Normally I’d make a deserved disparaging comment right now but goddamn I must admit Sophie Mudd is looking good….

My self imposed abstinence came to a literal explosive end today, as the Ukrainian ex-model offered herself up to me under her ‘come around, fuck & leave’ arrangement. After two weeks of nothing I must admit I was champing at the bit quite considerably. Although I should have been feeling fine & for the most part was, I did notice my mood was dropping somewhat. Not in a depressed sense but more in a flat kind of way. What had previously been the main way I’d inject excitement into my otherwise still relatively interesting but for me staid existance had been sacrificed into an admittedly probably worthwhile break. While hayfever season & not sleeping enough for various reasons had killed my libido, as the need to take tablets & better ways to sleep fell into place (as well as simply not having any sex), I found myself raging. I met an incredibly attractive Czech divorcee yesterday & was a little worried I’d find myself jumping on her on our first meeting, I even had to relieve myself before meeting her – very out of character for me.

Looking ahead we have had a few new challengers come to the fore, which in a change of approach I won’t reel off here until something of note actually happens. As mentioned in my previous post, I am taking a more tactical approach & hoping mostly for dissatisfied wives & hopeful needy girls. I like nice girls & am never nasty to any girl – I’ll just stop communicating with her if required. But it’s clear my future doesn’t lie here & as mentioned before, they’re all too quick to change their minds. Even the Ukrainian chick I mentioned earlier who is very cool, wouldn’t surprise me if she suddenly ‘starts seeing someone’ & so ‘can we just be friends’. I simply embrace it & move onto the next.

I’m very surprised when I look around where I reside & have been for over the last two years. I am staying here because frankly it’s easy money & I have my musical career at a crucial step. But insofar as dating, it truly is one of the most inexplicable places I’ve ever been. There are literally no indicators of interest whatsoever from women generally speaking. Whereas previously I wouldn’t think twice about approaching a girl, here it’s a complete waste of time ninty percent of the time. And when I say ‘waste of time’, I don’t just mean getting refused as I couldn’t give a flying fuck about that. It’s completely unrewarding & inconsistant. Even before approaching most women, you rarely get that spark where the eyes lock & that tension is waiting for one of you to break open the tension. I love that. Here however, you may just think ‘she’d be fun to fuck’ because admittedly a reasonable amount of the girls here have excellent figures, so you step in. But within seconds of speaking, you realise you’ve got literally nothing to work with. Either I drastically deteriorated over the last couple of years or they’ve got some sort of personality defect. It’s surreal – on one hand I look at the girls I’ve been banging over the last year & without meaning to sound arrogant, most of them are hot & most men would agree. They’re not disputable, although admittedly not super hot either. But then, only jacked up, tattooed wankers or indignified rich men who turn a blind eye to her looking lustfully at every aforementioned wanker tend to end up with the super hots. As is often said, there is no such thing as a ‘ten’. I could get women like that if I really put my mind to it these days (in even recent younger years my game was raw & I reverted into a desperate beta at key moments) but nowadays, I’m not going to put serious time & effort into any woman. There’s so many other things I’d rather be doing & the long game is only reserved for those very few women I meet who I really want to sleep with. Nowadays it’s pretty brutal & direct. I’ve never been one to send dick pictures but I’ll bust out the abs from time to time, just to plant the seed in their mind. Then it’s a drink or preferably getting some food together to get the first meeting out the way, & then I’m finding a way to invite them to my place, which everyone knows is a indirect ‘would you like me to fuck you’ invite. I prefer eating out of those two incidentally… But in any case, the lack of sexuality here is incredible. There are a few Latina’s hanging about who seem to still like sex, but overall it’s dire. And while it doesn’t impinge upon my own self esteem, some of the guys you see with certain girls is unreal. I mean, totally different leagues. And no, it’s clearly not because of superior game, because one look at them will tell you immediately they’re just beta boys who’ve sold themselves to fashion & trends, at the cost of being a person with something fucking interesting about them.

My day job is killing me. Once upon a time I thought to earn the sums of money I saw & am earning now would be neigh on impossible, but here I’ve been for a number of years now, often wondering how scandelous it is that I get paid what I do, for what I’m actually doing. And I’m actually producing deliverables. There’s people who literally just attend meetings all day & barely say a word, before cashing in a few hundred for the day. The way the world is going however, I feel I may have to endure it for a few more years. Perhaps it is a sign of ageing but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the world in such a mess as it is now. The UK is seemingly falling to pieces. Venezuela is being destroyed by a tyrant. ISIS runs rampant in the Middle East, who in their spare time are continually fighting amongst themselves, & the US sells them weapons while their own people starve. The gap between the rich & poor grows greater every day, & the basic fundamentals of human interaction have been lost to the cancer that is social media. It’s quite frankly shit, & a lot of the reason I concentrate on securing my own future as soon as possible. I operate quietly, in the shadows, not boasting of my wealth or conquests to practically anyone, which is a far cry from the previous days where I would advertise my sexual conquests & financial earnings to any & all that would listen, almost in defiance to all the cunts throughout my history who wrought ill upon me. Now, I leave them to their own fates unconcerned, which is in almost every case worse than anything I could do to them. Man & women desolate themselves in the name of peer acceptance.

I have many people who’d like to align themselves with me, as they see how I’ve done my best to maximise what cards I was dealt from my genetics. Girls want to get serious with me. Men want to train with me, or hang out with me. They want me to teach them how to fight. But why would I ever help anyone who asks me to help them for nothing, when they clearly have means to do it themselves? If it were someone without means, I would feel compelled anyway to help them. I’m always happy to help kids learn things when they ask for example. But when it comes to adults, there’s no fucking excuse. Most people complain about their lives without making any effort to either change or explore the possiblities out there.

~ Unjaded

Delay Of Game

Sarah Allen, actually a reasonably typical Australian based on my recent experiences, detailed below…

Yes, you are indeed right if you noted a lack of a post last week. It was because I went to a couple of countries in South East Asia for a holiday & despite my best intentions there were so many things I had to sort out before I left, I didn’t even have time to put together a rough draft.

As for my reasons of not writing something while there, I am left with far less justifications & will instead just have to defer to being lazy. I was also with Venezuelan which somewhat restricted suitable private opportunities to write. But frankly speaking, I was fucking exhausted & needed to get away from everything for a while, only to return with a renewed vigour.

And here we are, rested & ready to share with you my inevitable notes from my second foray into the Asian continent. When I say ‘rested’ however, I do of course refer to my mental state, rather than the physical where I am on my third flight of what has basically been a thirty six hour day. But onward we go!

Thailand. Famous for it’s sex industry, inpressively authentic ladyboys, royal family & kickboxers. As one explores, we are treated to a true cauldron of life, where chaos reigns but someone, life moves forward. Bangkok; a hub for the region & an immense, sprawling behemoth of a city. The recently expired king seemed like a resonably good man (despite it being practically illegal to say otherwise) & one can say he has at the very least managed to instill a tolerance of the numerous drunken fools & sexual parasites that come in their droves to a city that is hungry for any & all of the tourist money.

Thai women can indeed be very beautiful, with the deciding factor often being the nose; either quite bulbous are the more disappointing end of the spectrum or slimmer at the better end. Physically, they are for the most part slim & therefore quite difficult to be seen as ‘ugly’. Those of them who are particularly skilled with applying makeup can almost look perfectly mystical at times, so this is a pretty big factor. Big pretty eyes & a veneration of the foreigner (& my apologies to other ethnic groups but it must be said; particularly the white man), mean this is one of the few places a man from abroad can punch well above his weight. Ultimately however & as with a lot of cultures, money becomes the first & most vital currency in any interaction. That said, it’s still less so than what we have to pay in the West. A mutually beneficial medium if you will.

On to Indonesia & we see what are generally reasonably fine people, with a thirst of that money. I write the next sentence not in a derogatory way to a culture that endeavors to accommodate tourists very well but as a repeated & clear observation; as one ends any interaction such as having a meal or leaving a taxi, you can often see their eyes hungrily looking down at your hands as you arrange your wallet, much in the same way an otherwise loving Labrador suddenly becomes transfixed on nothing else except a treat his petter unexpectedly produces. I do appreciate this income is essential to a country where even the tourist prices are unbelievably low in comparison to say, pretty much any country that uses the Euro or Dollar, but it’s disappointing to feel as though any sort of rapport you may have built with someone, is just ultimately to gouge a little more money out of you; almost as though they’re the joker playing up to the king. I don’t view anyone as lesser or greater than myself (but I do talk a good game if I need to knock someone into line) & so I found this to be a bit upsetting.

As for the girls: I would firstly say they aren’t as naturally beautiful as Japanese or Thai girls, but then I would propose these are the two premium races in Asia. Westernised Japanese girls particularly, are goddamn superb & if they’ve got that trained body I like, sign me on the dotted line. But, Japanese girls are the hardest work. Thai & Indonesian girls are going to be much easier generally, than Japanese. And especially Indonesian girls, because they’re later to the game. While any of my game was safely packed away for a week or so while I honestly enjoyed my boyfriend position like a normal human being for once, I could see there certainly was one or two of the girls I had interacted with with a little spark in their eye when they spoke to me. Had I have been on my own, I would have chanced my skills there & then. In summery, Japanese girls are culturally not conditioned to be open to foreigners or to be open about sex, so despite the clear quality, you can generally expect to be playing some ‘long game’. Thai girls are essentially the same as Indonesian girls, except they’ve had the ‘cool foreigner’ effect considerably diminished thanks to the years of slurring embarrassments degrading themselves there for a number of years now. But what you can do to counter this of course, is what originally was referred to in game as ‘peacocking’; you might wear something very unusual to stand out of the crowd of wherever you are. Nowadays, the ‘crowd’ is the entire general mentality of wherever you happen to find yourself. In Thailand, you can peacock by just not being a drunken prick.

A friend of mine stood as testament to this when he visited some years back. He was propositioned with sex for payment, to which the rest of his group didn’t hesitate from her colleagues. Not being of this nature, my friend respectfully declined & the girl lowered her asking price. When he explained he just wasn’t into paying girls for sex (he later admitted to me it was even less appealing when girls from less wealthy countries were involved too), she was ggenuinely taken aback. As the conversation developed, they became friendly with her offering to take him to her favourite restaurant. No, not for him to pay. She offered to take him for dinner. Yes, she was a sex worker & a beautiful one who was fluent in English too, but that takes nothing away from the gesture. If anything, I would say it adds even more given most people working in sex industry who I’ve met are some of the most cynical about human nature. She offered to show him around on following days & even though he could have done something more with her entirely willing at any time, he didn’t & they remain friends to this day.

Can you even remotely imagine a western woman taking you to dinner these days?? It is 98% certain never to happen to a man.

To conclude, Indonesian women are only now discovering the worlds of Tinder & it’s like casual sex has suddenly become en vogue, much as it did in the same way in the West when it first came about, before it got commoditised. Did you know some girls are now asking for pre-payment to converse with a match on the Tinder? To converse… If you’re one of the idiots fueling this apparent phenomenon, please stop.

I happened to find myself alongside an inept English guy on a Tinder date with a pretty Indonesian girl, while I took Venezuelan out for dinner. Frankly speaking, she’d dressed up for a fucking & all other things being equal, he was punching clearly above his weight. Despite her still remaining & showing interest, he allowed his insecurities to fall into him acting as though he was playing games with a typical Western idiot. While he had sat at the table with her, he was speaking too quickly, pretending to read his phone & various other pointless attempts at psychological games. He was truly inept, but yet by the end she still retained some interest in him.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet. But right now I’m going to Swiss horn it from the nearest rooftop; I honestly think if she was showing me the same level of interest as him, I could’ve had this girl in bed within two hours. Yes, I’m not even going to say ‘the same night’. Straightforwardly, two hours. Any one with advanced game could have done the same.

The current Tinder sex cycle is there. It could be elsewhere too (somewhere like Belarus wouldn’t surprise me) but you’re going to have to go to such places, if you want to meet decent women for any reason. And no, I’m not saying Tinder is the way to find a woman of any quality; quite the opposite in fact. But once it becomes popular, every basic bitch thinks she’s the shit & the whole game gets a lot less interesting.

Book those flights! More to come on my personal situation next week…

~ Unjaded

Zan Dates: #8 It’s All About The Marketing

The entitled modern princess of our days (Photo credit: Mari945)

The entitled modern princess of our days [Photo credit: Mari945 from DeviantArt]

About ten years ago, I was a rabid consumer. CD’s, clothes, Hi-Fi equipment, magazines, books & so on. Anything that had a decent advertising campaign, I was on it in a heartbeat. I lived my life the way I was told to live my life. Somewhere along my journey, that has changed. I no longer give a fuck about what I wear. I stream music rather than own it & I do what I myself decide to do.

Marketing does have its place though. People with businesses need to sell their product, but ultimately it’s all designed to entice you into parting with your hard earned cash so they can get rich.

Online dating works in a similar way. People sell themselves & present themselves in a manner that entices you pay attention to them, & perhaps spend your hard earned cash on a date. Should you jump through enough hoops & persuade them to say yes, they will meet you. Recently on Tinder, I began speaking to a rather lovely lady who resides near the capital city & works in (yes you guessed it), marketing. For this post we will name her Blondie.

Initial impressions were fantastic. She messaged first & the conversation just flowed. We straight away found our level of humour. We bounced off each other & over the next two weeks, messages & phone calls enabled us to really get to know each other. As is always the case with Tinder girls, I was asked about my past & how my previous dates had gone. I find this kind of question totally pointless. If my dating was successful, I wouldn’t be on the thing; I would be in a relationship. I told her I had some good dates but that’s as far as it went. I asked her the same question, & her response made me feel a little sorry for her. She had been in two relationships prior to entering the dating scene. Both of her partners had cheated on her & got their lovers pregnant. She also told me how she met some assholes on dates & was weary of anyone with a temper. Having had my own disappointments of late, I felt like we might understand each other more than most people would. It was safe to say we had clicked & we both got our hopes up considerably prior to our date. We flirted heavily, talked about our days, discussed our views on relationships, our interests & how we both felt things should be if we decided we were a good match upon meeting.

I was pretty excited. Blondie ticked all of my boxes for being a happy, independent person who had been through a lot & come out the other side stronger. She was also very good looking; a blonde geeky look with a very curvy body. She worked for a charity & seemed to have a caring nature. Blondie seemed perfect & everything I could ask for.

The day prior to the date was horrendous. A depressed mood seemed to hang over me for no reason at all upon waking. I just felt uneasy & on edge all day. It began in the morning. Blondie had messaged me to say she put on a pound in weight & was freaking out. She had been exercising a lot & eating a good diet, but this ‘revelation’ first thing in the morning had thrown her into a bad mood & I felt as though it was directed towards me. I comforted her & told her not to worry. But on she went saying ‘I wouldn’t like her’ because ‘she’s a fatty’. It was all a bit over the top. From what I had seen in photos she didn’t look fat at all.

As the day went on, you couldn’t make it up. It was one thing after another. The Doctor had been in touch to say she had failed her English exams & would probably have to go back to her country for good. My grandmother phoned me to say she wasn’t settling in to the care home she had moved in to recently. A few things at work had backfired on me in terms of the accounts I manage, & after messaging him back in October, my real biological father decided to respond by telling me I needed a serious sit down with my mother as he wasn’t my dad.

Regardless, none of this killed my enthusiasm for the date. We met the following day, me travelling ninety minutes to meet her. She was twenty minutes away by car & arrived forty five minutes late. This already pissed me off. I don’t like being kept waiting at the best of times but especially so on a first date when trying to give a good impression & furthermore given I had already travelled relatively far.

On arrival she was quite clearly nervous. But the person who sat down opposite me was certainly not the person I had been speaking to for the previous two weeks. She was tense, on edge, couldn’t take a joke & made several comments regarding my first date etiquette. I asked Blondie what she meant by this & her response instantly turned me off. ‘You know the rules of this game. You should be respectful & treat me like a princess’. She went on; ‘After being hurt badly before, I won’t settle for anything less than being treated like a princess. It’s the least I deserve’. Despite being highly irritated by this attitude, I responded in a relaxed manner, telling her to ‘chill’ & be herself.

But in truth, that outburst had already made the decision for me. I could see this wasn’t the person I would want to be with. Sorry Blondie, but I am looking for my queen. But as I was there, I decided to have a bit of fun & see what would materialise. I excused myself to the bathroom. I saw she had messaged me by text saying ‘please don’t hate me’ with a winking emoticon.

Upon my return, I apologised for my jokes (jokes that in the weeks prior were quite acceptable over message or phone) & assured her that I didn’t hate her. She then immediately resumed her entitled demeanor by telling me I had ‘all of the lines over text but not in person’ & threatened how she was close to going home, despite only having been sat down ten minutes. The previous morning she had been telling me she couldn’t wait to see me so she could kiss me & give me a big hug. On arrival, she said she had changed her mind about this due to the mysterious ‘first date etiquette’ she repeatedly referred to.

However, she did seem to accept my forced apology & when we left the cafe we were in, I decided to try holding her hand to see what reaction it got. She held mine willingly, so I stretched to putting my arm around her & daringly giving her a kiss on the head. I could barely stifle my laughing, as she began screaming at me, telling me she had just told me she didn’t want this & that I had not listened to her. I had been but was beginning to feel duped. Where had this confident, independent woman I had been chatting with disappeared?

We got to a restaurant & sat down. Again, she raised her imaginary issues about my etiquette again. I ordered a beer & her a soft drink, but when the waiter went to get our drinks I couldn’t take anymore. ‘I’m going to be honest’ I said. ‘I feel really disappointed. You have been a great laugh all week & I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you. But the person you have been today is not the person I have been speaking to over these last days’.

She looked shell-shocked. Her response was pure gold; ‘I am me. But over a phone, it gives me a comfort blanket where I can hide. It’s easier to talk that way than in person. However, this is our first date and I expect a certain kind of treatment’. ‘A certain kind of treatment?’ I replied. ‘You have pretended to be someone you haven’t been for two weeks. I’ve been nothing more than myself. You arrive late & then start calling the shots about how you wish to be treated, & I’m supposed to just jump through hoops because that is what you apparently deserve? I think you should just go home’.

With that, Blondie got up, called me a ‘fucking cock’ & left the restaurant. She had blocked me on her phone before she had got two steps out the door. I paid the waiter for our drinks & went to a nearby pub to watch the football. I actually felt the most content & happy I had been all day.

In terms of the date, I felt like had been duped. Why pretend to be someone you are not?

Once, I had bought a pair of premium brand headphones made famous by a certain hip hop icon. The packaging was superb, the product looked good & it made big claims of bass & studio quality sound. Barely able to wait, I plugged them in & gave them a listen as soon as I got home. The sound was terrible. They looked good, were highly fashionable at the time but the most important part, the sound, was a real let down. I had conceded to the hype, branding & been lied to, just to part with my money.

With princess Blondie, I saw right through it before I had even opened the packaging. She certainly wasn’t fat either. Nicely curvy. I would have happily gone all the way through those hoops, had she not sold me a false version of herself.

As it stands, I am having some downtime from dating for the foreseeable. Well, that’s the intention. But whenever I lay low, that is usually when the best things seem to materialise out of nowhere. Watch this space…

~ Zan

The Giant Experiment: Update One

The kind of girl often used to advertise online dating sites, & precisely the same type you won't meet online.

The kind of girl often used to advertise online dating sites, & precisely the same type you won’t meet online.

Right then, it’s about time I updated you all on my experiences using the worst medium in the world, in the worst place in the world, as I truly test my abilities as a man of the women, in the truest meaning of the word. Not a little bitch who sacrifices his dignity & everything he naturally is, at the first sniff of pussy.

We started with a round figure of eighty five candidates, all matches on Tinder. Not wasting my time with personalising messages to each profile, I copied & pasted a generic ‘Hey, how’s it going?’.

Let’s start here. Wouldn’t I maximise my chances by personalising my profile, as is often suggested by various guides on the internet? Surely every princess wants to feel special & unique?

No. No, you wouldn’t. Want to know why? Let me break it down for you. Even the most basic of bitches gets an obscene amount of attention on Tinder, even if a lot of it is ‘what she doesn’t want’ e.g. sexual. Even that basic level of sexual attention is something a basic bitch isn’t going to experience before she get on Tinder, whence the dogs get bold & start spamming girls with the most basic of machine gun approaches. The basic bitch subconsciously starts to think she’s special, but bad news brown; you’re just part of the game.

As I like to occasionally do, an aside: do you honestly think all the ‘holier than thou’ women on Tinder who are ‘not looking for ONS’ (one night stands, for the uninitiated among you all) won’t fuck a guy they match with who takes their fancy? Of course they will, they’ll just delude themselves through the process. Meet up, convincing themselves of the possibility of more, go through X number of dates & enjoy the eventual sex. Bang for a while, after which the guy will lose interest & then their ‘hearts will be broken’.

But then, they’ll be doing the exact same thing a month later. With another dude. Don’t get sucked in by the bullshit. If a girl is truly falling in love with you, she’ll agree to practically any arrangement to be with you. The White Russian did this for me, turning up on my doorstep & offering me an open relationship, just to be with me. Probably a mistake not to take her up on that in hindsight. They are simply practicaltaking whatever they can from the situation & fully aware of how things will likely pan out.

From the eighty five, I have had significant conversations with nine of them. A significant conversation here is defined as more than two exchanges of messages. Of those nine, I’ve met five & expect to sleep with five. That’s not arrogance, but is simply the result of the meetings I’ve with them. Two were significant conversations that ended abruptly, which out of principle & also as a test I intentionally didn’t message again. The remaining two were a transexual who I actually would have met out of interest if nothing else but whom stopped communicating, & another girl who departed before we could meet, who happily we (virtually) parted on good terms. Needless to say, she was from the far East (Kazakhstan as I remember).

There were also two hookers peddling their wares, exchanging numbers saying they were going to be in town on a certain date. Their eagerness to give away their burner numbers was the obvious sign. Needless to say, they immediately got blocked & deleted.

So, our five winners, who i’ll keep short in respect of brevity; a twenty three year old Brazilian girl who is actually leaving next week. Was just to meet up for me to ‘cook her dinner’ at my place last week but I was a bit ill. I almost completely fucked it up with a rather too direct joke about her going to see a guy in Amsterdam, but managed to salvage it. So she’s now coming for ‘lunch’ in a couple of days, because SPC comes over later that same evening. I’ll have to make sure I’m well rested that day, given that the last time I saw SPC she was trying to get my dick out in the middle of a main station in gratitude of pleasant evening together. Plus we’ve already had sex, so I’m not expecting much sleep that night.

The following day, I meet the SingingChilean. We actually had similar taste in music & she also sings, which was actually really interesting. I couldn’t say she’s ugly but she’s not a mind blower. A cracking pair of breasts though, with a very similar figure to her who shall not be named, which will be fun for sure. I haven’t slept with her yet but will manoeuvre her back to my place during the day eventually gradually warm her up. The way she was looking at me when we first met & a couple of her own obvious references to her large breasts psychologically paved the way for me.

In the late evening of that same day, I’ll meet the Austrian. Who, although quite boring is definitely up for some fun. And to be honest, if I’m having a shitty day, is always on hand for a conversation at least. And frankly, she’s just come out of what sounds like a depressingly dull six year relationship, doesn’t seem bothered that I’ve clearly indicated I’m seeing other women, was practically fucking me when we went to a spa together. So I look forward to sex with a girl who frankly, won’t have a prayer of matching me in bed & I intend to blow her mind.

There is also a Slovakian, who as I did mention in a previous post again isn’t overly attractive & with whom I was rather bored on the date with, but who over text I have put a lot of groundwork into. The gym work paid off, as I sent her a couple of pictures (but not too much: no dick pics or even full shots). Since then she seems to want to check it out for real. We’ll see: can’t be bothered to put too much effort into this one.

Finally last night, I met a SwissGerman girl, of twenty three years old, who is leaving in one month & who openly admitted to me she ‘hasn’t got laid’ for a while. She’s a bit of a geek like I secretly / obviously am & so we got on really easily. She’s actually very hot too, with a killer body & a pretty face. We also had a few of those eyes contacts where you’re obviously eye fucking each other. I have this with SPC all the time & for the first time in a real, I’m a little apprehensive about me being dominated by her! But that’s fucking awesome, I haven’t had a girl fuck me properly for a while now. I expect much of the same from SwissGerman, although may need to slowly speed things up, in a perverse manner of description.

Although in forthcoming updates I’ll be sure to update you on the progress of these, I have another approximately fifty matches from the last two weeks lined up for round two.

~ Unjaded

Hurry The Fuck Up

No idea who this is, but don't care

No idea who this is, but don’t care – she’s hot.

On the way home, eight minutes from my stop & then a seven minute walk until I get in the door. About fifteen minutes to prepare my bag for the next day; a whole other bunch of shit lurking in the background that needs to be sorted out, thanks to her who shall not be named not paying her rent on our old apartment & potentially delaying the early handover to the prospective new tenants. A delay means seeing out the notice period in full & paying another two months rent. In between fucking the parasite (who probably still can’t believe his luck), she must be able to see the logic in paying up, on a purely financially beneficial level if nothing else. So far she’s holding firm, which is ridiculous but I’ll have to prepare for financially.

Furthermore the motherfuckers moving in next, who I’ve been nothing but nice to so far, pretty much demanded I arrange for the place to be cleaned before they move in. One week before they start moving in & two days before I leave the country for four days; giving me basically a day to sort something out. Motherfuckers.

A hastily arranged quote for a two bedroom apartment comes back at the equivalent of five hundred US dollars. Is that a fucking joke?? And governments wonder why people turn to the black market or hire illegal immigrants to do such work.

Back to time. My right hours in the job were consumed by nothing until early in the afternoon, when an avalanche of work drops into my inbox. Contending with the dickhead sitting opposite me, who seems to inexplicably have a vested interest in protecting other departments, except the one he’s employed by, from doing work & sending emails to that effect.

The project I’ve spent most of the last three weeks working on here, suddenly mothballed unexpectedly, due to resource reallocation on the other team involved.

I go to the gym, two hours of my day into something I admittedly enjoy but still time consuming & frankly, quite tough after four days of eating shit & doing nothing. I must admit sometimes I like to disappear from the world & so nothing, which was frankly the case yesterday, where I ate a massive (& it must be said; delicious) pizza while doing nothing for ten hours. I like to do that sometimes but it’s a massive time sink.

The gym ends & I immediately go into the centre to meet a girl I met online as part of the Great Experiment (more details on this generally in another post). She’s Slovakian; my last experience of this nation’s women being unfruitful. Must be said my visit to that country was great though. Lots of friendly people in an interesting place.

I looked at this girl’s pictures online & must say I didn’t think she was very hot. A six or so. But I thought ‘fuck it’ & have it a shot. On meeting, she had a pretty nice personality, although a tendency to tell stories & forget the person she’s taking to might like to connect occasionally on what’s going on. But it was a minor gripe & she was actually prettier in the face than her pictures suggested. I checked out her body as she went off to the bathroom & although slightly bigger than my typical target, I thought she’d make a decent fuck buddy. I would be happy to, & she implied as much during our time together.

Knowing I had little time left & still shit to sort out, I tell her I have to prepare some things for tomorrow & so must be off. Unusually as we leave she sparks up a cigarette; in my experience if a girl is interested (which later it turns out she was, given her follow up texts), she has a chewing gum & offers you the same.

Off I go, kisses on each cheek. I just need to get back & sort shit out. When I finally arrive home about thirty minutes later, we’re at the beginning of this post.

The morning was much the same. Forty five minutes are the minimum for me to get my shit together. Any delay & something gets sacrificed; I’ll forget my food, forget something for the gym, not eat a proper breakfast. Forty minutes to work, & then sitting there like a cunt, wondering when some work is going to come my way in the next eight hours, as bureaucratic forces beyond my control squabble for prioritisation & budget. That last bit, I don’t mind too much though, because I get to work on the things I like, such as writing, as well as sorting out the aforementioned shit.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Is there really no other way? We’re forced to learn some sort of specialisation, akin to a dog trying to learn how to be the most appealing at the sanctuary, so he gets picked by an adopter. We’re nothing more than this. Trying to make ourselves fit into the capitalistic model, for the most reward. Nothing more than dogs sniffing around for food.

I’m convinced much of this for men, revolves around either trying to impress girls, like we’re back in the school playground trying to be the toughest / coolest / delete ‘-est’ as appropriate to get the hot girls to like us, or we’re trying to emulate / be the opposite of our fathers. Ironically trying to not be them, we often become closer to them than we would like.

The joke of it all is, that women are probably the biggest waste of time of them all. I’m not rubbishing the value of finding an actually good partner who fulfils all your desires, takes care of you & shows you real love. Because this has value.

But I came to the realisation when on a date with the Slovakian girl, that I was sitting there using everything I knew (consciously or unconsciously) to just ultimately get her prepped for what was basically, a regular booty call. I pretty much figured out from the beginning she was not going to be relationship material (as with the vast majority of these online prospects), & so, presumably not to her awareness, dropping in various, genuinely subtle references to casual relationships & so on, which she didn’t seem adverse to.

The whole time though, I just kept thinking to myself; ‘I have shit to do, to be getting on with. Let’s get this out the way’ etc. I wasn’t going to bang her that night because it was cold as fuck, I was tired, stressed & just didn’t give a shit. Finally, I wasn’t really interested in anything she had to say. She was nice enough, hot enough & the chemistry was good enough. But I just wanted to get the fuck on with it. I know the process & a hope for more is important to girls, & I’m not a cold hearted person, so I make sure they enjoy themselves. But inside my only objective is grinding that pussy like crazy.

I don’t think as a man, that’s a condemnable way to approach it anyway. Girls learn at a young age sex is the main motivator for men, as we by nature are problem solvers. This closeness & need for intimacy also exists in men too though, no matter the most fervent of denials. And it’s is the only part we cannot solve alone. No tool or service can truly sate this most rare encounter of two energies intermeshing flawlessly, whether it be emotionally or sexually. The most fortunate among us will experience these simultaneously, for moments you will never forget.

The net result of the date was pretty good though. With her, another twenty three year old Brazilian girl I met the following night, an Austrian woman I met last week, the Ballet Dancer, Venezuelan & finally SPC (who I banged a few days ago – God, she is hot) all nailed on for some fucking, it’s pretty safe to say my pussy game is smoking hot once again.

Turkish Delight is getting her likely final visit in the next couple of weeks, before I set her free for a life of university sexual exploration, & there’s another girl from my gym I’ve been chatting with, who seriously has once of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen, let alone been with who I’m determined to convert. I made an absolute statement I would sleep with SPC, & I’ll do the same with this last girl.

On a final note, SPC has some sort of hypnotic effect on me. A few days after we finally ‘consummated’ the bristling sexual tension that had been growing rapidly between us, she came into the kitchen where I was having a meeting with two project managers. As she unexpectedly came in, I literally forgot what I was talking about & couldn’t hear anything the other two were saying, barely getting by with the most basic of agreeing sentences. There’s something about her blue eyes, red hair, smile, slim body but round ass that just knocks me out.

So we’re all good on that side of things. I’m really enjoying banging hot girls again. Once the mutual legacy financials have been sorted out from the old shared apartment, that side of things is looking more rosy too.

And honestly, all this fucking bullshit we have to go through day to day, & the challenges or changes we face, is precisely what life should be. No matter how hard it may be at times, to lead a conservative lifestyle & effectively do nothing after a certain age; you’re already dead.

I look forward to being near the end of my time, where I can look back & say with complete conviction, ‘I had a fucking crazy but amazing life’.

I wouldn’t wish for it any other way.

~ Unjaded

The Giant Experiment


An unfortunately increasingly common occurrence…

Like anyone, I go through waves of confidence being high or low, mostly depending upon if I follow through with what I say with actions, or other external factors, such as a breakup.

Additionally, I have my moments of wanting to be left alone. I am quite happy to entertain myself. At times, for up to weeks on end. However, when I’m in the zone, bypassing the above & have made a decision on achieving something, more often than not I achieve it. This is particular the case when it’s something within my areas of specialities.

This time, I’ve decided to truly test myself. I’ve decided I want to go back to fucking hot women. You can even throw a few less hot women in there too, because I’m all about the experience. And what better place to do it, than the worst place I’ve encountered for dating, the very place where I currently reside. Using one of the worst ways to fuck a girl; online dating.

I’ve chose the online medium of choice these days; Tinder. Whereas I have always kept an online profile as a low maintenance way of getting some side action, my recent mentality has meant a very low amount of effort or enthusiasm has gone into my exchanges, resulting in a low success rate.

This time I’m going all out. I’ve put a lot behind me recently & realised a lot of my problems resulted in how I mentally approached them. I envisaged myself as a greater aged version of who I am; I’m not a fifty year old man & shouldn’t have the mentality of one. It’s possible adequate rest, a clean diet & not worrying about everything needs to continue to be improved upon, but I’m fit, still young looking & attractive to the opposite sex. I owe it to myself to experience as much as possible before I really do get too old.

Over the last two weeks or so, I amassed eighty five matches on Tinder. Keeping in mind this experiment I wanted to conduct, I didn’t contact any of them. I was also interested in seeing in the meantime, if any of them would contact me.

A single one did; rated at about a five, a girl who’d ‘super liked’ me, initiated things with a ‘Hey’, to which I responded to within the hour with the same, appended with a ‘How are you?. Two days passed with no response, to which I replied ‘Is that it?’. After another day of no response, I deleted her.

She wasn’t included in my initial sample set of eighty five, but was indicative of the pattern I would have to follow to move anything forward. It’s patently clear after my year of being here, that no girl ever makes the first move. ‘But that’s fine’ I thought, I know how to get things done.

I kept in mind some basic principles, all of which will aready be known by regular readers of this blog. The need to differentiate oneself from the pack. The need to make a girl feel comfortable before escalting further. The need to avoid any explicit flirting too early on. The need to always ensure the girl has hope of something more. To maintain some air of indifference or casuality throughout. And despite my preferences, to not be too specific regarding honesty or relationship status, before you’ve had sex with them.

Despite what many women say, in my experience being entirely honest about your intentions from the outset as a man gets you to one place: absolutely nowhere. Women will just vanish, moving on to the next man, & sooner or later Billy Liar will be fucking her every week.

The game is not being honest, because I am of the belief a girl never starts to truly love you until after you’ve slept with her. Sure, she can be very into you before that, & in some (increasingly rare) cases will have to be in order for that to even happen. But it’s not called ‘sealing the deal’ for no good reason. The culmination of her finally giving up her main selling point to you & EITHER; her watching gleefully as you devour her like a starving man (a lot of women get pleasure enough from only this), OR (optimally) you banging her so well, she realises you stand firmly beyond the pack in bed. She drinks up both the above, & as I’ve said before, the power balance changes. Her main asset has, in part, been devalued somewhat. It’s still highly powerful, as we see men throughout time driven to even murder by their woman or ex woman using her vagina as a weapon – the very witnessing of this can drive a man to temporary insanity. But in that moment at least, when the storm is calm, before any drama or difficulties, it’s a defining moment.

The key is not to be so specifically honest from the beginning, but to not breach such subjects. I suspect women even expect a certain amount of malleabilty with the truth; they know a primary motivator for men is sexual attraction. Women don’t want to hear specifics. Being primarily emotionally driven creatures, they want to lose themselves in the moments; in the illusions we all indulge in. In many ways, I admire this & prefer it to reduction of attraction to a mechanical process, as is often the attempts or approach as such, of many men. It’s these moments that really make those which we remember as we lay on our deathbeds.

Plus I can say categorically, that the best sex & head I’ve generally received have been from either; girls who have been total sluts & with loads of guys, or girls who feel totally loved up with me. There’s something about when a girl is feeling that way about you, that seemingly inspires her to worship your cock like it’s the fountain of youth itself. I do remember taking a colleague out on a day trip to France one day, where I didn’t really do much more than take a walk in the park, had lunch & hugged her a couple of times. Thanks to complete lack of approach in my general gender to previously employ any of the aforementioned in her past & her resultantly low expectations, I was getting my cock practically sucked off my body later that evening; her hands thrusting my hips towards her mouth. It was absolutely absurdly good.

Technology is advancing however. At what rate, we can’t predict. Perhaps not in any of our lifetimes, but at some point sex & reproduction are going to be something that can be substituted by artificial replacements. It’s already happened to some degree, with the introduction of realistic sex dummies, vibrators & test tube pregnancies. When those advancements finally mature, relationships as we know them will become far less common. But those that remain will be some of the strongest known, because they’ll be for the right reasons.

Getting back on point, my approach was to be as generic as possible, while still putting enough of what I’ve learnt & my own personality to make me intriguing. It’s basically making the girl feel central to you, showing enough (not too much) interest & moving quickly to take advantage of the infatuation period.

I’ve now begun & won’t detail here the specifics yet. But from the initial sample set of eighty five, four were fake & ten have responded. Of those ten, there are different rates of progress, ranging from one who seems to be falling in love with me already, to another who replies about once a day. I’ll detail every worthwhile experience in coming posts.

Things I’ve already realised; it’s time & effort intensive, even by online dating standards. The reason for this is because of my multi targeted approach. Just targeting one or another would be straightforward & not so much of a big deal. But maintaining the required levels of attention (within a medium which is the most competitive of all; there’s ALWAYS someone ready to take your place, which further emphasises the notion of striking while the iron is hot), means it takes time from the day. Add to this that I’m not intending to let go of my other girls (SPC, SwissItalian & BalletDancer being the main one’s right now, as well as Venuezuelan from back home. Plus Verman is still expecting a visit soon), & it’s going to require some effort. Based on history to date though, I am expeecting of course, a few rejections or last minute cancellations so they should be filtering themselves out over time. Plus, I don’t intend to keep many except the cream of the crop around for too long.

Forthcoming; more details on the candidates!

Flying High Once Again

The first man who truly inspired me into the journey of masculinity.

The first man who truly inspired me into the journey of masculinity.

Goodness, I haven’t posted for a while have I? Well friend, you can attribute that to a number of things.

First of all, the process of getting rid of my old apartment I shared with The Mexican was rather long winded. Her total lack of communication may have in fact made things easier, as there have been no conversations about who gets what & so on. I arrived to conduct the first of two viewings this week (that’s how it works in this joke of a country, you do all the work – more on the joke country later), only to find all the furniture had been taken.

This was great, as I was mentally preparing myself for putting all kinds of random furnishings on the local equivalent of eBay (local cartels, sorry ‘businesses’ ensure there isn’t really any competition in the joke country). One thing off my plate. I then proceeded to utilise my immense sales skills to sell it to practically everyone in attendance.

She has refused to pay the rent, & also has left me a list of things I’m apparently liable for, such as her moving costs. This is an attempt at financial manipulation through her perception of me feeling as guilty as I once did.

Unfortunately that chapter was fought through & as with everything bad, defeat of it will make you stronger. I am completely better now. And hence, she will soon discover what being a signatory & ‘jointly liable’ for a rental contract means.

The same night, I moved all of my things, with the appreciated help of the Ballet Dancer. She has been immense since I’ve been here, & although I could have practically done it all alone, her moral support was appreciated as much as anything. I thanked her with a serious fucking, after I suggested she go & try wearing her coat with nothing underneath.

That was quite funny actually. She absolutely loves me fucking her, but yet constantly fights to not orgasm. You can see her struggling to stop herself, although I have defeated her a few times. She’s got a great body, I’ll continue seeing her while I’m in the joke country.

Joke country? Oh you mean latent racists, with an inexplicable belief of superiority, because of their wealth accrued by historically storing looted war treasures & laundering illegal money, but yet are some of the most naive & stupid people I’ve ever met, meaning they have to rely on almost twenty percent of their population being from abroad to provide skill sets, but yet resent those same migrants who have made them rich?

Yes, that’s the joke country. I always maintain anonymity, but put the pieces together & you can probably work out where it is. No one’s here because they like it; it’s the most inert, stale & boring place I’ve ever, EVER been to. It just has money for people coming from countries that don’t, & that’s it.

The dating scene is LAUGHABLE. Don’t worry, I’m a fucking king of game & still getting mine, as I’ll go into shortly. But my observations here are simply hilarious. The men here are utterly personality free; like they’ve selected a character class in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, & steadfastly refused to budge from a single approach. You have;

  • The over gelled corporate twat; who must spend most of his evenings pressing his suits & trying different brands of hairstyling products.
  • The try hard hipster; who professes to be highly artistic but spends most of his time hanging around bars acting ‘street’, before going home to his parents multimillion denominated home.
  • The gym jock; banging down steroids like there’s no tomorrow, flexing his thigh muscles in the gym mirrors but whose face would entirely implode if I even threw a punch in his vicinity.
  • The hip hop boy; an utter shell of a man, listening to hip hop as though he’s from the streets of Compton itself but must be careful crossing bridges, else his oversized clothes & stick thin frame blow him into the water as he gets caught by the wind.

Ok, you can see these stereotypes anywhere. But here they’re harder than anywhere I’ve been, crystallised in a society of otherwise total controlled inertia. These are the ‘accepted’ rebels. Fucking pathetic.

And the women; sweet Jesus man. Don’t even get me started. Genuinely beautiful girls, as genetics far & wide mix to create some truly beautiful creations. And that’s where the positives stop.

Completely consumed by entitlement, as everyone is ‘daddy’s little princess’ in a country of already smug fuckers, they continue through like lifeless robots, eyes blank & with all the personality of a balloon with an expressionless face drawn on with a marker pen. Despite the majority speaking English, they choose not to communicate as a normal person, with basic manners.

For example, I went up to girl in the gym a little while ago;

Unjaded: Hi… You speak English?

Balloon A: Yes.

Unjaded: Sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t help notice you’re doing that exercise wrong. Can I give you some advice?

Balloon A: Yes.

Unjaded: Blah blah blah… I’m Unjaded by the way.

(put hand out to shake). She shakes it.

Balloon A: OK.

And that was it! Not even ‘I’m Balloon‘! I know what it’s like to get blown out, & trust me – even the most disinterested of bitches will in my experience, maintain some modicum of basic etiquette! And that is indicative of this whole fucking place I’m in right now. It’s literally sexless.

It’s true recently I have lost enthusiasm & my standards have rocketed, because frankly I’d rather spend my time on things like creating & my money on investments. But the amount of flakes & timewasters is unreal. I’ve been let down by about three girls in the last two weeks & so now am employing the common ‘double insurance’ strategy, where I book two dates for the same night & wait for one to inevitably cancel.

I’m sure eye contact by women here is illegal, given the utter, utter lack of it. I’m just waiting for someone to run up to me in the street one day & tell me I’ve exceeded my allowance for looking at girls for the day & must pay a fee.

I’ve NEVER been to country more money hungry & fine obsessed than this one. The other day I had to inform the local government I’d changes addresses, all online. I had to pay the equivalent of twenty five dollars for this. What the fuck is that for?? Money hungry motherfuckers.

Back to the girls. Although in fairness I haven’t been out hardly at all given recent requirements, & so been leaning more on day game & online, it’s been a mixed bag.

Venezuelan; I’ll probably marry this girl one day. She’s one of the most down to earth & lovely people I’ve ever met. Gorgeous too, aka Sofia Vergara levels of hotness. Despite the fact I usually go for women a lot younger than me, her life experience is refreshing as fuck. We don’t argue & she appreciates everything about me. Also critically, she completely forgave me for lying to her for a year. That’s fucking impressive.

Ballet Dancer; all good in the hood as mentioned earlier. Seems quite happy with the low maintenance fuck buddy role, so far be it from me to change that.

Turkish Delight; spoke with her last night, she’s really into me. Perhaps now, too much. She’s moving to Europe to study, meaning things will require more effort & there could be crossover if I’m not careful. Regrettably it looks as though I’ll have to end it soon. I’ll be gentle when I do, don’t want to break a young heart. Will have to pay her a visit one more time.

FrenchSwissSpanish; How predictable. It wonder how painful it must be for those in the world who are a total caricature of life. Was due to meet up with her one evening, probably in all likelihood to seal the deal after some groundwork & about three hours beforehand, she cancels saying she’d been seeing someone else & didn’t think it was fair. I replied by asking her if she’d just realised this now, to which she said we never agreed to be exclusive & she wanted to do the right thing. I replied by saying I agreed, but now I’d wasted my evening.

Pretty cutting by me in hindsight, but we’ll deserved. Guilt obviously caught up with her, or perhaps she’s fucked someone the previous night & her little moral compass wouldn’t have been able to handle fucking me the following night. Blindly obviously from the beginning though, so whatever.

There was another German girl who everything was going well with, but went back to celebrate the end of winter carnival (still feels fucking cold to me), to then message me (a whole day after I’d texted her) saying she thought it’s better we didn’t see each other anymore, as she didn’t feel as excited as she thought she should do at this stage.

This was despite the last time we saw each other, her throwing herself onto me & kissing me. Again, obviously got drunk, at the very least hooked up with some guy & wanted to do ‘the right thing’. So patently clear.

In this day & age, never be fooled by this kind of shit. Your typical modern day girl will never leave herself without a cock to ride. Her main concern is to alleviate the nagging little voice in her head that deep down, is telling her the truth (that yes, she is a slut) & her trying to make herself feel better by ‘doing the right thing’.

Don’t be fooled, she has no genuine concern for you whatsoever & this process is entirely self serving. As I’ve mentioned (& admittedly have somewhat forgot in recent times), men must strike while the iron is hot & sleep with the woman as soon as possible, while she is in the infatuation stage with you. The act of sex will invalidate her biggest card she has in this intangible game of cards, as she rarely has much more to offer the strong man.

On a side note, I probably have spread myself a little too thinly recently in my race to bang my way through the otherwise dreadful existence within the joke country. I think from now, it’s time to trim the fat & convert some of these girls.

One of whom I’ve laser focused my efforts on in this way, probably due to the huge attraction I have for her, is SPC, who is absolutely gorgeous. Because of her son & working like a dog, she doesn’t have much spare time. The fact that I’m travelling doesn’t help matters either. But I will have sex with this woman, because I know for certain she wants to also. And I want to romance her a little in the process. We meet later this week, where I might have to be a little direct.

I met up with SBW also a couple of weeks ago & had an enjoyable night, ending in here straightforwardly inviting me back to her place for the night. There was no way I could pull it off without making waves with Venezuelan however, so I deferred. She’s since gone away to Russia for work & has intermittently replied. I’ll get a bit more direct next week with her & whether she flakes or not, there’s another (slimmer) version of her in exactly the same town who is very interested, so we can create some synergies there.

In the interests of brevity (probably too late for that but hey), a SwissItalian interested in me, who I could sleep with tomorrow. But I’m hesitant, as although the ‘iron’ is most certainly ‘hot’ with her, she’s on some social media of mine & we all know how much of a friend to me that has been. So perhaps if I shut down everything, I’ll be alright.

Also, a Youthful Lawyer who is a bit far away but interested. A Canadian Barmaid who certainly is, but on a relationship level. And a Cropped Serbian, named as such on behalf of her hairstyle.

Now currently en route to see a German girl who I knew from my old central Europe days, who wanted to see me again. Being a man of action, I make it happen.

~ Unjaded