Throw Back Thursday

Paula Labaredas. What? There’s flags in the picture??

In a unprecedented turn of events, I wil be taking a trip (of sorts) back to over three years ago this weekend, as for whatever reason the stars align & both JapYog (a reminder; one of the best fucks of my life) & ShyStudent (also incredibly hot) both pass through my new location, over three years when I had been seeing both of them in the other central European country. Both of whom have provided entirely not subtle hints about how they’d like to ‘catch up’ with me as they pass through town, & I’m all too happy to oblige. Needless to say, as per recent expectations, they both have their marriage problems. ShyStudent; the same as when I’d first met her in that she stays with her husband who mysteriously reappeared out of nowhere one day because (somewhat tragically, if you know why) she feels protected by him, & JapYog’s husband finally recently having decided to go the whole shebang & divorce her. She’d been banging me for some time in the past, & frankly speaking with the amount of offers she gets, it wouldn’t surprise me if plenty more had been ‘visiting’ while he’d been away from home. Totally not surprisingly too, he has been entirley supporting her both financially & in visa status, leaving her now on a time limit before she’s quite literally deported back to Japan. In fairness to her, she has been quite industrious in her yoga based business wherever she’s been & so comes through Europe to rack up some money before going (presumably) back to her still temporarily, husband’s current residence.

I did come on pretty hard to her to be honest, from the beginning. She had / presumably still has, one of the best asses I’ve ever come across – a seemingly common trait among yoga teachers. Even an otherwise quite ugly yoga teacher from my gym has a fantastic ass. I played every card in my pack in order to get her into bed. I must say that three to four yearss ago, really was my peak in terms of getting women. I was getting to the point of complete confidence, believing I could get any woman I decided too & without any fear whatsoever. And I was doing just that, pretty much with any woman. I wasted some time with a couple of girls who were hilarious once the whole story came out, but otherwise it was a abundant time.

Then of course came the massive low, which to this day I maintain changed me significantly. Despite forgiving myself for whatever guilt had been cultivated in my head, since then I have never felt entirely the same, be it for better or worse. I must admit, part of that process has even involved deleting a post, which was a necessary step in forgetting the madness that I went through at that time. Another contributor to those changes could have been the love, forgiveness & tolerance Venezuelan has shown me since we’ve been together, although I have sometimes considered that perhaps I should have made an entirely clean break from everything that transpired. If anything, she has confirmed to me that irrespective of how things might pan out for me, her or us, there still remains people on the same wavelength as myself, who also happen to be female. And honestly, at the end of the day very few things are permanent. I have to do what’s right for me & if she’s on board with that, then all is good. And so far, it seems to have worked out very well.

The point of life is, it can be whatever you want it to me. I remember reading an article by a man of almost fifty, who maintained that his harem of three girls was entirely sustainable, & that two of them even knew about his situation with his main one, with whom he didn’t live. Other people instead get married with the best intentions & maintain a real love for another, only to find the sexual attraction dies & they make open arrangements. And then there’s those who also truly love, & accomodate the person they choose to look after into their lifestyle. The possibilities are endless.

ShyStudent is pretty much angling to come directly to my house, which only means one thing is going to happen. She’s a stunning girl & about ten years younger than me, so I would have to hold myself back a little from undressing her within seconds. JapYog required a little more persuasion last time she came & said to me after that she’d told herself she wouldn’t sleep with me again, although from the enthusiam of the blowjob she employed to finish me you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Then on her husband’s announcement to her that he wanted a divorce, she specifically messaged me to thank me for that very same night. She’s often hot & cold even over messages, so honestly I don’t know what to expect. I’ll certainly give her the option however, as I’d love to be up in her again. Perhaps in the worst case, I’ll just get it out & ask her if she’d like to utilise ‘this’ for anything…

On the other hand, new candidates are progressing through the pipeline nicely. Either tonight or next week, we should have a lovely Russian woman in our hands, & there’s also a new Khazak girl who I’m rather intrigued by.  And an old favourite has broken up with her boyfriend of eight months, & offered to come around & fuck me Sunday morning before her pole dancing lesson. By her own words, come over, fuck me for about an hour & then she’ll go to pole dancing. Perfect!

~ Unjaded


Normally I’d make a deserved disparaging comment right now but goddamn I must admit Sophie Mudd is looking good….

My self imposed abstinence came to a literal explosive end today, as the Ukrainian ex-model offered herself up to me under her ‘come around, fuck & leave’ arrangement. After two weeks of nothing I must admit I was champing at the bit quite considerably. Although I should have been feeling fine & for the most part was, I did notice my mood was dropping somewhat. Not in a depressed sense but more in a flat kind of way. What had previously been the main way I’d inject excitement into my otherwise still relatively interesting but for me staid existance had been sacrificed into an admittedly probably worthwhile break. While hayfever season & not sleeping enough for various reasons had killed my libido, as the need to take tablets & better ways to sleep fell into place (as well as simply not having any sex), I found myself raging. I met an incredibly attractive Czech divorcee yesterday & was a little worried I’d find myself jumping on her on our first meeting, I even had to relieve myself before meeting her – very out of character for me.

Looking ahead we have had a few new challengers come to the fore, which in a change of approach I won’t reel off here until something of note actually happens. As mentioned in my previous post, I am taking a more tactical approach & hoping mostly for dissatisfied wives & hopeful needy girls. I like nice girls & am never nasty to any girl – I’ll just stop communicating with her if required. But it’s clear my future doesn’t lie here & as mentioned before, they’re all too quick to change their minds. Even the Ukrainian chick I mentioned earlier who is very cool, wouldn’t surprise me if she suddenly ‘starts seeing someone’ & so ‘can we just be friends’. I simply embrace it & move onto the next.

I’m very surprised when I look around where I reside & have been for over the last two years. I am staying here because frankly it’s easy money & I have my musical career at a crucial step. But insofar as dating, it truly is one of the most inexplicable places I’ve ever been. There are literally no indicators of interest whatsoever from women generally speaking. Whereas previously I wouldn’t think twice about approaching a girl, here it’s a complete waste of time ninty percent of the time. And when I say ‘waste of time’, I don’t just mean getting refused as I couldn’t give a flying fuck about that. It’s completely unrewarding & inconsistant. Even before approaching most women, you rarely get that spark where the eyes lock & that tension is waiting for one of you to break open the tension. I love that. Here however, you may just think ‘she’d be fun to fuck’ because admittedly a reasonable amount of the girls here have excellent figures, so you step in. But within seconds of speaking, you realise you’ve got literally nothing to work with. Either I drastically deteriorated over the last couple of years or they’ve got some sort of personality defect. It’s surreal – on one hand I look at the girls I’ve been banging over the last year & without meaning to sound arrogant, most of them are hot & most men would agree. They’re not disputable, although admittedly not super hot either. But then, only jacked up, tattooed wankers or indignified rich men who turn a blind eye to her looking lustfully at every aforementioned wanker tend to end up with the super hots. As is often said, there is no such thing as a ‘ten’. I could get women like that if I really put my mind to it these days (in even recent younger years my game was raw & I reverted into a desperate beta at key moments) but nowadays, I’m not going to put serious time & effort into any woman. There’s so many other things I’d rather be doing & the long game is only reserved for those very few women I meet who I really want to sleep with. Nowadays it’s pretty brutal & direct. I’ve never been one to send dick pictures but I’ll bust out the abs from time to time, just to plant the seed in their mind. Then it’s a drink or preferably getting some food together to get the first meeting out the way, & then I’m finding a way to invite them to my place, which everyone knows is a indirect ‘would you like me to fuck you’ invite. I prefer eating out of those two incidentally… But in any case, the lack of sexuality here is incredible. There are a few Latina’s hanging about who seem to still like sex, but overall it’s dire. And while it doesn’t impinge upon my own self esteem, some of the guys you see with certain girls is unreal. I mean, totally different leagues. And no, it’s clearly not because of superior game, because one look at them will tell you immediately they’re just beta boys who’ve sold themselves to fashion & trends, at the cost of being a person with something fucking interesting about them.

My day job is killing me. Once upon a time I thought to earn the sums of money I saw & am earning now would be neigh on impossible, but here I’ve been for a number of years now, often wondering how scandelous it is that I get paid what I do, for what I’m actually doing. And I’m actually producing deliverables. There’s people who literally just attend meetings all day & barely say a word, before cashing in a few hundred for the day. The way the world is going however, I feel I may have to endure it for a few more years. Perhaps it is a sign of ageing but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the world in such a mess as it is now. The UK is seemingly falling to pieces. Venezuela is being destroyed by a tyrant. ISIS runs rampant in the Middle East, who in their spare time are continually fighting amongst themselves, & the US sells them weapons while their own people starve. The gap between the rich & poor grows greater every day, & the basic fundamentals of human interaction have been lost to the cancer that is social media. It’s quite frankly shit, & a lot of the reason I concentrate on securing my own future as soon as possible. I operate quietly, in the shadows, not boasting of my wealth or conquests to practically anyone, which is a far cry from the previous days where I would advertise my sexual conquests & financial earnings to any & all that would listen, almost in defiance to all the cunts throughout my history who wrought ill upon me. Now, I leave them to their own fates unconcerned, which is in almost every case worse than anything I could do to them. Man & women desolate themselves in the name of peer acceptance.

I have many people who’d like to align themselves with me, as they see how I’ve done my best to maximise what cards I was dealt from my genetics. Girls want to get serious with me. Men want to train with me, or hang out with me. They want me to teach them how to fight. But why would I ever help anyone who asks me to help them for nothing, when they clearly have means to do it themselves? If it were someone without means, I would feel compelled anyway to help them. I’m always happy to help kids learn things when they ask for example. But when it comes to adults, there’s no fucking excuse. Most people complain about their lives without making any effort to either change or explore the possiblities out there.

~ Unjaded


Anne De Paula, hailing from Brazil. Eyes open on the news to see who’ll be fucking her soon.

Much like in economics, the rule of diminishing utility also applies to women. I found myself today discussing with a friend, how I no longer gained much pleasure from going to your typical nightclub. I have no interest in posturing to others to feel better about myself, no interest in most of the music that is played in such places, I don’t drink & getting women into bed is easier in almost any other scenario than in a club in my opinion. My self worth is rooted in the knowledge & experience of the self, the music is generally just generic shit that as a musician I can see straight through, I’d likely to be surrounded by drunken idiots & more likely to get into a fight with someone & getting women to go home with you from a club is probably the most thankless task known to man these days, even for a prime – well, prime enough – alpha like myself.

I’m now thirty seven, & while I can appreciate younger readers out there might not appreciate where I’m coming from, bear in mind I’ve hit it hard over the previous years. I’ve hit the bars & clubs (& occasionally still do the former: nothing wrong with hanging out in a bar), I’ve gone through all the expectations & jumped through all the hoops, & played the game – only to come out with fuck all. But don’t get me wrong – as a young man you should be experiencing these things. But if you really want to learn, think about what’s going on around you while you do. Those wily old dogs who have managed to come through those same menacing years you’re now living up, are probably actively seeking on fucking your girl. Don’t allow the fun, to cloud your awareness & judgement, because it’s most likely your girl is going to be jumping on someone else’s dick.

I have often in the past looked at people of high standing in the eyes of women, such as celebrities or popular sports stars, & wondered why on earth they would ever possibly consider getting married or sticking to one woman. I heard a story of a pop star, who I believe was Usher, who apparently used to just sit on his couch, while a queue of women waiting outside his dressing room to fuck him. He’d literally just fuck woman after woman, without having to anything at all. Damn, he didn’t even have to open the door; his security did that.

I jest on this blog, & it probably comes across as arrogance at times to the otherwise uninitiated. But it’s just confidence. I know what I’m good at, & also what I’m not so good at. And getting girls into bed, is one of my specialties these days. You can go back in this very blog to see the journey & the journey I took as I perfected my ways over the last two to three years. It certainly wasn’t easy, but also with fantastic experiences. While now I am almost mercilessly systemic in my approach, I do still waste time with certain people & that’s my current challenge. Also continuing to waste time with people who either don’t put out in a reasonable time frame, or who are simply shit in bed. I’m understanding when it comes to people wanting to learn, but I may as well be fucking a pillow if someone wants to turn all the lights off & not kiss.

People often talk about testosterone dropping as you get older, but your attitude towards sex (& life) is going to be influenced more by whatever your genetics have blessed you with & also the lifestyle you lead. It’s well known weights increase testosterone. The actual drop between an eighteen year old & a seventy year old man, is estimated to be approximately only twenty five percent over the course of your lifetime. Over a lifetime, that’s practically nothing. What will change considerably depending on your experiences, is your attitude towards women & life.

Right now, I’ve reached a point where I know most tricks to get most women into bed. It doesn’t matter so much on their relationship status, age or much else. It simply depends on me identifying what type of character they have & critically, how much effort I’m willing to put into it. An example would be the Ecuadorian woman I have spoke to sporadically over the past months. She gave me her number, met up with me – even came to my house once, despite being married. She then told me over a matter of a few weeks, how firstly she couldn’t go any further with me, & then soon afterwards, how much she liked me, loved spending time with me & wanted to go further but was resisting ‘temptation’. Why was that? Because I changed my attitude to her, once I realised she was more of a romantic.

But let’s be clear. This didn’t mean I started buying her flowers or professing my love to her. Far from it. What I did, was subtly modify the composition of my messages to her, the way in which I propositioned her to meet & the way I behaved with her, into a ‘softer’, more emotional approach. With other girls, this could not work at all , because they want a dominant man & see it as weakness. But with her, it was the key to unlocking her heart / legs. That said, I didn’t sleep with her because I had come to the point where frankly, I had a whole host of other girls who were already sleeping with me, good in bed & with whom the arrangement was little more than coming over, fucking me & leaving again. That’s perfect for me.

But there ain’t a thing like contagion. And as I considered what I enjoyed doing in life, what I missed & new possibilities, I realised there were a lot of things I’d rather be doing, than getting certain girls into bed. Anyone who for example, is going to flake on me more than once (once is permissible, as it can happen & also then gives me a freebie), regularly not respond to text messages or with whom I have to meet more than three times before they agree to come to my place (they all know what ‘coming over for dinner’ means), is wasting my time. And I can think of at least two women I’ve been spending time with who most guys would fall over themselves to get into bed with. And if they messaged me to tell me, ‘can I come over & see you’, I’d most likely answer ‘yes’. Such is the blessing of being an attractive woman – you can get fucked whenever you want. But for me, fuck them. I’m not going to tolerate being ignored or treated like an idiot, just for the sake of some pussy, when I’m practically drowning in it anyway.

~ Unjaded


Welcome to Anllela Sagra – another ‘Instagram Model’ (not sure when that became a job) & owner of a fine ass body.

It’s so interesting how one’s perception can change with time & experiences. From a moment of realisation in conversation, to reading a phrase that stays with you while you make your way through a book. A lot of this takes place in simple day to day interactions, but gets lost because the delivery is inadequate for the moment or the stage isn’t grand enough.

On the macro level, it can happen through a number of subtexts. The internet taking the place of so much previously face to face interaction is something I’ve gone into more than once, as is the influence of the politically correct media seeping into the millennial generation; apparently the most depressed & least sexual generation to date. Clearly not a coincidence.

I’m a person who can happily eschew people for a certain period of time, being content in my own world. An introvert at heart. But even I acknowledge the central importance of any of our most central memories, being intrinsically attached to the involvement of another person or people. Doing shit alone ain’t really much fun. That said, delving too hard into isolation or surrounding your every minute with others can also be exhausting, even physically as well as mentally. Embrace something too much & you may end up deeply within in, forgetting why you’re there.

A classic strategy to put young people off of smoking when I was growing up, was to give them as many cigarettes as possible & tell them they’d have to finish all of them that day, before doing anything else. Typically, this would of course result in them being violently sick & through association, being totally off cigarettes for good. There seems to be something to this, as I know quite a few people who’ve experienced something similar with vodka (even at an older age) & then never touched it again.

Much in the same way, the more we deny something, the greater we might desire it. Most cite age for this but I don’t agree entirely – experience is something not equal to age depending on how one chooses to live their life but invariably is connected due of course, to the passing of time that brings us opportunity or experience. Those jaded young men believing a relationship at the age of seventeen to twenty two will be the answer to all their problems do have good intentions but are painfully unaware of how they are not taking into account the typically true nature of today’s Western female. They do this, because they know no better. Only hard experience will show them that the path forward is self improvement & self-sustainability. Even those reading this, may attempt to take this advanced path early, & good for them for doing so. But the reason ‘why’ one is following that path will always remain without basis, & so the vulnerability will always remain. Many a man has created the life he thought he wanted, only for something inside – something without foundation, to fall; by his own hand or otherwise.

So in many ways, you could say it’s a rights of passage. Girls being as they generally are now, allow us to take the best of any situation presented to us, by putting some of us through hell or at the very least, proposing such trades that no sane person would possibly go for under any other pretext. For example, “I’ll be only yours forever” in exchange for financing my lifestyle, your seed, your unabridged openness & faithfulness, & no mistakes whatsoever. Of course, we all known what happens should someone make a mistake (entirely acceptable by the way; anyone doing anything that have to do will make mistakes & potentially end up in bad situations) & for example, the classic test of you being imprisoned. How long would it be before she strayed? If your answer is anything other than “She wouldn’t”, then any such trade is utterly worthless to you. You’re giving everything for a lie.

As I have mentioned here before, I am involved in the music industry. Anyone who has had some level of interest from a label or management company will testify, that whatever you believed before joining that organisation, will quickly be torn to pieces in the interest of the greatest success of the band. If you thought your image for example, was very cool, you’ll soon be told in no uncertain terms that it’s not, if it’s not.

And therein lies the essence of the greatest issue we as people face; being honest with one self when faced with a situation. When another tells you things in real terms (which happens most often in business, usually from those who have found success through it), it’s around this point that egos get hurt. Dealing with your ego is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, & it reveals itself not only when hurt, but also when one wants to convince one self of something, which may not be entirely true & they know it. Time & time again, I’ve seen people trying to convince themselves of an idea. If that idea involves someone else, an entirely non-controllable entity, then you’re already putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

The unfortunate truth is that, as many have alluded to, society is in a state of decay. The proliferation of internet, the degrading of shock value, the rationalisation & acceptance of everything, & removal of structure outside the workplace has made life joyless, people detached from each other, relation non-permanent & options available to all.

Give a man power & you’ll see his true nature. Give a woman power, & much like hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, hell will soon be made real.

~ Unjaded

The Shoehorn

Appreciate this might not be for everyone, but here we have Emily Skye, who as far as I’m concerned as the perfect female body. I can’t even look at some pictures of her for too long, before I start shouting uncontrollably.

The shoehorn is what people do to themselves because of perceived societal or peer expectations, & the fear of being excluded. Much like an equation, if simplified this means one is doing something out of fear.

Fear is the precise emotion anyone who wishes to control you feeds upon & takes advantage of. If there is a mass murderer on the loose in your vicinity, people worry about them until they have been caught. The prospect, however remote, modifies the actions of the fearful people. Governments, companies, institutions & charities act exactly the same. Opportunistic governments seize upon threats that cannot be easily quantified or embodied, such as communism, terrorism or whatever other ‘ism’ is en vogue & easiest to substantiate at that time.

Corporates use this every day, to scare you into thinking of the worst case scenario where if you lose your job, your entire life will collapse. If you lose your job, you won’t be able to pay your mortgage, your wife will leave you & your friends / peers will question your standing or integrity.

Institutions & charities utilise the same tactics to relieve you of any extra cash through threats about what could happen, if you don’t pay X, Y or Z made up charge in the former case, & playing on guilt in the second case. In reality, any charge can simply be made up & if people accept it, it will continue to be. Look at the charges for letting / renting called administration charges, reference checks & so on, all wildly overvalued & totally unjustified. Tell me why there needs to be any institution charging a tax for internet usage; that is, a institution that has nothing to do with the upkeep, regulation or maintenance of the internet. Where is the money going? A reason will be presented, that will be framed using or creating a perceived fear. That reason will be weighted against the cost for you; fully considered by the originator of said cost – financial or otherwise. Although the stakes are always being quietly raised to extract as much out of you as possible, too much of a jump is still not generally considered acceptable.

Certain countries allow tracking of their citizens internet usage, using terrorism as the justification. Control through debt or fear of debt is rampant & commonplace.

When we talk of approaching a woman in the street or elsewhere, we all have experienced that feeling of trepidation. It may have been when you were inexperienced or towards a particularly attractive girl. Or perhaps you did it before & she was a bitch about it, & then you struggled with it ever since. But we get over that fear by acknowledging the worst possible realistic scenario.

If she refuses you, you should be proud you mustered up the courage to approach her – you’ve already done more than the typical man.

If she gives you her number & then never replies to you, then delete it again. You take heart from aforementioned approach that was this time successful & that you have quickly identified her as an unreliable flake & therefore saved time that could have otherwise been wasted or even detrimental to your mental health further along the line.

She’s a bitch when you approach her? Same as above, but greater. Thank God she was unstable enough not to mask this so that you were able to quickly realise. Don’t validate her by allowing it to upset you. An ideal response would be to calmly inform her that an attractive outside doesn’t compensate for an ugly character by any measure, & then continue with your day.

What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t pay an internet charge from a legally ratified fraudster agency? Your internet can be cut off. The solution is to go & buy an internet enabled phone with prepaid sim, which is not then tied directly to an address & can be used as a hotspot. There’s more to it than that, but one of many examples.

Your boss likes to use fear to motivate instead of respect or leadership? In most developed societies, it will be very hard for you to be made entirely destitute, even if he finds an excuse to terminate your contract. Prepare for such an eventuality by ensuring your life is mobile & lean; the majority of us can do without half the rubbish we surround ourselves with, as a lot of it is brought due to a deep lying unhappiness with our day to day lives, brought on by such things I mention above. We buy these things because we’re trying to unconsciously justify to ourselves what we are doing with our time.

Your peers, friends or wife leaves you because you came upon hard times, such as losing your job? What a blessing you will waste no more time with materialistic cunts that claim to be within your circle, yet jump ship at the earliest opportunity. Finally, you are free to follow a path of your own choosing & redesign your life as you truly desire, no longer bound to anything or anyone. Ideally, you would have already placed safeguards in your life through a prenuptial agreement & downsizing your belongings to the most essential. But fear not, that if there may be a problem in that you went in with foolish blind faith, there is a solution to every problem. While I don’t have children myself & am likely never to do so due it producing an unsolvable link upon another, I do appreciate how there may be a feeling of obligation towards children, & this is respectable. Coming back to my point before though, if you find yourself trapped in an entirely unreasonable situation such as one that you may find yourself in following a divorce & bound to utterly unreasonable financial commitments, think of alternatives. It may even be worth moving country entirely & should you feel a debt to your children, make arrangements for informal payments directly to the child. Hilariously, if you feel you must stay you could even propose to pay your child support in voucher form, so as to increase the chances of directly paying for your child & not the bitch that is gouging you to finance her own lifestyle.

It’s a complicated matter & every situation is different, but my point is that every situation or problem can be turned into an opportunity or solution. By now, I’m convinced people are looking for excuses for how they are or how they feel they’ve failed, because they feel they haven’t reached certain perceived standards. But those perceived standards are often false; a consensus emerges from the hive mind & to which no one can truly become. Every person’s opportunity cost ensures that – a bodybuilder cannot also be an effective long distance runner & in much the same way, a man cannot be everything. Believe me, I’ve tried. However, anything is possible, & many allow themselves to be deluded into thinking there are only the ways that are established, when confronted with a challenge. But in any area, the conditioning of your own mentality should allow you to see through these & determine your own course of action.

While we may live with regret, we do not have to endure it.

~ Unjaded

The Chaos

Andressa Urach, fresh out of Brazil & with a point to prove, apparently. No doubt something to do with leveraging her sex appeal & nothing of actual real value.

Well, these last few days have been very interesting. The general optimism from the holiday period has now safely dissipated & left in it’s wake days of utter routine, tolerated only because of the exchange of real life for monetary gain. While still professional, I have now firmly confirmed within myself that to work full time in the corporate world is one of the least rewarding & utterly dullest ways to live one life. Those within in often look outside, idolise alternative lifestyles but except for those few who simply cannot tolerate it any longer & who would otherwise (& often do) psychologically snap, they never consider taking the jump & simply embracing risk.

Risk. What a concept. Normally associated with the financial impact of a change & secondly with infidelity, it is in it’s very nature exciting. The illicitness of the bored housewife’s parlay with someone not her husband resonates deeply within her bones, despite it in reality being increasingly risk free thanks to the concurrence of men to a lopsided legal system, their own lack of self esteem & the general lack of honour among men today.

I don’t claim to be an honourable man. In the socially conditioned definition, one would class me as utterly dishonourable; laying with the wives of other men & morally ambivalent of their conduct, providing I get what I want. Put simply, I have reached the point of simply not caring about who or when a girl who is barely more than a sexual partner with me, has sexual actions with others. I also don’t care for those whom I don’t know; an overarching principle in life. As I’ve pertained to before, I don’t care about the person who falls into the train tracks or the person who gets hit by a car. There’s plenty of people who will rush to the aid of someone, who they have no idea or notion about. The man who you just rushed to pull out of a building on fire could have just raped a girl. It’s entirley plausible that he is deserving of such a fate. This is seen as dishonourable too, because the very notion of being honourable in the typical Western driven society is one of social responsibility, which itself has come from politically correct concepts.

Never underestimate the power of people’s ego. As we are increasingly all told how individual & special we are by default, the nagging feeling within most seeks them to do things to convince themselves the value of some things gives them intrinsic value beyond what should be the purpose of doing something. In other words, they attempt to fill a hole they clearly feel within their character by subscribing overblown value to what they do, & equally as importantly why they do it. There is a seed planted long ago within them that they cannot be humble enough to face up to & show humility in that intrinsic value is earned through actions & doing those actions for their real purposes. Instead they superficially align themselves with socially popular (note; I don’t choose the word ‘relevant’ here intentionally) causes & make sure they are seen doing it, speaking about it & appearing central to it, while not risking any comforts of their own life. The goal is reassuring the ego through putting oneself in a situation where another cannot publicly criticise what is being done, nor the reasons behind despite everyone knowing deep down why.

The easiest example is celebrities, assuaging themselves through a token appearance here or there. Most charities formed for genuine causes struggle, so it would be remiss of them to turn down the opportunity for more exposure regardless of the motivation of the ‘celebrity’. Thanks to social media constantly reminding us, the desire to be special has become so wildly out of control, this filters through to those using it. Look on Instagram or Facebook & the vast majority of what you see is people sharing content that is completely unrepresentative of their own life. We all know it’s a mutual fantasy world, as the competition for likes fuels our desire to feel special. The mutual stroking of egos is like a mutual masturbation session, as a value is placed upon a like by one’s perceived social standing; a ‘celebrity’ like raises feeling of euphoria in the supposed common person, but in reality it means fuck all. Compare these dickheads to people such as Mother Theresa or Ghandi, who while did receive a significant of media attention, conducted themselves according to their beliefs and/or goals. I’m not even advocating them as stand up examples on the basis of what they did being immune to social criticism. I’d equally hold up Warren Buffet or even Bill Gates as examples in the same way, whereas other might criticism them on account of their fortunes. That’s nothing more than them acknowledging their own jealousy. While particularly in the latter case there were elements of fortune, he set a goal & made the actions to pursue them. His chances of being in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’ were increased by the decisions he made. This for me is honour. It’s living your life with authenticity, without direct intent to harm others.


Like practically any corporation, they couldn’t care less about you. Whatever you do, more meat will be fed into their metaphorical grinder to take your place & without doing anything tangible, you will be forgotten within weeks at most.

Is it any surprise social media is more popular with women? Although these days I’m going away from a gender conflict towards a growing intelligence gap in the cause behind some of this shit, it can’t be ignored statistically that social media is far more common with women, & single men. The latter, we know precisely why despite it unquestionably being truly the worst way to meet a girl. What’s women’s excuse? Knowing they have done nothing to achieve any value of note & the core of any experiences have been rooted around opening their legs, akin to a heroin addict they need harder & harder doses to distract them from acknowledging that.

These types of social media, ‘like’ driven people are to me, far more dishonourable than anyone who lives their life through their own choices. Me not assisting some idiot in the street who falls on his ass for whatever reason, who frankly speaking is unlikely to be an interesting or valuable person to society purely on percentages alone, is me being authentic to myself. The woman who makes the decision to come & fuck me while she’s getting divorced or her boyfriend is back home & thinks she’s gone shopping; is simply not my responsibility. My primary responsibility is to myself in order to empower myself as much as possible, in order to enable me to fulfill my secondary responsibility – to those who care for me & I for them. Only then, do tertiary responsibilities even begin to enter the picture & those can be whatever I wish, or none. Personally, it’s firstly animals, then some children & rarely old people. Able bodied people who are capable of making their own decisions deserve everything they get, whether it be physical injury from not being specially aware or mental anguish from making stupid decisions. Learning from these, will be the making of you.

I take responsibility for being the sum of my actions. I’m a good singer because I spent ten fucking years trying, being lambasted by armchair critics & persevering. I’m shit at learning languages because I don’t have a passion for them & so struggle to really absorb the information. People talk bullshit in every language. It’s like a relief for me not understanding most of what I hear, as at least then I can maintain elevated hope that most people are in fact not cretinous morons repeating verbatim what they heard on the TV or read in the free newspaper yesterday & will make them more popular with their colleague or drinking buddies, as is the case with what I’m regularly hearing in my native language.

I originally thought about writing this post as about how there is no longer honour among men. But then I reconsidered, as in fact the notion of honour has been long dead. Men have always killed or betrayed each other, usually for pride. Women it seems, like to destroy happiness too. A friend of mine has recently got into a relationship & being a firm user of social media, changed his relationship status to reflect this. While I would have encouraged him to entirely delete his social media, the reaction of the various women he was connected with was unprecedented. Out they came with their direct proposals, as they realised someone they possibly could have was now slipping out of their grasp. Why didn’t they do this when he was clearly single? If they liked him, even for casual relations, they should have made it clear when they realised they liked him. But I would wager, at least half the reason they push hard for him now is because they are unhappy for the very same reasons I outlined above. Their miserable egos, dissatisfied with the gnawing feeling within of not strived towards what they want, now wish to see others unhappy. They may think for example, that because society educated them that as being an ‘entitled woman’, all they needed to do was download Tinder & put up some semi naked or well angled pictures depending on their physical strengths. They tried it & before long became disillusioned because either the quality of men they met was low due to the medium, or the better men they met quickly realised that their wasn’t even a kind or loving person within, & quickly consigned them to the ‘pump & dump’ category as it is often called. Their bitterness consumes them & they try to use their sexuality to tempt the man into cheating, so they can fuel their belief that all men are the same. So dishonour exists within both genders, manifesting itself in different ways as per the instigator’s abilities. Women can’t generally use violence upon men, so they use their other weapon. It carries even further weight, as should she succeed, the man is then universally blamed for not controlling ‘his’ rampant libido.

I don’t justify my own actions through these words, but simply live outside the normal moral constructs & accept the consequences of my actions should they cause myself or others pain. It’s not ideal but nothing is. As a person, you should think about what you are doing & question if your motives are clear. Anything of motive having a value greater externally than internally, should be opened to complete change or abandon.

~ Unjaded

Vulnerability & Its Makers

If the question is, 'would you Unjaded', then rest assured the answer is most certainly; 'yes very much so'.

If the question is, ‘would you Unjaded’, then rest assured the answer is most certainly; ‘yes very much so’.

Finally, some time to take stock of everything. Things have been incredibly busy recently. Where before I have complained about my day job being so dead I’ve been bored out of my mind, it’s indeed a blessing in disguise now, as I take things to the next level with my musical side project. And as with anything, the more calculated effort you put in, the more momentum grows & the more effort is required in case you want said momentum to grow further.

The majority of the music industry has become far removed from the traditional model. Whereas reading the stories of bands such as Black Sabbath or Kiss confirms to you that the industry always took advantage of the naivety of musicians, over the last fifty years the power players have consolidated their grip on the industry, churning out version after version of manufactured acts, who are happy enough to just be in front of the camera while the writers & production team ream off the profits. The total commodification of the music industry is effectively complete, with the only leveling recourse being the internet.

Although I often reminisce about how much better the quality of life seemed to be before the proliferation of the internet & equally as importantly smartphones, it’s unquestionable that they’ve increased efficiency, productivity & more importantly, accessibility to a number of sectors. Information of almost anything is not the exclusive domain of the few privileged or chosen any longer. While overall the acceleration of complete commodification through capitalisation has also been enhanced by the internet, we as laymen at least also have access to the means, to level the playing field.

Critically though, what is missing is the ability to persevere through & properly disseminate the mass of information & disinformation, that the internet supplies. Why? Because the very same means which enable us to take affirmative action, also conditions our expectations about how much effort is required to become a relevant figure in X or Y area, thinking such things happen overnight.

If you look at practically any historical or present day figure who is indisputably a genuine master within their area, their craft has taken them a certain time frame to achieve; a time frame which although long can be reduced almost unilaterally to the real passion they have for their area. The true masters are those who have a sometimes unfathomable level of passionate interest in a subject. And in a manner that starts even as far back as within school, they are often mocked, despite regularly going on to greater things later in life. Regrettably, those who come near or within positions where they can make a genuine difference, are still are vulnerable to chancers who will leverage controversy or try to discredit them through some personal indiscretion being blown out of proportion.

And so, we’ve come to be a part of a society where the impression everyone else is receiving instant gratification has led to unreasonable demands in every area. Whether it be your career, a business project or of course, dating or relationships, you are always vulnerable to those whose ignorance or ego disappear, surpasses any other type of intelligence they may have. Impressionable, egomaniacal people are the scourge of the modern world. And we are surrounded by them; in our day to day life & assaulted by them being given wide reaching media platforms to poison the minds of those whose comfort has been assured by the modern world reaching the practical limits of most of it’s technological usefulness & whose minds are bored to the point of stupidity. Without a challenge to focus upon, our minds do not die but instead we fill the unused space with regurgitated noise, delivered by the many different formats of opportunistic puppetry.

And that’s effectively what stupidity is. No one can be blamed if someone does not understand or is not aware of something. But trying & learning are both choices. You are the only person responsible for how you respond to external stimuli, current or historical, & you are the only one responsible for your situation.

This applies to dating, relationships & pretty much anything with the opposite sex, in much the same way as it does in your interactions with most people – they present themselves to you & react in their (preferably) consciously chosen ways or (more often) in their subconsciously chosen ways, to project a certain persona onto you. The goal of that projected persona is designed to differing degrees (normally dependent on the situation), to influence you somehow, to convince themselves of something & to protect the ego. In dating, it’s either to preemptively absolve some guilt about something they secretly want to do or to influence you in how you approach them. In relationships, it can be to mitigate their fears, to influence or manipulate you, to control or so on.

Neither of the above should be assumed to be negative; a person could fully utilise how they’re projecting their persona onto another to make them feel more at ease, comfortable or to instigate them into a mutually beneficial action. Note how both men & women generally act differently around members of the opposite sex who are almost universally considered attractive (for whatever reason; looks, money, power or whatever). This is typically because regardless of it’s conscious or not, they are attempting to maximise a favourable opinion or even better, reaction, in whatever probably minuscule chance they might have with that person.

Regardless of who you are & whatever situation you may believe yourself to be in, you are constantly vulnerable. If you also become complacent or take whatever tangible & intangible assets you may have amassed for granted, you are the most vulnerable of all.

~ Unjaded