A Perpetual State Of Emotional Unrest

Valeria Orsini; A hot Colombian girl, born & raised in the USA? Betas beware…

With the exception of my main meals, I’ve eased up on my dietary rules for the time being. Given that the holiday season is nearly upon us, realistically it’s as good a time as ever to relax the self imposed rules on diet & let the body rest a little. I’m still training & do in fact feel better than ever. Lighter on my feet, more explosive & full of energy. I’ve restructured my supplementation & it seems to have worked for the time being. Although possibly quite graphic, I’ve discovered the condition of your faeces & libido are generally good indicators of your overall health. While I’ve only once had an issue getting it up with a girl (strangely, her natural odour just totally put me off for some reason), finishing with girls was as little as within the last two weeks, an issue for me. They’re busting left, right & centre, while I try everything in the book to get off.

Thankfully that has stopped being a problem in the last week, where I’ve been like a loaded shotgun in the hands of a wild monkey, ready to blow over any & all contenders. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s been a lot of fun either; really getting back into sex. I’ve sometimes felt a little obligated after seducing a woman to give her a certain time period of faux commitment; a period where if it hasn’t been very good in the beginning that I give it a little chance. But nowadays I simply remain on good terms with them & let nature do it’s work. Any large breaks, such as the two weeks or so over the holiday period where I won’t see anyone, are a great opportunity to clear the decks & start afresh. I think deep down, a lot of these girls know what they’re getting themselves into & don’t question too much. They do their own thing & so do I. But my own thing involves a triumvirate of pillars supporting me in the event of them losing interest. The first being a wide selection of other available women, the second being a strong long term contender & the third being the work that goes into my personal aspirations & goals. Even if the most closely correlated of those two collapse (numerous female options & the strong long term contender), I still have the third. If all three collapse, I have a reserve option of getting the hell out of Dodge & simply reverting to a long held idea of migrating elsewhere & effectively resetting; an approach which has served old friends well.

It all comes down to being a multi-faceted person, general awareness & in the case of women, just playing them at their own game. Shit tests don’t bother me in the slightest. If while we converse over text, you’re stating how you’re looking for a ‘long term partner’ who ‘will accept me for what I am’, I know it’s just to feel out how gullible I am. No one with any level of intelligence is going to outright state that near thr beginning of initial conversations.

Knowing full well I don’t speak the local language, statements like ‘we are in X, we should speak Y’, I know are only again meant as a way of you seeing how much of a mug I am. One might think you’d be disappointed if I said I don’t speak Y, but I’m not going to go & learn an entire language for you. If I rebuke you, you’ll probably respect it deep down. But I’m nice, so I deflect your pointless statement with humour. But I feel my enthusiasm & the attraction drop, because it’s just utterly pointless for both of us.

When you mention to me we could ‘maybe’ meet in a month’s time, do you not think I know that means you’re fucking someone? And remember, I don’t take these things in isolation, because I’m not of the typical, attention deficient generation. I’m building up a whole picture of you, & all in all, your disinterested attitude tells me you’re jaded beyond belief, servicing your sexual needs with someone who you think is good, but ultimately just grinds away on you as though it’s an endurance exercise because one of every ten strokes hit your g-spot. And like most of your peers, if you sleep with me, suddenly a whole new universe opens up & you realise what being with a man who knows the brain is the biggest sexual organ is like.

But because you think I’m an idiot who has nothing to do with my life except chase girls around, you think I’ll play along. In reality, I’ve got a lot going on. If I wasn’t working on what I’m doing now, I’d be working on something else. I simply don’t care for your boring, small minded games, that are predominantly based upon a depreciating asset; your looks, because I’ve got better things & people to do, than you.

No matter how likes, messages, retweets or whatever the fuck else you get online, no matter what they say & however you try to coax them into it or delude yourself into believing it, they only want to fuck you & if you fuck them, it’s very unlikely to be as good as it is with me, or those few that share the path of self discovery & self improvement with me in this world. You sell yourself on a single premise, you receive what you advertise & nothing more. You’re used, discarded & never know the true joys of unfiltered intimacy in the form of love or sex & then become bitter. This bitterness underlies your every interaction & can be seen by the perceptive as soon as we go beyond the surface. It is a self fulfilling prophecy made of your own hand.

The facts are, that the majority of women I meet are, can be pleasant & decent people, aren’t very interesting. It’s almost as though they’ve been brainwashed into attempting to achieve something very difficult; to have someone love them & that this will solve everything in their lives.

But it’s the same story again, as I mentioned in my last post; an entire industry consumer industry is built around women who are in a perpetual state of emotional unrest. For every “it just happened” one night stand, for every “it’s complicated” but you want more fuckbuddy apparent conundrum, for every marriage & every broken heart, there’s a theme, a road to recovery & a fucking economy based around your buy in.

Do prominent feminists or any political ideologists follow the path of famous Youtubers or bands, & produce a range of merchandise for their followers? An entertainer provides a intangible & nowadays perhaps even free resource that brings something intangibly beneficial to people’s lives & so is entitled to provide an option for those same people to support him or her. It’s optional & while they will receive a profitable margin, it’s your choice. I don’t write this blog for money; if I intended to, I have chosen the wrong subject for a start & would have joined the trend of writing inflammatorily titled articles for Return Of Kings under my pseudonym to hive off the hits. But while I have great respect for what my friend Roosh V has done in raising awareness of men’s causes over these last years (truly a momentous & praiseworthy achievement, even if he stopped outright tomorrow), I don’t agree with the way that site went after he stopped personally administrating it. While his personal site is for me now publishing some of his best ever work, not submitting articles with titles such as ‘Why Your Girlfriend Is A Whore’ or ‘Ten Ways To Not Get Accused Of Rape’ worked against me. It’s improved a bit recently but frankly my opinion is articles like that are either sensationalized or considerably embellished for the prospective hits. Entertaining perhaps, but with a question mark over how much of that has been really lived, rather than created. I’d rather be honest, tell my story & let the reader see the evolution (or devolution, should you see it like that) of a real person, week to week, year to year. I do it firstly for myself, which should be the main reason why one does anything.

If any doctrine, manifesto, product, information or person is proposed or promoted to you, look at who, why & what their motivations are. Don’t see only the parts you want to see to satisfy your ego. Accept the full picture & live in the real world. You have the potential to take full advantage if you do.

~ Unjaded

Wasteful Days

'No need to get dressed Vildane Zeneli love; we'll be staying in tonight.'

‘No need to get dressed Vildane Zeneli love; we’ll be staying in tonight.’

Interesting times abound. Starting with a Friday. There I was, expecting a quiet day at home after two weeks of doing practically nothing in my day job. As it turned out, my work laptop decided to go into some absurd level of power saving, reducing the processor to minimal functionality to the point where basically nothing was working. Additionally, in the few seconds I got to check my inbox before it went into arctic hibernation mode, I noted an urgent issue had turned up at work. Suddenly I went from mentally preparing myself for a nice relaxing day ‘working’ from home, to needing to be one hundred & fifty percent switched on to figure out a potentially catastrophic situation (no fault of mine I should add) that could occur that coming weekend.

Starting from a situation of no knowing what the hell was going on & wondering where the hell to start, a few hours later & aided by a double espresso, the analysis & proposed solution was complete. The day concluded, with little more of note as I started what I now know to be a battle against some virus / cold which knocked down my energy in the coming day.

Saturday & Sunday passed by with little of note, as I took the opportunity to truly embrace my lazy, fat person that exists within this muscular & ripped facade. As Sunday reared it’s head, I awoke from a long slumber having made plans long ago to meet MarriedBelorussian Sunday evening. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about meeting her then, as I prefer Sunday evenings to be more of a zen atmosphere where I prepare myself both mentally & physically for the routine ahead. I’m not actually against some form of routine in one’s life; in fact being who I am & learning from doing, it has been one of the ways through which I predominantly learn. Self imposed regimentation has been one of the most effective ways for me to learn & retain information. I have a particularly high IQ, but really not such a good memory. I can figure out things very quickly, being both logical & creative, but retention of knowledge has always been my weakness. I find it particularly hard to retain knowledge over the longer term, for things that simply don’t genuinely interest me. And somewhat regrettably, I often believe I am quite a base & also selfish person, only usually interested in that which tangibly provides me with pleasure. The most obvious of these is the acquisition of sex, probably my biggest desire & driver even in these times of question. It’s clear my mind has passionately analysed this, to transform me from an awkward, highly sexed sixteen year old who in the following years was still stuck in a beta mindset, to becoming a disillusioned, yet highly sexually serviced thirty six year old. And for all the questions I often aim at myself about how I am living, when I look at the relative self-proclaimed disasters some of my peers have found themselves within, I am very grateful I haven’t ended up in some of their situations. Surrounded by ex wives with estranged children sucking ruthlessly away at my earnings. Stuck in a relationship with a bitter, overweight woman because my lack of self esteem and/or laziness makes me think I’ll never do any better. Or even too far down the path of perversion because I felt as single man, I should traverse every boundary in the name of experience. Frankly, I’m glad I’ve never had a threesome with a woman & another guy. Jokes apart though, I actually believe these men who somehow tolerate & exist within these situation show true strength, as I for one know that a siphoning ex wife would probably result in me disappearing to another continent for good. Living a life free of any responsibility except that which I have optionally taken upon for my own gain, is very easy. Then again, I would challenge those men I just credited with strength to take it upon themselves to take action to make their life into what they really want. This often requires suffering, difficulty & making mistakes or bad decisions; a specialist area of mine but one from which I learn.

Before MarriedBelorussian however, an opportunity had arose with what appeared to be a very attractive older Austrian woman. Looking about forty (well within my preferred age brackets, which basically excludes the child obsessed thirty to thirty eight age range from any longer interaction), some message exchanges had resulted in her half-jokingly suggesting I meet her at the airport upon a return from her exhibition she’d been arranging abroad. I said I could meet her & then, perhaps motivated by my lackluster attitude during that weekend, that as I live near the airport she could then come to my place where I’d make her breakfast. As I’ve mentioned before, women know clearly what you as a man have in mind if you invite them to your place, but you have to mask it by playing along with the romantic ideals women typically maintain in some shape or form. I don’t actually mind that part of it either, as such a scenario can ramp up the sexual tension & chemistry before it all spills over. In the kitchen. On the table.

I met her at the airport after her red eye flight after a rather long wait. I had also been rather red eyed, as I was still battling against the illness & it was an early start for a Sunday. Admittedly, the whole idea of her coming to my place even though we’d never met each other before was quite exciting, although a gamble as I’d only ever seen one picture of her. But ‘fuck it’ I thought to myself as I waited at the arrivals gate, ‘Let’s just go for it’.

And go for it I certainly did, because the impression I had of her being an older, yet slim & classy woman in the vein of how Claudia Schiffer looks now, was rapidly put to rest as she arrived. Far removed from the admittedly hopeful impression I had built up in my head from only one picture, she was in fact shorter, larger & less attractive. In fairness, she wasn’t wearing any makeup & had only slept for four hours. But it was nowhere near the svelte woman I had dreamt up.

But I hadn’t got up at eight on a Sunday morning for nothing & had already committed myself to a breakfast, so I decided to make the most of it. She was a pretty easy going person which made it all more straightforward. We arrived at my house, the breakfast was made followed by a coffee, which I then went into my sofa seduction routine. In short, this is just gently escalating the sexual mood in the woman by flirting with her & increasing subtle physical contact. In this case, the outcome was her getting very hot & me bringing her to a quick orgasm, to which she gave me a handjob in return. Exactly the same thing happened recently with a woman from Kazakhstan almost to a tee; her being almost apologetic about me bringing her to orgasm with my hand. She then repaid the favour with an enthusiastic & excellent blowjob.

Truth be told, the Austrian woman was well below the standard I have been banging in the recent weeks. MarriedBelorussian & Hungarian are straight hot – any man would say so. And another three potentials from Portugal, Taiwan & Estonia are the same. For whatever reason, women are lining up right now, despite me giving less of a fuck than ever. Perhaps that’s exactly the reason why.

After conveniently suggesting to Austrian that as she’s so tired, it might be good for her to go home & get some rest, I messaged MarriedBelorussian with some flirtatious suggestion about how I was looking forward to her coming over later, preferably in little more than a big coat & her underwear. It had been a couple of weeks & I’d be happy to fuck her again. She replied asking if we could go ‘for a walk’ first & ‘maybe have a coffee’, to which I jokingly replied I thought she was enjoying my friendship more than the sex. She said there wasn’t so much difference, to which I falsely agreed. The fact of the matter was, I couldn’t care less about her friendship. While it is entirely possible for me to develop some level of feelings for a girl I’m sleeping with, such as is entirely the case with SPC who I would gladly help out if required, it’s clear the main benefit of our relationship is sexual for both in all cases. And whereas SPC kisses & fucks me like she wants me inside her all the time, MarriedBelorussian barely even kisses me, takes ages to get warmed up as she pretty much refuses to kiss me & always wants to do things beforehand, most of which are expensive. I understand the need in the beginning for any woman & don’t even mind to take SPC out occasionally. But let’s point out one important difference here: MarriedBelorussian is MARRIED. I don’t see her for any other reason than to feel a hole in her life which her husband doesn’t provide; he doesn’t have sex with her. I have no interest whatsoever in sharing any faux romantic moments with her at all. The only person who gets that is Venuezuelan.

Upon reflection & about two hours before we were supposed to meet, I created an admittedly rubbish excuse based upon something that had actually happened that morning, where I’d taken my vitamins without food & had felt rather sick, to the point where I was burning up & even expecting to be sick, as I’d waited for the train back to my place with Austrian. Thankfully it passed. I used the same excuse for MarriedBelorussian, which in hindsight I should have just told her straight I wasn’t interested in wasting time. I wanted her to come around, let me fuck her & then leave again for her husband to fill out the rest of the relationship requirements. I’d cancelled on her before in much the same way so as soon as I’d sent the message, I deleted her number & consigned her to attrition, something I am intentionally embracing more these days to free up time for more women. She responded predictably. I skim read through her message. It contained the usual aggressive outbursts followed by a ‘Forget it’, which I gladly accepted. Admittedly she was hot & the sex was good. But there was always convenient detachment on her side. Not kissing me but expecting me to take her out to dinner every time. Me having to get her a taxi home every time. A less experienced man might have accepted all of that for the very ‘permission’ to fuck her but I can do without this shit. A couple of weeks before, I’d pleasantly chatted to a woman from Mozambique in the gym who I’d then exchanged numbers with. We arranged for her to come over, we had a nice talk & then had some incredibly good sex. A few days later, she offered me a threesome with her & her friend, the friend in question certainly of a bangable standard. Unfortunately that night I’d already arranged to bang Hungarian who had thrown caution to the wind as I told her I wasn’t interested in anything serious.

The abundance mentality is often mentioned but little demonstrated in the male world, even among the red pill / manosphere movement. Many proclaim it, but only a few demonstrate it. But in any case, it is in fact only the tip of the iceberg; the iceberg being a far greater concept of life engineering. With enough perseverance & access to a large, wide ranging pool of people, it is entirely possible to engineer the life you want. Once you’ve had enough of it, you can then change it again; to whatever you want. It may require great sacrifice, change & it certainly won’t be easy, depending upon the depth of each goal. Fucking different women night after night might be easy for me, but becoming an international rock star might be easier for someone else. But everything is entirely possible, as I believe I am a living demonstration of.

Create the life you want, without apology.

~ Unjaded

The Fickle Nature Of Women

A precise illustration of today's modern woman; dating / fucking multiple guys, thinks she's hotter than she is by ways of having a vagina & surrounded by dogs who'll fuck anyone

A precise illustration of today’s modern woman; dating / fucking multiple guys, thinks she’s hotter than she is by way of having a vagina & surrounded by dogs who she thinks like her, but in fact just are looking for any decent vagina. Her loving every minute of her delusion.

Somewhat surprisingly for a blog that predominantly has featured tales of sexual adventure & advice on how to obtain those, I’ve spent a significant amount of pages detailing my own feelings about how I feel I should take some sort of responsibility, given the truism that with great power, comes great responsibility. As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, I don’t believe myself to be a bad person. Far from it in fact; I’ve not once forced anyone to do anything. Quite the opposite in fact, where I’ve managed to get a girl back to my place, or pretty much had a direct proposal from her to come back with me, & I’ve declined.

I’m currently on the way back from an aborted trip to an eastern European country, which I thought I’d like to visit as a solo trip for a few days. As it turns out, I’ve wondered the fuck I’m actually doing here & instead have booked another flight back to my homeland, to spend a little more time with friends, family & Venezuelan.

I arrived here, having attempted to prime things using our favourite online dating tool. Lots of matches looked promising, only for interactions to be sharp yet sweet, when they realised I was a tourist. The highlight of the trip was meeting a highly sexually liberated nineteen year old Russian girl, who seemed very interested in having sex. But just to mix it up in the typical Unjaded way, I engineered her ass into a taxi, probably not to be seen again. No sex.

The serious reason why I didn’t, is detailed in my last post. Things are changing within me, which otherwise is pretty clear from the nature of my recent posts. A slew of introspective or contemplative posts questioning how I’m running my life, alongside the occasional bang-tastic one where I’ve slept with about five women in as many days.

But let’s come to the lowlight of the trip, an educational exchange demonstrating the fickle & also spiteful nature of a lot of women today, & unquestionably most prevalent from those found on our favourite dating app. Among my various chats, one came to light who we’ll call TheTalker. TheTalker was one of these quite common women we come across these days; a girl who’d clearly been in a long term relationship which hadn’t worked out, & then decided to delve into the mass of cock found online, but not feeling quite as comfortable as she’d imagined there, as she was doing it under duress against her true nature, trying to force out results (like a relationship) where one didn’t exist.

A few exchanged pleasantries later, I propose for us to meet. Apparently she isn’t feeling well, so that’s off the cards today I’m told. The rest of the time I’m then planning to be there isn’t looking too good either apparently. ‘Alright’, I think, ‘this is going to be a waste of time’, & so I begin to become more brazen in my messages, also truncating them substantially. I suggest again she come to my hotel, her seemingly liking the idea but not willing to put anything into action. This goes on a little, me losing more interest over time.

Then things take an interesting turn, as having already decided to use this as an experiment, in response to her asking if I have any plans for the evening, I mention a nineteen year old Russian girl has invited me out for a drink with her. Suddenly, she launches into how ‘Russian girls are bitches’ & how she thought ‘I didn’t like bitches’. I ask why Russian girls are bitches, to which she mentions something about how they’re ‘whores’, failing to give me some reason as to why she’s just tarred an entire race with one conclusion.

I decide to prolong the experiment by saying I hadn’t fully decided to meet her or not (of course, I had) & stopped replying to her. The lack of working roaming internet ensured I wouldn’t be able to do this, even if I’d wanted to. But I didn’t want to at all anyway. This woman’s inane chatter had dulled any interest long ago & now I was interested to prove my hypothesis I described earlier. This women had to me indicated through the persistence & frequency of her messages, as well as her rebuffs to my sexual proposals, that she was interested in more than sexual relations. Given the circumstances, this was of course impossible, but I entertained the notion to conclude the experiment.

I awoke the next morning to a message from TheTalker, asking if I had indeed met the Russian girl. If I was interested in nailing TheTalker, I would of course have said no. But it was clear she had an issue with the Russian girl, so I was intrigued to know how much detail she would ask from me before a reaction.

Predictably, it didn’t take much to get the reaction. A simple ‘Good morning! Yes I did’ was enough to inspire two messages, describing to me how she was going to meet two foreign guys later today, how cool it will be to meet them & some false ‘I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday’, before attempting to end dramatically with ‘bye’ at the end of each message. She’d made her assumptions quickly, guided by her limited & easily justifiable opinions about men she’d read in some female rag of a magazine or on her last ‘girls night’ out, & that was that. The bitterness couldn’t be held back, in spite of me offering her a drink, a coffee & my more direct proposals, before I agree to meet the Russian girl.

I blocked her, & that was that. Although I truly didn’t care about the outcome, it was a vivid reminder for me about the rapidly fickle nature of many women today. I also noted that from the many women I have had sexual involvement with from back in my main base country, only three of them made any effort whosoever to contact me while I was away. Again, I didn’t care as my relation with them is for the most part predominantly only sexual. Some of them such as SPC could have further potential due to their good nature, but while sex with MarriedBelorussian is incredible, I wouldn’t (& even now, don’t) trust her as far as I can throw her.

It’s always good to get little reminders like this. I have concerned myself too much with hurting certain women’s feelings, because they’ve always been interested in more. But ultimately, I believe it’s their prerogative to at least give the impression they’re into more. Any heartbreak women seem to go through, however intense it may be at the time, is rapidly overcome for the most part. The pain quickly becomes bitterness & new lovers are found, out of spite if nothing else, even when deeply their hearts are broken.

Coincidentally, I also made my peace with the Mexican yesterday. At least from my side. After occasional internal debating late on sleepness nights, about if I should in fact write an apologetic email, I yesterday decided to write something brief as a final apology. If she’ll get or even read it is unknown to me. All I care about is by doing that, I’ve made peace with myself.

~ Unjaded

The Turkish Lie

I don't have a clue who this is. But she's Turkish & she's smoking hot...

I don’t have a clue who this is. But she’s Turkish & she’s smoking hot…

It was coming sooner or later. I could sense it more likely to be the former. Since Turkish Delight had moved to Europe for university, it was only a matter of time before she’d either drift off due to her inevitable new found attention, or start asking questions now we were a few hundred miles closer.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she did drift off into the arms of another. Although I had developed a level of care for her, I certainly wasn’t in love. And she’s a good person; it would be remiss of me to deprive her of the opportunity to experience things she probably wouldn’t be able to back in her home country, as a young woman.

We’d arranged to chat over Skype & it went well. She was happy to speak to me too, & the mutual attraction was still certainly there. I did notice something slightly different about her demeanor however. Experience over the years has told me this either means interest or some interaction with another guy; at least interest but it can be up to full sex. Or, that she was suspicious about something.

However the conversation proceeded well & we went on to discuss me coming to her to visit. I had been weighing up the situation. Although there wasn’t a risk of me getting into a difficult situation as I had done before thanks to the glory of social media, I didn’t want to even risk anything. I had previously booked flights to see Turkish Delight in her home country, but she’d cancelled on me a couple of days before. Except for the financial loss, I wasn’t that bothered as I didn’t really feel like flying all the way out there. But my reasoning on continuing relations with her was the same as it was here; I wanted to experience being with her at least one more time.

I planned to visit her. Verman was in the next city, I planned to see both of them in one weekend; to double up. I made the arrangements but Turkish Delight held off on me booking the flights until she’d got back to me with her ‘schedule’. Perhaps it was my cynicism, but I wondered what this meant. I didn’t stress about it of course, but was intrigued as to what this meant.

I didn’t hear anything for a while, but didn’t press the point. In the end, I wanted to try to keep some momentum going, so I suggested instead the following weekend. This seemed to work well for everyone, so everything was good.

Until I found out 2014 hall of famer JapYog, was coming through my town that same weekend; the girl who is responsible for some of the best overall sex I’ve ever had in my life. This changed a few things, so I made an excuse that I’d forgot I’d agreed to host someone who was passing through town that weekend, so unfortunately would have to reschedule. Verman took it quite well (despite it being the third time I’d cancelled on her) & Turkish Delight seemed OK with it too. But her demeanor still was interesting to me.

I broke the topic which we both knew was simmering beneath, which ultimately resulted in her asking me if I’d met other women since we’d first met each other. Not (generally) being in the business of brutally shattering young girls ideas about me, I simply replied with ‘yes’.

In short, that transpired with her basically assuming I’d meant either met romantically or fucked. When I went into more depth & tried to isolate it to either the sex or something else (without specifying those words), it seemed as though the emotional side of me meeting other girls was of far more importance than if I’d fucked them or not. I actually felt a little bad at this point. Perhaps I’d underestimated the depth of her feelings for me.

It was clear she was becoming very upset about her understanding of me meeting people. I concluded her demeanor had been fed by the uncertainty about what my life was away from her. Now there was no reasonable reason why I shouldn’t have let her come & visit me now we were closer & not restrained by her visa restrictions. I could feel her spiralling downwards into cutting things between us, & I had to adjust the conversation, for her faith in men as well as my own selfish desires.

I began by telling her when I said I ‘met’, all I’d meant was I’d met them as friends, in the same way I’d met other men. Simple company & nothing more. Of course, it was a flagrant lie. It took several exchanges to bring her back to a stable enough mentality to listen rationally again. After, we went back to pretty much where we were before; some devotion from her towards me & her under the impression I had not been with other women.

Any reader of this blog will know full well that’s not the case, even in the slightest. I’m currently doing my best to get through as many women as possible before the end of this year. It should be one of the best & eventful years so far.

This only confirmed one thing for me; despite women’s protestations of requiring honesty, there generally is simply no advantage to being entirely honest with a girl, particularly pre sex. Instead, it is far better for all involved to enjoy the time you are spending together for what it is, & instead of outright lying (as I chose to do here, in the interests of preserving a young girl’s belief in men & love), to instead adopt an approach of not addressing specifics, unless left with no other choice.

To simply not raise or worst case, dodge questions is always the better choice. Sure, the overall moral symphony chorus dictates that you should be honest, but in reality if you don’t, someone else (our friend Pedro the Brazilian waiter for example) is simply going to do it instead.

You can’t save the world on your own. You can’t swim upstream forever. One of the highest echelons of intelligence is that of adaptability. Evolution itself has proven this to be so, so make like a Bearded Iguana, evolve, survive & then prosper.


No! Never!!

No! Never!!

There’s an easy way to tell if a woman would’ve been or has been honest with you; how she deals with situations she doesn’t wish to be a part of or deals with her mistakes (the ones that would have some effect on you).

As I’ve mentioned time & again, the vast majority of Western women are delusional & unable to deal with their own mistakes (an opportunity to learn to a normal person) or able to be honest about those same things.

Let’s look at some examples. I mentioned MMR before. Now I’m in a different country, we’re no longer fucking. However, her conversations evolved from her telling me how horny she is all the time, to me giving her advice on how to save her marriage.

How ironic; the guy you were cheating on your husband with, telling you how to save your marriage.

As is entirely typical these days, her logic was that he is ‘pushing her away’ because he won’t have sex with her. It’s his fault, the man’s responsibility is always to perform, regardless of circumstance. That concept in itself is entirely open to criticism but furthermore, deeper digging showed additional layers to the situation. She’d apparently already made it clear to him she’d had multiple propositions from other men who were interested in her (obviously just for sex – even she acknowledged this but interested nonetheless) & that (in her own words) if he didn’t have sex with her, she’d go & have sex with someone else; which of course she’d already had – with me.

Then, she told me how she ‘didn’t understand’, as she’d saw him masturbating in the bathroom alone, so it wasn’t a lack of libido. In fact, a few weeks prior they were having sex, albeit in a very loveless manner I was told,& it was only after her essentially threatening him with her fucking other men, that he stopped entirely.

I proceeded to lay it all out for her, even though to me it was clear as day. Although I knew this already, the otherwise dreadful recent US film ‘Sex Tape’ did a surprisingly good job of summarising a common issue within long term relationships these days, when Jack Black’s character plays the boss of a well known real life porn streaming site. He comments on how many submissions he gets from people each day in the hope of these people bringing the spice back into their sex lives, but ultimately it’s a short term fix because they’ve forgotten why they are fucking in the first place – that is, the lack of intimacy caused by a relationship becoming entirely functional – go to work, take the kids to school, clean the house, bring them back & so on. No time for actually developing intimacy or enjoying the process of building up to fucking the shit out of each other.

Last night, I sealed the deal with the Venezuelan I’ve been employing some long game on recently & it was some of the best first night sex i’ve ever had. She came about six times & I busted hard. Why? Well, i’m highly experienced of course – but primarily because we’d built up to that point for some time, chemistry bursting at the seams & the release was spectacular. When your sex life becomes functional because society or your peers think you should be doing X, Y times a week in Z different positions, people being to feel detached and/or inadequate.

The entire situation as it is now has come to this point because contrary to the popular idea that men are simply testosterone driven beasts with emotions not further removed from that of a common animal, he is actually suffering a crisis of confidence after his wife threatened him with fucking other men if he didn’t ‘get his act together’.

All of the responsibility for the situation was firmly placed on his shoulders, her casting any responsibility from herself for how or what she might have contributing to the situation. All this in addition to fucking me on the side. Outrageous.

So that’s a deep example; of what you are looking to ultimately avoid. Signs to look out for in early stages are overtly creative stories used to justify bad behaviour. An example might be one Zan encountered recently, where a girl let him down to go ‘out with the girls’. When he countered this, she raised the stakes by mentioning how she felt obliged because one of them had a brain hemorrhage recently & so on. Rightfully, he didn’t accept this & called her out on it, only for her to rouse up the Facebook sheep to support her victim mentality, asking if she ‘was a bad person’, to which she got her desired response of ‘he’s a prick’ & so on – there’s a lot of big people when the internet’s protecting them.

Personally, you might remember I mentioned I was working on Lithuanian & a British Lisa Ann lookalike. Both of these have been cast aside, as they just stopped replying to messages. I’ve got too much dignity to continue chasing either of them around, so they were both deleted. The fact they’re too pathetic to even tell someone they’re no longer interested or they’re seeing someone else, tells you everything you need to know about them – they simply are not long term prospects. Should you proceed with such people, this same philosophy of being cowardly will endure in every situation of pressure they have to deal with forevermore.

With people like this, take advantage of the infatuation period to have your fun, & then move on to the next one. Chances are they’ll quietly disappear anyway.

~ Unjaded