The Perfect Opportunity

It’s Samantha Hoopes! Very attractive in posed shots; somewhat more ‘girl next door’ in normal shots…

The perfect opportunity is only spoke of retrospectively. Although we may well have good opportunities as we pass through life, much like a football manager who sets up his team with what he believes to be an undefeatable formation, the end result will only he determined by how well it is executed by his players, how the opposing formation is arranged & how well the opposition’s players conduct their formation. Irrespective of how well one have prepared or have knowledge of a situation, one must still have fortune in his favour. Many wars were determined by little more than a difference in technological development, including as recently as the second World War. Without meaning to trivialise the terrible loss of life of any country involved in that terrible time, the Japanese were simply not anticipating something of the power found in a nuclear bomb. If you do not have knowledge of what to expect, one can only prepare to a certain degree. It may well be that the football manager of a far less financially able team does in fact arrange a perfect formation, yet means prevent him from little more than a respectable defeat. There is only so much you can do, & the metric of your success & self esteem should be internally based. In the end, the race is only against yourself.

Somewhat related, is that people tend to only look forward, from when they were born. The millennials among us today may well never know what it is to ask a girl out face to face or pick up a girl in a club. Minor points, but when scaled up, quite serious. Division & fear among the masses are the goals of those with interests, usually financial; shut up & be good little consumers. The ‘threat’ of ‘terrorism’ is the same as the spectre of communism that stupid people wholeheartedly took arms against; despite it having absolutely zero effects on their own lives. Who cares if another, utterly separate country decides to use a different governmental approach to your own? Given how borders operate, you certainly shouldn’t – but who stands to lose if people decide to adopt a community based model which is effectively untaxable? Those who benefit from consumerism, ignorance & division.

I have often thought about how making the internet widely & almost freely available was something the powers that be would consider a big mistake; something that threatens the entire capitalist consumer model if you use it wisely. While I personally do have a level of practical & useful experience in information technology, even those who don’t can benefit from what is effectively a repository of hive information. Moreover, so, so much is available if you choose to accept it. Books, music, film & almost any type of transmissible media is yours, should you wish to take it.

But people don’t, because they are persuaded that the existing models of media will cease to exist & there will be no more means to deliver art. Publishers won’t be able to afford publishing books, record labels won’t release music anymore & we won’t get anymore films. While not all can learn (with technology being released faster than some can adapt to it) or wish for an easy medium at risk of draconian measures otherwise, moving forward we can theoretically see a massive shift that will only be halted by regulation.

I understand why some people might feel intimidated by for example, streaming a football match online for free, rather than paying the extortionate rates that are now in place in certain countries. An array of pop ups, misleading alerts trying to get you to inadvertently install malware & the like, can be very intimidating for someone typically only using trusted corporate sites for social media & email. But the absolute worst are those who claim to choose to pay for such things from a supposed moral standpoint; to gain a few more ‘points’ over their peers as they claim to be ‘supporting artists’ or similar. Yet these same motherfuckers, are never to be seen at for example, local shows or behind upcoming initiatives to support new talent. What they’re effectively doing is just lining the pockets of Beyonce, Jay Z & their contemporaries cartels of hangers on who carve out their existence by association.

Look at almost any situation. Too many people start downloading films – film productions start guilt tripping people into ‘supporting cinemas’ instead of piracy. Hey, give me five hundred bucks & I’ll rig up a whole town a free cinema forevermore.

Look at employment – the promotion system is the most patronising means of making someone feel appreciated without having to pay them anymore. Wait until the shit hits the fan & someone (including your hiring manager) has to cut someone. Do you honestly think he’s going to cut himself?

Look at governments. Need a way to present raising the minimum wage or cutting spending on public services? Simply talk about how we must all ‘club together’ & accept austerity measures. No more centrally funded public libraries. Road tax seemingly not being used to maintain roads anymore & so on. But how often do you hear about the people with some level of power, voluntarily taking a cut in their own salary; to lead by example?

Everything that is tried to be enacted, is based upon dredging up some kind of obligatory moral duty, that ultimately comes from people trying to be decent human beings. Everything is designed in fear of organisation, rejection of the status quo & creating a new, inherent human value based way of life.

Dig enough in anything & you’ll see anyone who is personally demeaned or anything that is labelled as a threat, only becomes so as soon as someone’s income is threatened.

~ Unjaded