Making Snowballs

Carolina Sanchez, from Uruguay; a place where attractive women of good character are still possible to find.

Total confidence eases you through every situation. It will also clearly appear to the majority of who claim or appear to be confident, but have little below the surface – the growing redefinition of how ‘confidence’ is perceived. In an attention deficient world, only the immediate is considered, those who take the difficult path become stronger than anyone, providing you make the effort into dealing with the inevitable downturns those experiences not may, but will bring. There is no growth without pain.

Anyone. As time passes, we now have ‘experts’, televised at the ages of approximately twenty one. Although it is possible in extreme cases, a twenty one year old is an expert in nothing, more so than ever where the typical teenager is totally insulated from making their own mistakes – one of the main methods of getting to know oneself. We are dictated to in the name of profit, as to what is right & how we should be, which upon examination will usually be found to be nothing more than shaping us into optimal consumers.

Consider anyone who has made at least some effort to experience something beyond what is promoted disguised as consumerist cultures, & ask them what were the best experiences of their life. In the vast majority of cases, they’ll describe an experience or something intangible. No matter how much they enjoy it, I’m almost certain they won’t describe something they bought, unless it is connected to something intangible; a house for their family which by extension of seeing their family happy within it, makes them happy they bought it.

Experiences & moments large or small, are what make life worth living. I won’t dispute that access to good funding increases your options of different experiences substantially. But that is only one means of increasing your range of choices. Much in the same way as learning game will increase your chances & choice of women, the focus of belief in oneself, remembering the path to true self discovery, peace with oneself & then the ability to strive forward without self doubt in search of expanding your boundaries will open up far more options to you, as well as the possibility of financial rewards, creating a snowball effect.

I look around the environment I currently exist within, that of finance within a rich country & see many people who have a much or often more money than me. And while there are exceptional individuals, there are the majority who have effectively resigned from anything beyond what they now have. Their income is sufficient & their job is set, albeit for some token rank denominations & nominal yearly salary increases. Their sole focus is working for an organisation that takes their energy, time & enthusiasm, in exchange for a salary. When the corporation needs to restructure or they have reached retirement, they will be ushered on to the twilight phase of their lives, to slowly regret the years they lost to their previous employers. They are for all intents & purposes, already dead.

While we do of course need to work to exist in a debt controlled society, there are things you can do. Firstly, be aware. If there’s an issue in your life, don’t hide from it & address the root cause. For example if you have a health problem, ignore pharmaceuticals as much as you can & look for other solutions. Consider exercise, for both mental & physical issues. Be honest with yourself & look at yourself. Are you handicapping yourself subconsciously, or making excuses. I commonly hear the response “I don’t like XYZ exercise” when I am asked by someone what they should do to resolve a physical issue they’re not satisfied with. I don’t always like going to the gym each of the five days a week that I typically do, but I do because I like the results of how I feel & look.

Nothing of value or substance comes for free in life. Everything has a cost. Simplify your life wherever possible & stop making excuses. Forgetting about the constant stream of bullshit that we hear through the media or those surrounding us, & being honest with oneself is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. It’s not easy to remove yourself from the status quo. Start with little things, gain that positive reinforcement & take another step forward each time. Over time, you’ll begin to see how absurd your old ways were & while admittedly subject to your current means, any level of success is possible if you are flexible, adaptable, honest with yourself, maintain your principles & be smart.

This week, I took home over five thousand dollars, for realistically working less than thirty hours. I was confronted with contracts worth six figures, to which I was ill prepared but came across honestly & confidently, resulting in a confidence from those decisions makers. I contacted companies in charge of millions of dollars worth of property, with proposals to film for next to nothing. I set in motion things that if they move forward, will result in playing with some of the best musicians of the past forty years. I slept with three different beautiful women from around the world, all of whom are infatuated with me. I organised a crew of talented professionals, all of whom are willing to work with me for free, because they believe in the project after I described it to them.

It was quite tiring. By Thursday I was preparing to sleep by nine in the evening, slumped in front of my fire, simply staring into the flames, too exhausted to even move. I stayed there for a hour, taking the time to contemplate should the thoughts enter my mind & enjoying the silence if they did not. At one point, I considered my life now; the raging whirlwind of forward moving uncertainty & how different things had been both five, ten & twenty years ago. I certainly was different at all those times & absolutely not the person I am now; almost in total disregard of peer or societal expectation. In each of those eras, in different ways I was a yaw of self hatred, self doubt, internalised anger & misunderstanding of a world in which I never seemed to fit into no matter what modifications I made to my demeanor. I am not the finished article now, but whatever I choose to do with my time now & in the future, I expect to be easier. As I experience more, I learn more. As I learn more, I understand more. As I understand more, I gain confidence to experience more.

~ Unjaded

Return On Investment

The world exists in the state it does, thanks to the ordinary heroes we never hear about. Construction worker, engineer or else; social media isn’t going to save you when these guys have enough.

It’s said the way you see the true nature of a man is by giving him power. I would propose many of today’s politicians have come through a ego driven environment, where words & status are the most valued aspects, rather than any sort of real action. The very nature of democracy does in some ways inhibit the ability to decisively impose change upon a society. As I alluded to in my previous post, division or indifference are the biggest enemies of the people. Any type of unity is a threat to those who unite to impose change in a mutually beneficial arrangement. There are more of us than there are of them, but without any type of counter force, when everyone who shows interest is going to make money, no one is going to say no out of principle concern for others.

Boundaries are always tested & will change if they are unchecked. Personal or societal, we see it in media, life & personally. I for example, didn’t go from being practically unable to speak to girls, to getting them to come over & fuck me for a couple of hours each week. It was a process, in which over time boundaries were tested & stretched again & again. Particularly up until 2014 but also beyond, insofar as women went, I simply didn’t care. If they would do what I wanted them to do & fulfill a role, then I would take them up on it & the new order was established. Everything else would be judged upon that new baseline.

Society has been much the same. We went from fight scenes in films being of old fashioned fisticuffs being the normal level of violent confrontation, to being graphically disemboweled in glorious high definition. In the case of the former, someone dying was a greatly significant event; often the pinnacle of the narrative upon which the rest was built. But now, generic masses are slaughtered in a variety of ways. This can still be entertaining, as the nature of cinema & film overall, is to provide fantastic escapism. But that is only part of it, with a limited range of possibility. Some may argue that technological advancements increased the range of possibilities available, which is true – practically anything can be recreated in film in our modern age. But these fantastic realities are seen as the points of a shape which used to be a circle, with the points of the shape being pulled ever further outward. The number of genres upon which our example of film has been distilled into is debatable but whatever it is, those that remain now only look to push their boundaries further – the action films look to have bigger & better special effects, the art-house films look to introduce or push further taboos, & so on. The net result is the overall body of that sphere (of art, in this example) doesn’t get fed. It becomes over analysed, as marketing departments try to isolate the elements that will provide maximum return on investment & interfere with the purity of creativity.

An example is the old Hollywood epics that were produced around the 1970’s. While these were grand beyond compare at the time & could feasibly also be accused at least in part of doing little more than pushing the boundaries of grandeur, these productions still stayed within the limits of normal humanity. There are rarely instances where a hundred thousand people would be united in baying for the victory / blood of fictional protagonists, but that the hundred thousand people depicted in the production were actually there, gave the intangible feeling of immersion. Yes this was likely to be something rare to the viewer, but it was entirely possible & so roused something primeval in the watcher. Even through the lens of film, people could feel that intangible energy emanating from such an enormous gathering of people in one place. It had true power.

Now, that crowd would almost certainly be animated. The idea would be that while obviously a cost saving measure, animating a much larger crowd would stir a similar reaction from watchers, but it’s fake. It doesn’t inspire the same reaction; the one that reverberates within us when we see something real & relatable, epic or otherwise.

This happens in all the spheres of life & society, through different mechanisms which I’ll spare your eyes & my fingers the energy of going through, but ultimately it’s about normalising apathy. “They’re politicians, what do you expect / there’s nothing we can do” is the most destructive thing anyone can do. The constant redefinition of boundaries & what is acceptable seeps into the minds of newer generations, who unless they actively & independently educate themselves, have never known anything different. They become numb to reality & life. Everything follows the pattern of apathetic maximum return of investment, to which people have become accustomed & simplification is only employed when something or someone does not need to be sold to someone else. Everything is viewed as what return it will bring to someone, irrespective of any impact or lack of effect it will have upon it’s target.

Look at any celebrity. If there is a school shooting, in the vast majority of cases they’ll release a social media post, normally along the lines of ‘our prayers are with you’ or some other horseshit. Even in the incredibly unlikely event they do pray & do mention the afflicted, who the fuck are ‘our’ in the ‘our prayers’ & what tangible effect is it having? Donate some fucking money, get your sorry ass down to ground zero or shut the fuck up, because your token post is only offensive to the people who regularly & unfortunately always have to pick up the pieces; the local community. It really is disgustingly offensive how these celebrities offer their condolences from their ivory towers that were built by the very same people who they now patronise. It’s nothing more than a PR activity of them hedging their bets against a possible public outcry that they didn’t acknowledge it & their own image is tarnished. How disgustingly cynical.

What’s worse is because these boundaries are constantly being tested, you have idiots who are defending politicians, corporations & media figures, for what I can see for no reason other than stupidity. The only reason this world doesn’t fall into total disarray is because most people revert to their internal moral compass when faced with a common, external threat. But you now have people expressing views without any foundational information, condemning others universally by way of a category they’ve been prescribed by someone, often someone who has had absolutely no interaction with the receiver.

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when an adult man can no longer enjoy the company of children without at least a suspicious eye being occasionally cast in his direction, because of a few outlier extremists who had abused children; a situation incidentally that had also periodically happened at the hands of women too but rarely given the same level of exposure. That there are people who by default, accuse the male gender of all being rapists by default – an insult to anyone who has undergone a rape & of course, most frequently employed by armchair, middle class, white women who’ve probably never done a real job in their life, nor experienced genuine discrimination or hardship.

Isn’t it pathetic, that I have to endure a girl, barely in her twenties, astonishingly believing she needs to ‘educate’ me on how the patriarchy is dominating her & how I should change my behaviour because of my oppressive privilege, yet has never left the comfort of being surrounded by equally deluded people? A girl whose ideas & doctrine have almost exclusively come from behind a keyboard, attempting to educate a man who has traveled the world, been to places where people struggle to eat, experienced crippling debt, vast sums of disposable income, euphoric emotional & sexual highs, been within days of killing oneself, & lived at both ends of a number of spectrums, condemning me as X, Y or Z, because of little more than her idiocy believing what others who would not be relevant or have a career without feminism told her is happening? When under scrutiny, almost all evidence in practically every area of accusation points to male discrimination.

I apologise for nothing. I will not change my behaviour for anyone. I will not accept what is so patently untrue, ever.

~ Unjaded


The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it – Thucydides

I sit here tormented by an endlessly repeating instrumental guitar, as I wait for someone to pick up my call so I can simply tell them who they should now contact in order to get their money. I’m continually reminded that I ‘can go online’ to submit my information, which as a intelligent, functioning member of society I am entirely aware of.  I just choose not to, as I’d like to ensure these changes are acknowledged by a real human being & processed correctly.

I’ve noticed how my one year old phone has slowed in recent weeks. There has been no firmware updates, hardware damage or installation of bloated application updates. Here’s some more emoji’s! Here’s some advice!! Not all your users are twelve years old!!! I think back to the first phone I ever got, where the only internet access was to WAP sites –  the most simple, text based sites of all. Admittedly, the novelty of being able to remotely access the then still embryonic internet far outweighed it’s quality or usefulness. The advent of the original iPhone changed the game forever. The original that is. The follow ups were clear marketing ‘improvements’. My Mitsubishi phone from the nineties, however simple, lasted me a good four to five years in a time of rapidly developing technology.

One week ago, as I was settled into my weekend night enjoying a documentary, the lamp on my projector unexpectedly exploded. In the years of technological maturity that we have seen since 2010, I am still subject to something exploding in an electronic device.

At some point or another, quality has been cast aside in favour of margins. The commodifiable has been quantified, repackaged & sold back to us wherever possible, as we search for something that will bring us closer to a dream that it itself, has been marketed to us as one & the same;  that doesn’t exist.

All of this is done with efficiency in mind, mostly outsourced in the case of my above examples to what has become the workshop of the world: China. As with any country, they need to carve out their place in the world to maximise whatever resources they have, which is manpower. Competition for opportunities to work means people sacrifice much to work in any opportunity that becomes available, as they themselves pursue a dream that does not exist. In fact, the very same one that gets marketed to their Western counterparts who will buy the things they manufacture. It’s the same story in every country. Textiles in Bangladesh & Vietnam. Diamonds in Botswana. Services in the UK. Everyone’s in the same boat, trying to accumulate as much as they can, as quickly as possible, in order to achieve the dream that doesn’t exist.

Even if you’re industrious, fortunate or incredibly skilled, when you get there, you’ll realise that dream wasn’t what you thought it might be. Sure, you might enjoy it for a while but because your idea of it has come from something that was repackaged & sold to you long ago, the reality will never match the idea. That’s the very essence of marketing anything; this thing or experience will change everything you dislike about yourself or your current situation.

See the fragile nature of those people (typically women) who can’t wait to throw themselves under the knife of plastic surgery. It’s as clear as the midday sun of a tropical country to anyone with even the slightest bit of insight, that these people need proper psychological help in the majority of cases. But that’s like an unchecked alcoholic turning down a beer that’s right in front of him, standing up & voluntarily walking himself into a rehabilitation clinic – it’s only going to happen in the most rare of circumstances. When money is at stake, no one is going to give you an honest answer & if they do, & it’s something you don’t want to hear, you’re going to go & see someone else who is going to tell you what you want to hear. Most of what most people appear to deliberate outwardly, they’ve already decided. Those with enough fear are ready, & just waiting for the person to say or do enough, to enable them. It’s just the right combination of conduct, words & style that will unlock that will. That’s how you convince someone with self esteem issues that plastic surgery will make her feel worth as a person. It’s how you convince someone your phone will be the one that will complete their peer acceptance. It’s how you convince a girl in a club to sleep with you the same night. It’s how you convince a wife that fucking you behind her husband’s back will make her feel young or desired again.

Then the reality kicks in. The breast enlargement wasn’t quite the size or shape that you wanted. No one is impressed with your new phone because they’ve all brought the same one. The one stand amounted to nothing more than a guy pleasing himself & the wife, lays there at night with the guilt running through her mind (temporarily at least) as she cosies up to him. The cycle doesn’t end, because you succumbed to something fake. Something which was a low quality, temporary fix, for a low quality person. And the symptoms grow beneath the surface, growing ever larger until the desperation draws them to the same or a similar circumstance once again, & they are condemned to an ever repeating cycle, unless something significant happens.

‘Something significant’ normally means some sort of breakdown or at the very least a magnificent, landmark epiphany, normally drawn on by the aforementioned desperation reaching a critical point. The point where that unseen essence that exists within us, finally has enough & rises up in a tangible form. This vary from a realisation & subsequent change in direction in the best case, through to incurable physical maladies in the worst. It all depends how long you’ve been in denial, how unfortunate you’ve been in associating with people who aggravate or soothe your underlying insecurities & how detached you’ve become from who you really are underneath.

A lot of this can be avoided, by abandoning the safety of the internet, getting out there, doing things, pushing yourself, putting yourself outside of your comfort zone to an appropriate degree & staying away from clearly destructive behaviours. Attempt to be honest with yourself & look at the root cause of your symptoms, rather than masking the symptoms. Observe yourself if you must, see what makes you happy, what you think makes you happy & make changes accordingly. Substitute bad escapism for better escapism, & recognise we all must rest at times, & that there is nothing wrong with that. Enjoy the simple things life has to offer, as well as the fruits of your labour. Bring yourself closer to good people & distance yourself from those who bring only negativity. They must find their own way, & will come to you when they are read for your help, or when they have completed their own work & want to show you the new version of themselves, to reconcile. Understand that whatever image of themselves a person projects, they still breathe, piss & shit like we all do. Everyone was born the same, but we choose where if we bathe ourselves in knowledge or shit; to participate in the idiocy or not.

~ Unjaded


Jen Seltzer. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t.

The beauty of having an abundance mentality is that you can revel in the glory that is not caring about people moving on. While I am by no means a cold hearted person, I am of course a realist. In all aspects of life, I simply look at the facts underpinning any situation. Anyone who for example, feels the need to rev their car or motorcycle unnecessarily loudly as they trundle past, tied to the lights as much as anyone, is clearly a person who has a deep lying insecurity or inadequacy. Such people are very easy to affect, as all you have to do is isolate what that inadequacy is.

The easiest way to do this is to view your adult life in the same way the dynamics evolve in the school playground. In the USA & UK at least, this is very clear to the hierarchy that naturally develops. Those with inadequacies feel the need to overcompensate in some way; the girl starved of attention elsewhere for whatever reason or who has a low self esteem, will strive to be considered then hottest, dominant or most popular. The child who is clearly behind in the intellectual stakes will impose a physical or intimidatory level of control upon another to compensate.

Typically those examples will reach a logical ending; either ending up pregnant, in prison or destitute if they turn to chemical release. In terms of women, most women even today do harbour some requirements for romantic security in some way. But if they can, typically they will. I’ve lost count of the amount of women I’ve known who are in long term marriages & have not hesitated to cheat on their husband should the sex deteriorate or reduce in frequency for whatever reason. Just this week, a ‘free life coaching lesson’ offered to be, ended up with us jacking each other off in the back room. No, I couldn’t really believe it either but it was plain as day from her body language & the look in her eyes, she wanted it. I could raise the stakes by saying ‘it just happened’, which no doubt would be her excuse should her husband ever find out, but it had all been reaching a head through the messages we had exchanged. So, my conclusion has, & has been for some time, that if a woman can cheat with little or no chance of being caught, she will. I would say these days, this is true for about eighty percent of women. There still are some decent women out there as I’ve often said, but very, very few of them are trustworthy. In fairness, the same can be said for men. But as I’m not in the business myself of fucking men, I don’t care about that. What I do care about, is my own personal gain. And while it is unfortunate in that sometimes a nice girl may not get the level of relationship she is looking for from me, she still gets some great sex & in all honesty, it isn’t all that bad. The BustyKosovan didn’t think twice about dropping me for a hot stone once some other dude came along because she ‘wanted a relationship’, despite her saying she didn’t want anything serious in the beginning, so I was happy to strike while the iron is hot. Effectively my point is, that I struck while the iron was hot, got what I wanted & knew all along that was a distinct possibility.

Right now, I have a admittedly hot Indian girl patiently waiting on me to arrange a time with her to meet. She’s a nice girl & also attractive, but I also have two other girls I’ve been sleeping with who are also hot, & whom I want to continue sleeping with for the foreseeable future. It’s entirely possible the Indian girl will lose patience with me this week, but although we get on very well & she has a superb body, I can already imagine her to be inexperienced & honestly, not very good in bed. Plus, she’s leaving in a matter of weeks. So while someone with an non-abundant attitude may be falling over themselves to impress upon this girl enough so that she will jump into bed with them, I’m quite happy to deprioritise her below these others, because with the others I know exactly what I’m getting, or in the case of once later this week, there’s simply a better girl who I’m at the conversion stage with. I’m not going to say no to a girl fifteen years younger than me who has a tight gym trained body & is hot on any scale.

The abundance mentality is mentally tampered with by a feeling of obligation – this girl made the effort to message me, so perhaps I should do this or that in order to keep her ‘warm’. Or if you’re not running a harem, that you feel as though you couldn’t just sleep with this girl for a while because she’s a ‘nice girl’. But you can. Just be sure to do it well & in the end, she’ll quickly find another man who will be more than happy to take your place – you’ll be nothing more than a happy memory of some dude she once slept with.

This abundance / obligation conflict takes place in all areas of our life, to the point of controlling us completely. One might feel scared to express oneself in a job for fear of losing said job, but as long as what you say is said in an acceptable way & full of facts, it would be hard for one to terminate your position there. And honestly if they do on that basis, they’ll be doing you a favour because you don’t want to be working for people who are so stuck up their own ass, they cannot accept criticism which might improve the situation for everyone. Much in the same way a girl will quickly trade you in for what she perceives as a superior model, simply accept this attrition & look forward to your new free time soon being filled a new model of your own.

~ Unjaded

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Alexandra Lillian, seemingly in need of help finding her bikini top.

Although this may be obvious to veterans of game, this is a blog for all & some of our lesser experienced brethren may not know one of the fundamental aspects of game in today’s ultra competitive attention garnering of females with a view to getting some actual action; is to take advantage of a woman’s infatuation period. As I’ve gone through in more detail long ago on another game blog in my early days, knowing to maintain the interest in the earlier moments is key. The endless stream of attention in your average girls life nowadays means that, while you should never be at her beck & call, in reality you are going to have to maintain some level of at least fake interest in order to get where you want to be; between her legs.

When is the infatuation period? Realistically, it’s going to be somewhat dependent on your game skills. At the very least, game should be used to give the impression your value, is superior to yours. In the early days, your goal to have some level of success is going to be to give that impression to her; that you are superior to her overall. You will need to play to whatever strengths you have in order to maximise that, while in parallel actually working on yourself to raise your actual level. That will benefit in the medium to long term in any case,.

In contrast, a man who has already employed such strategies of self improvement & seen them through, will be very much in the same position. But with more ammunition. The improvements he has made to himself will allow him to link his value perception to more facets of his character, making it more substantive.

How does this link in practice to the infatuation period? It simply will buy you more time. This alongside the level of your applied game (that is, how effective you are at actually employing these principles), will determine the impression you make on the hapless young (or older) lady. Generally speaking though, the more experienced you are in game, the more likelihood of you being able to take advantage of the infatuation period.

The infatuation period is simply the moment between you meeting her with the impression you make on her, & her meeting someone else who will do exactly the same. It doesn’t take long either. I consider myself now a near expert proponent of game. Generally speaking, my day game approaches will be able to get most women into an isolation level first date by standard. During certain phases, my game rises to levels where I can get women into bed by a second date, or even a first on occasion. But by no means does it mean I’m now immune to the attrition that can take place, even after you’ve slept with a girl.

Recently I spoke of a BustyAlbanian, with whom I’d gone through the usual process of meeting, slowly building up her perception of me & comfort with me, in order to get her to my place under the pretense of making her dinner or watching a film, before making my move to warm her up for the bedroom (or sofa, or kitchen table…ahem). All went perfectly to plan, with a total of three dates in total before sealing the deal. Due to a combination of working through my harem & deprioritising her so as to keep interest levels up with the others, I didn’t see her for a couple of weeks. Bear in mind, she is an attractive women & would be considered so by any red blooded man. To cut a long story short, I gave her an orgasm so hard she was dizzy afterwards the fourth time we slept together, had her talking about how hot her giving me a blowjob was the fifth time we saw each other, & her telling me only five days later that she had met someone else & wanted to give it a go with him, as she’s now ‘looking for a relationship’.

I actually don’t mind this at all. Although she was hot, this frees up time in my schedule for someone else. My somewhat obsessive nature with sex does get me into an overloaded position sometimes. Honestly, if she’d wanted to meet up this week I didn’t actually have time. And frankly speaking, I left it with a ‘best of luck’ & a ‘contact me if it doesn’t work out’. I’ve left the door open, because now knowing the local ‘market’ here (which importantly to note, is overloaded with men because it’s a finance city), whoever she’s dating is going to either be a wet flannel or a bastard who’ll she’ll have her fun with & eventually she’ll get angry with.

And in the case she doesn’t come back, do I really care? It was pretty clear from the beginning she wasn’t interested in anything serious & neither was I. She knew what she was getting herself into & here we are, at the logical conclusion.

The only other important thing to note, is to get the balance right between maintaining a certain level of attention & going overboard, as the latter simply results in you coming across as needy. That may have the opposite effect, whereby your lack of aloofness will will start to make you unattractively needy. A balance should be maintained, which is a good test of your own perception & intuition. If you fail, learn & improve.

Finally, it should also be noted that the desirability of a girl & the mediums to which she has availability of options should be considered. A clearly & generally considered attractive girl who puts herself as available on an attention whoring platform (such as Tinder or it’s peers), will be able to get laid with not an Alpha (the true Alpha’s are those who seem unassailable & genuinely rare), but some one dimensional steroid laden dickhead who will be constantly monitoring the app / website & immediately drop whatever he’s doing provide the grinding she desires. Having any goals in life which require real attention & a time commitment, while an fully commendable activity, will be detrimental to the infatuation period possibilities against one dimensional dickheads. You owe it firstly to yourself to use game as a self empowerment tool, to avoid becoming a desperate shadow of yourself as many of the single dimension men will ultimately become. Just understand clearly, that you may have to accept losing out sometimes, which you’ll discover through girls not messaging you back or flaking on you, or all the usual shit we have become accustomed to now.

~ Unjaded

How To Understand Women

Another inspiring quote from women's 'role model' & well known cunt; Madonna

Another inspiring quote from women’s ‘role model’ & well known cunt; Madonna

One of the things I hear most among men is the running joke based on how there’s no point in trying to understand women because they’re too complicated.

Grow the fuck up.

Women aren’t difficult to understand. In exactly the same way certain behaviours become normalised when they’re a part of mass media, the idea that women are ‘complicated’ has arrived because it’s a easy laugh. How many times have you seen (particularly in US shows) the bumbling idiot of a husband lumbering around from one situation to another, only for his patient wife to remark about his actions in a loving yet pitiful manner?

Many men are happy to subscribe to this idea as a ‘truth’, because it’s easy. It’s easier to play the game as a fucking mindless idiot, because then you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions. In real life, men like this will end up getting divorced, in a miserable duty bound marriage or blindly unaware of their wife banging some other guy on the side, because few humans truly tolerate a adult sized child for long.

In reality, your goal as a man (although this is also applicable to any person) should be to further yourself in a way that makes you happy. The meaning of life is to create a meaning for yourself. More on that in another post.

Coming back to the original topic; there are two simple keys to understanding women.

1) Women use language differently to us.

2) Women are simply very practical in getting what they want.

Different language example: Old Unjaded (let’s call him Jaded) is horny. He wants to get down & dirty. He messages a girl;

Jaded: Hey Occasionally Fuck Buddy (OFB) , how are you? What are you doing?

OFB: Oh I’m just at home. How are you?

Jaded: Yeah I’m good thanks. Feeling really horny today though. Can I come over?

OFB: Sorry to hear that. I don’t think it’s a good idea blah blah blah…

Basically, a woman generally isn’t going to respond to this unless she’s really into you (usually only lasts a certain amount of time if you’re only interested in fucking her) or she has low self esteem & not many options (rapidly rare to find with proliferation of internet based ego feeders).

OFB  version would be as so;

OFB: Hey, how are you?

Unjaded: Hey OFB, I’m good thanks. Been busy. And you?

OFB: I’m fine thank you. Went to XYZ last night. Would you like a coffee? Be good to see you.

Unjaded: Yeah why not. See you at ABC in 30 mins?

OFB: Great! See you soon.

So what’s going on here? I could provide a whole bunch of analysis, but the key point is; she’s using the word see instead of the word fuck. Simply transpose the word into the above conversation & that’s what she’s essentially saying.  Meet somewhere within walking distance of your house.  If she comes in, job done.

Why? Because women don’t like to think in their own heads (or their peers) that they’re sluts. Generally, they won’t embrace language like men do because it’s too direct, too real for them. So they need to delude themselves by going through certain motions or sequences, even if deep down they just like fucking you.

And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. If they like fucking, then fair enough. Women have been painted recently as the harbingers of controlling the unrelenting, testosterone fueled inherent rapists we men all are deep down, & so they have to justify to themselves any sex they have.

This is of course bullshit. It’s completely disgusting how the male heterosexual libido has been demonised to the point where men are ashamed to express in even it’s tamest forms. But this is how the world is very often now, & as with anything if you want to manipulate it you need to know how it works.

Onto the next point, women are practical about what they want. If they want something or have a possibly of being subjected to pain, they will most often engineer a situation to facilitate / prevent it.

A common male fear is his girlfriend cheating on him when she is going on a girls holiday. Why? Because he knows, the uncommon & the illicit are attractive to anyone. Pedro the Brazilian barman doesn’t give a fuck, this is all the normal course for him.

If your girlfriend wants a little affair to break up the monotony of being with you, she’ll facilitate this by going on holiday alone, or with some girlfriends.

Similarly, if a girl wants to be shafted by a number of different nationalities, she’ll become a ‘solo female traveler’ (note another example of use of empowering & strong language; a man doing the same will often get labelled as a ‘sex tourist’).

If a girl likes rugby guys, she’ll go to a sports bar. If she likes attention but not fucking, she’ll go to clubs ‘just for dancing’. If she’s worried you’ll finish with her, she’ll start hanging around with men, who’ll she’ll tell you are ‘just friends’. Break up & a week later, said friend will be drilling your ex-woman.

If a girl accepts an invite to your place, she’s expecting you to at least try to sleep with her.

So I’m sure you get the idea. Just think about the practical aspects of whatever situation she is trying to engineer or has engineered, & boom; it’s right there in front of you. Nothing to understand, just don’t overcomplicate it & don’t lie to yourself. Men particularly have a habit of seeing what they want to see to justify their beliefs, rather than what is the actual truth.

Remember, people prove themselves through their actions, not their words. If she’s saying one thing but her actions don’t seem to match what’s coming out of her mouth, always take her actions as the decisive factor.

I mentioned a fault of men is the try to convince themselves of things but choosing what they see. The fault of women is often, they are not authentic. They justify their own actions through lies & self-denial. For example if they do something which makes them feel like a whore & then create justifications (usually blamed on outside circumstances) so they feel better about it.

Not understanding this combination of both these male & female faults can be lethal for a man. You have to be aware of these general characteristics in case you need to counter them.

See people for what they do, not how they justify it to themselves.

~ Unjaded