Return On Investment

The world exists in the state it does, thanks to the ordinary heroes we never hear about. Construction worker, engineer or else; social media isn’t going to save you when these guys have enough.

It’s said the way you see the true nature of a man is by giving him power. I would propose many of today’s politicians have come through a ego driven environment, where words & status are the most valued aspects, rather than any sort of real action. The very nature of democracy does in some ways inhibit the ability to decisively impose change upon a society. As I alluded to in my previous post, division or indifference are the biggest enemies of the people. Any type of unity is a threat to those who unite to impose change in a mutually beneficial arrangement. There are more of us than there are of them, but without any type of counter force, when everyone who shows interest is going to make money, no one is going to say no out of principle concern for others.

Boundaries are always tested & will change if they are unchecked. Personal or societal, we see it in media, life & personally. I for example, didn’t go from being practically unable to speak to girls, to getting them to come over & fuck me for a couple of hours each week. It was a process, in which over time boundaries were tested & stretched again & again. Particularly up until 2014 but also beyond, insofar as women went, I simply didn’t care. If they would do what I wanted them to do & fulfill a role, then I would take them up on it & the new order was established. Everything else would be judged upon that new baseline.

Society has been much the same. We went from fight scenes in films being of old fashioned fisticuffs being the normal level of violent confrontation, to being graphically disemboweled in glorious high definition. In the case of the former, someone dying was a greatly significant event; often the pinnacle of the narrative upon which the rest was built. But now, generic masses are slaughtered in a variety of ways. This can still be entertaining, as the nature of cinema & film overall, is to provide fantastic escapism. But that is only part of it, with a limited range of possibility. Some may argue that technological advancements increased the range of possibilities available, which is true – practically anything can be recreated in film in our modern age. But these fantastic realities are seen as the points of a shape which used to be a circle, with the points of the shape being pulled ever further outward. The number of genres upon which our example of film has been distilled into is debatable but whatever it is, those that remain now only look to push their boundaries further – the action films look to have bigger & better special effects, the art-house films look to introduce or push further taboos, & so on. The net result is the overall body of that sphere (of art, in this example) doesn’t get fed. It becomes over analysed, as marketing departments try to isolate the elements that will provide maximum return on investment & interfere with the purity of creativity.

An example is the old Hollywood epics that were produced around the 1970’s. While these were grand beyond compare at the time & could feasibly also be accused at least in part of doing little more than pushing the boundaries of grandeur, these productions still stayed within the limits of normal humanity. There are rarely instances where a hundred thousand people would be united in baying for the victory / blood of fictional protagonists, but that the hundred thousand people depicted in the production were actually there, gave the intangible feeling of immersion. Yes this was likely to be something rare to the viewer, but it was entirely possible & so roused something primeval in the watcher. Even through the lens of film, people could feel that intangible energy emanating from such an enormous gathering of people in one place. It had true power.

Now, that crowd would almost certainly be animated. The idea would be that while obviously a cost saving measure, animating a much larger crowd would stir a similar reaction from watchers, but it’s fake. It doesn’t inspire the same reaction; the one that reverberates within us when we see something real & relatable, epic or otherwise.

This happens in all the spheres of life & society, through different mechanisms which I’ll spare your eyes & my fingers the energy of going through, but ultimately it’s about normalising apathy. “They’re politicians, what do you expect / there’s nothing we can do” is the most destructive thing anyone can do. The constant redefinition of boundaries & what is acceptable seeps into the minds of newer generations, who unless they actively & independently educate themselves, have never known anything different. They become numb to reality & life. Everything follows the pattern of apathetic maximum return of investment, to which people have become accustomed & simplification is only employed when something or someone does not need to be sold to someone else. Everything is viewed as what return it will bring to someone, irrespective of any impact or lack of effect it will have upon it’s target.

Look at any celebrity. If there is a school shooting, in the vast majority of cases they’ll release a social media post, normally along the lines of ‘our prayers are with you’ or some other horseshit. Even in the incredibly unlikely event they do pray & do mention the afflicted, who the fuck are ‘our’ in the ‘our prayers’ & what tangible effect is it having? Donate some fucking money, get your sorry ass down to ground zero or shut the fuck up, because your token post is only offensive to the people who regularly & unfortunately always have to pick up the pieces; the local community. It really is disgustingly offensive how these celebrities offer their condolences from their ivory towers that were built by the very same people who they now patronise. It’s nothing more than a PR activity of them hedging their bets against a possible public outcry that they didn’t acknowledge it & their own image is tarnished. How disgustingly cynical.

What’s worse is because these boundaries are constantly being tested, you have idiots who are defending politicians, corporations & media figures, for what I can see for no reason other than stupidity. The only reason this world doesn’t fall into total disarray is because most people revert to their internal moral compass when faced with a common, external threat. But you now have people expressing views without any foundational information, condemning others universally by way of a category they’ve been prescribed by someone, often someone who has had absolutely no interaction with the receiver.

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when an adult man can no longer enjoy the company of children without at least a suspicious eye being occasionally cast in his direction, because of a few outlier extremists who had abused children; a situation incidentally that had also periodically happened at the hands of women too but rarely given the same level of exposure. That there are people who by default, accuse the male gender of all being rapists by default – an insult to anyone who has undergone a rape & of course, most frequently employed by armchair, middle class, white women who’ve probably never done a real job in their life, nor experienced genuine discrimination or hardship.

Isn’t it pathetic, that I have to endure a girl, barely in her twenties, astonishingly believing she needs to ‘educate’ me on how the patriarchy is dominating her & how I should change my behaviour because of my oppressive privilege, yet has never left the comfort of being surrounded by equally deluded people? A girl whose ideas & doctrine have almost exclusively come from behind a keyboard, attempting to educate a man who has traveled the world, been to places where people struggle to eat, experienced crippling debt, vast sums of disposable income, euphoric emotional & sexual highs, been within days of killing oneself, & lived at both ends of a number of spectrums, condemning me as X, Y or Z, because of little more than her idiocy believing what others who would not be relevant or have a career without feminism told her is happening? When under scrutiny, almost all evidence in practically every area of accusation points to male discrimination.

I apologise for nothing. I will not change my behaviour for anyone. I will not accept what is so patently untrue, ever.

~ Unjaded

The Chaos

Andressa Urach, fresh out of Brazil & with a point to prove, apparently. No doubt something to do with leveraging her sex appeal & nothing of actual real value.

Well, these last few days have been very interesting. The general optimism from the holiday period has now safely dissipated & left in it’s wake days of utter routine, tolerated only because of the exchange of real life for monetary gain. While still professional, I have now firmly confirmed within myself that to work full time in the corporate world is one of the least rewarding & utterly dullest ways to live one life. Those within in often look outside, idolise alternative lifestyles but except for those few who simply cannot tolerate it any longer & who would otherwise (& often do) psychologically snap, they never consider taking the jump & simply embracing risk.

Risk. What a concept. Normally associated with the financial impact of a change & secondly with infidelity, it is in it’s very nature exciting. The illicitness of the bored housewife’s parlay with someone not her husband resonates deeply within her bones, despite it in reality being increasingly risk free thanks to the concurrence of men to a lopsided legal system, their own lack of self esteem & the general lack of honour among men today.

I don’t claim to be an honourable man. In the socially conditioned definition, one would class me as utterly dishonourable; laying with the wives of other men & morally ambivalent of their conduct, providing I get what I want. Put simply, I have reached the point of simply not caring about who or when a girl who is barely more than a sexual partner with me, has sexual actions with others. I also don’t care for those whom I don’t know; an overarching principle in life. As I’ve pertained to before, I don’t care about the person who falls into the train tracks or the person who gets hit by a car. There’s plenty of people who will rush to the aid of someone, who they have no idea or notion about. The man who you just rushed to pull out of a building on fire could have just raped a girl. It’s entirley plausible that he is deserving of such a fate. This is seen as dishonourable too, because the very notion of being honourable in the typical Western driven society is one of social responsibility, which itself has come from politically correct concepts.

Never underestimate the power of people’s ego. As we are increasingly all told how individual & special we are by default, the nagging feeling within most seeks them to do things to convince themselves the value of some things gives them intrinsic value beyond what should be the purpose of doing something. In other words, they attempt to fill a hole they clearly feel within their character by subscribing overblown value to what they do, & equally as importantly why they do it. There is a seed planted long ago within them that they cannot be humble enough to face up to & show humility in that intrinsic value is earned through actions & doing those actions for their real purposes. Instead they superficially align themselves with socially popular (note; I don’t choose the word ‘relevant’ here intentionally) causes & make sure they are seen doing it, speaking about it & appearing central to it, while not risking any comforts of their own life. The goal is reassuring the ego through putting oneself in a situation where another cannot publicly criticise what is being done, nor the reasons behind despite everyone knowing deep down why.

The easiest example is celebrities, assuaging themselves through a token appearance here or there. Most charities formed for genuine causes struggle, so it would be remiss of them to turn down the opportunity for more exposure regardless of the motivation of the ‘celebrity’. Thanks to social media constantly reminding us, the desire to be special has become so wildly out of control, this filters through to those using it. Look on Instagram or Facebook & the vast majority of what you see is people sharing content that is completely unrepresentative of their own life. We all know it’s a mutual fantasy world, as the competition for likes fuels our desire to feel special. The mutual stroking of egos is like a mutual masturbation session, as a value is placed upon a like by one’s perceived social standing; a ‘celebrity’ like raises feeling of euphoria in the supposed common person, but in reality it means fuck all. Compare these dickheads to people such as Mother Theresa or Ghandi, who while did receive a significant of media attention, conducted themselves according to their beliefs and/or goals. I’m not even advocating them as stand up examples on the basis of what they did being immune to social criticism. I’d equally hold up Warren Buffet or even Bill Gates as examples in the same way, whereas other might criticism them on account of their fortunes. That’s nothing more than them acknowledging their own jealousy. While particularly in the latter case there were elements of fortune, he set a goal & made the actions to pursue them. His chances of being in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’ were increased by the decisions he made. This for me is honour. It’s living your life with authenticity, without direct intent to harm others.


Like practically any corporation, they couldn’t care less about you. Whatever you do, more meat will be fed into their metaphorical grinder to take your place & without doing anything tangible, you will be forgotten within weeks at most.

Is it any surprise social media is more popular with women? Although these days I’m going away from a gender conflict towards a growing intelligence gap in the cause behind some of this shit, it can’t be ignored statistically that social media is far more common with women, & single men. The latter, we know precisely why despite it unquestionably being truly the worst way to meet a girl. What’s women’s excuse? Knowing they have done nothing to achieve any value of note & the core of any experiences have been rooted around opening their legs, akin to a heroin addict they need harder & harder doses to distract them from acknowledging that.

These types of social media, ‘like’ driven people are to me, far more dishonourable than anyone who lives their life through their own choices. Me not assisting some idiot in the street who falls on his ass for whatever reason, who frankly speaking is unlikely to be an interesting or valuable person to society purely on percentages alone, is me being authentic to myself. The woman who makes the decision to come & fuck me while she’s getting divorced or her boyfriend is back home & thinks she’s gone shopping; is simply not my responsibility. My primary responsibility is to myself in order to empower myself as much as possible, in order to enable me to fulfill my secondary responsibility – to those who care for me & I for them. Only then, do tertiary responsibilities even begin to enter the picture & those can be whatever I wish, or none. Personally, it’s firstly animals, then some children & rarely old people. Able bodied people who are capable of making their own decisions deserve everything they get, whether it be physical injury from not being specially aware or mental anguish from making stupid decisions. Learning from these, will be the making of you.

I take responsibility for being the sum of my actions. I’m a good singer because I spent ten fucking years trying, being lambasted by armchair critics & persevering. I’m shit at learning languages because I don’t have a passion for them & so struggle to really absorb the information. People talk bullshit in every language. It’s like a relief for me not understanding most of what I hear, as at least then I can maintain elevated hope that most people are in fact not cretinous morons repeating verbatim what they heard on the TV or read in the free newspaper yesterday & will make them more popular with their colleague or drinking buddies, as is the case with what I’m regularly hearing in my native language.

I originally thought about writing this post as about how there is no longer honour among men. But then I reconsidered, as in fact the notion of honour has been long dead. Men have always killed or betrayed each other, usually for pride. Women it seems, like to destroy happiness too. A friend of mine has recently got into a relationship & being a firm user of social media, changed his relationship status to reflect this. While I would have encouraged him to entirely delete his social media, the reaction of the various women he was connected with was unprecedented. Out they came with their direct proposals, as they realised someone they possibly could have was now slipping out of their grasp. Why didn’t they do this when he was clearly single? If they liked him, even for casual relations, they should have made it clear when they realised they liked him. But I would wager, at least half the reason they push hard for him now is because they are unhappy for the very same reasons I outlined above. Their miserable egos, dissatisfied with the gnawing feeling within of not strived towards what they want, now wish to see others unhappy. They may think for example, that because society educated them that as being an ‘entitled woman’, all they needed to do was download Tinder & put up some semi naked or well angled pictures depending on their physical strengths. They tried it & before long became disillusioned because either the quality of men they met was low due to the medium, or the better men they met quickly realised that their wasn’t even a kind or loving person within, & quickly consigned them to the ‘pump & dump’ category as it is often called. Their bitterness consumes them & they try to use their sexuality to tempt the man into cheating, so they can fuel their belief that all men are the same. So dishonour exists within both genders, manifesting itself in different ways as per the instigator’s abilities. Women can’t generally use violence upon men, so they use their other weapon. It carries even further weight, as should she succeed, the man is then universally blamed for not controlling ‘his’ rampant libido.

I don’t justify my own actions through these words, but simply live outside the normal moral constructs & accept the consequences of my actions should they cause myself or others pain. It’s not ideal but nothing is. As a person, you should think about what you are doing & question if your motives are clear. Anything of motive having a value greater externally than internally, should be opened to complete change or abandon.

~ Unjaded

The Illusion Of Superiority

'I don't really like it like this...' 'Raaagh!'

‘I don’t really like it like this…’ ‘Raaagh!’

Standing on the tram, going to meet a Polish woman whose either just got divorced or came out of a long term relationship, given her general attitude.

A seat becomes available, so I sit down next to an average looking woman, legs sprawled across the legroom for both seats. No doubt indicative of her usual positioning. As I politely perch myself on the seat designed for one person, it’s seemingly far beyond my right to dare to try to actually use the legroom allocated for my seat, as she makes literally no attempt to allow me to sit down. Eventually she shuffles herself as far away from me as possible, clutching tightly onto her bag, as though I’m some sort of lecherous drunk whose eyeing up her bag. Nothing could be farther from the truth on either level, as her shining personality only reinforces the distaste left in ones eyes when they are laid upon her. The perfect example of how a plain woman can mire herself in the other detritus through being a fucking bitch.

For me, a good character makes all the difference. Any day of the week, I’d rather spend my time, rather fuck & rather anything, with a less attractive woman who has a good character. That day in fact, I met the Polish girl & she was a little less attractive than what I’d expected her to be. Despite this though, she’d already earned some points by being somewhat proactive in her messaging. This was particularly impressive given that she was a Tinder girl, although I did note I’d lost her match. Upon meeting, she told me she’d found out about Tinder through her ex-boyfriend using it while he was with her in the three years they’d spent together. Now I’m hardly one to preach of course, but I do find these stories a bit sad. If you are going to mess about behind your girlfriend’s back, at least hide it. When I was with The Mexican, I was installing & uninstalling it constantly after I lost the will to stay true.

Incidentally in case you were wondering, she never did get back to me when I recently contacted her. That chapter is truly closed for me now in any case.

The Polish woman wasn’t physically anything spectacular but as mentioned, the personality made me want to screw her. I’ve realised recently I’ve not been active enough in engineering situations where I can convert my legwork. So I’ll be fairly forthwith moving forward, with a three meeting maximum. A good example is the Armenian who’ve I’ve recently lost momentum with following all kinds of dating action; approximately five meetings with the maximum being some passionate kissing. I’m meeting her again tomorrow after inviting her to my place, except she declined & we’re meeting in the city instead. For me it’s not a big deal as I like to eat out anyway, but if after tomorrow she doesn’t accept my next invitation to come to my place, I’m cutting loose with new knowledge in hand.

Furthermore, I’ve decided to just stop wasting time & energy on women who I have slept with, but whom are not responsive & fairly obviously have some other shit / people on the go. Examples of this are a woman from Mozambique who I met in my gym & who pretty much just offered herself up on a plate. To be fair, she was cool as fuck. Forty two years old, tattoos all along one leg & hadn’t had sex for two years. A earth shattering orgasm from her resulted in me not being able to finish; this usually happens when I’m too tired. In any case, I enjoyed it a lot.

I could tell you almost exactly the same story about the Argentinian girl I’d had at my place for dinner a few weeks ago, who barely replies to anything I write now. The simple outcome is, why should I waste my time? I like to be nice but this natural attrition is useful for conserving my energy to indulge my preference; getting with new women.

I addressed both these problems earlier today by just going for it & inviting a thirty eight year old Kazakh women to my house for lunch, with whom I’d met up with twice & enjoyed some passionate kissing with. She’s a typical older woman who no doubt was highly attractive when younger but has gone downhill somewhat since then. However, she has a lovely feminine personality & when you’re banging them well, the years just melt away as they feel young once again. A surprisingly tasty steak I prepared was followed by a coffee, then me bringing her to orgasm with my hand. She couldn’t have sex at this time, so she repaid the favour with an excellent blowjob. We chatted a bit afterwards & soon after, I walked her back to the station & everyone was happy.

Another woman added to the stable. I’m interested in experiencing as much as possible while I have the opportunity. I’m not interested in wasting my valuable time with delusional timewasters, an example of which I’ll be telling you about very soon.

~ Unjaded

Archive: Monogamy

One of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

One of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

As I sit around in my hometown, clutching my newly acquired US work visa in hand & awaiting for the next chapter of my story to begin once all the associated parties get their shit together, not a great deal happens in the world of sex. Although the Venezuelan has been christened & is getting banged (a lot), I’m openly admitting there’s not much ‘Playa Playa G’ action taking place at the moment, as I focus my efforts on making more money.

However before all you young bucks collectively groan at what you may perceive as a forthcoming lack of advice on how to make love to as many women as possible, rest assured this relatively quiet period allows me to lay out some fundamental advice over the next few posts.

We start today with an old post, now remastered in high definition as the unedited version. This post originally appeared in an edited form on Return Of Kings, a site I contribute to on a semi-regular as a guest writer. It was edited due to length. This original version is long as fuck, but despite being over a year old I feel it contains a lot of important & relevant information any young male should be aware of, regardless of his goals with the opposite sex.

Believe me when I say, a lot of what I write here I’ve learnt the hard way. Take advantage & don’t put yourself through the same shit. Enjoy!

The concept of being monogamous has traditionally been associated with women; while men have been cast as the villains of relationships, as the polygamists. While I personally am not one to cast all those sharing some characteristics as being the same, there is historical reasoning behind this, with many men of great contribution being disposed to a variety of women.

There is an argument for a correlation between great achievement / contribution to society & a distain or difficulty for exclusive or ‘serious’ relationships, a concept generally & ultimately desired by the vast majority of women in some manner.

As we all know well, barring any unusual circumstances, testosterone is at much higher levels in men than women & biologically, we are hardwired to want to have sex with women (as with all mammals) to continue the human race. There are trains of thought among established academics who suggest the diversion of this tendency away from sex & into other pursuits provide the foundation of creation & in some cases, genius.

This argument supports some way, why many of the facets of our world today were originated by men. Regardless of the feminist arguments revolving around how only men historically had the opportunity (an argument beyond the scope of this piece), the indisputable fact remains men are biologically different, & as a result of growth from this difference, psychologically different to women.

In their efforts to homogenise all of Western civilisation, today’s feminists have propagated much reverse discrimination. The overly politically correct environments we find created in many of our workplaces attest to this, & the very nature of most Western women’s attitude towards monogamy confirms this further – a minefield of technicalities designed by feminists to justify their own actions.

The most obvious of examples is the well known bias of the legal system during divorce proceedings, a notion widely acknowledged by many men at best, as fighting a losing battle, with many men unfortunate enough to be in this situation simply conceding defeat in lieu of the pending inevitability of the conclusion; the woman elatedly taking ‘what she is entitled to’, before arranging a celebratory tryst with her new lover later that evening.

This often discussed sense of entitlement has used political correctness as it’s vehicle to change how female infidelity has been framed. With the media’s only goal being to garner views or sell units, any expansion in the boundaries of political correctness are fully welcomed, as with this expansion unitarily comes more opportunities to highlight ‘shocking’ stories of, for example, male infidelity. Because of the female tendency to absorb speculation or fiction, these stories are lapped up by women who use them to justify their beliefs about male attitudes towards monogamy & in turn, what is acceptable for themselves to do. The cycle is self perpetuating in a spiral fashion.

The net result of this is the normalisation of female infidelity, based on a perception of all male attitudes towards the same subject, dismissing any possibility a modern male may indeed have their own principles on monogamy. The entire male consciousness is aggregated into a single sweeping presupposition for females to do as they wish. This gets reinforced daily by the media buy in, with women portraying themselves as helplessly buffeted victims of the uncontrollable whirlwind of adulterous men, endlessly fuelled by the collective & unforgiving male libido.

We see this victim mentality manifested all the time, in every aspect of the media & in our own lives. Starting from tired media storylines of female focused love triangles, the burnt out clichés of women having extra marital affairs or in the case of no marriage, the disguise of unauthentic behaviour; the effect begins to filter through into our real lives, all the while the pretence being masqueraded as an excuse for women to justify to themselves & their peers they are not sluts.

Such behaviours self-excused through technicalities include;

  • Male ‘friends’ who are kept on hand as reserve options, fucked soon after the relationship has ended (within hours in some cases).
  • Having sex with another man while on holiday because ‘he’d probably do the same thing’.
  • Sleeping with another guy because “he’s out with his single friends & they probably are” (guilt by association).
  • Being unfaithful in a relationship because ‘I’m not getting enough / as good sex anymore (irrespective of the women’s input in that situation).

…& so on, with the cover-all to fall back on ‘I was drunk’.

If a man is to cheat in a relationship, it is because he is a cold, heartless, animalistic beast; ‘how could he do that to her’, ‘she never deserved that’ etc. When the roles are reversed however, with the woman cheating on the man, even if there appears to be no substantial grounding upon which to exonerate themselves, women probe for rationale; ‘we’ve been having some problems’, he was working late a lot’, ‘I’ve been under a lot of stress recently’, ‘I just don’t love him any more’. Anything they can attach themselves too, that alleviates the nagging self acknowledgement they just wanted to fuck someone else, because they think men are doing nothing else but this.

I have been fortunate enough to have developed my level of game to a reasonable level; mostly day game through a long learning process beginning a few years ago & I humbly present to you, these real world examples I have personally experienced;

  • A previous long term relationshsip ending, with the ex fucking one of her ‘friends’ who I’d been happily introduced to previously as someone I’d ‘have a lot in common with’ (we do now). His ‘shoulder to cry on’ (read ‘cock’) had emerged almost immediately on news of our break up.
  • A girl I met on a foreign training based course, who had been in a two year plus long distance relationship, who after one date initially hesitated to kiss me.  After this barrier had been passed soon after on our next date however, I was quickly invited for a weekend of sex back in her country, with her having no intention of leaving her boyfriend after as in her own words, she ‘just wanted to be fucked’. It transpired two other men had recently also recently been invited to this weekend arrangement before me.
  • A woman I’d met who went from telling me how distraught she was over her husband telling her he wanted a divorce earlier that week; so distraught she was fellating me & fucking me that same night to console herself.
  • Another woman who during our first ‘friendly drink’ she’d suggested we have the day before, decided to tell me in detail over two hours how although things were difficult between her & her husband , she loved him & their kids ‘very much’. Shortly afterwards, she had drove me home, where we fucked in a variety of positions, calling me ‘babe” as she came again. She then drove home with a smile on her face, to tell her husband what a great ‘yoga class’ she’d had that night.
  • The sudden agreement of a girl to come & visit me from my previous country, after a couple of my previous suggestions to do this were refused on the basis of ‘my boyfriend’ – turns out although they are still together, they’d had an argument & I quote; she “didn’t give a fuck anymore”. On arrival, it seemed to be quite the opposite as we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before me being deep inside her.
  • An immigrant girl from Poland I met, who had been single-handedly taught language, assisted in finding a job & provided for / housed by her partner of over seven years, free of charge upon her arrival in the country who; after I’d shot my load all over her breasts & told me she “hadn’t been fucked like that since high school”, explained to me she did this with me as her friends had suggested to her it’s ‘a good idea’ to have a lover, alongside her saviour boyfriend.
  • A girl I’d met at the gym, who after our second date suggested we go back to my place. After her sixth orgasm, she let slip; ‘Oh God, what if my husband also wants to have sex with me tonight’ – further questioning revealed she was planning on leaving him but ‘wanted to stay friends as he means so much to me’. So much I found, she also already was fucking another guy (also married).

I could go on as these are just a selection of personal experiences; I’ve been told on good grounds of many other stories, such as the forth eight year old woman who was married seventeen years & on divorcing; had five regular lovers within two weeks. No doubt you’ll have had also seen examples while running game.

The media & consequently society continue to be easily influenced by political correctness, the gravy train of which faux-feminist principles have been riding upon for too long. One of these self serving concepts is that as men are considered to be naturally inclined to cheat, there is accepted license for women to emulate men during their golden years, despite this generally being found by women to be an ultimately soul destroying cycle; either through erosion of any meaning or intimacy of sex through constant, immediate switching of sexual partners, or a downward spiral in self respect, for which the only apparent cure for women being validation of the self by continuing to subscribe to what feminism says women ‘should’ be doing – emulating men.

Therein lies the problem for our female counterparts; they are doing what they are told they ‘should do’, rather than searching within themselves for what they genuinely want to do (as every person should). Part of these unspoken feminist-driven rules is ‘cheating is bad’. With the help of the media, feminist thought has normalised the popular ‘rules’ of the dating game, amongst which now include;

  • It’s OK to ‘date’ multiple men at the same time (this includes fucking them).
  • You have no commitment to anyone if you are ‘seeing’ (read ‘fucking’) someone – this word intentionally chosen by women because of its ambiguity.
  • If you are in what has been announced as a ‘serious’ relationship, should the man not reach a certain standard in any one area (such as fucking her at the frequency she sets, solely organising original & enough ‘bonding’ activities for the relationship, the man occasionally desiring time to himself or with friends etc), the women is permitted a ‘grace fuck’, whereby should she choose to fuck someone else, the blame shall lie solely with the man in the area of his ‘failure’ & he should forgive her, with the promise of improving in said area.
  • If at any point, the relationship is agreed to be over, the woman may then immediately do whatever she likes with whoever, with the new involvement being given a rationalising label (rebound, shoulder to cry on, etc), where no judgement shall be passed upon her prior efforts within the previous relationship. Inversely, should a man do exactly the same, his commitment to the relationship shall be questioned to the point of his new involvement being implicated as a cause of failure in the previous relationship, as it is unthinkable the honourable female would not have been entirely committed to the relationship (regardless of who she is fucking immediately after it ends).
  • If afterwards, the man should wish to rekindle the relationship after a break up, he must prove himself with at least double the efforts required by any other man. During this second dating period (as with any dating period) it is permissible for the woman to continue to sleep with whoever she chooses. In the event of an official relationship reconciliation, the woman is permitted an undefined amount of time to conclude her sexual dalliances with any other men, which may include departing sexual relations where required.

This list could go on. Although these prior points may seem almost contractual in their nature, this is what the modern man is up against; the end game of consistently self serving feminine emulation, seeking to vengefully ‘level the playing field’ against mankind for our history of doing what we are biologically hardwired to do, & which without humanity would have perished.

Despite the listing of my own negative experiences, I have also been lucky enough to meet a few women who (to varying degrees) do not buy in to these spiteful stipulations, which has led me to believe it is still possible to find someone of worth. However, during my own journey from blinded, naive romantic to hardened red pill realist, the one thing I have noticed time & time again is the futility of monogamy; providing you are honest / stealthy enough, the ultimate outcome of your relationship will remain the same.

Regardless of the bravado displayed by some men, there will inevitably be some sort of relationship in your life that has more of an emotional effect on you, wanted or not.  It’s at this point where the small part of you still believing in the concept of romantic love & may begin to make you question your approach to monogamy, whether it be disposing of your harem or even just committing yourself to dating one woman. You’ll feel inclined to do this, as it’s been subconsciously foisted upon us in society as being a foundation of a successful relationship.

In reality though, the problems in relationships when a man is not being monogamous come through any changes not being monogamous make to a man’s day to day behaviour & mentality towards his partner. Because of the nature of female interaction between both men & other women, this is why women find it easier to hide infidelity – they are better at being fake. One only needs to look at female – female communication as proof of this. If a man can sleep with multiple women & still maintain good quality in his main relationship, even if the woman has a suspicion something is going on, she’ll turn a blind eye to it (if she’s still getting fucked well).

The chance of a woman being directly unfaithful to you if she’s unhappy is, in my humble experience quite low. This is not so much because they don’t like sex or care about you, but because they struggle with how others perceive them (predominantly other women) & their own guilt complexes. Imperatively though, it’s because they can remain technically faithful to their partner while gaining whatever validation they need from other sources.

This could be the usual ‘hanger on’ white knights listening to what a terrible person you are because you didn’t agree with what she learnt from Sex In The City last night, or her ‘friends’, who you’ve already clearly identified as hungry beta’s, waiting for the opportunity of when she finally officialises the breakup with you, & they finally get the chance of getting laid. These fuckers stand out of her other friends a mile away & whatever your gut feeling is about them, it’s ninety nine correct. Women tend to overestimate their abilities to disguise attraction most of the time; if it looks like there’s some chemistry between her & one of these cunts, the chances are she’s probably already guiltily fantasised about banging him. So remember our ideas about trusting women tend to come from our mothers & don’t lie to yourself.

In any case, generally speaking women will officially end the relationship before fucking anyone else. That’s not to say they won’t have done anything at all with someone else before the officialise the breakup with you, as they’ll need some sort of spur, which the vast majority of the time will be them knowing some replacement cock is lined up, ready to go because they’ve kissed someone or someone has made it patently clear they’ll fuck her. Because of the combination of the media & modern peer expectations, when it comes to sex, women love it just as much as men, but for very different reasons – it’s the ultimate form of validation & a great way to fit in with ‘the girls’ melodrama (this could also warrant an entirely separate piece alone).

In summary, we are in a situation where common expectations of courtship are strongly skewed in favour of women, & women’s general expectations of their years through life. The fears of women who have fucked away their best years in their twenties & are aware of their decline from their thirties onwards, have become the expectations of what is now popularly now considered as a ‘good man’.

Unless you’re fucking oblivious or at best, only beginning to discover red pill philosophy, you may have observed subscribing to this profile of a ‘good man’ tends to result in a unattractive package for men; essentially living as a machine giving away everything you earn, with barely any time to pursue your own interests under duress of being a ‘responsible’ man, whose main interest is those permitted as in line with your partner, minus something innocuous such as a sport, to prevent complete psychosis & / or revolt. All of this, along with the added bonus of your partner getting ‘bored’ with what she thought she wanted & in the immortal words of Eddie Murphy, ultimately taking half your shit through divorce.

It is natural though, to feel as though you want to commit yourself to someone who you feel you may be developing some genuine connection to; regardless of what some might say, to live your life bereft of any emotion whatsoever is not to live life at all. When this happens, bear in mind all of the above about these female commonalities & remember; the only way to tell if you really love a girl is to fuck at least five other girls while with her, to test yourself.

As long as you remain intelligently discreet (that is, discreet to no more than keeping them guessing), the outcome of not being monogamous only serves to benefit you whatever the outcome. After banging a few other girls, you’ll either realise she is something more to you because she’s still on your mind a lot & /or the sex with her is better quality & maybe want to give a relationship a shot. Or, that it is in fact little more than infatuation & you realise how you prefer variety. In any case, you won’t waste any time on one person if she is not the right one for you. The final advantage of this approach is you’ll most likely do it in the initial stages of seeing someone, meaning your demeanour will be more casual. As such, she’ll either try harder to impress you if she does like you, or lose interest after X period of time if she’s not into you & hence; will not be good relationship material. Allow them to do the work & filter themselves out for you, & enjoy it for what it is.

There is no way to avoid emotions sooner or later, & however painful, no other way to truly live a full life. I’ve witnessed men struggle with guilt, over the thought alone of being unfaithful to a girlfriend, fighting against the natural urge we possess, where we have been shamed into embracing by new age feminism jacking a ride on the back of the politically correct media. I’ve also experienced this myself, more than once.

I can state without reservation; do not feel guilty for these thoughts & desires. Do the opposite, & embrace them. Because whatever you do to yourself in restraint will not be seen or appreciated by the person you feel you are doing it for, as any belief that you may be an individual thinker trying to do what you think is right, will be washed aside & replaced by the tar brushed aggregation that you are ‘only a man’ & ‘all men are the same’. So go forth, & do what needs to be done to ensure you are bringing someone into your life, that adds something more than a pussy into your world.

If you ever have doubts or need a further spur to take this type of affirmative action for the benefit of yourself, remember that (on my personal estimate to date) ninety five percent of women are not only scrutinising & comparing you while they are in a relationship, they are always actively keeping backup options as ‘friends’ until the day comes when they ‘just don’t think it’s working anymore’ with you, coincidentally enough when they realised there’s a different cock waiting for them.

When this day happens, do you want to be the person wondering why you spent all this time devoted to this person who has been mentally fucking other people practically since you’ve been with her, or the person who realises they did the right thing by prioritising their own needs over a fallacy of ‘being a good man’ in the eyes of those who are not men, but took it upon themselves to decide what a man should be?

I thought so. So no need to worry about monogamy.

~ Unjaded