A Desperate Sprint To Nowhere

Emily Ratajkowski, because despite her not having a lot to say & coming across as a bit of an idiot, still takes a good photo.

Thundering through a blog entry while at the day job & I’ve got some down time in waiting for people to get back to me. Formalities tomorrow as I go for a perfunctory in the other building way around the other side of the city, to be conveniently followed up by meeting another old Ukrainian. She’s the absolute example of a bitter woman, but incredibly hot for an older woman with a killer figure. Regrettably my desire to place her within & experience quite pornographic situations has overidden my secret desire to tell her to go fuck herself, at least until I’ve experienced that a few times. Of course a divorcee, she’s been running through the clubs since they divorced as well as having to maintain the mother role to her eight year old daughter. It’s clear she’s been through a lot of cock & harboured up even more bitterness towards men, as they don’t take her seriously, have their fun with her before moving on to conquests anew.

This might sound judgemental or presumptious, but all the key signs are there. Projections of anger onto people (such as myself) about the smallest things that frankly speaking, are utterly unacceptable & she knows, she wouldn’t get away with if her pussy wasn’t up on the negotiating table. While I certainly have wilted on occasion in the early days of this blog, I simply maintain my own principles of respect, manners & self improvement, which the quality of the people around me seems to degrade as real communication is cast aside in favour of the volume & convenience of digital communications. But I’ll meet her tomorrow, & the next meeting will be a conversion attempt at my house. Which I don’t think will be too difficult, providing she finally comes. Women like her know exactly why you’re trying to engineer some privacy, but then if that’s not what she wants too then stop telling me things like ‘I want to see your tan’.

In another turn of events, a woman who worked at my old gym got in touch with me after about at least a year, which was entirely unexpected. Several messages exchanged later, we arranged to get together. But of course, this was when she’s coming back from working in Croatia for a month, where of course I couldn’t careless if she gets fucked (because I’ll be doing exactly the same thing in the interim) but she might get hung up on some dude who won’t be wasting time on a large breated blonde, albeit one who is effectively a bodybuilder. Yes I wouldn’t mind that at all, as you’ve probably worked out by the amount of times these posts are headed by a fitness model. I’m all about those firm asses & packing enough muscle to hold their own.

Last week I banged four women (three in one day) & prepped four others (two in one sitting). In fairness I’ve already banged the older Israeli woman (who has massive breasts it should be noted) but she’s got back in touch & as well as constantly flirting with me, now seems intent on pimping me around the huge circle of women she knows, starting with a bisexual Romanian massage therapist.

Now those are descriptive words that match well when talking about a woman. She’s probably a seven overall but has the potential of another woman being involved, for which she gets some extra incentive points (all metrics are madeup as I frantically write this by the way). Israeli mentioned about watching me bang the Romanian chick, so after a cancellation by someone else who escapes my memory now, off I went to acquaint myself with both of them. The biggest highlight of that trip was meeting a couple of really nice dudes who’d also come out for whatever reason, which pretty much says it all about how much conversing with such women generally interests me at the moment. The Romanian spent the first half of the conversation telling everyone about how great she apparently was while not enquiring as to anything about anyone else, while the (married, I should add) Israeli spent the whole time flirting with me & rubbing herself against my leg. Like, quite literally almost humping my left leg. In any case I felt like going out so it wasn’t a wasted evening as I predict tomorrow is likely to be. Friday was fun. SPC came over & off we went as usual with our crazy chemistry. After telling her I had to go into the office for a meeting, I walked around a big block, keeping my eyes open & then barely managed to clear myself up before my current Ukrainian came over. Much of the same then ensued, & then off she went. But I really am getting tired of her now despite it being super easy. She is very attractive but only knows what I have taught her & frankly, that’s boring for me. Plus I can do better than that. I’m going to start with younger women again for longer term involvements & save the older one’s for a few hits. Soon after she left, in came the Portuguese girl who has a boyfriend, who has again decided she now would in fact like to sleep with me again.

I must admit, it was hot banging another dude’s girlfriend. For whatever reason, it can dangerously get me off. Probably the power thing from feeling I’m right about most women. In any case, if he did find out I’d be doing him a favour anyway. She had apparently struggled with the guilt but obviously not enough to not come see me anymore. When I’ve done that before, I have felt totally exhausted. But this time, although I obviously felt a little more tired than usual, it was fine. I still love sex as much as ever but to be honest, value what I have with Venezuelan more than anything else. I don’t think anyone, regardless of that ever burning fire for attractive women, would turn down genuine, meaningful affection & closeness, over a bunch of idiots spouting the same rubbish ad nauseum night after night. I had a friend once who mentioned to me not to leave it too long until finding alonger term partner. I was a little sceptical then, as I was in the midst of a phenomenal role, basically banging everyone I set my sights upon. Even now I look superior to men ten years younger than me & have the age experienced advantage of advanced game. However irrespective of what lies within me, I see what he was saying now. While your range of options might be greater with these advantages here I list (younger or more attractive women), in reality it’s very unlikely you’re going to connect with people of for example a much younger age. And would it even be pleasurable? I know I would not long be able to tolerate an eighteen to twenty year old girl who wants to hit the clubs every weekend, no matter how attractive she was & how good the sex was.

As we age, the pool dries up. Whether you be fishing in a ocean or a pond, the water will stagnant & so will the fish within it. They’ll be fish who were already pulled out, dried up outside the water & thrown back in. They’ll be fish who were caught again & again. They’ll be mutated or diseased fish, infecting the others. Cook it well enough & you can eat any fish. But some undoubtably will taste better & satisy you for longer than others.

~ Unjaded

Purpose & Lies

How disappointing after all the recent hotties, right? But this is all the education you need, about who you need to avoid. Sex In The City told us catagorically everything you need to know about the typical modern woman.

Today I was waiting in an airport cafe, contemplating how pleased people feel about themselves as I walked past the ‘exclusive’ airport lounge earlier in the day they went into; slightly more comfortable seats but effectively the same as any other seat outside of it, when I heard some terrible raggaton music being pumped over the speakers. I’m not against any form of music. Far from it in fact, as my side career as a musician encourages me to listen to as many different genres as possible. However on any gauge, this music was truly awful. The production was intentionally as inoffensively pop treble as one could imagine, the lyrics meant nothing whatsoever, the structure couldn’t have been more generic if they’d tried & the actual talent of those performing it was negligible at best.

Although I didn’t need to wonder as to how this garbage had ended up being pumped into the ears of unassuming airport users due to my understanding of how major labels have been trying to vertically integrate the entire music industry from composition to distribution, I did wonder how no one ever seemed to question how music had devolved so much from the crusading days of decades past. As the world as we know it today started to take shape through both the overt & covert conflicts that were unassailably easier to conduct in the days before the internet gave us proliferation of information (& to a lesser extent misinformation, although that’s another post altogether), people looked for & musicians expressed themselves through excelling in an area, infusing it with the product of them; their flavour was instilled by their very personal experiences of their pocket within the world. There was no homogeneity, as people firstly knew about, gave priority to & experienced what was happening in their own backyard. While opportunity was still heavily controlled by the prime days of the record companies & any sensible musician wouldn’t turn their nose up at any money making opportunity, the essence in the music itself was far more pure. N.W.A really were a bunch of disaffected street kids from the projects, expressing themselves in the only way they knew how – how they would on those same streets. Freddie Mercury, the self taught singer of Queen who himself fortold the dilution of the general musical summit era he had found himself a part of, sang specifically about the genuine issues he faced with a conflicted sexuality, then the need to hide that as the band grew at the behest of their label & finally, his struggles with loneliness & the condition which ultimately took him from us. The oft quoted example of Kurt Cobain also, whose depression & dependence on drugs fuelled so many of his songs & again, ended him, much in the same tragic way as the great Chris Cornell recently.

Even those who presented their music in a more commercial frame, were underpinned by struggles of gender or race when you dig a little deeper into classic works by for example, Dolly Parton or Sammy Davis. And while sadder music does tend to be more popular, we also had activists like Public Enemy & Rage Against The Machine who had real causes behind what they did, unafraid of judgement with a righteous, fiery belief underpinning their talent, which even if you didn’t fully agree with, you couldn’t help but respect. To hear the fury behind the voice of either of Zack De La Rocha or Chuck D as they poetically delivered beautiful rage, & backed their performances with participation in grass roots, real world causes was a true sight to behold.

The age of information has started to mitigate unchecked power or lies, that was previously unchallengable in those previous days. Despite what I or other people criticise about the way of the world now, it is now undeniable that even the average person has access to tools of potential power. Practically anything can be learnt from almost anywhere should one apply oneself properly. And at least in Europe, life has improved somewhat generally. In the absence of tyranny or dictatorial ambition, on a normal level places are safer, goods are more accessible & means to make money are more available (albeit still far from perfect).

And therein lies the crux of the problem; the application of the self. Most people exist in either state of total accepting ignominy, non-questioning complacency or are obsessed by petty causes that no longer require a fight.

Systemic racism, does not exist in the overwhelming majority of western or developed countries. It exists less so than ever before, as globalisation means we are already on to second or third generation immigrants across the world. It was an issue during & soon after both slavery & colonialism. Incidents of racism are isolated & because of idiocy, rather than systemic. Idiocy can occur in any race & any race, can be identified as racist. Any discrimination on basis of a difference in origin or colour is racism, & these are generally only isolated in their occurrence in the modern developed world. No one is obligated to emotional or tangible repatriation for events before they existed.

Feminism; the same. Any struggles once endured by the female population of the modern developed world are again over, & not systemic. Any incidents you may experience are in isolation. All opportunities that have been open to men, are now open to women, & any slurs or discrimination you promote against men are unacceptable & will no longer be tolerated. Phrases such as ‘all men are rapists’ are equally as utterly indefensible as ‘all women are whores’, & any exponent of such hate should expect the same punishment or retribution should that statement or action be repeated with the genders simply reversed. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination & marginalises the groups you discriminate against, simply exacerbating the problem. But perhaps without, you wouldn’t have a purpose would you?

Before, people knew hardship as technology didn’t enable every convenience. From hardship, grew anger & then, the seeds of determination to further oneself. From disadvantaged determination, grew belief & purpose. Purpose then, was rooted from where it grew; in the grounds of inequality, lack or wherever else within that person it became. They fought with vigor & if people supported their cause, it was because they identified with the champion of it, who had illuminated them to it. Even if that cause was not one they had undergone themselves, the realisation of what had previously gone unknown by the supporter & identification of that cause’s widespread legitimacy allowed them to authentically support it, until it was commonly realised.

Now, we have career champions. In much the same way as Marylin Manson intentionally raised his notoriety through well managed shock value tactics & made millions from his music as a result, we have idiots creating & subsequently championing causes that do not commonly cause concern among the populace, & are not identified with nor supported as such. Instead, these false causes are a vehicle for the ego, as we see careerists nurture the falsehoods they claim to exist, simply to stay relevant. They perpetuate a myth, mostly leveraging the hive mind mentality of the internet (mostly through social media) that appears to anyone, to have reached hysterical levels of relevance to the normal person trying to continue their normal lives against genuinely tangible challenges, like povery, unequal wealth distribution, corporate & government corruption & unfair taxation. Desperate to stay relevant in an age wherein they are constantly fighting an uphill battle, other forms of mainstream media latch onto these false causes & perpetuate them to reasonable, well meaning people who, at the risk of offending anyone to what they perceive has suddenly become a real issue, find themselves having to operate in a society where they have to be aware of everything they do at risk of being accused of ‘micro aggressions’ or some such.

All we essentially have now, is online popularity contests for long dead issues; divisive opinion over divisive opinion to win meaningless online debates, with no one listening. Meanwhile corporations, conglomerates & governments do as they wish, taking advantage of the infighting to place themselves best in the name of profit.

Wearing an armband saying you support ‘X’, often does nothing more than put profit in the pocket of ‘Y’ who made that armband. Changing your Facebook picture with an overlay of a flag or of a political allegiance, does nothing more than enhance the amount of information Facebook will then sell to their ‘trusted partners’ they mention in their terms & conditions you probably didn’t bother to read. Organised, tangible action has always been & always will be, the only means of enabling real change.

Those of you who read this, probably appreciate what I’ve mentioned here, & so I ask you to at least further these concepts to the unwashed masses who don’t even consider the concepts above. If nothing else, an aware person can make it their purpose to educate others. While thousands in the US consider the impact of what Kim Kardashian is wearing today or what micro aggression a teacher committed, equal thousands of Icelandic citizens successfully demanded the resignation of their Prime Minister after discovering he had stashed away millions of untaxed earnings in offshore accounts.

Open your eyes & unite against those who covertly take advantage at your cost.

~ Unjaded

Idiotic Narcissists

Jennifer Casula, one of the next up & coming… ermm….

The self imposed female isolation continued this week, & the attrition is hilariously in full effect. With women unable to justify why they’d continue to see someone who isn’t giving them the attention they’re getting from elsewhere, their head starts to turn & someone else enters the frame in your position. Remember, you’re playing a role. Filling a gap in their narcissistic little universe. Women place the concept of ‘being loved’ over anything else, which is why they can be very open to sex with other people. It’s only when they think about things, that the rational mind starts to kick in, which is why one should never propose anything sexual to a girl in direct terms. Get her in the situation which will practically be the same  & that will be that.

One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard & incorporated into my life, is the importance of judging people by their actions, rather than what they say. It’s become laughably easy to stir up a psychological bees nest in the middle of their ‘holier than thou’ performance they call their day to day life, & before you know it they’ve become so intrigued by this exciting lone wolf, they’ve imagined you to be the best fuck in the world & just ‘have’ to find out. Make some obvious but understood ruse to get them into privacy, & before you know it you’re banging someone else’s girlfriend / wife.

Of the few male friends with whom I share these types of experiences with, I am not judged but understandably queried as to if I feel any sort of guilt around what I do. The simple answer to that is ‘not in the slightest’. This has occured (the woman fucking someone else) in what I estimate to be about seventy five percent of relationships these days; not on an ongoing basis necessarily but certainly for a ‘one off’ or somesuch. It’s increasingly rare to find any couple entirely happy with their situation, because I believe we are regressing to our base instincts as the influence of religion wanes & is replaced by the consumerist ‘take as much as you can’ mentality. Anyone with even a bit of sense will see this has the double benefit of not only increasing corporate sales, but also dividing people ever further, as idiots speak up for their chosen merchandise as though they are paid lobbyists for the company themselves. This diseased mentality pervades modern relationships, as the tempting call of something more always echoes in the ears of the stupid; them never satisfied with their lot. There’s always someone who understands them better, someone who is a better lover, someone who has a bigger dick & so on. But inevitably they get burnt & then pragmatism starts to kick in. Women compartmentalise men to serve their needs, providing there’s no risk. They effectively use men as tools to service their needs, said needs of which take presedence over anyone else. This obviously includes their long term partner but at the bottom of the pile is of course the compartmentalised man; more often referred to as the ‘lover’ or whatever localised terminology is preferred there.

It’s actually even gone beyond that now, where some girls (particularly the one’s who are attractive & appear approachable, or who have a lot of provocative pictures over a large social media presence) don’t even compartmentalise by person, but by role. Once a woman has taken that first step over the line of cheating on her partner, then something inside her realises the possibilities. The ‘seal’ of fidelity is broken & suddenly, all being safely undiscoverable, she creates a space for a lover in her life. The only thing holding her back is the risk of her losing everything, as despite the voracious third wave of feminism advocating equal rights & ceaselessly reminding us of how independant women now are, most women are quite happy to be provided for & exist under the wing of someone else.

But assuming she feels confident there will be no risk to her baseline of her otherwise wholesome home life, she won’t think twice about fucking someone else. And then go home & do the same with her partner. So no, I don’t feel guilty in the slightest, that I use these bitches for what they’re worth. If anything, I only struggle with how my needs conflict with the one person I actually care about, who regular readers will know who that is.

Bear in mind throughout this piece, I am talking from experience through observing actions, rather than what is said. I don’t write inflammatory pieces just to get prime position on a manosphere aggregator, or inflate accounts of what I’ve done, do or will do just to paint an illusionary picture of how the world is. I write what I write based on personal experiences, in situations I myself have observed or more often, been in myself in order to try to open the eyes of my less experienced fellow man. Take heed should you wish, or jump in yourself. Just be careful not to drown when the tides become more aggressive than you expected. Swimming among the rougher seas might be more exciting when the waves take you to heights you might have never seen otherwise, but they hit just as hard when you’re on the way down.

That foreboding warning out of the way though, & in fact my life is pretty good right now. Taking a two week break from anyone gave me a lot more time to get on top of a few things & I certainly was more productive. About three to four of the girls I was seeing have dropped off for whatever reason, which is great as I feel I’ve ‘cleared the decks’ & can either start afresh or in fact just fuck them off & concentrate on myself. If I choose to replenish, I’ll defintely be taking the non-specific level of commitment to (generally considered to be) single women, whereby I’ll go through the motions a bit & tell them let’s ‘not put a name on things’ so it all goes ahead smoothly until they get bored. For the one’s who have a husband or boyfriend, the more direct approach will be taken, where I tell them I’m disceet & only interested in what they’re only interested in.

Or maybe, just maybe, I won’t do anything at all & forget about all the idiots & be content with what I have…

~ Unjaded

Not Giving A Fuck

Don’t know who this is & frankly speaking, I don’t care… We can call her ‘nice breasts’.

‘Here we are again, again on my own’ were the words from Whitesnake’s immortal classic ‘Here I Go Again’. It’s a great song to listen to when embarking upon a new chapter in life, as isolation can indeed be a beneficial state to embrace when one wishes for new experiences or improvement of the self. At the least, the chasing of females should be a supplementary activity, because as I’ve mentioned before fucking women brings diminishing returns. And anyone financially sensible would not hold on to an asset bringing gradually diminishing returns. As such, it should be the same with your attitude to women.

Coming back to the song in question, it inevitably ends up being inextricably attached to the end of romantic liason, most boringly so in media; commercial media releases. And in all honesty, it was probably written for the commercial returns such a song would generate. Being a musician, I can tell you straightforwardly that any style of musician won’t pass on a catchy hook or say no to a paycheck, unless it’s flagrantly against whatever principles that may have left or in incredibly bad taste.

I did a count of all the potentials or ‘ongoings’ I’ve got in my harem at the moment, & decided to send them all a generic message after a intentional weekend of silence. I do remember reading once upon a time that going off the radar from time to time was a good tactic to keep women keen & can testify to that. Most of them came back with the usual uninspired nonsense, almost as though everyone is bored to death & is going through the motions, but can’t be bothered to do anything about it.

In all honesty, I’m reaching the point where I’m simply not impressed with what women generally have to offer anymore anyway. I only sent out that message to see who would reply. I’ve already deleted scores of numbers in the past two weeks, including a very hot twenty three year old Ukrainian girl, who never initated anything conversation whatsoever. It’s almost as though any positive character trait comes with some sort of caveat. A hot girl expects you to do all the running. A girl with lots of attention the same. I’m in my mid-thirties now & I can catagorically tell you, that romantic relations have deteriorated drastically. Of course I use the term ‘romantic relations’ loosely now, but by that I mean everything that might comprise the elements in two people getting together in some way or another.

Fucking a lot of women was instrumental in the creation, destruction & reconstruction of me. That is documented mainly in this very blog. I only wish I would have started this blog earlier in 2012, when my journey truly began. I’ve had some incredibly sexual experiences that I would never have changed for anything.

But something is changing now, & it’s not as simple as me saying “I’ve had enough & want to settle down”. I don’t believe the fire in me will ever die & so nor will that desire inside me. That said, I do feel as though it’s slowing down intrinsically. The big question is why? It could be attributable to many things. I have a ‘core’ of women in my harem that regardless of some fluctuations, have stayed within the circle of fucking. The sex is always good & even improves over time. Such examples are SPC BalletDancer, both of whom are physically attractive but also good people at heart. They don’t have large physical imperfections & I have reached the point with both of them where they know what I like & enjoy it themselves. Even FilipinoHostess could somewhat be considered within this catagory, as she’s become very good at pleasuring & enjoying. And most importantly in most cases, I don’t think any of these women are idiotic or irritating. Crucially also of course, I find them attractive.

Additionally they make some level of effort. There’s a vast amount of women I’ve had some level of interaction with recently who simply don’t. They often will attribute this to ‘being busy’ or that they ‘think the man should do the chasing’, but I’m certain a woman in any situation will only change her attitude to you when she’s got some level of confidence in that she’s got an equal or better replacement lined up. It doesn’t matter what level of intimacy one has reached with another. It simply depends upon that. Two weeks ago, the Israeli woman literally messaged me with some bullshit about ten times a day. Now, she hasn’t contacted me in a week, despite us fucking the shit out of each other. I’m happy about that. She really had become irritating.

Perhaps my dwindling interest in women is because my general expectations have become so low, I literally expect nothing else out of a woman than a period of fucking, before for whatever reason or another she’ll disappear & that’ll be that.

It could also entirely be because of the attitude of the women in the country I’m in, which is pretty close to a endgame of how a society of complete third wave feminism & total politically correctness could be. Everyone is utterly sexless. Even the younger generations, despite being horny seem to have adopted some type of ‘collateral sex life’, where the act of sex is of less value than knowing you could have sex with X, Y or Z. Or all three. Women act like goddesses on this alone, & even with high level game you’ll struggle to convert. Even if you do, you’ll inevitably be disappointed as their total lack of experience or understanding of oneself gives you an utterly disappointing experience.

And perhaps you’ll just get to the point, where you start to see through all the false, surface level bravado that seems to pervade among not just women, but people, & think to yourself; “How much of myself am I actually giving this person, for what I’m receiving?” How many hoops are you willing to jump through? How many inanely shit & uneducated conversations are you willing to tolerate? How many utterly shit activites are you willing to participate in, to make a woman feel ‘romantic’, whereas in reality you couldn’t care less about this person aside from that you’d fuck them?

All the fuckable women I see now fall into one of three overarching catagories. Firstly, the totally inane & self obsessed woman in her early twenties who through some mechanism or another depending on her natural attributes, will find a way to obtain the validity she needs. Secondly, the used up women in their thirties who are now desperately against the clock trying to somehow create the image of a happy family by using whatever’s left in the tank to try to ensnare someone. And finally, the divorced or unhappy ex/wife who wants to find a horny guy to make her feel like she did when she was in her twenties & has got to the point where she’s entirely taken her husband for granted or in the case she is divorced, is going through her ‘fuck as many guys as possible out of spite’ phase. That’s literally it, with very few isolated exceptions where for whatever reason or another (usually it must be said, a historic trauma) has a different mentality.

You’re there, trying to make the best of yourself. Fighting against the odds, as we all do when one is trying to achieve something of note that might elevate you above the generics who just go to work, flop down in front of the television & get conditioned by it. And you’re presenting with the motley crew described above; all of whom have little more than their vagina to offer & are using it however they feel best. Whatever type of women I meet, ninty five percent of them all result to the same type of women that when drunk (& often now not), cannot end the night without at least kissing someone & probably more, if they can get away with it. Why would any sane man who is trying to achieve anything want any of these three types in their life at all?

I asked Zan recently ‘Why do you think women cheat’? For men, it’s typically been accepted that their much higher testosterone levels biologically induce us to not be faithful. We must be one of the only mammals who has monogamy imposed upon us by a moral force. His answer was simple:

‘If they can, they will”.

~ Unjaded


Amanda Cerny, showing us her main attributes on offer.

Organization, order, orderliness, planning, regulation & logicality; some of the synonyms presented when looking in the dictionary for ‘efficiency’ – not typically a word one might associate with game. But of those synonyms, the last one ‘logicality’ has come to the forefront of my mind in recent days. Whereas one might allow emotions to be swayed by the company of another, I believe either maturity or more cynically, skepticism brings us to a point where we become quite logical about our sexual or relationship decisions & motivations.

Whereas once upon a time I was unquestionable a slave to my emotions when I was interested in a girl, she was interested in me or I was in relationship with her (when I was Jaded, there wasn’t any other ways except feeling obliged to persue a relationship following any interaction), nowadays things are quite different. The act of having sex with someone literally means nothing to me, aside from the physical pleasure. While I welcome & enjoy emotional involvement with a longer term partner with understood bounderies, having sex with them doesn’t have any effect on how I feel about them whatsoever. In many ways, it’s like I’ve purged myself of false emotional weakness brought on through sex; something which women can become adapt to quite easily. Some (typically Western influenced women, who can’t stand the idea of a liberated man) might say this is sad, as I don’t get any emotional fulfilment from sex. I actually think quite the opposite, as I’m not able to make logical decisions about who I allow myself to become emotionally involved with. It’s a new level of control over oneself. One might say, even a stoical standpoint, ready to deal with any eventuality. It doesn’t mean I’m bereft of emotions. Only that I am in control of them. Much in the same way women view that ‘loving someone’ is of more importance over fucking someone & so that substantiates them sleeping with another man outside their marriage as ‘OK’, I am prepared to react to any development. I suppose one could assume this a benefit from previously having to recover from hitting the bottom.

Until now however, my actions have only been mostly reactive – meeting with people based on not wanting them to leave the harem. But as we’ve seen, maintaining a harem is very hard work & even then, with high quality women it could be any time when one of them meets someone else & off she goes.

Last week was a long holiday for the year, which always provides an excellent opportunity to gain perspective on the state of play in one’s life. While I have come some way to achieving a life others may be envious of, I do believe we all have choice & attribute my situation to that choice. You choose what to do or not do, what risks to take & how you react to adversity or opportunity. I realised during the downtime of the holiday that I had only really been reactive & also allowed my personal hang ups to affect my behaviour in my locale. Whereas in my previous central European state I had been an almighty monster of sex, attacking upon all fronts, I have let my apprehension of language & culture in my new central European state affect how I acted & have been. Since abandoning my attempts to learn the local language, I now just resort to English alongside some fundamentals in the local language. In addition, I just be myself – not placing upon myself the mantal of a suppressed expat. Not constantly messaging girls I’ve got in the harem in the fear they might stray elsewhere, but embracing the variety & new time. I have plenty to occupy myself & believe I have been underestimating myself also. The elements that led to phenomenal direct approach results are still there & my mentality has prevented me from seeing indicators of interest, even in an emotionally surpressed place such as this.

Despite these limitations, I have still amassed a considerable amount of new experiences since being here & continue to do so. However I now am allowing them to slide away naturally. No longer will I be firing off messages in the morning to psychologically condition some sort of dependancy upon my presence or attention, nor keeping them in my life any longer than needed. This week already I have prompted Singaporean to step away by suggesting it would be difficult to see her regularly, to which she responded she’d like to close this chapter & just be friends. I directly propositioned a woman from Kazahkstan to be lovers, to which she declined & I said no worries – then deleted her number. BalletDancer no longer seems to be up for anything after almost eighteen months of sleeping together, so it is so. I saw both Tunisian this week & FilipinoHostess this week, but won’t see them again. They’ve done nothing wrong (except the latter relentlessly trying to manoeuvre things into relationship activities, like ‘going for a walk’ –  can think of about fifty other things I’d rather be doing), but the time has come to make space for others.

And this is the ‘logical’ part of efficiency; there are a lot of girls here I want to get down with. These range from attractive older divorcees, to some of the girls in my gym – that’s right, I said ‘some’. I have no intention of doing things by halves any longer. Previously I claimed to have newly adopt a systemic approach to sleeping with women & that has paid off some dividends but I’ve got trapped by my own insecurities in letting some of them slide away. Currently the harem is as below, not including those I mentioned already above:

SPC: Nice & easy, & seems to have accepted the status quo. Will remain an actual friend in any case, but do enjoy the occasional bit of action with her. Still a mega hottie.

Portuguese: Seemingly in a miserable & sexless relationship; had the ‘best sex of her life’ with me last time, which apparently was her last time. Given that her boyfriend sounds like a prick, wouldn’t actually surprise me. Will stay at least a friend but somehow very attracted to her, it’s mutual & her relationship keeps her off my case generally.

USIndian: Large eyed & breasted Indian girl who I’ve met a few times now. Incredibly hot & moving away in a month or so. Nothing sexual has happened yet but going to make a move tonight. If she doesn’t put out tonight, then she’ll be dropped.

SerbianLady: Very cool & friendly older woman who will soon inevitably start pushing for a relationship, but will sleep with her at least once more & then say ‘I’m not ready for a relationship’ yet, which is my usual go to line to manage expectations. Then it’ll be one way or another.

SwissArgentinian: Will keep her in the game for a while yet, as she doesn’t bother me at all & is quite happy to turn up, fuck me & go home again. Can’t ask for more than that. Decent person too, & we have great sex.

YoungUkrainian: Not sure what she’s up for, but will meet her next week & go for it. Again, we’ve met several times now so if she’s up for some sex, that’s great. Otherwise, am sure someone else will be.

MarriedIsraeli: Haven’t mentioned her yet I believe, but our interactions went from her offering me a relationship coaching session. Soon after arrival in said session, that turned into us jacking each other off. A few days later, she came to my place to go the whole way. Married eighteen years (of course) & has massive breasts, which honestly is the main reason I like her, as well as the kick of watching in near disbelief as a younger man screws the hell out of her. Obviously not interested in anything more & aside from some ongoing messages, not too much hassle. So still some life in the old girl yet.

Let’s see what happens! Be real, gentlemen.

~ Unjaded

Wake Up Call

The lovely Martha Hunt, who’ll be the first to admit, I have no idea as to her actual profession aside from this. Perhaps this is all she does? Don’t care enough to find out…

Banging a lot of women is fun, & something I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Equally, providing you can find someone with whom it works well, being in a genuinely good relationship is also a fantastic experience, albeit in a completely different way. I am though, firmly of the belief that sex takes care of itself assuming the rest of the relationship is good. There is no such thing to me, as a ‘stale’ sex life, should all be well emotionally between two people.

Bilaterally or singularly deciding to have both of these (that is, having an open relationship or choosing to sleep with other people as well as have a relationship) also both have their advantages & disadvantages. I’ve detailed that subject quite extensively before, so no need to get into that again. But one of the trade off’s of being able to sleep with a variety of women, is the absolute need to still maintain some sort of responsibility. Cue an extreme feminist now framing ‘responsibility’ in the popularly circulated form, whereby one has already failed their ‘responsibilities’ as a ‘man’, because that man may have independently decided they prefer the risk / reward profile of having lovers alongside a regular girlfriend. But this is nothing more than long term psychological conditioning, created to control the passive man. Never forget that in reality, your first responsibility is only to yourself. Strengthening & improving yourself will lead to attracting that what you desire into your life, & give you the power to protect or enable those to whom you wish to help do the same.

Having an alternative lifestyle or mindset is always painted as ‘irresponsible’ because ‘responsible’ always seems to be enduring a grim existence to the end, with only token respite along the way in the shape of generic activities; mostly commoditized experiences like package holidays. But again in reality, it’s entirely plausible & in fact common, that those who may lead a lifestyle seen as irresponsible, will in fact be entirely grounded, as their ability to freely express themselves brings happiness & so peace. We see the married porn star in an open relationship, happily being a loving wife in a content relationship outside of the film studio, while the woman trying to live a ‘wholesome’ or ‘responsible’ life, can end up going nuts & drowning her own children or some such.

The married porn star example does of course fit perfectly into an ideal for women; that she can have her cake & eat it, so to speak. The irony of feminism is, if not for some sort of overarching belief system (such as religious belief or another imposed moral charter), the only thing what stops more women from going completely off the rails & fucking everyone in sight, is the judgment of her fellow woman – the most damming of all. Even in my experience of which I believe to be fairly considerable, it’s been extremely rare for me to find any girl willing to be faithful for any other reason, such as genuine love. Only Venezuelan & possibly peak time Eastern European Psycho; you could say one & a half girls in my whole lifetime to date.

In my case, me being one where as with everything I have some desire to push things to their extremes, I recently had a situation where some minor yet cumulatively irritating symptoms prompted me to get a sexual health test. As I made the appointment, it dawned on me that I hadn’t actually had a full test in almost ten years. I’d had other tests, which in their other purposes had also illuminated me about certain affiliations (such as being certain I wasn’t HIV positive for example) but not a dedicated test. As it turned out, I was entirely clean in the end, sexually at least. The experience was utterly not sexual on any level, despite having a friendly & it must be said, a considerably attractive female doctor doing the tests on me. I had managed to make her laugh a couple of times as I tried to relieve the inevitable tension in myself & we were getting on fairly well. The questionnaire only went up to ‘fifty plus’ sexual lifetime partners, which temporarily saved me some possible embarrassment with her, but her double take & making sure I’d understood the question properly when I’d answered ‘about thirty’ to sexual partners in the last six months (instead of presumably ‘how many times have you had sex’) started the unspoken detraction from my previous humour, before any gains were mercilessly comboe off completely by having a stick shoved in my urethra & her having to check my anus.

How these people manage to retain any sort of sexual desire after some of the things they must see in their profession, I’ve really no idea. I do believe however & take pride in, possibly being the only person in the history of her practice who managed to make a joke while having a stick inside my urethra, as I thanked her for choosing a thinner swab stick. Despite a little piece of me questioning if that was normal or not.

When my ordeal finally ended, off I went from the clinic, freshly diagnosed with some sort of unrelated stomach infection & two boxes of antibiotics in hand. But before receiving my clean bill of health, I had experienced almost two weeks of general physical drudgery, which after my merry trip to the hospital, culminated with said antibiotics being very strong & in their quest to brutally destroy any sort of bacteria, left me with another week of feeling generally exhausted.

I fell pretty good now, especially after spending basically three days at home doing very little. The entire experience however, made me realise the importance of safe sex. While I generally have been very responsible with this, as we are repeatedly told to a frankly repetitive extent, we should always take precautions. I can wholeheartedly say though, using protection is infinitely preferable than having to be submitted to that regularly. As I received the call from the clinic regarding my results, the language barrier made the doctor’s phrasing sound initially like she was about to tell me I was HIV positive. I went from nervous, to a cold sweat, to relief about a second apiece. She proceeded to tell me I was clean. Afterwards, I immediately thought about how irresponsible I could have been. While I would of course been upset if I’d contracted anything, I would never have been able to forgive myself if I would have passed anything on to Venezuelan for example. I must say though, that because I was responsible, anything like that was avoided. I’ve heard stories of such things happening however, & I have to say it’s typically men shirking even this most basic of responsibilities. This is absolutely disgusting; I don’t condemn men for having sex as it’s in our genetic make-up, but to infect an innocent party is outrageously bad. At least protect those who care about you, from your own misgivings.

This time two years ago, I pretty much signed off of Words Of A Man with a generic Christmas post for the year, as I threw aside my usual commitments for ten to fourteen days of complete instinctual irresponsibility. I’ll stop learning, stop creating & eat whatever I like, with the only concession being to some moderate cardio exercise to avoid my return to full training in the new year being entirely punishing. I’ll catch up with some old friends & hope to see they have advanced in some way, whether it be materially or more importantly, personally. I remember the first timetime I felt a noticeable difference to them was in 2012. My own circumstances had changed drastically at end of that year, as my income situation changed drastically, I’d lived my first six months abroad & had really begun my sexual exploration, with girls from all over, whereas unfortunately for the most part, their’s hadn’t at all. 2012 personally though, would prepare me for one of the best years of my life: 2013. I was physically superb, full of energy , could do whatever I liked, travelled the world & made love to beautiful girls from around the world. For some reason, the sex seemed much better then too. But then, I think the quality of my life was much better then. I didn’t feel obligated towards an inevitable goal & didn’t worry so much.

2014 was also a good year, following much in the same was as 2013 but withI some cracks starting to show. That should have been where it ended with The Mexican. I would have avoided that terrible ordeal in the ‘annus horribulis’ that was 2015. Everything worked out OK up to present day but that was unquestionably the worst year of my life. I didn’t even do a ‘Best of 2015’ post for goodness sake.

Now I am in a position of great promise for 2017. It will be a ‘normal’ Christmas period for the first time in a while & the year ahead could be incredible. I’m intending to make some personal adjustments as I often do with the dawning of a new year, intending to rid myself of lurking apathy & newly seize this beast of life.

To all of my supporters out there, I thank you for your readership these past three years & wish you the best for 2017.

~ Unjaded

Spiders & Their Webs (Pt. 2)

Abigail Ratchford & her fairly strange face. A body that adequately makes up for said face though.

This weekend alone, the Ukrainian ex-model was telling me how horny she was when she went out because of being surrounded by a number of willing guys but was ‘only thinking of me’ because she’s ‘not like that’. Why not? Perhaps because at the age of thirty eight, she’d never had an orgasm & because that fire had never been lit, it was so much easier for her. As far as she was aware, there was never more than the satisfaction of getting fucked by a hot guy, which was never enough to resolve against her morality or the possible guilt. Or perhaps because she’d always been in relationships? She’s getting divorced as I write this, but loves seeing me. It doesn’t take long for a woman of any persuasion to move on.

How about the Married Belorussian, who didn’t think twice about fucking the shit out of me behind her married husband’s back because he “didn’t do anything”; the same guy who’d provided a house, passport, stability & everything to her.

The Portuguese girl who comes around my house for a couple of hours whenever she can to fuck me, before going home to her boyfriend? But remember she ‘does love him’ but ‘life is too short’. The Singaporean has directly told me, she’s been bragging about my prowess to her colleagues. I’m all up for free advertising; who knows to what fresh pastures it may lead but does she seriously expect to be taken seriously?

The Argentinean Swiss girl I recently hooked up with & has been all over me figuratively speaking, has recently changed her messaging picture to the one she had apparently taken ‘just for me’. But clearly, the winds of her mood have now changed for whatever reason. Perhaps a dog is sniffing about, as is often the case.

Compare alongside these, the Westernised Jordanian I’d met for a coffee last week who in our first face to face meeting, had dropped into the conversation either information amounting to, or directly admitted, that she’d fucked a whole bunch of guys until she got ill six months ago, that she had a long line of male friends she could fuck if she ever needed, that having an orgasm on LSD was the best experience she’d ever had & that she was considering doing it that very next weekend, before attempting to disclaim it all by saying she’d always been in relationships. But hold on, you told me minutes ago you were ‘very experienced’? She also dropped in an Italian ‘psycho ex’ who apparently had been showing up whenever she’d been going out & accusing her of being a whore. While I’m fully aware & experienced in psychos, typically I’ve found there’s no smoke without fire. All in all, she pretty much revelled in the fact she’d been quite the slut beforehand, as though her experiences were unassailable & so, unique to her, while I just listen in like a cat sheltering from the rain on a windowsill pawing to get in to this hidden sexual world, as this ‘independent’ & ‘self confident’ woman allows me to fantasise second hand on her rainbow of experiences.

The list could go on & on, but anyone who has previously read this blog knows it’s the same story again & again. Even the majority of the apparently single women obviously had someone else in the picture. I just didn’t give a shit. I saw through their facades & enjoyed it for what it was.

It’s truly something I don’t regret in my life. To be able to sit there & listen to women convincing themselves they’ve achieved something & revelling in their sexual history, almost smugly recounting details to me, while I sit there knowing I’ve slept with at least double the people they have & typically far better. Why my estimate of double? Let’s take Costa Rican for example. A decent enough person I get on with quite well & with a decent heart, who at least has the humility to speak honestly without bravado. She, putting it politely is the most sexually active female I know; this being a woman who during her holiday fucked five guys in twenty four hours. I’ve slept with double the amount of people she has. Even I was surprised.

There’s fuck all impressive about repeatedly doing the easiest thing available to you from the multitude of possibilities out there. Deriving a delusional sense of self worth from what is effectively equal to me jacking off, demonstrates to me how utterly pathetic, weak & one dimensional that person is. It’s literally a statement from them saying “I’ve given up on life, because I’ve resorted to accepting the past equals the future” or “I’ve accepted my existence amounting to little more than a vessel predominately for the satisfaction of others”. Or frankly, a whole range of other excuses. Ultimately it all comes down to the same goal; not wanting to take responsibility for your own life.

I can’t blame the girls who I choose to seduce, as I’ve become a master in that area. A recent Swiss girl (yes another) slid herself onto me & then told me my ‘dick was amazing’, about five minutes after she told me we wouldn’t have sex because she ‘wasn’t like that’. I’d even suggest that because I was indifferent about it, made it all the more appealing to her.

I seriously don’t care how many guys a girl has been with. Once they’ve described their number & experiences to me after I’ve intentionally told them vaguely “I’m experienced”, they’re practically foaming at the mouth ready to blow me out of the water because they’re women & so self assured they, as females, are in complete control of sexuality in our modern age. The satisfaction I get as I watch their faces drastically & suddenly drop as I calmly tell them, is better than fucking them in about seventy five percent of them. Watching them crestfallen as I casually take away the only power they thought they had over me with a few words, places me firmly in the driving seat. Some might stumble about looking for more ways they can devalue my dominance; education level? Surely only based practically on income, where I dominate every woman I’ve met. Not sexism, facts on account of having hard skills & strategic acumen. Travelling? Throwing in an insinuation you fucked a local while away gains no points to me (I’ve already assumed this happened) & brings us full circle; all you’d have to do is lie down legs spread in the street & someone would jump on. Not doing that would be much more interesting. Creative talent? Health? Surely they were all one night stands & generally speaking the sex was shit? Nope, I’ve had three one night stands in my life, because I’m good. I’ll point that out too. Whatever is raised, being a motivated & multifaceted person who rejects the status quo & takes calculated risks is the path to self esteem, strength & true independence.

The eventual acceptance & submission is accompanied soon after by intrigue; suddenly they realise they want you. Your casual yet confident victory means there’s something special about you. Either they go into denial mode & trot off to find a muppet to play a role to support their ongoing delusional or… they want a taste. Before you know it, your proposals to ‘come over for dinner’ or ‘watch a film at my place’ are being hoovered up, as intrigue & type take over. It’s almost humiliating for them how easy it can be at times. And don’t misunderstand; there is no pretence on my part of how this could be the beginning of something special or so on. I let them keep the ball in their court by simply saying I prefer to let things develop naturally, which realistically is the only way; this line of questioning is simply a test. When pushed, simply reply you are not open or closed to anything. Before you know it, you’ll typically have them sucking your dick for X period of time, determined by how much they enjoyed it. Continue to perform well & talk of ‘feelings’ & ‘getting serious’ will begin, at which point you are free to choose the further path. Just don’t get their infatuation or indeed yours, confused with something deeper. While it’s possible, it’s more likely whatever you have is temporary & should be enjoyed for what it is, for as long as it lasts.

I don’t personally believe all women are the same; Venezuelan is testament to that for me, regardless of what happens in the future. I do believe though, that the pitfalls of the modern women are present in all of them to different extents. One must always be aware of the risk of the female libido & it’s potential to destroy everything in an unexpected moment.

Don’t think the roles that seem to have been defined for you by an unknown entity are the only way. The only way you should concern yourself with, even if it happens to be similar to widely held views or entirely your own, is exactly; your own way.

~ Unjaded