty five year old demographic have increased from two percent to three percent, the importance of this will take precedence over the male rate increasing from twelve percent to fifteen percent. I have just quoted these figures off the top of my head, remembered from a recent article focused on the US but irrespective of your country, I’ll leave you to develop good habits & discover the official figures for yourself. It’s not far off, & you can do the same with gender comparison of earning levels between new entrants to the workforce, as well as accepted university applications. Just make sure you’re sure of the source of information, which is also general good practice.

We are now seeing what happens when discrimination is applied to an entire subset of people, moreover when there doesn’t appear to be a tangible end game other that what can be perceived as the desire for another subset to exert total dominion over them. As a member of that oppressed group, unaware of what my personal crime I personally have committed against society that must be corrected by this discrimination, I am subject to feeling resentment. My personal character has been assumed & I have been painted in a colour by someone who I don’t know, & who doesn’t know me. Furthermore, I either have no distinct person to who I can register my displeasure at these assumptive condemnations in hope of reprimand, nor am I seemingly allowed to, as with every attempt to do so I am personally attacked in efforts to discredit anything else I may say. There is no form of dialogue available to me.

The second World War came about after incredibly oppressive reparations were placed upon Germany. The underlying resentment was easily tapped into by one of the greatest speakers of history. Regardless of one’s political viewpoints (most of whom understandably & correctly disagree with), Hitler was indisputably one of the greatest orators of all time. Combining this with a seething mass of resentment brought on by discriminatory repression, brought out one of the most impressive war machines of all history. The steadfastness of the then mighty British empire was tested to it’s absolute limits, until critical tactical errors brought about the Axis forces eventual downfall.

I could go on with examples of (predominantly black) slavery & of course, women’s rights when they were not entitled to vote & so on. But in reality, every manifesto must have a end game. When slavery was abolished. When women got the right to vote & to work for equal pay. When Germany lost the second world war & the allied powers, while still ensuring Germany endured debatable repercussions, were sure not to make the same mistakes again.

Oppression, generalisation & discrimination of any kind, only result in eventual backlash. Anyone sensible understands, that much of the posturing & offence taken, is nothing more than bitterness manifest. Extremist people, aligning themselves within groups like-minded enough or agreeing with their right to express their views irrespective of if they agree with the viewpoints themselves, expressing their extreme views. That those concealing themselves within larger, more moderate groups does not mean the entire group shares those views. Without allowing whatever subset of people is currently marginalised by society, will only result in stronger & stronger methods employed by said group in order to get their message across. To avoid this, just take into account all viewpoints & come to a compromise.

I must also say at this point, that I believe this is one of the view advantages we have within the world, of countries borders. There is no obligation of any country to adhere to the same principles as another, irrespective of their speculative view. Take the current president of the Philippines as an excellent current example, who while subject to labels of being an abuser of human rights, is taking affirmative action to eliminate a problem crippling his country. And while those looking on from afar decry him, he enjoys sky high approval ratings (from whichever source you look at) from those who are really in the situation. Ask yourself; what would you want if you saw drugs on every corner, family members addicted & felt threatened everyone you walked in your own city? Furthermore, we are trying to accommodate key ideological differences for economical reasons. Countries are separated because different groups of people choose to live in different ways. We cannot reconcile & nor should we, the differences between people that are simply not compatible.

What you effectively have is certain people, trying to determine what’s best for another group, despite the former group having absolutely not context or experience of what situational challenges the latter group face. Depending on their position of influence or the current cultural situation, those external people can manipulate certain elements, either in misguided attempts to help or (in my opinion more commonly) for their own benefit. Their benefit can be tangible, or again more commonly in my opinion, in the pursuit of enlarging their ego. One with value rooted in oneself, does not require such external validation.

And so we go full circle. Feminism had achieved it’s tangible goals long ago, & now seek to control men. Reasons appear to include bitterness, inclusion among peers, a struggle for identity where real problems are ignored over the imaginary in a culturally mature world or simply, egomaniacal opportunistic careerists. Being a heterosexual male is now considered the least interesting denomination, despite the world being built upon the shoulders of them. In the Westernised world, we find ourselves as the least represented group, to the extent of those issues which apply equally to humans but even more so to men, simply ignored even in the case of death. Any situation where both a man & a woman are equally affected by the same malaise, which be portrayed as far worse for the woman, or the woman will be used as the example of how bad it is. In reality, these should be considered equal, even by the very supposed tenets of feminism – equality.

There is good news however. Despite the institutional discrimination that is in place, the majority of regular people see this for what it is. And when a group does not even display consistency or allow their beliefs to be rationally challenged, they rapidly lose legitimacy. Fortunately for humans, despite our often quoted faults, the majority of us abide by an ingrained code of rational human morality. Evolution has conditioned us somewhat to know the main aspects of what is right or wrong behaviour, & for the most part simply human desires such as security, shelter, food & comfort. And so, discrimination is seen for what it is; a destabilising, destructive force.

In spite of this, we still as men must deal with institutional barriers brought about by cultural shifts, themselves brought on by media framing & selective journalism driven by piggybacking onto sensationalist ‘issues’ not based on fact. Institutions opening themselves to social media means they are subject to the social equivalent of distributed denial of service attacks, as masses of raging, uninformed women latch onto headlines, fixate upon statements out of context or joylessly condemn humorous intent to shame companies into making changes. Hence, therein lies a choice for the man. Accept these as stated, rebel entirely against them or my recommendation; lie within the system, use it to your benefit, strengthen yourself & quietly become as independently powerful as possible.

Let the extremists think they are in control. Let them think they are empowering themselves. Let them think they are in control. All the while, quietly build yourself until one day, powerless, they see you have in fact always been in control.

~ Unjaded

Transcripts #10: Predictable Colombian

Natalia Velez, who I’d have probably been slightly more patient with…

Zzzzzz… Oh sorry, excuse me. I had just nodded off after re-reading a text from a Colombian woman I had been prepping to meet. Fresh back from her being in Mexico where she’d been buying a plot of land for her ‘dream home’ for almost three weeks during which we’d been chatting, I had the audacity to not immediately drop everything I was doing & arrange a meeting with her upon her return.

Upon messaging her the previous day, I followed up the following day; purely out of interest as to why she didn’t reply…

PC: Buenos dias, I guess I could say I forgot to reply but it would be a lie. Straight up: I was busy & didn’t make it a priority to reply because I’m a bit uncomfortable & bewildered about the way one apparently courts in this modern age. What is really attractive to me, is a man that says what he wants & does what he says. This I understand and makes me feel good. What I also understand is if you want to meet me, you arrange something with me a couple of days & not mere hours in advance. From what I can see on your photos, you are a very handsome guy & from the bit that one can discern over text messages, you also seem nice. But they way you choose to handle this meeting up business makes me insecure. I don’t get it & it sets my alarm bells off. Maybe I’m one of several women on your busy schedule & you pencil me in whenever a slot becomes free last minute…

Quite well summarised in fact, as I had indeed banged three women the previous day, all of whom were much easier going than this message indicates about this woman’s character.

Unjaded: Or perhaps you’re used to dating men who just go to work & then go home to watch TV…

A few responses were sent after that but frankly speaking, you know your game is on point after you can ascertain everything you need to know from a pissy response like that.

What have I learnt?

1) She’s emotionally unstable, because she’s getting upset about my method of arranging to meet at this early stage.

2) She’s clearly high maintenance, which is self explanatory.

3) That she’s even coming out with this shit shows she’s placing a high value on herself. Let’s bear in mind this is a forty plus woman, who frankly speaking I only sought out from a variety, because I felt like banging an older woman.

4) I skimmed through her following messages & noted she said she ‘doesn’t date’ in this country, which means she’s ninety percent likely to be shit in bed.

I would advise any man who finds himself on the receiving end of such an attitude, to remember the abundance mentality, simply stop contact & quickly move on. In reality, we’re all looking to get laid & then if the possibility for more arrives, I’m sure we’d be interested. But always remember the ‘as-is’; firstly it’s always just sex & the vast majority of women only have their vagina to offer.

Their understanding of what men want, is based on their own understanding of what they want. This is also a typical left wing viewpoint whereby you are told what is best for you by someone else, so it fits well with a lot of women’s politically correct, socially derived, ‘one size fits all’ personalities, providing something doesn’t overstep the mark & mean she has to actually change something tangible or make a sacrifice in her own life. Like openly professing her love for animal rights & being a verbally ardent supporter of animal rights, until she sees that ‘irresistible’ mink coat in the shop window.

Let me assist you greatly by saying; whatever tenets you sense in someone in the early stages are most likely not to disappear or improve over time. I will say it is possible to help people improve their insecurities or other weaknesses, providing they also genuinely want to change. But it will require effort & in today’s world, you simply don’t have to tolerate even signals of this kind of shit, just to have sex.

If you need to persuade yourself, imagine how awkward the sex is actually likely to be if someone is already complaining about how you’ve arranged to meet them. They’re likely to want everything to their liking; one position, doesn’t give head, light basically off. You’ll be there, ploughing away trying to make the best of it but potentially get to the point where you’re wondering what the fuck you’re doing there – most certainly after if not during. You’ll be laid there, next to someone who is probably trying to smother you with suffocating artificial affection, as she assumes you’re going to automatically fall in love with her because she graced you with access to the glorious sanctimony of her vagina, wondering what the fuck you wasted money, energy & more importantly time on someone you thought you’d like to have a bit of fun with. After the illusion you’d created of you & her having horny sex comes crashing down by way of the act itself, you’ll just want her to go away & won’t want to see her again

Save yourself the hassle & just do it now instead.

~ Unjaded

For Those Lost Amongst The Noise (Pt. 2)

Angie Vu; very attractive woman - also wanted for child abduction. They come in all shapes & sizes.

Angie Vu; very attractive woman – also wanted for child abduction. They come in all shapes & sizes.

So hold on. You started reading a post about my weekend & two smoking South American girls, & ended up getting told about how the sensationalist media has, in the name of profit, inadvertently proliferated the invention of intangible enemies by governments (typically), as the replacement of religion, as a major harbinger of fear, & so control. What the fuck is the connection?

Well, I mentioned the internet. And the internet, despite the variance by region & the arguable theories bouncing around, is an uncontrollable entity & also, tool. I had a professor at my university who had developed a quite believable & feasible theory, that the internet would be the tool that enabled the downfall of capitalism as we know it, & the next coming of socialism. This, is of little consequence to me. As I have detailed in a previous post, I believe my strongest attribute is my adaptability & I’ll continue to do that in light of any world changing shifts in ideology.

My point is, the internet & it’s development as a multimedia sharing tool alongside the development of technology in this age of communication, means anyone has the ability to receive or transmit information, for the most part in an entirely uncensored state. That you’re reading this very blog is testament to that. It also means, any of these views can be seized upon quite rapidly & appear (key word here) to amass a huge amount of support relatively quickly. The number of things under debate nowadays in an increasingly fascist left world means subjects which may in fact affect only a incredibly small amount of people, can gain an imperceptible amount of support by the internet & become absorbed into what I have deemed the ‘social conscience’; a hive mind of crippling moral standards that demonise criticism against anyone who may suffer from a disability or condition, or more importantly, any behaviour displayed by anyone, that deviates from what the social conscience has determined is acceptable. The incentive is further increased because of how easy it can be to gain a feeling of peer acceptance, or intellectual superiority, as baseless comments achieve validation from other baseless people.

The social conscience has incorporated for some time now, the fairly useless third wave of Western focused feminism. In reality, the vast majority of Western countries have been employing reverse discrimination strategies in favour of women for some time now, with the remnants modern day Western feminists continue to rage against, actually a consequence of classism, rather than any type of gender battle. Any time a subset of people try to impose their own choices upon others, that is tantamount to fascist totalitarianism & that white Western women are trying to introduce their ideas onto others who don’t want them, tells you everything. I’m not not talking about men here, because a lot of men are guiltier than anyone in their very acceptance, but women from other countries, who actually have tangible issues Western feminists remain totally out of touch with.

Take Saudi Arabia as an example. What, in the last twenty years, has feminism done for women of this country, who until recently, did not have the right to vote. Or in fact, drive. And who made those changes, amid an environment where duress was simply not an issue, due to the sheer financial power of some individuals there? A man.

Instead, we’re subjected to the most inane shit imaginable. How ‘there aren’t enough strong characters in movies’, ‘women in video games are dressed inappropriately‘, ‘women are still being domestically abused’ (so are many men) & the most disgusting of all ‘all men are rapists’. Someone says or does something inflammatory enough within their social internet circle & before long, the buzzwords are paraded around the internet & inevitably, day to day life. People become paralysed with apprehension, as they take care to avoid encroaching any subject which even verges on speaking freely.

There not being enough strong characters in films, then results in a slew of movies having to incorporate a ‘tough female character’ somewhere into their script, to deflect accusations of sexism. Personally, I want to see somewhat believable films with characterisation. Women can easily be incorporated into that, through celebration of their feminine attributes. Instead, I get to watch women convincingly smash the shit out of multiple male protagonists, or at the very least, see them scripted as being utterly infallible in battles of wit or intelligence. Most TV shows will have the female character absolutely slating their male equivalents throughout, without so much as a whisper in retaliation from the man.

Feminists shout about the need for strong female leads, in order to set an example to young women. Irrespective of the obvious point that this concept should be gender exclusive, the ultimate result is unrealistic ‘role-models’, which a normal girl could never live up to & upon attempting to, more often than not results in a immeasurable crashing down to earth.

During my security days, I’ve seen more than one woman attempt to emulate the ‘sassy’ or ‘tough’ woman they’ve grown up with in the media. And despite me always performing my professional protective duties during that time to my best efforts (many times successfully, to the gratitude of the woman) & not advocating violence generally, I’ll simply say; when a woman gets hit by a man, it’s nothing like the films. Hospitalisation is always the case. Even the weakest man can dominate most women.

In the interests of your eyes, I won’t go through the logical conclusion of each of the other examples I mentioned above. I’m sure you’re quite able to think of your own examples in life, as well as the logical conclusions of blindly following any ideology that isn’t your own.

You may remember some time ago, my posts about the sex parties I went to. I received another email today, detailing other parties I might be interested in. Frankly, I’d rather indulge abstinence for the day than go to one of those again, but let’s not stay off point. I noted one event that was specifically for women; an event which was pretty much just a fuckfest for women, whereby select attractive men were chosen for other (more numerous) women to bang their way through. ‘Whatever’ I thought, women fucking equals nothing new. But it was how the main selling point of the event was that it ‘was an event for the liberated woman’, which prompted me to almost spit out whatever I was eating at the time in a fit of laughter, as I witnessed yet another use of marketing catchwords, used to advertise something.

I noticed when I first arrived at my current client, there was a culture of issues or projects inheriting some sort of quick & easy title; that would often just get bandied around freely, to the extent where the majority of people would have absolutely no idea what it actually pertained to, save for a very loose concept. It was a tool of obfuscation by those who in reality, had no idea what was going on but wanted to appear as though they did.

And to the hive mind that parasitically attaches itself to those with enough intelligence or more commonly, those with the loudest voices, attaching oneself to a loosely defined concept can be an effective way to gain credibility amongst your peers or others you wish to impress.

The example from my workplace is effectively, a diluted but exactly the same concept as what we see online; the ego knowing that in the absence of genuinely intelligence or even independence of thought, it must not appear inferior to those few who do strive to exhibit & possess those attributes. Those less fortunate are quick to rally around the noisy, the controversial or rarely, the actually intelligent; because they crave individualism – the West has bred a nation of egomaniacs where everyone wants to be a celebrity in their little bubble. Obviously an impossible feat, much like the actual objective of those who call themselves feminists as I described earlier.

I studied feminism while at university & in fact college before that. Once I’d understood the ideology behind the pure version of it; that is the actual philosophical & generally accepted political definition, defined as equality for all, I asked a simple question of my well read lecturer. ‘The name is somewhat misleading. Given what it stands for, why isn’t it called ‘Humanism’?’

And that’s the central point. Much like many phases, fads & trends, the ego of the Western culture pervades everything, where a philosophy or a belief becomes nothing more than a vehicle for self promotion, be it financial, material or more commonly among the layman, status.

Understand something properly, before you embarrass yourself by blindly aligning yourself to it.

~ Unjaded

For Those Lost Amongst The Noise (Pt. 1)


Simone Holtznagel; Australian model. Apparently ‘can’t find a boyfriend’, but is no doubt fucking her way around the world in the meantime.

I do feel sorry for those amongst us who have both a high libido & choose to indulge it. Society paints us as extreme cases, as though possession of a desire to sample the many delights of the opposite sex, makes us bad or unfeeling people & there is something wrong with us.

It couldn’t be further from the truth for me. Although I must admit my beliefs in the traditional ideas of relationships have for the most part died, I do still of course feel. I suffer from regret, form emotional bonds with choice people (although it is not a choice of mine with whom) & yet, still have the desire to sleep with a huge variety of females. I literally struggle to disguise my natural instincts when I’m with someone I genuinely care about.

This weekend, I saw Venezuelan & had a lovely time. I literally cannot fault her at all. We get on very well & I feel a genuine closeness to her.

But even while with her, I couldn’t stop myself struggling to look at other women who may have passed by in the street. I genuinely care about Venezuelan & so am pretty sure I did enough so she didn’t notice; I don’t want her to feel bad because she’s sensitive & furthermore I know how much it would upset me if the roles were reversed. It’s insane too. I mean, she’s stunning. Blonde hair, blue eyes, amazing figure & one of the nicest, most feminine people you could possibly meet.

Unfortunately the truth is, is that if I notice a woman, given the opportunity, I’ll try my luck in ultimately trying to fuck them. The only cold, hard exception is relations of friends & family, & ex’s of the same, because proper friendship is of true value to me & it’s simply not worth it.

That said, I was introduced to Venezuelan’s friend’s daughter, who was staying with Venezuelan for the time being & good lord… Let it be stated that I would never do anything so close to home that would hurt Venezuelan, but if I met this girl in another scenario, I’d attack without restraint, using an onslaught of everything I’ve learnt on seduction to engineer getting her naked. About eighteen years old, perfectly formed sultry features & a slim body with curves in all the right places. You could imagine it being the best sex of your life.

Although I know & tell myself these feelings are normal & nothing to be ashamed of in any healthy man, I do feel a tinge of guilt.

Earlier that day, we’d gone to a lovely village pub near a lake & had some good food. The sun was shining & I was genuinely content. In walks an absolutely beautiful girl, one I can say I’ve rarely seen in the UK, let alone my home town. She was with, who can only be described as a total cunt; a green upper middle class boy, who had probably chanced it with her one evening when she was drunk & someone got lucky. She was outstanding & I could see she’d noticed me too. I’ve become quite good at noticing girls showing small signals of interest. It can clearly be seen when wearing sunglasses; a girl walked past me the other day & didn’t even restrain herself from looking at me as she strolled by, holding her boyfriend’s hand. But in this case, I could sense she felt me snatching glances at her from zero percent discovery angles & liked it.

I didn’t let Venezuelan see, but still felt like a bit of an asshole.

It’s fallacy to think anyone doesn’t feel anything. In much the same way a movie’s cold hearted villain can unexpectedly have a flash of consciences, a man who sleeps with many women, isn’t predisposed to not feel anything towards any of them. I’ve often sympathised with polyamorous people, despite myself normally being very cynical of all of any newly created terms that seem to be created, mainly as a starting point of legitimising previously borderline or socially abhorrent behaviour.

When was it confirmed as such, that a person must only love one other? In nature, there are instances of this (I believe ducks are an example of certain levels of monogamy), but then you have lions with a pride of females, earned through being the most dominant. The females don’t mind each other & the man possesses enough power to protect them all. I would suggest it was the birth of major religions were the first controlling factors on behaviour, perhaps as with most things, through the jealousy of those less able to enjoy the status quo of the time. The indulgence of free behaviour, such as sexual freedom (among others, such as truly free speech or to live alternatively in ways not harming others) promoted independent learning, self confidence &  self discovery. These attributes can lead to illumination, independence or worse still in the eyes of feudal, dictatorial or capitalist systems; ultimate mobilisation. The religions of old such as paganism or worship of the earth, allowed people to incorporate religion into their own lifestyles; more practical religions if you will.

The major religions focused on one particular emotion, coincidentally also the one most utilised by the modern faux-feminist of our times; guilt. Control was exercised through guilt, even upon the intangible. ‘You are born a sinner’ & phrases of the like were common amongst the people-folk & these were justified internally within people by guilt surrounding the entirely natural feeling one may sometimes experience such as lust, gluttony or greed, & externally by the application & demonstration of the inevitable tragic events of one’s life being attributable as ‘God’s will‘, by way of some invention of sin. People were understandably scared.

We’ve gone through multiple phases of methods of control upon the common man. The guilt of religion was the first, until the sensationalism of the media wore down barriers to information. When people were presented with more information, the mystique that made religion so impenetrably difficult to ignore, started to disappear & people began to think for themselves.

So society went directly to the by-product of guilt: fear. Imaginary, non-tangible enemies were made. Depending on where you were, the enemy was different; capitalism, communism, terrorism. Whatever could be found to instill a sense of fear in people, that because of the intangibility of the enemy & so their helplessness to personally combat it, sacrifice something or some liberty, as a way of buying into a proxy social contract where their ‘sponsor’ (typically their government) would fight said enemy for them. This is happening to this day, albeit increasingly less effective thanks to the proliferation of the internet, as the less illuminated among us trade away our privacy or whatever else is the hot topic, for protection against the imaginary enemy our allocated sponsor has invented to justify & push through the reforms they want.

~ Unjaded

The Worst Place You’ve Ever Been

This is what you'll typically have a chance with where I am now. You might say she's not bad; I say she's fucking awful. I wouldn't even waste my time.

This is what you’ll typically have a chance with where I am now. You might say she’s not bad; I say she’s fucking awful. I wouldn’t even waste my time.

Direland, should be the name of where I am now. It’s tried so hard to be politically correct for so long, even the most traditionally sordid of meeting places, has become almost a formal meeting place. Instead of flirtatious chat, lubricated by some alcohol, you instead have an environment where people formally discuss their occupation & go through all sorts of mundane conversations, to get some pussy.

Now, if you’re looking for a relationship that’s all well & good. But I believe I know women, & even those who claim to be angelic are susceptible to have their emotions manipulated, which is why I don’t trust any of them entirely.

But effectively, it’s FALSE. While there are young men out there who actively want to have a relationship, there are others who want to GET LAID. And there’s nothing wrong with that; each to their own. But there forced to play through this game where they pretend to give a shit about getting to know the woman they want to fuck.

What’s worse? Being a guy who, while maintaining respect (assuming it is given also) flirts, but makes it fairly clear he’s a sexual being & so this is his primary interest? Or being someone who goes through all the bullshit, pretending to be intrigued by someone, only because this is how they know they can ultimately get laid?

In my experience, most women would appreciate the honesty. On significantly more than one occasion in my experience, I’ve dated a girl & enjoyed it for what it was. When they’ve eventually asked me ‘what am I looking for’ or another inane question, I’ve straight up told them; ‘I like you, you seem cool & I enjoy your company, but I’m only looking for a lover / I’m not looking for anything serious’.

It’s always the same; they’ve said ‘oh no, I’m looking for something more’ or some such. Give it a couple of weeks or maybe even less, they come back.

Girl: Hi. I was wondering if your offer still stood?

Unjaded: Hey, long time no speak. Which offer?

Of course I know full well what she’s talking about. I just love hearing them say it.

Girl: About being lovers?

Unjaded: Ah right, yeah am sure that’d be fine. How about we meet for a drink blah blah blah…

And before you know it, you’re fucking them.

Some people might read this & wonder about the terminology I use. Perhaps I’m an aging old cunt, as I use words like ‘lovers’?

No Dickson, in fact I use such words because women like it more. Why? Because they feel less like a slut when they finally agree to fuck you. You can call a long time adult porn star a slut, & there’s still a chance she’d get offended because of the feminist agenda, which essentially prohibits shaming of any kind, unless it’s against men.

Which brings us full circle to the most boring place in the world. I recall Roosh V’s series of ‘Bang’ books, which although I never read, I did find particularly interesting as to some of them being retitled as ‘Don’t Bang’ XYZ country. I believe Denmark was one of this, another country when political correctness & so feminism has run wild. Apparently it was awful there; not only for the lack of masculine & feminine distinction, but the proliferation of female entitlement & the sprawl of hipster fashion contaminating female fashion.

Although they infest the area where I live & make loads of noise at the weekend, I don’t fundamentally have any problem with hipsters. In fact, they can be both interesting & useful contacts to have typically.

But the affect they’ve had on women’s fashion is dreadful. I don’t find what effectively is the style of a homeless punk charity worker attractive in the slightest. I’d rather my girl was in a tracksuit with her hair up than wearing that shit. Give me a woman in a nice dress & heels any day.

I won’t name it, in order to continue my anonymity but where I am now is very much the same. With the possible exception of some of the women looking in fact, very attractive in the body at the absolute least, personality wise; you’re either stuck between princess mentality because of rich parents (pretty much fucking impossible now, give entitlement levels of even the normal woman), stuck up bitches who even if you were Brad Pitt performing Bruce Lee level martial arts while singing Frank Sinatra, probably wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence.

THERE’S SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. It’s like being in the fucking Matrix or something. I’m expecting to suddenly wake up, gasping for air as I break out of my cocoon.

Already started putting the word out for roles elsewhere so let’s see what comes up. As much as I complain about my job, it pays well & allows me to maintain a certain lifestyle, so I’ll use it as a tool to get where I need to be.

Let’s see what comes up.

~ Unjaded

Archive: Monogamy

One of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

One of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

As I sit around in my hometown, clutching my newly acquired US work visa in hand & awaiting for the next chapter of my story to begin once all the associated parties get their shit together, not a great deal happens in the world of sex. Although the Venezuelan has been christened & is getting banged (a lot), I’m openly admitting there’s not much ‘Playa Playa G’ action taking place at the moment, as I focus my efforts on making more money.

However before all you young bucks collectively groan at what you may perceive as a forthcoming lack of advice on how to make love to as many women as possible, rest assured this relatively quiet period allows me to lay out some fundamental advice over the next few posts.

We start today with an old post, now remastered in high definition as the unedited version. This post originally appeared in an edited form on Return Of Kings, a site I contribute to on a semi-regular as a guest writer. It was edited due to length. This original version is long as fuck, but despite being over a year old I feel it contains a lot of important & relevant information any young male should be aware of, regardless of his goals with the opposite sex.

Believe me when I say, a lot of what I write here I’ve learnt the hard way. Take advantage & don’t put yourself through the same shit. Enjoy!

The concept of being monogamous has traditionally been associated with women; while men have been cast as the villains of relationships, as the polygamists. While I personally am not one to cast all those sharing some characteristics as being the same, there is historical reasoning behind this, with many men of great contribution being disposed to a variety of women.

There is an argument for a correlation between great achievement / contribution to society & a distain or difficulty for exclusive or ‘serious’ relationships, a concept generally & ultimately desired by the vast majority of women in some manner.

As we all know well, barring any unusual circumstances, testosterone is at much higher levels in men than women & biologically, we are hardwired to want to have sex with women (as with all mammals) to continue the human race. There are trains of thought among established academics who suggest the diversion of this tendency away from sex & into other pursuits provide the foundation of creation & in some cases, genius.

This argument supports some way, why many of the facets of our world today were originated by men. Regardless of the feminist arguments revolving around how only men historically had the opportunity (an argument beyond the scope of this piece), the indisputable fact remains men are biologically different, & as a result of growth from this difference, psychologically different to women.

In their efforts to homogenise all of Western civilisation, today’s feminists have propagated much reverse discrimination. The overly politically correct environments we find created in many of our workplaces attest to this, & the very nature of most Western women’s attitude towards monogamy confirms this further – a minefield of technicalities designed by feminists to justify their own actions.

The most obvious of examples is the well known bias of the legal system during divorce proceedings, a notion widely acknowledged by many men at best, as fighting a losing battle, with many men unfortunate enough to be in this situation simply conceding defeat in lieu of the pending inevitability of the conclusion; the woman elatedly taking ‘what she is entitled to’, before arranging a celebratory tryst with her new lover later that evening.

This often discussed sense of entitlement has used political correctness as it’s vehicle to change how female infidelity has been framed. With the media’s only goal being to garner views or sell units, any expansion in the boundaries of political correctness are fully welcomed, as with this expansion unitarily comes more opportunities to highlight ‘shocking’ stories of, for example, male infidelity. Because of the female tendency to absorb speculation or fiction, these stories are lapped up by women who use them to justify their beliefs about male attitudes towards monogamy & in turn, what is acceptable for themselves to do. The cycle is self perpetuating in a spiral fashion.

The net result of this is the normalisation of female infidelity, based on a perception of all male attitudes towards the same subject, dismissing any possibility a modern male may indeed have their own principles on monogamy. The entire male consciousness is aggregated into a single sweeping presupposition for females to do as they wish. This gets reinforced daily by the media buy in, with women portraying themselves as helplessly buffeted victims of the uncontrollable whirlwind of adulterous men, endlessly fuelled by the collective & unforgiving male libido.

We see this victim mentality manifested all the time, in every aspect of the media & in our own lives. Starting from tired media storylines of female focused love triangles, the burnt out clichés of women having extra marital affairs or in the case of no marriage, the disguise of unauthentic behaviour; the effect begins to filter through into our real lives, all the while the pretence being masqueraded as an excuse for women to justify to themselves & their peers they are not sluts.

Such behaviours self-excused through technicalities include;

  • Male ‘friends’ who are kept on hand as reserve options, fucked soon after the relationship has ended (within hours in some cases).
  • Having sex with another man while on holiday because ‘he’d probably do the same thing’.
  • Sleeping with another guy because “he’s out with his single friends & they probably are” (guilt by association).
  • Being unfaithful in a relationship because ‘I’m not getting enough / as good sex anymore (irrespective of the women’s input in that situation).

…& so on, with the cover-all to fall back on ‘I was drunk’.

If a man is to cheat in a relationship, it is because he is a cold, heartless, animalistic beast; ‘how could he do that to her’, ‘she never deserved that’ etc. When the roles are reversed however, with the woman cheating on the man, even if there appears to be no substantial grounding upon which to exonerate themselves, women probe for rationale; ‘we’ve been having some problems’, he was working late a lot’, ‘I’ve been under a lot of stress recently’, ‘I just don’t love him any more’. Anything they can attach themselves too, that alleviates the nagging self acknowledgement they just wanted to fuck someone else, because they think men are doing nothing else but this.

I have been fortunate enough to have developed my level of game to a reasonable level; mostly day game through a long learning process beginning a few years ago & I humbly present to you, these real world examples I have personally experienced;

  • A previous long term relationshsip ending, with the ex fucking one of her ‘friends’ who I’d been happily introduced to previously as someone I’d ‘have a lot in common with’ (we do now). His ‘shoulder to cry on’ (read ‘cock’) had emerged almost immediately on news of our break up.
  • A girl I met on a foreign training based course, who had been in a two year plus long distance relationship, who after one date initially hesitated to kiss me.  After this barrier had been passed soon after on our next date however, I was quickly invited for a weekend of sex back in her country, with her having no intention of leaving her boyfriend after as in her own words, she ‘just wanted to be fucked’. It transpired two other men had recently also recently been invited to this weekend arrangement before me.
  • A woman I’d met who went from telling me how distraught she was over her husband telling her he wanted a divorce earlier that week; so distraught she was fellating me & fucking me that same night to console herself.
  • Another woman who during our first ‘friendly drink’ she’d suggested we have the day before, decided to tell me in detail over two hours how although things were difficult between her & her husband , she loved him & their kids ‘very much’. Shortly afterwards, she had drove me home, where we fucked in a variety of positions, calling me ‘babe” as she came again. She then drove home with a smile on her face, to tell her husband what a great ‘yoga class’ she’d had that night.
  • The sudden agreement of a girl to come & visit me from my previous country, after a couple of my previous suggestions to do this were refused on the basis of ‘my boyfriend’ – turns out although they are still together, they’d had an argument & I quote; she “didn’t give a fuck anymore”. On arrival, it seemed to be quite the opposite as we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before me being deep inside her.
  • An immigrant girl from Poland I met, who had been single-handedly taught language, assisted in finding a job & provided for / housed by her partner of over seven years, free of charge upon her arrival in the country who; after I’d shot my load all over her breasts & told me she “hadn’t been fucked like that since high school”, explained to me she did this with me as her friends had suggested to her it’s ‘a good idea’ to have a lover, alongside her saviour boyfriend.
  • A girl I’d met at the gym, who after our second date suggested we go back to my place. After her sixth orgasm, she let slip; ‘Oh God, what if my husband also wants to have sex with me tonight’ – further questioning revealed she was planning on leaving him but ‘wanted to stay friends as he means so much to me’. So much I found, she also already was fucking another guy (also married).

I could go on as these are just a selection of personal experiences; I’ve been told on good grounds of many other stories, such as the forth eight year old woman who was married seventeen years & on divorcing; had five regular lovers within two weeks. No doubt you’ll have had also seen examples while running game.

The media & consequently society continue to be easily influenced by political correctness, the gravy train of which faux-feminist principles have been riding upon for too long. One of these self serving concepts is that as men are considered to be naturally inclined to cheat, there is accepted license for women to emulate men during their golden years, despite this generally being found by women to be an ultimately soul destroying cycle; either through erosion of any meaning or intimacy of sex through constant, immediate switching of sexual partners, or a downward spiral in self respect, for which the only apparent cure for women being validation of the self by continuing to subscribe to what feminism says women ‘should’ be doing – emulating men.

Therein lies the problem for our female counterparts; they are doing what they are told they ‘should do’, rather than searching within themselves for what they genuinely want to do (as every person should). Part of these unspoken feminist-driven rules is ‘cheating is bad’. With the help of the media, feminist thought has normalised the popular ‘rules’ of the dating game, amongst which now include;

  • It’s OK to ‘date’ multiple men at the same time (this includes fucking them).
  • You have no commitment to anyone if you are ‘seeing’ (read ‘fucking’) someone – this word intentionally chosen by women because of its ambiguity.
  • If you are in what has been announced as a ‘serious’ relationship, should the man not reach a certain standard in any one area (such as fucking her at the frequency she sets, solely organising original & enough ‘bonding’ activities for the relationship, the man occasionally desiring time to himself or with friends etc), the women is permitted a ‘grace fuck’, whereby should she choose to fuck someone else, the blame shall lie solely with the man in the area of his ‘failure’ & he should forgive her, with the promise of improving in said area.
  • If at any point, the relationship is agreed to be over, the woman may then immediately do whatever she likes with whoever, with the new involvement being given a rationalising label (rebound, shoulder to cry on, etc), where no judgement shall be passed upon her prior efforts within the previous relationship. Inversely, should a man do exactly the same, his commitment to the relationship shall be questioned to the point of his new involvement being implicated as a cause of failure in the previous relationship, as it is unthinkable the honourable female would not have been entirely committed to the relationship (regardless of who she is fucking immediately after it ends).
  • If afterwards, the man should wish to rekindle the relationship after a break up, he must prove himself with at least double the efforts required by any other man. During this second dating period (as with any dating period) it is permissible for the woman to continue to sleep with whoever she chooses. In the event of an official relationship reconciliation, the woman is permitted an undefined amount of time to conclude her sexual dalliances with any other men, which may include departing sexual relations where required.

This list could go on. Although these prior points may seem almost contractual in their nature, this is what the modern man is up against; the end game of consistently self serving feminine emulation, seeking to vengefully ‘level the playing field’ against mankind for our history of doing what we are biologically hardwired to do, & which without humanity would have perished.

Despite the listing of my own negative experiences, I have also been lucky enough to meet a few women who (to varying degrees) do not buy in to these spiteful stipulations, which has led me to believe it is still possible to find someone of worth. However, during my own journey from blinded, naive romantic to hardened red pill realist, the one thing I have noticed time & time again is the futility of monogamy; providing you are honest / stealthy enough, the ultimate outcome of your relationship will remain the same.

Regardless of the bravado displayed by some men, there will inevitably be some sort of relationship in your life that has more of an emotional effect on you, wanted or not.  It’s at this point where the small part of you still believing in the concept of romantic love & may begin to make you question your approach to monogamy, whether it be disposing of your harem or even just committing yourself to dating one woman. You’ll feel inclined to do this, as it’s been subconsciously foisted upon us in society as being a foundation of a successful relationship.

In reality though, the problems in relationships when a man is not being monogamous come through any changes not being monogamous make to a man’s day to day behaviour & mentality towards his partner. Because of the nature of female interaction between both men & other women, this is why women find it easier to hide infidelity – they are better at being fake. One only needs to look at female – female communication as proof of this. If a man can sleep with multiple women & still maintain good quality in his main relationship, even if the woman has a suspicion something is going on, she’ll turn a blind eye to it (if she’s still getting fucked well).

The chance of a woman being directly unfaithful to you if she’s unhappy is, in my humble experience quite low. This is not so much because they don’t like sex or care about you, but because they struggle with how others perceive them (predominantly other women) & their own guilt complexes. Imperatively though, it’s because they can remain technically faithful to their partner while gaining whatever validation they need from other sources.

This could be the usual ‘hanger on’ white knights listening to what a terrible person you are because you didn’t agree with what she learnt from Sex In The City last night, or her ‘friends’, who you’ve already clearly identified as hungry beta’s, waiting for the opportunity of when she finally officialises the breakup with you, & they finally get the chance of getting laid. These fuckers stand out of her other friends a mile away & whatever your gut feeling is about them, it’s ninety nine correct. Women tend to overestimate their abilities to disguise attraction most of the time; if it looks like there’s some chemistry between her & one of these cunts, the chances are she’s probably already guiltily fantasised about banging him. So remember our ideas about trusting women tend to come from our mothers & don’t lie to yourself.

In any case, generally speaking women will officially end the relationship before fucking anyone else. That’s not to say they won’t have done anything at all with someone else before the officialise the breakup with you, as they’ll need some sort of spur, which the vast majority of the time will be them knowing some replacement cock is lined up, ready to go because they’ve kissed someone or someone has made it patently clear they’ll fuck her. Because of the combination of the media & modern peer expectations, when it comes to sex, women love it just as much as men, but for very different reasons – it’s the ultimate form of validation & a great way to fit in with ‘the girls’ melodrama (this could also warrant an entirely separate piece alone).

In summary, we are in a situation where common expectations of courtship are strongly skewed in favour of women, & women’s general expectations of their years through life. The fears of women who have fucked away their best years in their twenties & are aware of their decline from their thirties onwards, have become the expectations of what is now popularly now considered as a ‘good man’.

Unless you’re fucking oblivious or at best, only beginning to discover red pill philosophy, you may have observed subscribing to this profile of a ‘good man’ tends to result in a unattractive package for men; essentially living as a machine giving away everything you earn, with barely any time to pursue your own interests under duress of being a ‘responsible’ man, whose main interest is those permitted as in line with your partner, minus something innocuous such as a sport, to prevent complete psychosis & / or revolt. All of this, along with the added bonus of your partner getting ‘bored’ with what she thought she wanted & in the immortal words of Eddie Murphy, ultimately taking half your shit through divorce.

It is natural though, to feel as though you want to commit yourself to someone who you feel you may be developing some genuine connection to; regardless of what some might say, to live your life bereft of any emotion whatsoever is not to live life at all. When this happens, bear in mind all of the above about these female commonalities & remember; the only way to tell if you really love a girl is to fuck at least five other girls while with her, to test yourself.

As long as you remain intelligently discreet (that is, discreet to no more than keeping them guessing), the outcome of not being monogamous only serves to benefit you whatever the outcome. After banging a few other girls, you’ll either realise she is something more to you because she’s still on your mind a lot & /or the sex with her is better quality & maybe want to give a relationship a shot. Or, that it is in fact little more than infatuation & you realise how you prefer variety. In any case, you won’t waste any time on one person if she is not the right one for you. The final advantage of this approach is you’ll most likely do it in the initial stages of seeing someone, meaning your demeanour will be more casual. As such, she’ll either try harder to impress you if she does like you, or lose interest after X period of time if she’s not into you & hence; will not be good relationship material. Allow them to do the work & filter themselves out for you, & enjoy it for what it is.

There is no way to avoid emotions sooner or later, & however painful, no other way to truly live a full life. I’ve witnessed men struggle with guilt, over the thought alone of being unfaithful to a girlfriend, fighting against the natural urge we possess, where we have been shamed into embracing by new age feminism jacking a ride on the back of the politically correct media. I’ve also experienced this myself, more than once.

I can state without reservation; do not feel guilty for these thoughts & desires. Do the opposite, & embrace them. Because whatever you do to yourself in restraint will not be seen or appreciated by the person you feel you are doing it for, as any belief that you may be an individual thinker trying to do what you think is right, will be washed aside & replaced by the tar brushed aggregation that you are ‘only a man’ & ‘all men are the same’. So go forth, & do what needs to be done to ensure you are bringing someone into your life, that adds something more than a pussy into your world.

If you ever have doubts or need a further spur to take this type of affirmative action for the benefit of yourself, remember that (on my personal estimate to date) ninety five percent of women are not only scrutinising & comparing you while they are in a relationship, they are always actively keeping backup options as ‘friends’ until the day comes when they ‘just don’t think it’s working anymore’ with you, coincidentally enough when they realised there’s a different cock waiting for them.

When this day happens, do you want to be the person wondering why you spent all this time devoted to this person who has been mentally fucking other people practically since you’ve been with her, or the person who realises they did the right thing by prioritising their own needs over a fallacy of ‘being a good man’ in the eyes of those who are not men, but took it upon themselves to decide what a man should be?

I thought so. So no need to worry about monogamy.

~ Unjaded

The Fight

A sentiment from a sadly lost generation - check the other reviews to know everything you need to know about our generation's selection of females.

A sentiment from a sadly lost generation – check the other reviews to know everything you need to know about our generation’s selection of females.

What I ‘love’ about life is even if you try to achieve anything at all above the bare minimums into which you are born, it’s always a difficulty. Want to go beyond a simple life of working nine till six, married to someone you don’t even really like & spending your evening quietly seething at each other while spoon fed a diet of patronising media? Sorry, that’s going to require sacrifice, heartbreak, total commitment & pushing (dragging) yourself to (through) reach new heights (depths) of your person. Why don’t you just sit there, shut the fuck up & enjoy another helping of ‘reality’ TV?

If you’re reading this blog, the chances are after reading that last paragraph you’ve just said either out loud or in your own head; ‘fuck that’. And rightly so. We don’t exist here as men solely to reproduce & slowly watch our dignity be eroded away as the lesser examples of our gender meekly accept from their ‘man caves’, the collective politically correct hive mind of feminism telling us how & when it’s acceptable to express our natural testosterone induced tendencies. The popularity of garbage such as Fifty Shades Of Grey shows us that actually, the hive mind is testing us – with alleged celebrity ‘Lotharios’, ‘bachelors’ or whatever terms are intellectually obtainable to the writer that day, celebrated as examples of masculinity. It’s simply a battle of wills, with most giving up at the first sign of confrontation, as the majority of western men accept the paradigm shift through their acquiescence.

I remember once, during my transitional phase from Jaded to Unjaded, I was out getting drunk with my brother. We’d gone to a rock bar, where we proceeded to get smashed as we jumped around to various hardcore & metal songs from our youth. Being well built, we attracted the attention of certain men who seemed to have a problem with us being there. Perhaps it was the lack of eye makeup or black leather, but there we were. A small pit started & as I turned around from thrashing about by myself, I suddenly saw someone charging towards me, about to use the full force of his body as borderline pit push. Fortunately, seeing him steaming towards me I braced myself, & he bounced off. I reciprocated his challenge by pushing him as hard as I could, to which he slid across the floor what must’ve been almost eight metres. Putting my satisfaction aside, I moved across quickly & offered my hand to help him up, a common conciliatory gesture after you’ve just taken care of someone while moshing about.

Before he could accept my hand, I raised my head to be met by a semi-comprehensible girl who was completely in my face, making all kinds of threats to me. I’m talking about physical threats – here I have a woman threatening to take me out & so on. Rather bewildered in my drunken state initially, after I worked out what the hell she was on about & that she was seriously threatening me, I began to lose my temper.

Now let me just point out, I’m not one of these steroid ridden giant dudes. While I’m not into steroids myself, it’s completely understandable how they’ve become popular after the massively under acknowledged pressure on men to look good (although we never stop hearing about the media placing unobtainable standards on women), & I also understand why they’re popular with older men, who don’t really have a lot to look forward to at times, as free testosterone levels drop with age. But I am muscular, had worked in club security for years & after years of practicing Muay Thai & Taekwondo, I know I can fight & carry myself well. So although I much prefer to have a friendly relationship with people generally, I can turn it on when required. Usually psychologically, is enough to finish most situations.

I faced up to her, getting incredibly angry. Because of the above, I don’t often even have men speaking to me in such a way. But even this is more because most men know, if they confront someone, it’s entirely possible they’re going to get physically assaulted. Ever been to a US project, a Parisian banlieue or a London council estate? There’s a reason why people mind their own business around those parts. So, I knew she had the balls to get in my face because she’d never experienced a genuine situation where she could’ve been in genuine danger. But the world had made her like this; the indestructible princess who had the protection of the white knights in the vicinity & had never experienced real danger. As this realisation screamed through my mind, I felt myself getting incredibly angry & I began to shout at her back, goading her to do something so I could respond.

My brother has often played peacemaker during drunken nights out while I’ve been acting completely irrationally before now, & he was doing his best to calm everyone down. While I was now goading her to hit me as she was promising so I could put her in an armlock or similar, he was breaking us up as we raged at each other.

Then something quite bizarre to me at the time happened. From being at the very edge of confrontation, we then seemed to find ourselves in a moment of intense attraction almost instantaneously, her suddenly being very close to me. Alcohol was involved so I don’t remember the exact schematics of that brief transitionary moment, but there we were; her making it clear to me she was down for fucking.

The point of this story is once again, her confrontational attitude was without foundation, fuelled by the fervour of unopposed media fantasy. It was nothing more than a test & standing up to that with an attitude based on a real foundation, quickly dissipated any notions she had of dominating that confrontation.

The same notion runs through the attempted domination & ultimate control of the masculine energy, as western men fail to stand against the reverse discrimination masquerading as ‘politically correct’ in media, the workplace, government policy making & general life interactions, as day by day we are forced to swallow down little comments, insinuations & ‘jokes’ against male stereotypes, while the exact equivalent with genders reversed resulting in uproar or worst still, retribution.

I totally acknowledge standing up against this plague is not easy. Even a demonstration of the reversal of a joke or comment won’t be tolerated. Hence, begin by empowering your manner to be that of a man of reason yet knowledge, power yet measure & educate yourself with facts. The hive mind empowers itself only with momentum, summonable via social media at a moments notice, to soothe it’s deep down awareness of it’s weakness & lack of knowledge via it’s equally bland membership.

Think several steps ahead before calling someone out on their behaviour. Arm yourself with counters for whatever you expect will come next, which over time will be entirely predictable thanks to the hive mind’s unwillingness to deviate from whatever has been deemed as ‘normal’ by that day.

If you want to see change & make people think twice about demeaning an entire gender, it’s essential to call out what would be considered unacceptable if the genders were reversed. Prepare yourself with hard knowledge for the backlash, but over time we will start to see the already sown seeds of change flourish.

~ Unjaded