Delay Of Game

Sarah Allen, actually a reasonably typical Australian based on my recent experiences, detailed below…

Yes, you are indeed right if you noted a lack of a post last week. It was because I went to a couple of countries in South East Asia for a holiday & despite my best intentions there were so many things I had to sort out before I left, I didn’t even have time to put together a rough draft.

As for my reasons of not writing something while there, I am left with far less justifications & will instead just have to defer to being lazy. I was also with Venezuelan which somewhat restricted suitable private opportunities to write. But frankly speaking, I was fucking exhausted & needed to get away from everything for a while, only to return with a renewed vigour.

And here we are, rested & ready to share with you my inevitable notes from my second foray into the Asian continent. When I say ‘rested’ however, I do of course refer to my mental state, rather than the physical where I am on my third flight of what has basically been a thirty six hour day. But onward we go!

Thailand. Famous for it’s sex industry, inpressively authentic ladyboys, royal family & kickboxers. As one explores, we are treated to a true cauldron of life, where chaos reigns but someone, life moves forward. Bangkok; a hub for the region & an immense, sprawling behemoth of a city. The recently expired king seemed like a resonably good man (despite it being practically illegal to say otherwise) & one can say he has at the very least managed to instill a tolerance of the numerous drunken fools & sexual parasites that come in their droves to a city that is hungry for any & all of the tourist money.

Thai women can indeed be very beautiful, with the deciding factor often being the nose; either quite bulbous are the more disappointing end of the spectrum or slimmer at the better end. Physically, they are for the most part slim & therefore quite difficult to be seen as ‘ugly’. Those of them who are particularly skilled with applying makeup can almost look perfectly mystical at times, so this is a pretty big factor. Big pretty eyes & a veneration of the foreigner (& my apologies to other ethnic groups but it must be said; particularly the white man), mean this is one of the few places a man from abroad can punch well above his weight. Ultimately however & as with a lot of cultures, money becomes the first & most vital currency in any interaction. That said, it’s still less so than what we have to pay in the West. A mutually beneficial medium if you will.

On to Indonesia & we see what are generally reasonably fine people, with a thirst of that money. I write the next sentence not in a derogatory way to a culture that endeavors to accommodate tourists very well but as a repeated & clear observation; as one ends any interaction such as having a meal or leaving a taxi, you can often see their eyes hungrily looking down at your hands as you arrange your wallet, much in the same way an otherwise loving Labrador suddenly becomes transfixed on nothing else except a treat his petter unexpectedly produces. I do appreciate this income is essential to a country where even the tourist prices are unbelievably low in comparison to say, pretty much any country that uses the Euro or Dollar, but it’s disappointing to feel as though any sort of rapport you may have built with someone, is just ultimately to gouge a little more money out of you; almost as though they’re the joker playing up to the king. I don’t view anyone as lesser or greater than myself (but I do talk a good game if I need to knock someone into line) & so I found this to be a bit upsetting.

As for the girls: I would firstly say they aren’t as naturally beautiful as Japanese or Thai girls, but then I would propose these are the two premium races in Asia. Westernised Japanese girls particularly, are goddamn superb & if they’ve got that trained body I like, sign me on the dotted line. But, Japanese girls are the hardest work. Thai & Indonesian girls are going to be much easier generally, than Japanese. And especially Indonesian girls, because they’re later to the game. While any of my game was safely packed away for a week or so while I honestly enjoyed my boyfriend position like a normal human being for once, I could see there certainly was one or two of the girls I had interacted with with a little spark in their eye when they spoke to me. Had I have been on my own, I would have chanced my skills there & then. In summery, Japanese girls are culturally not conditioned to be open to foreigners or to be open about sex, so despite the clear quality, you can generally expect to be playing some ‘long game’. Thai girls are essentially the same as Indonesian girls, except they’ve had the ‘cool foreigner’ effect considerably diminished thanks to the years of slurring embarrassments degrading themselves there for a number of years now. But what you can do to counter this of course, is what originally was referred to in game as ‘peacocking’; you might wear something very unusual to stand out of the crowd of wherever you are. Nowadays, the ‘crowd’ is the entire general mentality of wherever you happen to find yourself. In Thailand, you can peacock by just not being a drunken prick.

A friend of mine stood as testament to this when he visited some years back. He was propositioned with sex for payment, to which the rest of his group didn’t hesitate from her colleagues. Not being of this nature, my friend respectfully declined & the girl lowered her asking price. When he explained he just wasn’t into paying girls for sex (he later admitted to me it was even less appealing when girls from less wealthy countries were involved too), she was ggenuinely taken aback. As the conversation developed, they became friendly with her offering to take him to her favourite restaurant. No, not for him to pay. She offered to take him for dinner. Yes, she was a sex worker & a beautiful one who was fluent in English too, but that takes nothing away from the gesture. If anything, I would say it adds even more given most people working in sex industry who I’ve met are some of the most cynical about human nature. She offered to show him around on following days & even though he could have done something more with her entirely willing at any time, he didn’t & they remain friends to this day.

Can you even remotely imagine a western woman taking you to dinner these days?? It is 98% certain never to happen to a man.

To conclude, Indonesian women are only now discovering the worlds of Tinder & it’s like casual sex has suddenly become en vogue, much as it did in the same way in the West when it first came about, before it got commoditised. Did you know some girls are now asking for pre-payment to converse with a match on the Tinder? To converse… If you’re one of the idiots fueling this apparent phenomenon, please stop.

I happened to find myself alongside an inept English guy on a Tinder date with a pretty Indonesian girl, while I took Venezuelan out for dinner. Frankly speaking, she’d dressed up for a fucking & all other things being equal, he was punching clearly above his weight. Despite her still remaining & showing interest, he allowed his insecurities to fall into him acting as though he was playing games with a typical Western idiot. While he had sat at the table with her, he was speaking too quickly, pretending to read his phone & various other pointless attempts at psychological games. He was truly inept, but yet by the end she still retained some interest in him.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet. But right now I’m going to Swiss horn it from the nearest rooftop; I honestly think if she was showing me the same level of interest as him, I could’ve had this girl in bed within two hours. Yes, I’m not even going to say ‘the same night’. Straightforwardly, two hours. Any one with advanced game could have done the same.

The current Tinder sex cycle is there. It could be elsewhere too (somewhere like Belarus wouldn’t surprise me) but you’re going to have to go to such places, if you want to meet decent women for any reason. And no, I’m not saying Tinder is the way to find a woman of any quality; quite the opposite in fact. But once it becomes popular, every basic bitch thinks she’s the shit & the whole game gets a lot less interesting.

Book those flights! More to come on my personal situation next week…

~ Unjaded


Anne De Paula, hailing from Brazil. Eyes open on the news to see who’ll be fucking her soon.

Much like in economics, the rule of diminishing utility also applies to women. I found myself today discussing with a friend, how I no longer gained much pleasure from going to your typical nightclub. I have no interest in posturing to others to feel better about myself, no interest in most of the music that is played in such places, I don’t drink & getting women into bed is easier in almost any other scenario than in a club in my opinion. My self worth is rooted in the knowledge & experience of the self, the music is generally just generic shit that as a musician I can see straight through, I’d likely to be surrounded by drunken idiots & more likely to get into a fight with someone & getting women to go home with you from a club is probably the most thankless task known to man these days, even for a prime – well, prime enough – alpha like myself.

I’m now thirty seven, & while I can appreciate younger readers out there might not appreciate where I’m coming from, bear in mind I’ve hit it hard over the previous years. I’ve hit the bars & clubs (& occasionally still do the former: nothing wrong with hanging out in a bar), I’ve gone through all the expectations & jumped through all the hoops, & played the game – only to come out with fuck all. But don’t get me wrong – as a young man you should be experiencing these things. But if you really want to learn, think about what’s going on around you while you do. Those wily old dogs who have managed to come through those same menacing years you’re now living up, are probably actively seeking on fucking your girl. Don’t allow the fun, to cloud your awareness & judgement, because it’s most likely your girl is going to be jumping on someone else’s dick.

I have often in the past looked at people of high standing in the eyes of women, such as celebrities or popular sports stars, & wondered why on earth they would ever possibly consider getting married or sticking to one woman. I heard a story of a pop star, who I believe was Usher, who apparently used to just sit on his couch, while a queue of women waiting outside his dressing room to fuck him. He’d literally just fuck woman after woman, without having to anything at all. Damn, he didn’t even have to open the door; his security did that.

I jest on this blog, & it probably comes across as arrogance at times to the otherwise uninitiated. But it’s just confidence. I know what I’m good at, & also what I’m not so good at. And getting girls into bed, is one of my specialties these days. You can go back in this very blog to see the journey & the journey I took as I perfected my ways over the last two to three years. It certainly wasn’t easy, but also with fantastic experiences. While now I am almost mercilessly systemic in my approach, I do still waste time with certain people & that’s my current challenge. Also continuing to waste time with people who either don’t put out in a reasonable time frame, or who are simply shit in bed. I’m understanding when it comes to people wanting to learn, but I may as well be fucking a pillow if someone wants to turn all the lights off & not kiss.

People often talk about testosterone dropping as you get older, but your attitude towards sex (& life) is going to be influenced more by whatever your genetics have blessed you with & also the lifestyle you lead. It’s well known weights increase testosterone. The actual drop between an eighteen year old & a seventy year old man, is estimated to be approximately only twenty five percent over the course of your lifetime. Over a lifetime, that’s practically nothing. What will change considerably depending on your experiences, is your attitude towards women & life.

Right now, I’ve reached a point where I know most tricks to get most women into bed. It doesn’t matter so much on their relationship status, age or much else. It simply depends on me identifying what type of character they have & critically, how much effort I’m willing to put into it. An example would be the Ecuadorian woman I have spoke to sporadically over the past months. She gave me her number, met up with me – even came to my house once, despite being married. She then told me over a matter of a few weeks, how firstly she couldn’t go any further with me, & then soon afterwards, how much she liked me, loved spending time with me & wanted to go further but was resisting ‘temptation’. Why was that? Because I changed my attitude to her, once I realised she was more of a romantic.

But let’s be clear. This didn’t mean I started buying her flowers or professing my love to her. Far from it. What I did, was subtly modify the composition of my messages to her, the way in which I propositioned her to meet & the way I behaved with her, into a ‘softer’, more emotional approach. With other girls, this could not work at all , because they want a dominant man & see it as weakness. But with her, it was the key to unlocking her heart / legs. That said, I didn’t sleep with her because I had come to the point where frankly, I had a whole host of other girls who were already sleeping with me, good in bed & with whom the arrangement was little more than coming over, fucking me & leaving again. That’s perfect for me.

But there ain’t a thing like contagion. And as I considered what I enjoyed doing in life, what I missed & new possibilities, I realised there were a lot of things I’d rather be doing, than getting certain girls into bed. Anyone who for example, is going to flake on me more than once (once is permissible, as it can happen & also then gives me a freebie), regularly not respond to text messages or with whom I have to meet more than three times before they agree to come to my place (they all know what ‘coming over for dinner’ means), is wasting my time. And I can think of at least two women I’ve been spending time with who most guys would fall over themselves to get into bed with. And if they messaged me to tell me, ‘can I come over & see you’, I’d most likely answer ‘yes’. Such is the blessing of being an attractive woman – you can get fucked whenever you want. But for me, fuck them. I’m not going to tolerate being ignored or treated like an idiot, just for the sake of some pussy, when I’m practically drowning in it anyway.

~ Unjaded


Welcome to Anllela Sagra – another ‘Instagram Model’ (not sure when that became a job) & owner of a fine ass body.

It’s so interesting how one’s perception can change with time & experiences. From a moment of realisation in conversation, to reading a phrase that stays with you while you make your way through a book. A lot of this takes place in simple day to day interactions, but gets lost because the delivery is inadequate for the moment or the stage isn’t grand enough.

On the macro level, it can happen through a number of subtexts. The internet taking the place of so much previously face to face interaction is something I’ve gone into more than once, as is the influence of the politically correct media seeping into the millennial generation; apparently the most depressed & least sexual generation to date. Clearly not a coincidence.

I’m a person who can happily eschew people for a certain period of time, being content in my own world. An introvert at heart. But even I acknowledge the central importance of any of our most central memories, being intrinsically attached to the involvement of another person or people. Doing shit alone ain’t really much fun. That said, delving too hard into isolation or surrounding your every minute with others can also be exhausting, even physically as well as mentally. Embrace something too much & you may end up deeply within in, forgetting why you’re there.

A classic strategy to put young people off of smoking when I was growing up, was to give them as many cigarettes as possible & tell them they’d have to finish all of them that day, before doing anything else. Typically, this would of course result in them being violently sick & through association, being totally off cigarettes for good. There seems to be something to this, as I know quite a few people who’ve experienced something similar with vodka (even at an older age) & then never touched it again.

Much in the same way, the more we deny something, the greater we might desire it. Most cite age for this but I don’t agree entirely – experience is something not equal to age depending on how one chooses to live their life but invariably is connected due of course, to the passing of time that brings us opportunity or experience. Those jaded young men believing a relationship at the age of seventeen to twenty two will be the answer to all their problems do have good intentions but are painfully unaware of how they are not taking into account the typically true nature of today’s Western female. They do this, because they know no better. Only hard experience will show them that the path forward is self improvement & self-sustainability. Even those reading this, may attempt to take this advanced path early, & good for them for doing so. But the reason ‘why’ one is following that path will always remain without basis, & so the vulnerability will always remain. Many a man has created the life he thought he wanted, only for something inside – something without foundation, to fall; by his own hand or otherwise.

So in many ways, you could say it’s a rights of passage. Girls being as they generally are now, allow us to take the best of any situation presented to us, by putting some of us through hell or at the very least, proposing such trades that no sane person would possibly go for under any other pretext. For example, “I’ll be only yours forever” in exchange for financing my lifestyle, your seed, your unabridged openness & faithfulness, & no mistakes whatsoever. Of course, we all known what happens should someone make a mistake (entirely acceptable by the way; anyone doing anything that have to do will make mistakes & potentially end up in bad situations) & for example, the classic test of you being imprisoned. How long would it be before she strayed? If your answer is anything other than “She wouldn’t”, then any such trade is utterly worthless to you. You’re giving everything for a lie.

As I have mentioned here before, I am involved in the music industry. Anyone who has had some level of interest from a label or management company will testify, that whatever you believed before joining that organisation, will quickly be torn to pieces in the interest of the greatest success of the band. If you thought your image for example, was very cool, you’ll soon be told in no uncertain terms that it’s not, if it’s not.

And therein lies the essence of the greatest issue we as people face; being honest with one self when faced with a situation. When another tells you things in real terms (which happens most often in business, usually from those who have found success through it), it’s around this point that egos get hurt. Dealing with your ego is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, & it reveals itself not only when hurt, but also when one wants to convince one self of something, which may not be entirely true & they know it. Time & time again, I’ve seen people trying to convince themselves of an idea. If that idea involves someone else, an entirely non-controllable entity, then you’re already putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

The unfortunate truth is that, as many have alluded to, society is in a state of decay. The proliferation of internet, the degrading of shock value, the rationalisation & acceptance of everything, & removal of structure outside the workplace has made life joyless, people detached from each other, relation non-permanent & options available to all.

Give a man power & you’ll see his true nature. Give a woman power, & much like hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, hell will soon be made real.

~ Unjaded

The Shoehorn

Appreciate this might not be for everyone, but here we have Emily Skye, who as far as I’m concerned as the perfect female body. I can’t even look at some pictures of her for too long, before I start shouting uncontrollably.

The shoehorn is what people do to themselves because of perceived societal or peer expectations, & the fear of being excluded. Much like an equation, if simplified this means one is doing something out of fear.

Fear is the precise emotion anyone who wishes to control you feeds upon & takes advantage of. If there is a mass murderer on the loose in your vicinity, people worry about them until they have been caught. The prospect, however remote, modifies the actions of the fearful people. Governments, companies, institutions & charities act exactly the same. Opportunistic governments seize upon threats that cannot be easily quantified or embodied, such as communism, terrorism or whatever other ‘ism’ is en vogue & easiest to substantiate at that time.

Corporates use this every day, to scare you into thinking of the worst case scenario where if you lose your job, your entire life will collapse. If you lose your job, you won’t be able to pay your mortgage, your wife will leave you & your friends / peers will question your standing or integrity.

Institutions & charities utilise the same tactics to relieve you of any extra cash through threats about what could happen, if you don’t pay X, Y or Z made up charge in the former case, & playing on guilt in the second case. In reality, any charge can simply be made up & if people accept it, it will continue to be. Look at the charges for letting / renting called administration charges, reference checks & so on, all wildly overvalued & totally unjustified. Tell me why there needs to be any institution charging a tax for internet usage; that is, a institution that has nothing to do with the upkeep, regulation or maintenance of the internet. Where is the money going? A reason will be presented, that will be framed using or creating a perceived fear. That reason will be weighted against the cost for you; fully considered by the originator of said cost – financial or otherwise. Although the stakes are always being quietly raised to extract as much out of you as possible, too much of a jump is still not generally considered acceptable.

Certain countries allow tracking of their citizens internet usage, using terrorism as the justification. Control through debt or fear of debt is rampant & commonplace.

When we talk of approaching a woman in the street or elsewhere, we all have experienced that feeling of trepidation. It may have been when you were inexperienced or towards a particularly attractive girl. Or perhaps you did it before & she was a bitch about it, & then you struggled with it ever since. But we get over that fear by acknowledging the worst possible realistic scenario.

If she refuses you, you should be proud you mustered up the courage to approach her – you’ve already done more than the typical man.

If she gives you her number & then never replies to you, then delete it again. You take heart from aforementioned approach that was this time successful & that you have quickly identified her as an unreliable flake & therefore saved time that could have otherwise been wasted or even detrimental to your mental health further along the line.

She’s a bitch when you approach her? Same as above, but greater. Thank God she was unstable enough not to mask this so that you were able to quickly realise. Don’t validate her by allowing it to upset you. An ideal response would be to calmly inform her that an attractive outside doesn’t compensate for an ugly character by any measure, & then continue with your day.

What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t pay an internet charge from a legally ratified fraudster agency? Your internet can be cut off. The solution is to go & buy an internet enabled phone with prepaid sim, which is not then tied directly to an address & can be used as a hotspot. There’s more to it than that, but one of many examples.

Your boss likes to use fear to motivate instead of respect or leadership? In most developed societies, it will be very hard for you to be made entirely destitute, even if he finds an excuse to terminate your contract. Prepare for such an eventuality by ensuring your life is mobile & lean; the majority of us can do without half the rubbish we surround ourselves with, as a lot of it is brought due to a deep lying unhappiness with our day to day lives, brought on by such things I mention above. We buy these things because we’re trying to unconsciously justify to ourselves what we are doing with our time.

Your peers, friends or wife leaves you because you came upon hard times, such as losing your job? What a blessing you will waste no more time with materialistic cunts that claim to be within your circle, yet jump ship at the earliest opportunity. Finally, you are free to follow a path of your own choosing & redesign your life as you truly desire, no longer bound to anything or anyone. Ideally, you would have already placed safeguards in your life through a prenuptial agreement & downsizing your belongings to the most essential. But fear not, that if there may be a problem in that you went in with foolish blind faith, there is a solution to every problem. While I don’t have children myself & am likely never to do so due it producing an unsolvable link upon another, I do appreciate how there may be a feeling of obligation towards children, & this is respectable. Coming back to my point before though, if you find yourself trapped in an entirely unreasonable situation such as one that you may find yourself in following a divorce & bound to utterly unreasonable financial commitments, think of alternatives. It may even be worth moving country entirely & should you feel a debt to your children, make arrangements for informal payments directly to the child. Hilariously, if you feel you must stay you could even propose to pay your child support in voucher form, so as to increase the chances of directly paying for your child & not the bitch that is gouging you to finance her own lifestyle.

It’s a complicated matter & every situation is different, but my point is that every situation or problem can be turned into an opportunity or solution. By now, I’m convinced people are looking for excuses for how they are or how they feel they’ve failed, because they feel they haven’t reached certain perceived standards. But those perceived standards are often false; a consensus emerges from the hive mind & to which no one can truly become. Every person’s opportunity cost ensures that – a bodybuilder cannot also be an effective long distance runner & in much the same way, a man cannot be everything. Believe me, I’ve tried. However, anything is possible, & many allow themselves to be deluded into thinking there are only the ways that are established, when confronted with a challenge. But in any area, the conditioning of your own mentality should allow you to see through these & determine your own course of action.

While we may live with regret, we do not have to endure it.

~ Unjaded


I thought I’d try searching for ‘sexy feminist’ today, to give a fair shot. And I’m sorry, but that was an abysmal failure unless you have a weird Beyonce fetish. So here’s a picture of the incredibly hot Bryana Holly instead.

I love travelling by train. It’s quite the metaphor for life in my eyes. You make a decision on where you want to end up & on that journey a whole bunch of sights speed past. As I thunder past, these landmarks seem more interesting to me than if I were just passing by in my day to day activities. Even things such as a field with some cows & a big pylon in it seem to gain an extra level of intrigue to me; not because of that childlike wonder when you discover new things as a youngster but more that it reminds me of that time. As you get older & learn how things really work, that idealism gets replaced by a survive & prosper mentality. You look at the situation, decide what you need to do to firstly stabilise & then optimise, until you reach a level of satisfaction.

I find that pretty sad. Not only do we lose the playfulness that makes us who we are, but we also become cynical. These days, the most attractive thing about anyone in any type of relationship is their playfulness & ability to have fun. That in turn fuels me. There’s nothing like having a bit of optimism & laughing in the face of potential tragedy. Given the inevitability of our own mortality, what other choice is there? A life devoid of feeling or experiences is a complete loss of an opportunity in my opinion.

On the other hand, I’ve realised environments where a bleak & grim acceptance is prevalent, just utterly drain me. An example is the total joke of self important politics that exists within the corporate world. While the typical day to day activities of my actual job are tolerable & at times, even verging on interesting, I’m currently being encouraged (read ‘pushed’) into management conversations in my job, which honestly I’ve always despised on account of it clearly being akin to childlike flirting; those who need something from the decision maker of the day sit at the meeting table with their overly prepared, dressed up presentation which when you strip it down, is often little more than ‘we need money for this’. The decision maker sits there with his inflated perception of himself like a king or emperor, as everyone awaits his thumb to indicate up or down.

But in the vast majority of cases, they don’t even dignify the requester with a response in person, instead waiting until they are safely huddled up in their office with the barrier of email. A fucking cowards escape. In the event of money becoming worthless one day for whatever reason, these cunts would have utterly nothing to offer the world.

One might read this & think ‘Oh Unjaded must have had a proposal rejected or some such & now he’s venting’. In fact, I’ve always had that side to me. I believe my teachers at school assessed my attitude as a ‘problem with authority’. I would rather describe it as ‘knowing no one is better than me’. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe I am better than anyone else either. We are but a product of our choices, external stimuli & privilege. All of these can be controlled or mitigated should you wish. No fucker is born any better than another, & we all have our talents.

There are too many protection methods for people these days. While I do actually advocate equal opportunities for all, I also support equal consequences for all. If someone in your job speaks or acts with you disrespectfully, your measured response should also be equally acceptable. I should be able to respond to him at the same level without recourse. Whatever is or isn’t acceptable should be applicable to all equally, for then people would further consider their actions because of consequence or retribution. As satisfying as it would be, I’m not suggesting I should be able to strike my manager in the face if I don’t like what he’s saying but what applies for one should apply for all. I worked in security for several years before starting in the corporate world & saw a few occasions where girls (admittedly, generally of a lower intellectual grade) thought themselves so invulnerable because of whatever illusions society or the media had impressed upon them, & decided to lash out & strike men. Fortunately for them, there was usually a white knight on hand to protect any response but I had seen a couple of occasions where they weren’t quite so lucky & the scorned man ‘replied’ in kind before making his escape. Let’s just say women quickly realise their physical limitations rapidly when a man repays the favour.

Let me just append the above by categorically stating that while I expect any person should expect an equal reaction to whatever action they choose to take, I have at no point encouraged, advocated or myself engaged in violent behaviour against women. I would however, actively use full non-lethal restraint techniques as required without hesitation however, for both women & men, in line with the concept of reasonable force in the defence of oneself.

One for the publishers of the eventual book adaptation there.

But this isn’t about violence, & never should it be. It is about understanding that while people should have the freedom & safety to express themselves freely, anything which genuinely impinges upon another’s normal state should be expected to have consequences. Those consequences should be equal in measure. I do believe (although not personally agree with) that controversial subjects should be allowed to be spoken about freely. I’m literally the least homophobic person on earth & I for example, believe if homosexual wish to celebrate that then they should be allowed. However, I believe that in the modernised Western world, there’s no longer a need for this to take place as a public event, simply because of the presence of children. Children should be taught that (continuing with the homosexuality example) whatever sexuality stance you choose, it is of little consequence & should be a personal matter. More important is the qualities that comprise being a good human being, regardless of your sexual preference or any other distinguishing criteria you were born with, inherited or discovered one day within yourself. One should not be promoted above another as more glamorous or acceptable than another, which is where reverse discrimination brings you.

The other day, I was getting changed in the gym locker room when a girl who works there comes in with a mop to clean up. I actually have absolutely no problem with that, assuming a man can also do the same going into the women’s locker room. I’m obviously not monitoring the situation but I’m assuming the male staff are not allowed to do the same in the female changing room. What’s the difference?

Much in the same way as there are women’s rights marches; the acceptance of both has taken place long ago in practical terms. You want to protest about women’s rights? Go to Saudi Arabia & state your case. That I would absolutely respect in a woman.

Equally, I wouldn’t tolerate someone making judgments upon my character based upon a perception they have of me. I remember watching this disgusting female who happened to also claimed to be a feminist hurling a torrent of vile slurs against a man whose only crime appeared to be being a man. He handled it incredibly well considering she spat in his face & physically assaulted him, her sure any retribution would be captured on camera & somehow manipulated into her being the victim. This type of behaviour is on a par with any of the worst forms of discrimination, such as racism. I can totally understand the aggression that ethnic minorities build up inside themselves when they’re treated in particular ways because of their colour or demeanor. I mean, an idiot is an idiot in any colour so we’ll put that aside, but I’ve seen it myself that some prefer those of their own creed. This results in a backlash in almost every situation.

And there we are: the backlash. In much the same way as the minority can feel compelled to revolt somehow after a lifetime of marginalisation, to how I start looking for another job because of how I’m treated by certain colleagues, through to how marriage rates & even relationship commitment is wildly spiraling downwards as men fail to see the upsides of long term commitment; any behaviour to shut down, harass, humiliate or prevent the expression of oneself without the harm of another without equal & fair measure to all, is only going to result in a stronger reaction later down the line.

~ Unjaded

Idiots, Stupidity, Freedom & Value

Iryna Karvatska, not bad. But honestly, if you really want a woman who looks like this, it’s not that fucking hard. Just improve yourself as much as possible & put yourself in a country where there’s a lot of women who look like the one(s) you’d like. In this case, Ukraine where half the girls under the age of thirty can take a picture like this given the same assets.

What a couple of weeks it’s really been. From having to deal with incompetent career strategists at work, through various women induced irritations & the non-female absorption of the remaining little time I have left from my various activities, I now find myself with three hours spare to be able to commit myself to writing.

But don’t get me wrong. In terms of my time being fully utilised, it is only the limitations of the body which I must consider. A measured supply of coffee supplemented by a re-found appreciation of green tea, goes alongside a new diet of heavily reduced dairy (protein shakes & eggs only. God I love eggs) & intensive weight based training. It has been incredibly cold where I am living & while I am not adverse to training in the cold & even believe it has some benefits, I wasn’t really happy with losing some muscularity that can come hand in hand with being fitter. And frankly speaking, I have missed that feeling of resistance against my body. There’s something about pushing yourself physically in that way & for me, also through martial arts that brings out a relentless will in myself.

I’ve found the reduction in dairy to be quite beneficial. I don’t switch to vegan based protein as it’s typically based around soy, known to reduce testosterone levels; something that also happens in men when they do too much cardio training & not enough muscle development training. When I say muscle development training, I don’t mean getting bigger either necessarily. I’m also talking about increasing strength through muscle density. Right now, I could say I’m at least as strong as I’ve ever been & it’s a beautiful compulsion.

Working under someone younger than myself is no problem at all. Working under someone who is less experienced than me is also no problem; in the same way people once attempted to train me, I am happy to train others in the same way. Attempting to do this in any work environment will quickly tell you about the substance of a person. Stupidity is in my opinion, somewhat of a choice. While you do have those whose ability to learn is impaired due to mental or physical trauma (something that former of which has often been an issue for me since my teenage years to some degree), I would say in many others it is a choice. The true mark of someone is the measure of their perseverance & enthusiasm. I don’t expect someone to come bounding into the office every day. I certainly don’t. But what I do, is deliver my work. You tell me the objective & I’ll make sure we get there, or do my best in trying. I firmly believe most things are achievable with such an attitude, providing you are prepared to adapt your approach as you realise X or Y is more effective, as you proceed.

But if I take the time to explain something to someone who firstly, barely retains information & then when he does, tries to pass it off as his own achievements & furthermore, tries to use some sort of neuro linguistic programming techniques on me, we’re gonna have problems. First & foremost, fucking listen when I’m trying to teach you something & acknowledge my fucking work as mine. And understand, I’m going to tell you if my opinion on how to proceed differs from yours. Planning meetings first thing in the morning with another senior manager there to ‘supervise’ isn’t going to work because firstly I’m always there early anyway, secondly because he already knows deep down you don’t have a fucking clue what you’re doing but has to support his senior’s decisions & thirdly, I don’t give a fuck. The building of oneself & knowing your own capabilities means I know I can get another contract within a week & you will be fucked.

Anyway, no doubt reading this, you may be able to relate to these principles without knowing the specifics of my situation. It’s just so tragic that on any level, mankind is so susceptible to agenda, & progress that should be simple & mutually beneficial is stalled or stops entirely because of it. I’m like to think natural selection once took care of this, where idiotic people where culled through starving to death or at least getting eaten by a hungry animal. Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine (which never ceases to amaze me, I must say), we’re surrounded by these idiots & they continue to reproduce. I don’t believe we are predisposed to the genetics of our parents but if you’re raised by a couple of idiots, you’re either going to also be an idiot or hopefully, rebel. And it seems to be these types of people who are banging out children left, right & center. The most enlightened people among our world seem to often adopt a form of isolation; either by detaching themselves from modern day to day processes, or entirely by creating their own hyper reality. During my time in the last two weeks or so as I’ve completed all of the work the aforementioned ‘manager’ failed to do in four months, I decided to leverage the time spent doing this labourious work to listen to a number of podcasts from various sources. Most of these were based around interesting people, who I’d obviously chosen on the basis on getting to know more about their inner workings. The common thread was clear: highly motivated people, aware of their own mortality & embracing to some degree the concept of isolation. This went from typical examples, whereby some would have a fairly regimented routine of doing one of a number of solo activities on a regular basis (normally physical), through the spectrum to fully functioning & well respected individuals from their respective fields totally shunning the concepts of what is popularly considered as a normal life. In one example, someone had entirely eschewed women in their entirety but not through hate. It was part of a general philosophy where he’d come to the point of finding most people entirely boring. While he was entirely balanced & had a range of people who he’d consider close friends & they him the same, he didn’t see the purpose of anything without a constructive goal. It was not that there had to be a tangible benefit from speaking to someone but once he’d had the conversations he’d felt were of interest, he’d respect the boundaries of etiquette out of maintaining mutual respect, but secretly would just want to get out of there onto the next thing. For him, there was simply no value in continuing to spend time with people who hadn’t reached a certain level of self development. That level for him (although he would clearly not promote his way as superior or even that he was superior in any way) was at least to the level at which he’d created himself to be. That happened to be not embracing alcohol, drugs, maintaining his physical fitness & being honest with himself about that which he felt brought value to his life. He has dispensed with everything that implied wasting time, including women. The concept of having someone impair his freedom & the universe he’d made for himself in exchange for a relationship or even sex was not worth it with anyone.

Some might consider this rude, but for me I related to it quite considerably. I actually believed this to be a person to whom I would have even more respect for were I ever to meet him in person. And it made me again consider the concept of how much we do to ourselves. The things we tolerate in all the circles of our lives. In the workplace where delusional idiots try to manipulate you for their own gain & you have to play silly little games to ensure you’re not painted as the current ‘bad guy’ of the office. The things we tolerate about how our families treat us. The people with whom we maintain friendships with upon history or duty, despite after we hit a point in our life where we realise they are entirely bad for us. Not just irritations or disagreements, but straight bad for us. The heroin addict who gets clean, who then goes back to his home & before long, his partners in misery otherwise known as ‘friends’ are again knocking on his door & we all know what is likely to happen next.

And of course, women. Men building up everything & then effectively putting it all on lease, for the company of another. I truly wonder why men do such things at times. I believe it can be ego, in the case of caring about other’s perception of you. It could be of course, a simple as sex. Or in most cases, rooted in the belief that prevails so commonly across the modern day man; that you won’t do any better & should ‘lock in’.

I’m debating the value of being with someone back & forth in my head often these days. In some ways I see how it can bring your life more flavour & provide goals. On the other hand, it’s a sacrifice. Even if you have a girl who you find you lose yourself in & others say is the best one for you, you’ll always make some sort of sacrifice. It’s like me being where I am now; this country is one of the shittest I’ve been in, mainly due to the people. But I’m here because of my band. Being in a band is similar to being in a relationship with multiple people; you have to be considerate of their feelings, can’t be overly demanding & have to maintain a certain level of respect. But it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest when bands who’ve been on tour together for a long time break up because they just can’t fucking stand each other anymore.

I’m wondering often, where the value of permanence really comes from, or at least the attempt at the same. Particularly for women, who’ve done nothing much more than fuck me off recently. From the Crazy Uzbek turning up on my doorstep (where I actually put my gloves on ready for a fistfight with someone, because she’d covered the peephole), to Venezuelan getting a bit more typical, the efforts even in bothering to keep my pipeline filled continue to follow the rule of diminishing returns. I’ve immediately cut off girls as soon as they’ve mentioned anything about me ‘putting more effort in before I get any reward’ recently. When a barely above average girl starts trying to carrot & stick me with sex, they’re gone straight away. While I advocate taking risks, one wonders what the bigger payoff is in the long term when you’ve already received most of the benefits.

~ Unjaded

The Things That Used To Matter

Clearly an ancestor of mine.

Clearly an ancestor of mine.

It seems to me as we get older, we start to care less. Either we care less about what other people think, or we care less about what we may have strongly believed in previously. This is evident in old people, circa sixty-seventy plus who often have got to the point of speaking or doing as they wish, as far as their bodies still let them of course.

On one hand, I feel as though it’s a good thing. We shouldn’t ever care about what other people think about how we present ourselves in life, & should use this only life to do as we please, providing it brings no direct harm to others.

On the other hand though, the erosion of long held beliefs because of them not seeming to bring anything positive to one’s life is somewhat tragic. When I see someone who for example; has held a long term belief that sex between two people is something sacred, then end up with someone who has abused this, you would logically question what the point was in the sacrifice for the former.

They both end up with the same situation, & the latter person has all the more experiences to show for it.

When I was younger, the amount of people a potential partner had been with was critical to me. Now, it’s not really important at all. That said, I’ve yet to find a woman who has had at least admitted to having had more sexual partners than me (as far as I know). If I did, perhaps my attitude would revert back.

~ Unjaded