Lily Aldridge; a nice throwback to a classically attractive female. Dickhead potential not yet clarified, as her age of thirty two gives some hope, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Here we are, freshly purged of all extraordinary affairs. Even the regular who I kept on board, the gym instructor who can’t get enough of riding me, has been having some marriage issues which have forced her to take a step back away from me. Disappointing, as she is incredibly hot. But the rest have gone. Forever cast to the annuls of history, as my interest in sexual encounters diminishes ever further due to the potential drama from people, the quality of character generally deteriorating in a new world of miserable narcissism & finding contentment in another, & tangible projects.

But while the decks have indeed been cleared, there still exists a number of candidates. Tonight alone, I have met a slim, easy going Austrian girl. Yesterday was a nineteen year old Persian girl, & tomorrow Uruguayan placed herself as available for no strings fun. In a couple of days, a seemingly horny Iranian girl is on the cards & at the weekend, who knows.

Why? Through intention or result, I’ve been faithful for the past three weeks. It’s actually been quite good. I’ve had much more time to myself & as a result either been more productive or more relaxed, depending on how I’ve chosen to spend that additional time. It’s been quite nice, also not having to be aware of subconsciously checking everything I’ve said or done. Raw, brutal experience has taught me to cover my tracks well & never get complacent, which in all honesty was one of the main reasons why I made the changes I did at the beginning of the year. It wasn’t all a brutal culling from my end, but I certainly realised & took a window of opportunity when it arose in each case, as emotional ties began to crystalise. Not only did those relationships become less interesting due to the rising emotional baggage, but they also became higher risk, as these people have the potential to emotionally meltdown & become dangerous in one way or another.

Nevertheless, the utter boredom of being located where I am, as well as the presentation of new opportunities has piqued my interest & led me to explore new avenues. Lessons have been learnt from previous experiences & however tempting, I am determined to knock quickly on the head, anything which shows signs of drama, regression into relationship pressure; that is, trying to make a relationship out of something which is not & never will be, & so on.

In these new ‘explorations’ as we can call them, I have quickly realised that if as a man in his mid-thirties has a nineteen year old girl interested in him, it’s probably for a reason – either she has daddy issues, isn’t getting much attention from guys her age because perhaps she’s overweight & so on. After extensive text preparation, I finally met up with aforementioned nineteen year old, even attempting to confirm some things via picture requests. All of which were promising. I wasn’t expecting her to be a prime nineteen year old mega hottie, but at least decent shape. On arrival, it transpired she was indeed curvy. In fairness, she was actually a pretty cool person which compensated for a lot. I was a little disappointed but she had big breasts & was decent enough for a covert friends with benefits situation. So I basically know now, & that will be my next move – invite her over, nothing nasty about it however, & then make my move. If she’s not interested after that, off we go.

The Uruguayan has basically proposed acceptance of a friends with benefits model. This happened before with Tunisian; incredible sex followed by an emotional situation where we stopped seeing each other, her seemingly then having some shit sex with someone else & then coming back to tell me, she was now ready for a friends with benefits situation. Off we went, & it was still pretty damn good. But for whatever reason, I just didn’t fancy seeing her again. Now I think about it though, perhaps I will! But the serious point it, is that if that it becomes the quest to convert or convince me that ‘actually I do want a relationship’, she’ll be getting dropped like a hot stone.

There is also of course, the intrigue of new conquests. As I envision my time in this lifestyle coming to an end in a few years or less, I do want to create ever more experiences in an area of my life which has always been central to me. As much as I complain about the caveats involved in attracting a nineteen year old as man in his mid-thirties, it’s safe to say that is going to be much more difficult when I’m forty five or fifty. Furthermore I don’t even want to be doing that shit at that age, frankly speaking. It’s fucking embarrassing watching men of that age still chasing girls around like dogs, using whatever means they have at their disposal to desperately attract them (typically money).

The road still has many sights, even as it becomes ever more straight.

~ Unjaded

Three Out Of Four Ain’t Bad (Pt. 2)

Works for me. Let's get down to business...

Works for me. Let’s get down to business…

Once I’d realised so many women were effectively happy to adhere to certain patterns or expectations, going through certain routines & playing my optimised game, made seduction not foolproof, but generally very easy. After a little while, I’d lost count of the amount of times it felt like going through the same motions.

It was here the seduction process began to lose its allure. Once I’d mastered it, aside from the obvious benefits, it was no longer so interesting. Much in the same way something becomes boring once you have achieved it, it was again the same. I hadn’t lost my sexual appetite, but the process became laborious. As I’ve detailed even recently, I’d be sat in front of someone wondering to myself why we’re going through all the chit chat, because we both know why we’re there. I do genuinely enjoy getting to know someone, & in fact that wasn’t so much the problem – the problem was more me thinking; ‘I know she’s nothing special in relationship terms, so how can I accelerate this?’.

In almost every respect (admittedly however, with rare exceptions), my suspicions about women have been proved correct. That they are emotionally driven. That the words they use are determined by their mood at the time they say / write them. That their understanding of their own level in life, is inflated by virtue of the dogs, saying or doing anything to get closer to her vagina.

‘The dogs’. Oh yes, thanks to those very same women & the others with whom I shared something with, I also learnt the nature of many men. The ones who will say or do whatever is required in order to get what they want, which is usually ‘getting laid’.

At all ends of the spectrum, the dogs undermined the efforts of stronger men, in much the same way as the jealous peasant longs for the celebrated champion to suffer a great tragedy. From internet providers fawning over an attention seeker’s latest post, through the guy who is ‘just a friend‘ to your girlfriend (the ‘parasites’, & in my opinion the lowest life form), the white knight who has had a couple of drinks who feels he must get involved to protect your girlfriend’s honour if she’s crying while you argue (irrespective of the circumstances), & finally back around to the internet feeder, the trough of basic sustenance for women of any level.

Has men’s self esteem & idea of their role become so undermined, that even the most atrocious girl can believe she is far above her actual objective station? I’m not against anyone making the best of themselves; it’s the storyline that has dictated my whole life. But not at the expense of others, & not falsely. What’s happening is these women are not interested in self improvement or taking the risks which may break a person down, in the process of rebuilding themselves. But instead that they are choosing their best strategy to fulfil their narcissistic desires, because every girl is a princess. As it stands today, we couldn’t be further from the truth.

The majority of Western women are brazen in achieving their bucket list of desires, in many cases through the tactical utilisation of their vagina alone.

But here, men are more to blame, for accepting this as status quo. ‘Jokes’ like the ‘man cave’, ‘she’s the boss’ & so on, actually become reality as the media popularises them, a woman in a relationship half jokingly suggests them & for a reason I’ve still yet to fathom but presumably linked to low self esteem or a masochistic element, the man accepts & it becomes reality.

My houses are my houses. Whoever lives there with me accepts my conditions for anything I consider of consequence or importance. The same applies in personal relations, for the same reason; I don’t need anyone. I know I can stand alone if required, because I’ve done it before. I allowed myself risk, & learnt from the pain.

The SingingChilean stopped messaging me. I’d be quite happy to bang her again, but knowing women, the reason she isn’t is probably because she met someone else. It’s the same with the Russian air hostess I met up with a couple of times, although I didn’t bang her. That’s fine for me. This natural attrition frees up my time for someone else. They were both cool & credit to the SingingChilean for fucking me (because the Russian air hostess didn’t), but in both cases so be it. I don’t need to chase. I don’t need to worry. I don’t need to beg. Because again, I don’t need anyone.

That’s what women say too. They ‘don’t need anyone’, often appended with ‘because I have my vibrator’. But the difference is this; when you have only one main attribute through which you market yourself, & become satisfied with the postion you attain from that, you are inextricably tied to that. When that asset declines in value & other assets appear to offer a greater return for the same input, anyone sensible would switch their input into the latter. And that’s precisely what happens to older women who get traded in for younger models; their one asset they relied upon (their sexual attractiveness) is now outdated in light of more appealing options. A man who makes the decison to just get with the most attractive woman he can at any cost, deserves all the offsetting baggage that often comes with such women. But the women who crow the sad stories about how they’ve been discarded, should’ve thought about being a little more than just one dimensional from the beginning.

Women. Want some advice? If you wan to keep a man long term, accept him for who he is & work on yourself as much as possible, so that he sees how much more that you have to offer, than just a trophy & a fuck. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but sound counsel, support, dignity, beauty of the soul & helping him be the best he can, are the qualities within a woman, truly valued by any man of worth. Become the best version of yourself you can, not at the expense of others.

The last weekend, I fucked three girls in one day. I was aiming for four, but the third didn’t leave in time.

Why did I do that? The real reason was, so that I could say one day nearer my deathbed that I had. Another reason was the ego trip, being entirely honest. For whatever reason, that day I was feeling particularly selfish.

Did I enjoy it? Physically it was quite exhausting. The exhaustion lasted about three more days in fact. The sex with all of them isn’t the best. It’s pretty good, but I’ve had much better. In fact, despite sleeping with a number of women from the Giant Experiment as well as day to day meetings, most of the sex hasn’t been particularly good. I have a number of conclusions from the Giant Experiment that were not a big surprise to me, but amazing sex has generally been missing from the equation.

After that day, I felt as though I’d transgressed a certain barrier, not just sexually but mentally. I have had so much sex even before this blog started, that I’ve gone from the act being of utmost importance & relevance in my teenage years, to now being something which is now as common to me as eating an banana. In fact, I have sex more often than how often I eat bananas, & I always have a bunch of bananas in the kitchen.

The downside of this is, I have become so desensitised to the value of sex through a combination of conditioning by women, society & the media, that I also place no value on a woman cheating on me or seeing other men as well as me. In the former case, I simply immediately end the relationship or mentally it nothing more than a sexual convenience to me (as was the case with she who cannot be named, where I subconsciously had switched off my emotions for a long period before we moved in together). The latter, I just let them go & take it as an opportunity to try someone new.

Some friends of mine couldn’t believe me when I told them about having three girls in one day. They actually thought I’d paid for them. I assured them it wasn’t the case & never has been. In fact, it’s not arousing for me at all. They are somewhat still indoctrinated into the ‘a real man should be a responsible man’ mentality & so doing what they consider the right thing; to be in a relationship. Good for them, if that’s what truly makes them happy. But they find it difficult to believe I could organically make that happen, & I suspect they would like to experience that too, because it’s so far from what they have now.

All I have realised in my journey is that if you listen, learn from your mistakes & improve yourself as much as possible, anything is truly possible. But whatever you desire, be sure it’s truly what you want & that once you’ve tasted it, you’re sure you want to stay there.

If you don’t, you might find that thing making you more Jaded than when you began.

~ Unjaded

Three Out Of Four Ain’t Bad (Pt. 1)

Line them up, & I'll knock them down...

Line them up, & I’ll knock them down…

A week is a long time in my life. Perhaps out of the boredom that lies in wait, for whatever reason I’ve always had to have something to occupy my mind. Even as a child, I would ravenously devour anything nearby that could be read; factual books, comic books, graphic novels. Even instruction manuals. My brain was constantly hungry for more material to absorb; a never quenched sponge wanting to assimilate everything in sight.

If the brain could not be satisfied, then the body started to demand stimulation. A craving for movement, expenditure of energy & physical engagement often manifested itself in playing football, cycling around the city limits & being in any state of flux that I could exhaust myself with, as mind & body finally accepted fulfilment.

You may now assume that upon puberty, these cravings were superseded by the desire for sex. In that you’d be right; the desire was raging, but ever more so due to the total lack of sex, because of the crippling shyness I suffered & the false ideas about the opposite sex that had been planted in my head by the older women by whom I been raised. This wasn’t a malicious act at all. They also supplied me with other advice which has served me very well to this day & will continue to do so, such as not to judge others on hearsay but by your own conclusions, to always keep a private cash supply for emergencies or not to foolishly allow people into what you have fought for & acquired.

Their advice was well intended but was that one might expect from older women from a different generation; traditional & so, outdated. As society seized upon the ‘controversial’ behaviour of popular artists & the media itself pushed the boundaries of what was permissible to be displayed on film or television, or in print, so too did these concepts become normalised. After the initial furore had died down, the attention alone the originator had drawn prompted others into following suit. The new standard proliferated & so no longer became shocking. The erosion of the last generation of ideas emerged as they rapidly became irrelevant, to be replaced with the new trend of whatever escalation of perceived normality had taken it’s place.

Traditional ideas became outdated & continually eroded with every new revelation, of which was nothing more than pushing the boundaries of the time to a suitable degree, at the right time. The practical effect of this to me personally was misunderstanding, self blame & questioning of the self again, as my hungry mind instead became focused on the question of why my inherited concepts were not working on a very detailed & intense level. ultimately resulting in a rapid move towards low self esteem & depression, I battled with for many years. I even thought at the time we must have been transitioning into an age where for a reason I couldn’t discern at the time, women were somehow in control of dating. And from what I heard from my fellow man, this was just ‘the ways things are’; the women only restrained from indulging their barely restrained promiscuity they often appeared to threaten through ‘jokes’ & insinuations, providing the men settled for their limited lot in life. Despite something within me rumbling on within me that did not lie well with me, I felt as though I had no other choice but to adapt to it.

I entered into a succession of relationships. Without going into details, they were for the most part unsuccessful, & I was blamed for them not working out. The details of whatever action I’d taken that had ultimately caused the end of the relationship were of course not mentioned & instead the ‘story’ that had rang around the grapevine was always easily distilled into various categorisations fitting in to easily digestible ideas for females & the men that accepted the status quo; accepting whatever they were told by their women, in fear of being cast out.

Time went on, & after more failings with women, more questions span around in my head. In my expansive search, I finally realised there was nothing wrong with my way of thinking. I’d simply been led into a giant thought trap; a growing majority of women using a backlash against something which had already been defeated; the dominance of men in almost all areas of life – now entirely redundant in the western world. But an idea still maintained in much the same way as the legacy of racism; a racial minority can easily call racism as a poor man’s defence against anything which displeases him, as a woman can call sexism in much the same way.

Using a Dungeons & Dragons reference, oft seen on the internet, I made a decison to consciously create my own reality in dating & relationships; what I would describe as being ‘lawful neutral’. Not with intent to hurt others, but to prioritise my needs & wants clearly above that consideration of other people’s, something I hadn’t done until then. Start by edging the boundaries of normal day to day life further outwards; not be bound by a single woman. Have a lover & a girlfriend. Take opportunities for what they are. Sleep with the girl who wants to sleep with you, without needing to clarify the ‘status’ of your relationship with that person. Be tactile yet clear about that you are a sexual person.

I began to see the possibilities. And so I went further. Started to experiment with how far I could take things. How quickly I could get a woman to sleep with me upon meeting for the first time, through clever use of preparatory texting. Approaching women in the unforgiving daylight of day to day life. Have sex with two girls in one day. Theoretically propose them sexually advantageous propositions, such as letting me watch them have sex with another guy; & then seeing if they would reciprocate the same with me & another woman. With every success or discovery, I wanted to go further.

And so I did, learning unprecedented amounts of knowledge about the opposite sex, from purely empirical knowledge. My mind was blown. The conclusions of this huge empirical experiment were well documented on this very blog, but for the most part eighty percent fell into two distinct & clear categorisations; prudes & pragmatically selfish people. The former seemingly stuck in the realm of unrealistic beliefs about modern day relationships & with whom I felt some sympathy, as they seemed to be subject to my own starting affliction but unwilling or too scared to change.

And the latter demonstrating repeatedly, that someone may take their perceived words or actions at their literal value, was beyond consequence for them. The only value in any action or choice from them, was the net, tangible benefit it brought to them. Grandiose proclamations & apparently unique moments between two people, were soon forgotten if another, seemingly ‘more perfect’ option presented itself. Eventually, one begins to doubt the truth in anything said during the process of knowing someone, & when subject to repeated episodes of something following practically the exact same pattern every time, adaptability again comes to the fore.

~ Unjaded

Transcripts: #9 (False Hungarian)


‘How are you, what cock have you lined up today?’

What happened? As part of the Giant Experiment, I started chatting with a Hungarian girl. While her apparently ‘depressed’ boyfriend was dealing with her throwing him out of her apartment after three ‘wasted’ years, she was already lining up her ‘rebound’ guys on Tinder.

I had this girl figured out from the beginning. I knew from day one she wasn’t going to be anyone worth any serious attention, but given her sexual history & open demeanor about sex, I knew that it would be likely if we fucked regularly for a while, she’d probably get attached due to the quality of sex & start professing various things about us becoming more serious. It happened before with the RussianWitch& the main mistake I made there was not finishing it with her who will not be named & instead keeping her as my main girl, for the duration of my stay in the central European state. She was also very open sexually & frankly, with a sexual history most people would describe as ‘slutty’ (women too; you’re the fucking worst with each other when it comes to labelling), & it acts as a double edged sword.

Because they’re comfortable with their sexuality, these girls can be some of the best in bed you’ll encounter. But for that same reason, she’ll probably have a prolific sexual past too. And if you’re a guy who hasn’t been with that many women, this can be intimidating and/or a turnoff. This can also suggest to a man that a girl is more likely to be unfaithful. And this is exactly right. Let me be the one to tell you categorically, that a girl who has been with a vast number of men, is more likely to cheat on you, irrespective of what she says.

Why is this? The same reason I used to have a conscience about sleeping with certain women, & now don’t. The more people I’ve slept with, the less value I’ve attached to sex. I remember when I was younger, women would often excuse themselves of cheating on their boyfriends or husbands using the excuse ‘But it’s just sex with him. I love my boyfriend / husband’.

No you fucking don’t. Because especially as a woman, you wouldn’t do that if you did love them. But this post won’t turn into a angry ‘fuck off’ post, because I (& perhaps you) already became accustomed to this kind of bullshit. The point is, these women had already devalued sex to them in the opposite way to how you never forget the first person you have sex with. Fucking a lot of people, means sex is tied to less emotional value. That’s why a highly experienced girl, generally isn’t good for a relationship.

The only possible exception I would append to this, if you are foolhardy enough to try it, is a promiscuous girl who has never been in a serious relationship before. She may value that with you so much, that she may change her ways. Personally I wouldn’t though.

I’ve been with considerably more than the typical man & even the typical woman, but the FalseHungarian had been with as many guys as me. It didn’t phase me at all, but I had my doubts anything would come to fruition as I logically assumed she was talking to other men.

That said, we chatted away all week, chemistry & conversation seemingly flowing very well. Messages were responded to in very good time, within minutes in fact; always a good indicator of a girl’s general attitude towards you. On her ex (apparently, fairly sure she was still fucking the poor guy while they were living together) boyfriend’s departure, it escalated to her sending me some admittedly pretty hot photos. I was ready to just directly go for the first date fuck. We arranged to meet in three days, in the daytime of a national holiday, which give me a couple of hours to continue the flowing exchanges between us, followed by a shafting.

I was dealing with the other members of my harem in the days leading up to our meeting, continuing the regular texting. Things tailed off a little a couple of evenings before, & upon messaging her the day before our meeting, she replied. Ten hours later. Along with my expectations from the beginning, she said she couldn’t meet me anymore. I replied with a simple ‘Interesting. Why?‘. By the time she’d replied with the below, I’d already deleted her number;

I actually met someone ‘serious’… And will be going away with him. I think for now, I will give it a try & see if it works out with us… It was cool chatting with you & you’re an interesting guy. ‘The male version of me’. Cheers & good night.

I saved the message to my email without opening it, for the purposes of this post but also so as to not give her the satisfaction of knowing I’d read it. I haven’t blocked her, as I’m waiting for the day when she’ll be back in touch. After ‘Mr Serious’ has fucked her for a while & got bored, & she wonders what she missed out on. I truly never expected anything from her, aside from some bonus sex. And this is the attitude I fully encourage any man to take with such women. Let them prove themselves to you, because as I’ve said time & time again, words are the only thing to judge a person upon.

‘The male version of me’? No, I’m not a timewasting cunt…

~ Unjaded

Archive: Know The Cycle

A strong nine point five for me on face from my girl Milla; I don't even mind sacrificing some chest if the ass is all in order.

A strong nine point five for me on face from my girl Milla. Also an underrated actress, probably due to some questionable script choices.

Good morning all. Another opportunity to revisit another classic piece this week, as we still wait some sort of progress in relation to career & deciding what to do next. It was either this or a possibly depressing piece along the lines of questioning my whole existence & purpose in this world, as I gradually approach the point of spending my last remaining savings on driving across Europe or the US for the next six months, piecing together experiences to determine what I actually want to do with my remaining approximated thirty five years of life. Thirty five years; fuck that’s a long time. It’s what I’ve already done all over again, except I have to take full responsibility for all of it this time, instead of just a portion.

So as it’s only Wednesday, I thought I’d spare you that & instead share with you a damning indictment of the egomania irreversibly imbued within your typical western influenced woman & some of the thought processes behind that, while giving you some strategies of how to use those to your own benefit. Applying the correct strategy with this information should increase the chances of even the greenest player scoring some action. The most powerful form of intelligence? Adaptability.

Originally written at the end of 2013, & published as a guest writer in a couple of places online. Updated to provide more clarity on certain concepts.

In an ideal scenario, it would be great to spend time getting to know a female; by dating (in the traditional sense of the word), talking & seeing what this new character in your life comprises of. Building intimacy & healthy sexual tension while gaining a new friend, safe in the knowledge you are exclusively experiencing this with each other. Laying the foundations for a killer relationship, with a trustworthy partner & mind blowing sex.

In the real world of course, this is a fantasy in ninety nine percent of situations. With the communication age fully upon us, men & women alike can be presented en masse & dismissed with the swipe of a smartphone enabled finger or press on the ‘delete’ or ‘block’ button. Even in real life, opportunists seize upon the complex manufactured inside female heads that says ‘you must not be alone’ & ‘you deserve the best’, to create the mockery that is speed dating.

Women themselves pressure each other to be with someone as though singledom is some sort of purgatory of women, cast out from their peer group until they are finally with someone in some context & so can then participate in the usual conversational cycle about men; initial excitement (initial hookup), infatuation phase (fitting new man into vision they have created of him; regardless of correct or not), sharing concerns (hookup does not fall into own categorization compared to survey in magazine read yesterday or similar), general comparison of negative traits (getting bored & in denial about wanting new cock), the inevitable teary eyed breakup with lame excuses weighted against the man (‘I’m just not seeing enough commitment’ after three months or so) & the inevitable consolation drinks with ‘the girls’, where (just like in the movies), the hunky new waiter behind the bar will eventually give her his number. The next iteration of the cycle then begins again ad infinitum, until the woman is finally a weary old husk of interest to no one of value & is picked up by a desperate gamma whose never even seen a real life vagina.

It’s all ego. They all want to be a celebrity for as long as they can be within their little universe, living out their version of their personally most identifiable characters in Sex & The City. They trot along, using social media to hoover up validation & drown out the tiny nagging voice in the back of their mind, reminding them they’re living their life to the whims of others, rather than truly themselves. Perhaps not copying what someone is telling them would make them happy, instead forging their own path through life & not dating a guy while fucking two others because ‘that’s what people do’, ‘it’s not serious yet’ & ‘it’s just sex’.

As men, the world’s is currently such that due to this rampant egomania, we cannot re-educate women that copycat behaviour will not bring them happiness, due to their utter conviction they are correct & men are mindless buffoons, haplessly enslaved to the whim of our genitalia. All we can do as men, is adapt around the status quo to our own benefit until womankind solves their own hysterical convictions.

As such, we have to be aware egos need to be fed & if this does not occur through gamma-style pedestialisation, women will need some type of drama to maintain the illusion they are special. This is most likely to take the form of the aforementioned cycle. Your job is to make sure your game is most prepared for to identify where the woman is in the cycle, so as to beat it & take advantage for oneself. The first example is above, should you indeed be the ‘hunky’ or ‘charming’ waiter in the above scenario. You can easily identify the spurned woman as she revels in reciting her tales of woe of how her previous partner ‘didn’t work out’ (regardless of who was actually responsible for said breakup) to her friends, who are immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate in their favourite type of drama; that from which they can remove themselves from at will; ergo someone else’s drama. Playing your role correctly, it’s very easy to at least obtain a number (harder to get more in above scenario as women will not risk being seen as a slut in front of their peers usually).

When women start to crave new cock, manifesting itself as creative dissatisfaction in for example her existing relationship. Should you apply game to a woman at this stage of the cycle & you sense some interest in you from typical indicators of interest, she’ll already be mentally fucking you. Should you have the patience, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be looking for a ‘shoulder to cry on’ following an aggregated argument with whoever she’s regularly fucking, & your number will be the first in the list. Let me make it clear however personally I don’t condone this as alpha behaviour (which we should all aspire to). Quite the opposite in fact; this is the basis of orbiting & so the lowest of gamma behaviour. This is the lowest of the low in my opinion. But as mentioned before, this is the reality of the situation we find ourselves in & so all examples must be acknowledged. Simply look around you or read the media to see it happening constantly.

In the earlier infatuation stage of a woman seeing you, assuming you don’t go beyond her tolerance for completely unacceptable language or behaviour in the particular scenario you’re in (club, bar, library; usually quite easy to gauge as women tend to take their measures for this exclusively from popular culture), then you can get away with whatever you want. In my experience, the first two to three months of any type of relationship are very straightforward. In the vast majority of cases, whatever initial attraction period required (one night, couple of dates), it’ll basically be a series of passive or more aggressive shit tests to determine if she wants to fuck you or not. If you do fuck her, she’ll likely then move through the cycle at a slower or faster rate depending on how much she enjoyed it. This doesn’t mean you have to put in a virtuoso performance from day one – some women loved being nailed very hard, others love it when they can make you bust very quick. Remember, the female ego places your role in her world as paramount but only to the extent of you being an accessory in her narcissism.

I could go on, but the point is; you must always be aware of where you are in the cycle.  With minimal effort aside from initial dating & then post-first sex, the woman will go through the stages naturally.  How to know where she is in this cycle; is pretty much dependent on her enthusiasm levels & her level of initiating contact with you.  In my experience, I’ve found in the initial stages you can do practically whatever you want post sex, if you’ve given her what she wanted sexually. You’ll see this manifest itself as she suggests escalation strategies like meeting her friends, suggesting activities that gradually take up more of your precious spare time & other snooze-fests.

If you can be bothered, it’s possible to delay or even reverse progress in the cycle, if you know what makes her tick & utilize appropriate game, but failure to act at all could result in the loss of a lover or worse, should you begin to have developed feelings for her.  Should you have started to develop feelings or become comfortable in a simple sexual relationship, you need to be aware of when you are moving from one phase to another & either take action to bring things back on track, or make preparations for contingency.  Be proactive & take action when your gut feeling ties in with what you suspect.

~ Unjaded

Archive: Monogamy

One of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

One of the fundamental keys to a successful relationship.

As I sit around in my hometown, clutching my newly acquired US work visa in hand & awaiting for the next chapter of my story to begin once all the associated parties get their shit together, not a great deal happens in the world of sex. Although the Venezuelan has been christened & is getting banged (a lot), I’m openly admitting there’s not much ‘Playa Playa G’ action taking place at the moment, as I focus my efforts on making more money.

However before all you young bucks collectively groan at what you may perceive as a forthcoming lack of advice on how to make love to as many women as possible, rest assured this relatively quiet period allows me to lay out some fundamental advice over the next few posts.

We start today with an old post, now remastered in high definition as the unedited version. This post originally appeared in an edited form on Return Of Kings, a site I contribute to on a semi-regular as a guest writer. It was edited due to length. This original version is long as fuck, but despite being over a year old I feel it contains a lot of important & relevant information any young male should be aware of, regardless of his goals with the opposite sex.

Believe me when I say, a lot of what I write here I’ve learnt the hard way. Take advantage & don’t put yourself through the same shit. Enjoy!

The concept of being monogamous has traditionally been associated with women; while men have been cast as the villains of relationships, as the polygamists. While I personally am not one to cast all those sharing some characteristics as being the same, there is historical reasoning behind this, with many men of great contribution being disposed to a variety of women.

There is an argument for a correlation between great achievement / contribution to society & a distain or difficulty for exclusive or ‘serious’ relationships, a concept generally & ultimately desired by the vast majority of women in some manner.

As we all know well, barring any unusual circumstances, testosterone is at much higher levels in men than women & biologically, we are hardwired to want to have sex with women (as with all mammals) to continue the human race. There are trains of thought among established academics who suggest the diversion of this tendency away from sex & into other pursuits provide the foundation of creation & in some cases, genius.

This argument supports some way, why many of the facets of our world today were originated by men. Regardless of the feminist arguments revolving around how only men historically had the opportunity (an argument beyond the scope of this piece), the indisputable fact remains men are biologically different, & as a result of growth from this difference, psychologically different to women.

In their efforts to homogenise all of Western civilisation, today’s feminists have propagated much reverse discrimination. The overly politically correct environments we find created in many of our workplaces attest to this, & the very nature of most Western women’s attitude towards monogamy confirms this further – a minefield of technicalities designed by feminists to justify their own actions.

The most obvious of examples is the well known bias of the legal system during divorce proceedings, a notion widely acknowledged by many men at best, as fighting a losing battle, with many men unfortunate enough to be in this situation simply conceding defeat in lieu of the pending inevitability of the conclusion; the woman elatedly taking ‘what she is entitled to’, before arranging a celebratory tryst with her new lover later that evening.

This often discussed sense of entitlement has used political correctness as it’s vehicle to change how female infidelity has been framed. With the media’s only goal being to garner views or sell units, any expansion in the boundaries of political correctness are fully welcomed, as with this expansion unitarily comes more opportunities to highlight ‘shocking’ stories of, for example, male infidelity. Because of the female tendency to absorb speculation or fiction, these stories are lapped up by women who use them to justify their beliefs about male attitudes towards monogamy & in turn, what is acceptable for themselves to do. The cycle is self perpetuating in a spiral fashion.

The net result of this is the normalisation of female infidelity, based on a perception of all male attitudes towards the same subject, dismissing any possibility a modern male may indeed have their own principles on monogamy. The entire male consciousness is aggregated into a single sweeping presupposition for females to do as they wish. This gets reinforced daily by the media buy in, with women portraying themselves as helplessly buffeted victims of the uncontrollable whirlwind of adulterous men, endlessly fuelled by the collective & unforgiving male libido.

We see this victim mentality manifested all the time, in every aspect of the media & in our own lives. Starting from tired media storylines of female focused love triangles, the burnt out clichés of women having extra marital affairs or in the case of no marriage, the disguise of unauthentic behaviour; the effect begins to filter through into our real lives, all the while the pretence being masqueraded as an excuse for women to justify to themselves & their peers they are not sluts.

Such behaviours self-excused through technicalities include;

  • Male ‘friends’ who are kept on hand as reserve options, fucked soon after the relationship has ended (within hours in some cases).
  • Having sex with another man while on holiday because ‘he’d probably do the same thing’.
  • Sleeping with another guy because “he’s out with his single friends & they probably are” (guilt by association).
  • Being unfaithful in a relationship because ‘I’m not getting enough / as good sex anymore (irrespective of the women’s input in that situation).

…& so on, with the cover-all to fall back on ‘I was drunk’.

If a man is to cheat in a relationship, it is because he is a cold, heartless, animalistic beast; ‘how could he do that to her’, ‘she never deserved that’ etc. When the roles are reversed however, with the woman cheating on the man, even if there appears to be no substantial grounding upon which to exonerate themselves, women probe for rationale; ‘we’ve been having some problems’, he was working late a lot’, ‘I’ve been under a lot of stress recently’, ‘I just don’t love him any more’. Anything they can attach themselves too, that alleviates the nagging self acknowledgement they just wanted to fuck someone else, because they think men are doing nothing else but this.

I have been fortunate enough to have developed my level of game to a reasonable level; mostly day game through a long learning process beginning a few years ago & I humbly present to you, these real world examples I have personally experienced;

  • A previous long term relationshsip ending, with the ex fucking one of her ‘friends’ who I’d been happily introduced to previously as someone I’d ‘have a lot in common with’ (we do now). His ‘shoulder to cry on’ (read ‘cock’) had emerged almost immediately on news of our break up.
  • A girl I met on a foreign training based course, who had been in a two year plus long distance relationship, who after one date initially hesitated to kiss me.  After this barrier had been passed soon after on our next date however, I was quickly invited for a weekend of sex back in her country, with her having no intention of leaving her boyfriend after as in her own words, she ‘just wanted to be fucked’. It transpired two other men had recently also recently been invited to this weekend arrangement before me.
  • A woman I’d met who went from telling me how distraught she was over her husband telling her he wanted a divorce earlier that week; so distraught she was fellating me & fucking me that same night to console herself.
  • Another woman who during our first ‘friendly drink’ she’d suggested we have the day before, decided to tell me in detail over two hours how although things were difficult between her & her husband , she loved him & their kids ‘very much’. Shortly afterwards, she had drove me home, where we fucked in a variety of positions, calling me ‘babe” as she came again. She then drove home with a smile on her face, to tell her husband what a great ‘yoga class’ she’d had that night.
  • The sudden agreement of a girl to come & visit me from my previous country, after a couple of my previous suggestions to do this were refused on the basis of ‘my boyfriend’ – turns out although they are still together, they’d had an argument & I quote; she “didn’t give a fuck anymore”. On arrival, it seemed to be quite the opposite as we didn’t even make it to the bedroom before me being deep inside her.
  • An immigrant girl from Poland I met, who had been single-handedly taught language, assisted in finding a job & provided for / housed by her partner of over seven years, free of charge upon her arrival in the country who; after I’d shot my load all over her breasts & told me she “hadn’t been fucked like that since high school”, explained to me she did this with me as her friends had suggested to her it’s ‘a good idea’ to have a lover, alongside her saviour boyfriend.
  • A girl I’d met at the gym, who after our second date suggested we go back to my place. After her sixth orgasm, she let slip; ‘Oh God, what if my husband also wants to have sex with me tonight’ – further questioning revealed she was planning on leaving him but ‘wanted to stay friends as he means so much to me’. So much I found, she also already was fucking another guy (also married).

I could go on as these are just a selection of personal experiences; I’ve been told on good grounds of many other stories, such as the forth eight year old woman who was married seventeen years & on divorcing; had five regular lovers within two weeks. No doubt you’ll have had also seen examples while running game.

The media & consequently society continue to be easily influenced by political correctness, the gravy train of which faux-feminist principles have been riding upon for too long. One of these self serving concepts is that as men are considered to be naturally inclined to cheat, there is accepted license for women to emulate men during their golden years, despite this generally being found by women to be an ultimately soul destroying cycle; either through erosion of any meaning or intimacy of sex through constant, immediate switching of sexual partners, or a downward spiral in self respect, for which the only apparent cure for women being validation of the self by continuing to subscribe to what feminism says women ‘should’ be doing – emulating men.

Therein lies the problem for our female counterparts; they are doing what they are told they ‘should do’, rather than searching within themselves for what they genuinely want to do (as every person should). Part of these unspoken feminist-driven rules is ‘cheating is bad’. With the help of the media, feminist thought has normalised the popular ‘rules’ of the dating game, amongst which now include;

  • It’s OK to ‘date’ multiple men at the same time (this includes fucking them).
  • You have no commitment to anyone if you are ‘seeing’ (read ‘fucking’) someone – this word intentionally chosen by women because of its ambiguity.
  • If you are in what has been announced as a ‘serious’ relationship, should the man not reach a certain standard in any one area (such as fucking her at the frequency she sets, solely organising original & enough ‘bonding’ activities for the relationship, the man occasionally desiring time to himself or with friends etc), the women is permitted a ‘grace fuck’, whereby should she choose to fuck someone else, the blame shall lie solely with the man in the area of his ‘failure’ & he should forgive her, with the promise of improving in said area.
  • If at any point, the relationship is agreed to be over, the woman may then immediately do whatever she likes with whoever, with the new involvement being given a rationalising label (rebound, shoulder to cry on, etc), where no judgement shall be passed upon her prior efforts within the previous relationship. Inversely, should a man do exactly the same, his commitment to the relationship shall be questioned to the point of his new involvement being implicated as a cause of failure in the previous relationship, as it is unthinkable the honourable female would not have been entirely committed to the relationship (regardless of who she is fucking immediately after it ends).
  • If afterwards, the man should wish to rekindle the relationship after a break up, he must prove himself with at least double the efforts required by any other man. During this second dating period (as with any dating period) it is permissible for the woman to continue to sleep with whoever she chooses. In the event of an official relationship reconciliation, the woman is permitted an undefined amount of time to conclude her sexual dalliances with any other men, which may include departing sexual relations where required.

This list could go on. Although these prior points may seem almost contractual in their nature, this is what the modern man is up against; the end game of consistently self serving feminine emulation, seeking to vengefully ‘level the playing field’ against mankind for our history of doing what we are biologically hardwired to do, & which without humanity would have perished.

Despite the listing of my own negative experiences, I have also been lucky enough to meet a few women who (to varying degrees) do not buy in to these spiteful stipulations, which has led me to believe it is still possible to find someone of worth. However, during my own journey from blinded, naive romantic to hardened red pill realist, the one thing I have noticed time & time again is the futility of monogamy; providing you are honest / stealthy enough, the ultimate outcome of your relationship will remain the same.

Regardless of the bravado displayed by some men, there will inevitably be some sort of relationship in your life that has more of an emotional effect on you, wanted or not.  It’s at this point where the small part of you still believing in the concept of romantic love & may begin to make you question your approach to monogamy, whether it be disposing of your harem or even just committing yourself to dating one woman. You’ll feel inclined to do this, as it’s been subconsciously foisted upon us in society as being a foundation of a successful relationship.

In reality though, the problems in relationships when a man is not being monogamous come through any changes not being monogamous make to a man’s day to day behaviour & mentality towards his partner. Because of the nature of female interaction between both men & other women, this is why women find it easier to hide infidelity – they are better at being fake. One only needs to look at female – female communication as proof of this. If a man can sleep with multiple women & still maintain good quality in his main relationship, even if the woman has a suspicion something is going on, she’ll turn a blind eye to it (if she’s still getting fucked well).

The chance of a woman being directly unfaithful to you if she’s unhappy is, in my humble experience quite low. This is not so much because they don’t like sex or care about you, but because they struggle with how others perceive them (predominantly other women) & their own guilt complexes. Imperatively though, it’s because they can remain technically faithful to their partner while gaining whatever validation they need from other sources.

This could be the usual ‘hanger on’ white knights listening to what a terrible person you are because you didn’t agree with what she learnt from Sex In The City last night, or her ‘friends’, who you’ve already clearly identified as hungry beta’s, waiting for the opportunity of when she finally officialises the breakup with you, & they finally get the chance of getting laid. These fuckers stand out of her other friends a mile away & whatever your gut feeling is about them, it’s ninety nine correct. Women tend to overestimate their abilities to disguise attraction most of the time; if it looks like there’s some chemistry between her & one of these cunts, the chances are she’s probably already guiltily fantasised about banging him. So remember our ideas about trusting women tend to come from our mothers & don’t lie to yourself.

In any case, generally speaking women will officially end the relationship before fucking anyone else. That’s not to say they won’t have done anything at all with someone else before the officialise the breakup with you, as they’ll need some sort of spur, which the vast majority of the time will be them knowing some replacement cock is lined up, ready to go because they’ve kissed someone or someone has made it patently clear they’ll fuck her. Because of the combination of the media & modern peer expectations, when it comes to sex, women love it just as much as men, but for very different reasons – it’s the ultimate form of validation & a great way to fit in with ‘the girls’ melodrama (this could also warrant an entirely separate piece alone).

In summary, we are in a situation where common expectations of courtship are strongly skewed in favour of women, & women’s general expectations of their years through life. The fears of women who have fucked away their best years in their twenties & are aware of their decline from their thirties onwards, have become the expectations of what is now popularly now considered as a ‘good man’.

Unless you’re fucking oblivious or at best, only beginning to discover red pill philosophy, you may have observed subscribing to this profile of a ‘good man’ tends to result in a unattractive package for men; essentially living as a machine giving away everything you earn, with barely any time to pursue your own interests under duress of being a ‘responsible’ man, whose main interest is those permitted as in line with your partner, minus something innocuous such as a sport, to prevent complete psychosis & / or revolt. All of this, along with the added bonus of your partner getting ‘bored’ with what she thought she wanted & in the immortal words of Eddie Murphy, ultimately taking half your shit through divorce.

It is natural though, to feel as though you want to commit yourself to someone who you feel you may be developing some genuine connection to; regardless of what some might say, to live your life bereft of any emotion whatsoever is not to live life at all. When this happens, bear in mind all of the above about these female commonalities & remember; the only way to tell if you really love a girl is to fuck at least five other girls while with her, to test yourself.

As long as you remain intelligently discreet (that is, discreet to no more than keeping them guessing), the outcome of not being monogamous only serves to benefit you whatever the outcome. After banging a few other girls, you’ll either realise she is something more to you because she’s still on your mind a lot & /or the sex with her is better quality & maybe want to give a relationship a shot. Or, that it is in fact little more than infatuation & you realise how you prefer variety. In any case, you won’t waste any time on one person if she is not the right one for you. The final advantage of this approach is you’ll most likely do it in the initial stages of seeing someone, meaning your demeanour will be more casual. As such, she’ll either try harder to impress you if she does like you, or lose interest after X period of time if she’s not into you & hence; will not be good relationship material. Allow them to do the work & filter themselves out for you, & enjoy it for what it is.

There is no way to avoid emotions sooner or later, & however painful, no other way to truly live a full life. I’ve witnessed men struggle with guilt, over the thought alone of being unfaithful to a girlfriend, fighting against the natural urge we possess, where we have been shamed into embracing by new age feminism jacking a ride on the back of the politically correct media. I’ve also experienced this myself, more than once.

I can state without reservation; do not feel guilty for these thoughts & desires. Do the opposite, & embrace them. Because whatever you do to yourself in restraint will not be seen or appreciated by the person you feel you are doing it for, as any belief that you may be an individual thinker trying to do what you think is right, will be washed aside & replaced by the tar brushed aggregation that you are ‘only a man’ & ‘all men are the same’. So go forth, & do what needs to be done to ensure you are bringing someone into your life, that adds something more than a pussy into your world.

If you ever have doubts or need a further spur to take this type of affirmative action for the benefit of yourself, remember that (on my personal estimate to date) ninety five percent of women are not only scrutinising & comparing you while they are in a relationship, they are always actively keeping backup options as ‘friends’ until the day comes when they ‘just don’t think it’s working anymore’ with you, coincidentally enough when they realised there’s a different cock waiting for them.

When this day happens, do you want to be the person wondering why you spent all this time devoted to this person who has been mentally fucking other people practically since you’ve been with her, or the person who realises they did the right thing by prioritising their own needs over a fallacy of ‘being a good man’ in the eyes of those who are not men, but took it upon themselves to decide what a man should be?

I thought so. So no need to worry about monogamy.

~ Unjaded

It’s Always The Quiet Ones


Absolutely my type; am a real sucker for slim girls with glasses.  Gotta have some ass too though.

Another whirlwind week has passed! Remember Shy Student, who I’ve mentioned here & as recently as here? Well, she certainly had a few skeletons in the closet.

Sunday night; she’s come to my place, the second time I’ve seen her since the sailing course. She came over, had some food & drink, got intimately introduced to the now well used kitchen table & then suggested we played some video games together.

‘Perfect!’, I thought. ‘A girl who doesn’t drink or party extensively, is hot, absolutely loves the kitchen table & also likes video games?’ – we could have ourselves a contender here folks. The night comes to an end, off she goes home without whining to stay the night, with work approaching in the early hours of the next morning. Plenty of points for Shy Student, as she leaps up through the rankings.

Next day. I’m at work. My phones usually set to silent at work, as I can see it flashing nearby should someone call. I note three missed calls from unknown numbers between 9am & approximately 10am. ‘No big deal’ I thought. I often get calls from recruiters using VOIP technology, where there often isn’t a number. In any case, I ignore the calls.

We come to the afternoon. Monday’s are pretty busy for me, as alongside my normal workload I have lots of management reporting. Fair enough, they need to know what’s going on (although I have my doubts about how much of it is actually read). I’m in a meeting with a vendor, when I get a call from a local number, albeit one I don’t recognise;

Unjaded: Hello, Unjaded speaking?

Unknown: (in broken English) Ah hello, it’s Unjaded?

Unjaded: Yes?

Unknown: Sorry to bother you. I would like to talk to you about Shy Student

I realised immediately who this was, & why he was calling me.

Unjaded: I can’t talk now. Call me later.

We arranged for him to call back at 8pm. I went to the gym after work & was on the bus home. In short, he wanted to talk to me about ‘his wife’; the woman I’d been banging in my flat the previous night. He knew she’d come to visit me, although his understanding of why was entirely different to what had transpired. We chatted for a while, me being sure not to give away any identifying information related to where I work or live. He was actually very polite & respectful, but I’ve seen men can change (myself included) in such situations, & so wasn’t taking any chances. A woman can drive a man mad. He subtly fished a little for information, but I’m a master at that game so gave nothing away. I noted a few things he’d gave away during the conversation & linked it to what I’d picked up. He was Turkish – generally not violent people in my experience but typically very absolute in their approach to relationships. No doubt he wasn’t going to be happy knowing I’d been nailing his wife.

He asked if we could meet. I of course said no immediately. But as the conversation when on, I thought ‘fuck it’, & decided to meet him. I’d had my suspicions about Shy Student since I’d been back, so thought I’d see what he had to say. Naturally, I arranged the most public place in the city & scouted the area beforehand. A couple of Turkish looking guys were nearby. I sized them up. As long as they weren’t concealing, I should be fine if I went in pre-emptively. I’ve been jumped a few times in the past when I was younger, so I know when something was coming & when to raise to that level. I stayed near the meeting point, back to a wall & keeping the two Turks in sight.

Unknown arrived. He was smaller than me in every way & approached me with an understandably suspicious look in his eye. I smiled tactically & put out my hand, at which point he relaxed a little. We sat down at a nearby cafe, the others I noted earlier nowhere to be seen. We chatted, he produced a document showing indisputably he’d been married to Shy Student for five years. He explained he’d gone away for a few months because of a series of issues (mostly family related) & now was back on the scene. He calmly explained to me he didn’t blame me for any of what had happened; it was his fault. He went on. The trip to Belgium she’d gone on with her Mum? With him; he showed me the photos. The French / Italian tour she’d mentioned? With him. More photos, included ones of them in bed all cosy together. She’d told me he’d recently moved back in, because he’d had nowhere to stay, on the sofa of course. He’d obviously been sleeping in the bed with her. He said the last two times she’d come to visit me (since I’d been back), she’d told him she was coming to finish it with me. Both times I’d fucked her senseless, with her loving every minute of it.

The guy was on the verge of tears almost the whole time. I genuinely felt sorry for him & honestly had no idea Shy Student had been married. She’d told me she’d just come out of a long relationship but that was it. In fairness, it sounded as though when she’d met me, that actually was the impression she was under, as he’d practically disappeared one day, as though he just couldn’t handle it all anymore. I broke it to him as gently as possible more than just video games had happened when we’d met, to which he understood. It hurt him when I said that though, you could immediately see it in his eyes. I just admit, although being the single man I’d technically dome nothing wrong, I felt like a cunt. Some extreme feminists might argue a single man has a responsibility to not interfere in another relationship because a woman’s motivation for sex is always because her emotional needs aren’t being met (yawn), but that’s obviously self excusing bullshit, about as good an argument as telling us what ‘a real man’ does or doesn’t do, as they try to manipulate our support around whatever the ‘outrage’ flavour of the week is. A real man should be making himself happy. Anyway, these fucking bitches breaking good men’s hearts is a terrible thing to witness, completely in person. He was a pretty good looking guy but clearly had not been illuminated about the way the world & women work at all. I agreed I wouldn’t see her anymore, with him imploring me not to tell her we’d met, & also to let her down gently. I wondered how I’d do this, but agreed. He suggested I tell her I’d met someone else or was going away. I asked him, how can he still want to be with a woman who had lied to him so flagrantly? He answered, with what was to me the worst possible answer; ‘because I love her’. I didn’t press the point any further. This guy meant well, but I couldn’t do anything. Even if I told her I was leaving, what would stop her looking further afield if she didn’t want to be with him?? He was going to have to learn the hard way, about how such blind devotion isn’t going to lead to happiness.

We parted ways. Although his understanding of women was even less than when I was Jaded, he meant well. She’d had potential for me, but after the lies, as well as me actually leaving soon, it was absolutely over for me.

I confronted Shy Student over message, telling her I knew everything. She denied it all, until I directly asked her about specific situations. Finally she relented, saying she lied to me because she ‘didn’t want to lose me’. She denied the holidays, then admitted she was with him. She denied they slept together, then admitted they had slept together, but no sex. I pushed further; ‘did you have sex?’. ‘Honestly, we didn’t’. Bizarrely, I felt as though this may have been true, but didn’t really care anymore anyway. The lying was the worst thing.

After, she’d been pushing for over a week to see me again. Apparently he’d moved out (she’d invited me to her place, so this was probably true). I eventually broke the news I was intending to leave, just before we were scheduled to finally meet. She was incredibly upset & I thought that was it. She arrived out of the blue on my doorstep, looking sad, drinking wine & of course, ending up in bed together again. The sex was incredible. She left, & we’ve exchanged some messages since. I’m not sure if we’ll see each other again though.

In summary, she wasn’t very experienced. I was only the third guy she’d been with & she’d been with Unknown for eight years (she is twenty four). She is very sensitive & probably got easily influenced. Hopefully, meeting me will have showed her she can be more independent & let them both move on with their lives. More likely, they’ll get back together & now she’s tasted something else, sooner or later he’ll be subject to being discarded or used as a doormat again. While I don’t believe she is a malicious person, if a man puts himself in such a position, he is inviting such behaviour.

Personally after some years of doing this, I almost expect these types of revelations eventually. I fully advocate observing passwords & checking phones discreetly, as well as any other research you can conduct, should you be considering being serious with a woman. If not however, don’t waste your time. Let her think she is control of the situation & you are dumb. As long as you are practically getting what you want, that’s all that matters. The most effective people in life are the geniuses who pretend to be stupid.

It’s a pity to see someone so inexperienced easily getting sucked into the ‘I want it all’ mentality some people have. But I’m moving on, so as one set of legs closes, another set open.

~ Unjaded