The Culling

Samantha Grimes, someone who actually does something rather than just banging people. But a female bodybuilder; devisive… Would you?

A week & a half ago, I again bid farewell to Venezuelan after a great weekend together. Following her departure, I had no desire to meet any other women. Even the one’s who were in theory willing to turn up, fuck me & leave again, were unappealing. It is hayfever season, where because of the sun & me generally being dosed up on hayfever tablets reduces my desire to meet women outside (for seem to be obsessed with the sun). I had a great weekend with Venezuelan as mentioned, which while is not the direct attributable reason behind me not wanting to see anyone else, was certainly a contributing factor. If nothing else, she has raised my bar in women noticably. When you have a beautiful girl who does her best to be a genuine person, please & accomodate you, & is indeed externally as well as internally beautiful, irrespective of if you choose to be faithful or not it changes your perception. I can understand how people who’ve been married for many years to someone who they felt very much in love with, only for it to turn sour over time must feel. Any heights of euphoria may well be out of reach after a lifetime of experiences starts to push your boundaries beyond what they were. Such is one of the symptoms of ageing I guess.

Additionally though, while I have complained greatly of my locale for the last two years, I have to reiterate it really is one of the most dire places I’ve ever been.  As mentioned above, on one hand you have someone who is showing you truly what you can be a part of & how a woman should be, & on the other side you have examples worse than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Literally, any man would start to question himself in an environment such as this. While there are attractive women here, they seem to be incredibly unfriendly or open to anything. On top of that, you have what I can only describe as an ‘errored’ personality here. At best, you might be able to start up a polite conversation but even getting to that point is laughably difficult. Most conversations, you’re there trying to create a theme of conversation & you feel as though there’s no sexuality whatsoever. In other countries, even if the woman isn’t interested in you then you’ll at least get a little bit of back & forth between you both. Here, it’s like the exchange of information is the only concievable reason they can comprehend as to why you might have started a conversation with them.

I think also that the quality of women here is also dreadful, to the point where half of them aren’t even attractive or attempting to be feminine. It seems like a global epidemic now that women are deciding not to be attractive or feminine, & my aforementioned experiences & feelings I mentioned here led me to wonder; is this the logical endgame of third wave feminism?

Here & to a slightly lesser extent in other European & westernised countries, there is no sexuality. No chemistry. No feeling of life in the people. With the exception of the few friends I have here, I literally feel like I’m in the Truman Show or The Matrix sometimes. I’ve never seen a society so utterly afraid of offending or speaking up against someone. It’s like political correctness has overtaken everything, & as a result everything that once made life fun; making love, making mistakes, expressing yourself truly through artistic medium becomes unacceptable for whatever reason. Those forms of expression become filtered, as everyone starts to fear reprimand from the unknown hive mind that manifests itself mostly on the internet.

As a result, I’ve literally let natural attrition (not bothering to maintain contact mainly, as most of them seem incapable of initiating a conversation) take it’s way & cut off basically all of the girls I was seeing. I simply have no interest at the moment, & most things seem like a better way to spend time & effort.

There was a terrorist attack in the UK last week, as no doubt anyone reading this will be aware of. I deleted my Facebook account long ago & am regularly getting closer to deleting my few remaining online profiles too, but Zan brought to my attention how most people’s response to the attack, was to change their Facebook status or profile picture.

How fucking pathetic, & indicative of the issues facing Western society today. With religion long fallen in most of these countries, there no longer remains a means of control or regulation. And by regulation, I mean a measure of how to moderate oneself. Instead, we are subjected to what should be the most free medium (the internet) becoming the enabler of consumerism. Everyone I know is struggling with every day life, but I look on Instagram & everyone appears to be rolling in money & demonstrating how talented / rich / succesful they are. Would anyone in their right mind truly advertise online how successful they have been financially for example, if they are truly financially successful? Theoretically, they are opening themselves to complete ruin. You’re giving anyone all the information they need to take any or all of that away.

But coming back to the main point, we are experiencing the degeneration of people. I have no particular desire to have children but if I did, there’d be absolutely no way I’d raise them in a Western country. The newer generations that inhabit these countries are utterly useless for the most part. ‘Fake it until you make it’ was the key phrase for a generation able to promote themselves far greater than their actual level in life by simple utilising the internet to paint a false picture of themselves.

And as a man, women come very much into this picture. Generally the less likely sex that will truly specialise in something & become a true expert, this also comes across in their personalities. Alongside not being friendly, younger women especially are also practically unable to hold a normal conversation by way of not having educated themselves beyond what has been fed to them or whatever is the popular view. Nothing is taken in, in depth. The age of communication & technology gave birth to a generation defined by distraction & idiocy. Not knowing about certain subjects is normal for any person but to act in a rude, false or even agressive way is never acceptable. Men have been painted as useless & otherwise equal to women for so long now, that it’s been indoctrinated into an entire generation. Now, barely any women feels the need to impress herself upon any man, because the value of dating was far higher. I can even remember when women used to do things to attract a man. I’m getting older but I feel as though I’m still a reasonably good looking person who (much more importantly)  knows game very well. And since being here, I cannot remember a single time a woman tried to promote herself to me. I am old enough to remember when women actually placed a lot of value on the prospect of being dated by a man. Now, it’s utterly throwaway & sex is subconsciously treated as a reward.

A line I read very recently was ‘if you instead put a dick on most women these days, you’d be utterly interested & not remotely tolerate any of their shit’. And it’s true. I’m all up for true equal rights, which in most forms exists anyway today. But listen hard when I say girls, that you may feel a little special by virtue of that which exists between your legs but for a lot of you, aside from that you offer very, very little at all.

~ Unjaded

The Giant Experiment: Update Two

I couldn't find absolutely anything worth looking at when searching for 'online dating sexy', so instead you get this charming young lady to look at.

I couldn’t find absolutely anything worth looking at when searching for ‘online dating sexy’, so instead you get this charming young lady to look at.

Here we are again, trawling through the murky waters of what is the absolute depths of dating; online. While I realise half the purpose of this endeavor was indeed to test my own abilities somewhat, I have realised the actual quality of women using the online medium in this part of town, is fairly dismal to say the least.

I’ve literally swiped through everyone in the city & a fifteen mile radius. Everyone. The only remaining people are those who wander in to the radius (I like to think more like ‘have sank to the depths’) of the catchment area (rock bottom).

The quality is genuinely poor. I had to change my age a little (I can usually get away with a few years less anyway), because being in the thirty five plus bracket was truly, fucking dismal. While I regularly find myself saying out loud sentences such as ‘look at the fucking state of you’ or ‘Jesus Christ, get it off the screen’ while swiping away at the best of times, the thirty five plus options were truly dire. I mean, not only are you looking at women who in real life you wouldn’t even glance at twice, but you’re presented with the old, broken versions of the same.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all up for fucking an older woman any time. That is, as long as she is hot. I am very open minded but I’m not on a mission to right the world by banging women who aren’t getting enough sex, which seems here to be; clearly overweight, having a dodgy eye (bizarrely a frequent occurrence here apparently?) or just simply, being ugly. I’m sorry but while I don’t mind curves, I cannot abide a girl who is wildly overweight.

Anyhow, of the initial eighty five, I must’ve gone through another fifty or so over the last three weeks. Of those fifty, I actually about about thirty five matches – a somewhat impressive achievement one might think. Of those matches, no more than ten replied at all & I got four numbers. Of those four, I met with one & am due to meet with one other.

Last week I went through a couple of days where I’d really had enough of people barely replying or making any effort & sent out a generic ‘good morning, have a nice day message’, to test who even bothered to fucking reply. Those who didn’t were deleted. I became very intolerant of the whole system, & it was in fact only this morning while lying in bed I decided to take a different approach to my usual ‘cut everyone off’ strategy that I do when pissed off with something, & instead decided to just revert to the simple ‘one message only to every reply’ tactic & being more cold / demanding. After all, I don’t really care about anything substantial & need to think about it less, & just get them in the fucking bed.

However it hasn’t been all bad. Let’s go through the existing candidates & new joiners below;

SPC: We meet on average at least once every two weeks, mainly because of her son. The sex is getting better & we have a nice time together. She’s become less aggressive & more horny, which is good. I still think she’s gorgeous, so there’s no way I’ll be giving that up.

SwissItalian: Actually had to go to hospital with some serious back problems & at time of writing, is still laid up in the hospital. She’s actually a decent girl, but as she’s not willing to get down to action, I decided to give her some space. I won’t initiate contact again.

BalletDancer: She doesn’t give up on staying in touch, which to be honest I should be more grateful for. She’s hot & we have great sex now, as we know each other quite well. But we haven’t seen each other for three weeks or so now. Intending to keep her as regular thing though.

Venezuelan: All is good. Been stretching out our visits to save money though. See each other every three weeks on average now.

Verman: Went quiet on me & didn’t reply to my text, which as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before is one of the biggest ways to annoy me, third only to masking your weight on your online profile & cancelling on me on the same day. But then she got back in touch & whatever; she’s hot, one of the few girls on this list who is actually good in bed & living near Turkish Delight now, so I can double up.

Turkish Delight: I actually do care about this girl. She’s very sweet. She’s really becoming a woman now, looking great. I’m pretty sure she at least kissed someone recently, as I can see in her demeanor there’s something slightly different about her. But she’s still into me, so I have to oblige with a two in one visit as described above. Next week might be a good opportunity.

Brazilian: One of my favourite things in the world really is having sex with a girl who is over ten years younger than you, is sexually open minded & who you actually get on well with. She’d come back from Amsterdam where she’d obviously been banging another Brazilian guy, but I didn’t care at all. She came over & we had great sex, more than once. We were very compatible & her body was superb. That she kept saying how big I was also improved the situation. She’s now gone back to Brazil, so that’s all good. A contact abroad is always useful.

SingingChilean: To cut a long story short, she came to my house as I needed to get changed, before we went out for an omelette at a cool bar. I innocently got changed (instead of leveraging it as a short cut to getting naked). We had a tea & then started kissing in the kitchen, which before long led to the bedroom, where she got fucked. She seemed to enjoy it considerably, as did I thanks to her enthusiasm, large breasts & round ass. All in all, a regular to be, thanks to her ongoing enthusiasm also. She’ll be here again very soon as I write this in fact. The only downside was; she wasn’t shaved at all. It wasn’t a big problem, but perhaps I’ve been spoilt with completely shaved a lot recently.

SwissGerman: Died a death after I wasn’t able to spent enough time with her, thanks to my holiday & her being busy. Her youth was more appealing to me than actually her truth be told, so whatever. Met her for a coffee to keep things open for when she returns.

Austrian: As mentioned in my more detailed post, came over, got fucked & then went to Cuba. Haven’t spoke since & I’m not going to be the one to make contact. She’s knows where I am if she’s wants more.

New or returning one’s now!

CostaRican: This woman, I may have mentioned before. She’s actually pretty rough when all natural, but looks fucking hot when she’s puts some makeup on. And frankly, she looks like & is, a bit of a slut. But, she’s also quite funny & honest about her sexual escapades, which is all good in my book. She was seeing some dude, he’s out the picture & she tested the waters with me. I’ve made it clear to her if she wants regular, good, ongoing sex with no strings attached, I’m willing to step into the breach. Let’s see.

Serbian: Pretty funny in the sense, she has no time, is difficult to pin down to even something casual but yet I find her new profile on Tinder again the other day. While initially I was pissed off, I actually thought about it & decided instead to just carry on like I didn’t know. Who cares? I already know, I’m not going to find the girl of my dreams online. We already kissed & the chemistry was very good between us, so great sex awaits. I’ve pinned her down to coming to my place Wednesday, where she’ll be getting the full works.

SwissSun: A police officer! Pretty funny Swiss girl who I went to dinner with the other day & then tried to get into bed after we went back to my house. She was a bit hesitant & I’m not one to press the point, so I listened to her telling me about how she doesn’t know what she wants & perhaps wants a relationship etc. I responded to her by telling the truth; I would be potentially open to anything but want to let things develop naturally. This must be one of the best responses to a girl who is talking about how ‘she’s looking for something more’ blah blah, because it’s irrefutable. How can anyone realistically disagree with ‘letting things develop naturally’? So I let her go, we message every now & then, & I’ll probably meet with her again soon to try to get her in the bedroom. Has lovely big porn star eyes, is actually funny & pretty down to earth.

MexiAust: Mexican / Austrian girl passing through town for a weekend. Impromptu meeting. Got on very well, lots of sexual tension. Tried to be direct & propose her to come to my place for ‘breakfast’ the next morning, which was almost successful but then we just ended up meeting for a drink before she left, which was somewhat anticlimactic. She then left, we messaged a bit but guess what? She has a habit of not replying to messages! Which particularly with her, pissed me off to the point of me deleting her number entirely. From my education on narcissists from Zan’s recent pieces, I could see a lot of those signs too. She’s messaged me again today, we’ve talked & then she’s just randomly stopped replying again. So whatever, again she knows where I am.

BlondeGerman: About time we had another blonde in this list. Early days but pretty new face in town from Germany matched online with me. After a couple of exchanging messages, I thought ‘fuck it’ & went directly to see if she might want to meet for a drink. Surprisingly said yes, arranged to meet & then went quiet. In line with my new non-absolutist philosophy, I decided to message her asking what happened when she simply didn’t make or communicate our meeting. She apologised, said she was busy with a training course & whatever else she said after I stopped paying attention. Meeting in a couple of days for a drink. No high expectations but let’s see.

FilipinoHostess: Another random match passing through town. Some heavy flirting over text, followed by her saying she hadn’t had sex in two years. She is an air hostess, so periodically in town & so after a coffee meeting in person (important to confirm she actually looked good), I suggested a reasonable suggestion of being regulars lovers, which she wanted to commence immediately. I’d already gone home by this point however, & just couldn’t be bothered anymore. Last update was she’s already requested additional trips to where I am. Again, let’s see.

And that’s it for now. Quite exhausting even writing about it to be honest! I’ll conclude the experiment after another one or two updates, as some things have been confirmed & concluded, without much surprise in all honesty.

~ Unjaded

The Giant Experiment: Update One

The kind of girl often used to advertise online dating sites, & precisely the same type you won't meet online.

The kind of girl often used to advertise online dating sites, & precisely the same type you won’t meet online.

Right then, it’s about time I updated you all on my experiences using the worst medium in the world, in the worst place in the world, as I truly test my abilities as a man of the women, in the truest meaning of the word. Not a little bitch who sacrifices his dignity & everything he naturally is, at the first sniff of pussy.

We started with a round figure of eighty five candidates, all matches on Tinder. Not wasting my time with personalising messages to each profile, I copied & pasted a generic ‘Hey, how’s it going?’.

Let’s start here. Wouldn’t I maximise my chances by personalising my profile, as is often suggested by various guides on the internet? Surely every princess wants to feel special & unique?

No. No, you wouldn’t. Want to know why? Let me break it down for you. Even the most basic of bitches gets an obscene amount of attention on Tinder, even if a lot of it is ‘what she doesn’t want’ e.g. sexual. Even that basic level of sexual attention is something a basic bitch isn’t going to experience before she get on Tinder, whence the dogs get bold & start spamming girls with the most basic of machine gun approaches. The basic bitch subconsciously starts to think she’s special, but bad news brown; you’re just part of the game.

As I like to occasionally do, an aside: do you honestly think all the ‘holier than thou’ women on Tinder who are ‘not looking for ONS’ (one night stands, for the uninitiated among you all) won’t fuck a guy they match with who takes their fancy? Of course they will, they’ll just delude themselves through the process. Meet up, convincing themselves of the possibility of more, go through X number of dates & enjoy the eventual sex. Bang for a while, after which the guy will lose interest & then their ‘hearts will be broken’.

But then, they’ll be doing the exact same thing a month later. With another dude. Don’t get sucked in by the bullshit. If a girl is truly falling in love with you, she’ll agree to practically any arrangement to be with you. The White Russian did this for me, turning up on my doorstep & offering me an open relationship, just to be with me. Probably a mistake not to take her up on that in hindsight. They are simply practicaltaking whatever they can from the situation & fully aware of how things will likely pan out.

From the eighty five, I have had significant conversations with nine of them. A significant conversation here is defined as more than two exchanges of messages. Of those nine, I’ve met five & expect to sleep with five. That’s not arrogance, but is simply the result of the meetings I’ve with them. Two were significant conversations that ended abruptly, which out of principle & also as a test I intentionally didn’t message again. The remaining two were a transexual who I actually would have met out of interest if nothing else but whom stopped communicating, & another girl who departed before we could meet, who happily we (virtually) parted on good terms. Needless to say, she was from the far East (Kazakhstan as I remember).

There were also two hookers peddling their wares, exchanging numbers saying they were going to be in town on a certain date. Their eagerness to give away their burner numbers was the obvious sign. Needless to say, they immediately got blocked & deleted.

So, our five winners, who i’ll keep short in respect of brevity; a twenty three year old Brazilian girl who is actually leaving next week. Was just to meet up for me to ‘cook her dinner’ at my place last week but I was a bit ill. I almost completely fucked it up with a rather too direct joke about her going to see a guy in Amsterdam, but managed to salvage it. So she’s now coming for ‘lunch’ in a couple of days, because SPC comes over later that same evening. I’ll have to make sure I’m well rested that day, given that the last time I saw SPC she was trying to get my dick out in the middle of a main station in gratitude of pleasant evening together. Plus we’ve already had sex, so I’m not expecting much sleep that night.

The following day, I meet the SingingChilean. We actually had similar taste in music & she also sings, which was actually really interesting. I couldn’t say she’s ugly but she’s not a mind blower. A cracking pair of breasts though, with a very similar figure to her who shall not be named, which will be fun for sure. I haven’t slept with her yet but will manoeuvre her back to my place during the day eventually gradually warm her up. The way she was looking at me when we first met & a couple of her own obvious references to her large breasts psychologically paved the way for me.

In the late evening of that same day, I’ll meet the Austrian. Who, although quite boring is definitely up for some fun. And to be honest, if I’m having a shitty day, is always on hand for a conversation at least. And frankly, she’s just come out of what sounds like a depressingly dull six year relationship, doesn’t seem bothered that I’ve clearly indicated I’m seeing other women, was practically fucking me when we went to a spa together. So I look forward to sex with a girl who frankly, won’t have a prayer of matching me in bed & I intend to blow her mind.

There is also a Slovakian, who as I did mention in a previous post again isn’t overly attractive & with whom I was rather bored on the date with, but who over text I have put a lot of groundwork into. The gym work paid off, as I sent her a couple of pictures (but not too much: no dick pics or even full shots). Since then she seems to want to check it out for real. We’ll see: can’t be bothered to put too much effort into this one.

Finally last night, I met a SwissGerman girl, of twenty three years old, who is leaving in one month & who openly admitted to me she ‘hasn’t got laid’ for a while. She’s a bit of a geek like I secretly / obviously am & so we got on really easily. She’s actually very hot too, with a killer body & a pretty face. We also had a few of those eyes contacts where you’re obviously eye fucking each other. I have this with SPC all the time & for the first time in a real, I’m a little apprehensive about me being dominated by her! But that’s fucking awesome, I haven’t had a girl fuck me properly for a while now. I expect much of the same from SwissGerman, although may need to slowly speed things up, in a perverse manner of description.

Although in forthcoming updates I’ll be sure to update you on the progress of these, I have another approximately fifty matches from the last two weeks lined up for round two.

~ Unjaded

The Giant Experiment


An unfortunately increasingly common occurrence…

Like anyone, I go through waves of confidence being high or low, mostly depending upon if I follow through with what I say with actions, or other external factors, such as a breakup.

Additionally, I have my moments of wanting to be left alone. I am quite happy to entertain myself. At times, for up to weeks on end. However, when I’m in the zone, bypassing the above & have made a decision on achieving something, more often than not I achieve it. This is particular the case when it’s something within my areas of specialities.

This time, I’ve decided to truly test myself. I’ve decided I want to go back to fucking hot women. You can even throw a few less hot women in there too, because I’m all about the experience. And what better place to do it, than the worst place I’ve encountered for dating, the very place where I currently reside. Using one of the worst ways to fuck a girl; online dating.

I’ve chose the online medium of choice these days; Tinder. Whereas I have always kept an online profile as a low maintenance way of getting some side action, my recent mentality has meant a very low amount of effort or enthusiasm has gone into my exchanges, resulting in a low success rate.

This time I’m going all out. I’ve put a lot behind me recently & realised a lot of my problems resulted in how I mentally approached them. I envisaged myself as a greater aged version of who I am; I’m not a fifty year old man & shouldn’t have the mentality of one. It’s possible adequate rest, a clean diet & not worrying about everything needs to continue to be improved upon, but I’m fit, still young looking & attractive to the opposite sex. I owe it to myself to experience as much as possible before I really do get too old.

Over the last two weeks or so, I amassed eighty five matches on Tinder. Keeping in mind this experiment I wanted to conduct, I didn’t contact any of them. I was also interested in seeing in the meantime, if any of them would contact me.

A single one did; rated at about a five, a girl who’d ‘super liked’ me, initiated things with a ‘Hey’, to which I responded to within the hour with the same, appended with a ‘How are you?. Two days passed with no response, to which I replied ‘Is that it?’. After another day of no response, I deleted her.

She wasn’t included in my initial sample set of eighty five, but was indicative of the pattern I would have to follow to move anything forward. It’s patently clear after my year of being here, that no girl ever makes the first move. ‘But that’s fine’ I thought, I know how to get things done.

I kept in mind some basic principles, all of which will aready be known by regular readers of this blog. The need to differentiate oneself from the pack. The need to make a girl feel comfortable before escalting further. The need to avoid any explicit flirting too early on. The need to always ensure the girl has hope of something more. To maintain some air of indifference or casuality throughout. And despite my preferences, to not be too specific regarding honesty or relationship status, before you’ve had sex with them.

Despite what many women say, in my experience being entirely honest about your intentions from the outset as a man gets you to one place: absolutely nowhere. Women will just vanish, moving on to the next man, & sooner or later Billy Liar will be fucking her every week.

The game is not being honest, because I am of the belief a girl never starts to truly love you until after you’ve slept with her. Sure, she can be very into you before that, & in some (increasingly rare) cases will have to be in order for that to even happen. But it’s not called ‘sealing the deal’ for no good reason. The culmination of her finally giving up her main selling point to you & EITHER; her watching gleefully as you devour her like a starving man (a lot of women get pleasure enough from only this), OR (optimally) you banging her so well, she realises you stand firmly beyond the pack in bed. She drinks up both the above, & as I’ve said before, the power balance changes. Her main asset has, in part, been devalued somewhat. It’s still highly powerful, as we see men throughout time driven to even murder by their woman or ex woman using her vagina as a weapon – the very witnessing of this can drive a man to temporary insanity. But in that moment at least, when the storm is calm, before any drama or difficulties, it’s a defining moment.

The key is not to be so specifically honest from the beginning, but to not breach such subjects. I suspect women even expect a certain amount of malleabilty with the truth; they know a primary motivator for men is sexual attraction. Women don’t want to hear specifics. Being primarily emotionally driven creatures, they want to lose themselves in the moments; in the illusions we all indulge in. In many ways, I admire this & prefer it to reduction of attraction to a mechanical process, as is often the attempts or approach as such, of many men. It’s these moments that really make those which we remember as we lay on our deathbeds.

Plus I can say categorically, that the best sex & head I’ve generally received have been from either; girls who have been total sluts & with loads of guys, or girls who feel totally loved up with me. There’s something about when a girl is feeling that way about you, that seemingly inspires her to worship your cock like it’s the fountain of youth itself. I do remember taking a colleague out on a day trip to France one day, where I didn’t really do much more than take a walk in the park, had lunch & hugged her a couple of times. Thanks to complete lack of approach in my general gender to previously employ any of the aforementioned in her past & her resultantly low expectations, I was getting my cock practically sucked off my body later that evening; her hands thrusting my hips towards her mouth. It was absolutely absurdly good.

Technology is advancing however. At what rate, we can’t predict. Perhaps not in any of our lifetimes, but at some point sex & reproduction are going to be something that can be substituted by artificial replacements. It’s already happened to some degree, with the introduction of realistic sex dummies, vibrators & test tube pregnancies. When those advancements finally mature, relationships as we know them will become far less common. But those that remain will be some of the strongest known, because they’ll be for the right reasons.

Getting back on point, my approach was to be as generic as possible, while still putting enough of what I’ve learnt & my own personality to make me intriguing. It’s basically making the girl feel central to you, showing enough (not too much) interest & moving quickly to take advantage of the infatuation period.

I’ve now begun & won’t detail here the specifics yet. But from the initial sample set of eighty five, four were fake & ten have responded. Of those ten, there are different rates of progress, ranging from one who seems to be falling in love with me already, to another who replies about once a day. I’ll detail every worthwhile experience in coming posts.

Things I’ve already realised; it’s time & effort intensive, even by online dating standards. The reason for this is because of my multi targeted approach. Just targeting one or another would be straightforward & not so much of a big deal. But maintaining the required levels of attention (within a medium which is the most competitive of all; there’s ALWAYS someone ready to take your place, which further emphasises the notion of striking while the iron is hot), means it takes time from the day. Add to this that I’m not intending to let go of my other girls (SPC, SwissItalian & BalletDancer being the main one’s right now, as well as Venuezuelan from back home. Plus Verman is still expecting a visit soon), & it’s going to require some effort. Based on history to date though, I am expeecting of course, a few rejections or last minute cancellations so they should be filtering themselves out over time. Plus, I don’t intend to keep many except the cream of the crop around for too long.

Forthcoming; more details on the candidates!

The Fundamentals Of Online Game (Part 2)

The more common female prospect you'll find online.

The more common female prospect you’ll find online. Comes complete with pastry.

Continued from Part 1;

The most efficient formula in my experience is as follows;

1) Get her attention.

There’s two & a half ways of doing this. Your character will naturally be more predisposed to one or the other of the main two, & the remaining half is a gambit.  In addition to that, she’s also likely to prefer either one or the other, & online you have very little indicators to know which one is more effective. Thirdly, you don’t know what level of progression she’s at with other people or what her experiences have been like so far. Next, she has the protection of the internet so she has no obligation to reply to you (it’s unlikely given a polite approach in real life she would completely ignore you, even if she wasn’t interested) & lastly, it’s very likely as a man, the gender ratios are against you. Why? Because beta assholes will always be feeding a girls ego, so they’re not inclined to go online for attention. The current nature of the western world means men don’t have this.

So in my opinion, getting the conversation rolling online is by far the hardest part of online game. The first method is a polite innocuous opening line, with a leading question to paint yourself as ‘safe’. ‘Hi, how’s your week going? Where’s your third picture from?‘, & so on. You might think this is pathetic but the fact is, when women are interested in someone this is how they begin to express their interest. At this point, your only goal is establish comfort.


Ok, think I made that clear enough. I might go into that in more detail in another post soon; it’s quite an important concept.

We are establishing comfort because we are differentiating ourselves from the most likely barrage of blatent sexual propositions she has already experienced. You are making yourself appear different to the crowd.

The second approach which will most likely garner a conversation stream is reserved more ‘party girls’. You know the one’s I mean; like the Latvian I fucked – nice enough but with most of her personality lifted from a US beach movie & clearly not relationship material. This are usually discernible from the composition of their messages, which are mostly likely to be written how you’d expect them to sound. This can vary on geography but common signs are poor grammar, phonetic wording & over reliance on slang.

With this approach, you have to go along with the ‘party vibe’ & play into the good times they are constantly playing through in their head. To them, everything is ultimately related to having a good time. I admit, I’m not so good at this because I’ve never been a party dude, instead preferring spend my spare time trying to become incredibly rich. But here I try to hang in there using wit.

Don’t get the party attitude girls confused with sluts. Even if they are, you can’t go in too hard too early, even if they’re seemingly flirting with you. You can allude to sex if they do; this way they are assured you are a red blooded man but be casual. Despite the different vibe, you’re still building comfort here.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to transition between these two to some extent. By this point, you’re ready to move to the next step to banging this chick.

Before we get there, I also mentioned a gambit. This is a message which is so bizarre, leading or pertinent, they feel intrigued to answer it. This could be asking what their favourite Pokemon is to a girl who clearly isn’t into such things (stupid sounding yes; my friend got laid same night by opening with this on a face to face approach – she barely knew what a Pokemon was), to a slightly offensive comment (in lieu of an action, it being the internet) which can lead into a resolution & subsequent accelerated progression as you ‘make up’ or a keen eyed observation on one of their pictures. It’ll either utterly fail to the point of no return, or be wildly successful.

2) Extraction

Once you’ve gone through the above process & have a steady stream of conversation going, you need to promote & differentiate yourself above your competition. This can be challenging. It mainly revolves around the acquisition of her number, which girls know has a significance to it. Also, it’s possible one of your prior fellow men who’ve successfully completely this may have attempted a ‘beta barrage’ on her; flooding her with messages & voicemails. So it can be challenging.

Personally, I’ve found if you transition from how the app / website can be inconvenient to chat over & ask if she uses any other methods, this can be effective. Also, if you ask for their number & specifically mention a messaging application so she knows you won’t be immediately calling her, this can also ease this process. It can also be helpful to mention at some point previously, that you’re ‘not a fan of chatting for a long time‘ & ‘feel the only way to get to know someone for real is to meet in person‘, this can make it easier.

This is a key stage for you too. If you’ve been chatting for some time with her, & she’s dodged your attempts more than once to get her number, she’s an attention seeking timewaster. I’m not normally so absolute about these things (honest), but this is cast iron in my experience. The most valuable thing to a woman in dating or relationships is attention, & if the aforementioned is the case, she’s either in a relationship, is dating / fucking someone or has some serious intimacy issues.

If this is the case, take my advice & move on. Whatever you do, don’t get trapped in the cycle of chatting endlessly thinking it’s going to lead to some pussy. You’re just going to become a sponge for all her emotional bullshit & lose in her eyes, any form of masculine sexuality you may have built up. I’ve seen it happen time & time again.

If you’ve acquired said number successfully, well done. This is a big step & in my experience, I’ve had very high conversion rates from this point in (circa 85%). Providing you have learnt the essential principles of game & prepare to adapt what you’ve learnt online as ammunition for the real life meeting, you should be fine. You’ll get a strong idea after the first meeting. After the first meeting, work your way up to a general average of three dates (different girls may require different amounts), escalating each time. If no escalation is taking place, you may have an issue. Try being more aggressive & if she still doesn’t respond, you can go quiet for a bit. If this results in her not getting in touch, try engineering a situation where you begin in a ‘safe’ situation but can easily proceed to the next step, detailed below. Remember never to send more than one text before each of her replies; this reeks of desperation.

3) Isolation

This is a general principle I’ve detailed before – it simply means the process of getting your target into a private space where you can finally seal the deal. I’ve gone into this loads of times in previous posts, so get your ass to the index & check out the practical steps once she’s in your hotel / house / car / wherever.

Assuming everything above has gone as planned, your last hurdle is finding an ‘acceptable’ way of getting her in your house. Inviting someone over for you to cook for them is great & fairly direct yet acceptable way. Another one is to go for a drink nearby & then invite them back to your place for a further drink.  Fairly obvious stuff.

Once you’ve got this far, it should be easy enough to seal the deal, at which point the whole power balance of your dealings with her will change & you can basically continue as you wish. I don’t advocate being a cunt for the sake of it myself, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

And that’s it! Go forth & conquer, & tell them this one’s for Unjaded 😉

 ~ Unjaded

The Fundamentals Of Online Game (Part 1)

Unlikely to be your first encounter online.

Unlikely to be your first encounter online.

So I went ahead & got my knees treated. The extraction of what appeared to be a lot of blood (was actually only 50ml), thrown in a centrifuge & injected back into my knees circa about fifteen injections into the tendons of my knees. Cue shuffling around like an old man & crawling up the stairs for four days.

Although the sweet & fine Venezuelan is currently taking care of all my sexual needs, during this time of recovery I’ve found myself seeking more variety without wanting (or actually being able) to put too much physical effort into the acquisition of new pussy. So naturally, I find myself being drawn again into the murky world of online dating, predominantly using Tinder & POF. Why those? Well, they’re free (enough) to arrange meetings; the only way you’re ever going to get any.

I can remember when the concept of online dating was considered bizarre, freakish & viewed as the gathering place for the fringes of sexual tastes. In the beginning, some providers subscribed to this perception & we saw the flagrant advertising of ‘specialist’ websites as we surfed innocently through our porn. But over time as business realised the massive revenue potential, the rough edges were shaved away & presented to the mainstream populace as a way to find the love of your life. Slowly, more & more people got involved, the phenomenon established itself within the masses & brought us to where we are today.

There’s a number of reasons why among us men, it is popular. Firstly, there is of course the same thing which empowers trolls all over the world; the protective anonymity of the internet. You can say things to women without ever having to worry about consequences like if you’d said the same to them in real life.

Secondly for similar reasons, it is of course far easier psychologically to approach a woman over the internet than it is in real life. Although if you do approach a woman in real life, you’ll quickly realise after a few attempts there’s actually nothing to worry about at all, the perception is the very essence of why internet dating has become wildly popular – we don’t fucking talk to one another. I’ve noted this is a particular problem in my home country, where dating is something is barely acknowledged as something enjoyable, compared to countries in South America where people are quite open about sex & dating.

You don’t have ‘leagues’ in internet dating. If an attractive man or woman has a profile, anyone can try their luck to the point of saturation. I’ve had profiles on sites, where some combinations of photos & text have been miserable failures, while others have utterly smashed it in terms of popularity. On one of my popular profiles, I’ve had frankly disgusting, ugly & vastly overweight women getting in touch. It was common to the point of me questioning if I’d somehow lost my looks or charm, as I only seemed to be attracting these monstrosities.

But it wasn’t that. It was because the same principles that occur in every day life also occur online. A beautiful or sexy girl (the first being far, far less commonplace generally) will get all sorts of attention from desperate men & so have the inflated entitlement ego we are all familiar with nowadays. Because of these male ‘feeders’ constantly fueling an attractive woman’s ego, you’ll always be up against a challenge & this is even more the case when interacting online.

Ever had a woman chatting away to you online, only to randomly stop replying? That’s because she was chatting to other at the same time as you, met up with him, fucked him & that’s it. You can pepper her with messages, to which she might reply to one or two out of courtesy until things become ‘steady’ with said fuckee, to keep you as a backup, but once she knows it’s on with him, you’re out the door. Personally, I think it’s like a hyper enhanced version of real life. The only reason we don’t see it more often in day to day life is because the majority of people are cowards & afraid of being humiliated or hurt.

SO, what to do? Well, allow me to explain my own situation first. I’ve generally always had a dating app on my mobile phone. I don’t pay it particular attention but in my down time I cycle through a number of profiles & in keeping with the de facto official female philosophy of ‘dating’, I chat to several girls simultaneously. It depends on the app but I’ve noticed online dating has given me more success in mainland Europe than on the outskirts, due to either of one of the two extremes of there being hardly anyone seeming to be on there (less male competition) or in capitial cities (more competition but more prospects).

In any case, it’s a backup to my social game (meeting people through existing social groups), my work game (very discreet flirting or innocuous insinuations once comfort & trust has been established – don’t generally do work game in anything more than a one on one situation with the right person!), my street game (more commonly referred to as ‘day game’ in the manosphere) & my rare night game. Why is it a backup? Because on average, it delivers less percentage bangs than any other medium.

Online game from dedicated sites/apps or commonly known mediums can be a good way to practice getting together with women. But you simply must not consider it normal or your standard way to meet women. If you see a girl in the coffee shop or walking down the street, go & talk to her in the proper way. Whether it’s online or real life, you must understand sometimes you will fail no matter what. But as with everything, failure is an opportunity to learn & you’ll feel better because you followed through on something.

What’s the general principles to success with online game? Sure, you can try the machine gun approach & eventually you’ll get success. But let’s not expend too much energy on messaging girls back & forth, & giving your personal emotional energy to girls who essentially you just want to fuck. Yeah sure, maybe it’ll lead to more but we need to move things forward.

In the second part coming later this week, I’ll outline the most effective practices for converting an online prospect.

~ Unjaded