A break from fitness based women now, as we enjoy a look at the beautiful Bar Refaeli…

These last two weeks have led me back to the belief that our lives are there for creating. While there are only a few variables you have complete control over, mastery of these can lead to great gains when combined with perseverance & control. The road to any goal is always peppered with pot holes but a solution orientated mentality will lead to at the very minimum, an interim solution.

I do appreciate however that means can have a significant impact on this. Having reached a level of success within certain key areas such as self confidence & financial means, therein lies a wider range of possibilities when searching to overcome an issue. Where now I have those options, I’ll be the first to admit that despite always having athletic ability even within self defence, I was petrified of fighting. I suppose I still am now to some degree, except I now direct that fearful energy into pushing myself further physically. Likewise, when money was in short supply, it had to be compensated with greater effort. And any internal efforts will always be compromised by internal strife, like depression, anxiety or any other form of unhappiness.

For men, almost everything is against them nowadays. You stand alone. Endless support groups for the promotion of women with no male counterpart has now resulted in the most recent generations earning more than their male equivalents, less male applications for university & vastly higher male suicide rates. Reading between the lines of popular journalism will illuminate these otherwise brushed over facts in favour of focusing on the female element of the larger issue. If for example, female suicide rates in the twenty four to thirty five year old demographic have increased from two percent to three percent, the importance of this will take precedence over the male rate increasing from twelve percent to fifteen percent. I have just quoted these figures off the top of my head, remembered from a recent article focused on the US but irrespective of your country, I’ll leave you to develop good habits & discover the official figures for yourself. It’s not far off, & you can do the same with gender comparison of earning levels between new entrants to the workforce, as well as accepted university applications. Just make sure you’re sure of the source of information, which is also general good practice.

We are now seeing what happens when discrimination is applied to an entire subset of people, moreover when there doesn’t appear to be a tangible end game other that what can be perceived as the desire for another subset to exert total dominion over them. As a member of that oppressed group, unaware of what my personal crime I personally have committed against society that must be corrected by this discrimination, I am subject to feeling resentment. My personal character has been assumed & I have been painted in a colour by someone who I don’t know, & who doesn’t know me. Furthermore, I either have no distinct person to who I can register my displeasure at these assumptive condemnations in hope of reprimand, nor am I seemingly allowed to, as with every attempt to do so I am personally attacked in efforts to discredit anything else I may say. There is no form of dialogue available to me.

The second World War came about after incredibly oppressive reparations were placed upon Germany. The underlying resentment was easily tapped into by one of the greatest speakers of history. Regardless of one’s political viewpoints (most of whom understandably & correctly disagree with), Hitler was indisputably one of the greatest orators of all time. Combining this with a seething mass of resentment brought on by discriminatory repression, brought out one of the most impressive war machines of all history. The steadfastness of the then mighty British empire was tested to it’s absolute limits, until critical tactical errors brought about the Axis forces eventual downfall.

I could go on with examples of (predominantly black) slavery & of course, women’s rights when they were not entitled to vote & so on. But in reality, every manifesto must have a end game. When slavery was abolished. When women got the right to vote & to work for equal pay. When Germany lost the second world war & the allied powers, while still ensuring Germany endured debatable repercussions, were sure not to make the same mistakes again.

Oppression, generalisation & discrimination of any kind, only result in eventual backlash. Anyone sensible understands, that much of the posturing & offence taken, is nothing more than bitterness manifest. Extremist people, aligning themselves within groups like-minded enough or agreeing with their right to express their views irrespective of if they agree with the viewpoints themselves, expressing their extreme views. That those concealing themselves within larger, more moderate groups does not mean the entire group shares those views. Without allowing whatever subset of people is currently marginalised by society, will only result in stronger & stronger methods employed by said group in order to get their message across. To avoid this, just take into account all viewpoints & come to a compromise.

I must also say at this point, that I believe this is one of the view advantages we have within the world, of countries borders. There is no obligation of any country to adhere to the same principles as another, irrespective of their speculative view. Take the current president of the Philippines as an excellent current example, who while subject to labels of being an abuser of human rights, is taking affirmative action to eliminate a problem crippling his country. And while those looking on from afar decry him, he enjoys sky high approval ratings (from whichever source you look at) from those who are really in the situation. Ask yourself; what would you want if you saw drugs on every corner, family members addicted & felt threatened everyone you walked in your own city? Furthermore, we are trying to accommodate key ideological differences for economical reasons. Countries are separated because different groups of people choose to live in different ways. We cannot reconcile & nor should we, the differences between people that are simply not compatible.

What you effectively have is certain people, trying to determine what’s best for another group, despite the former group having absolutely not context or experience of what situational challenges the latter group face. Depending on their position of influence or the current cultural situation, those external people can manipulate certain elements, either in misguided attempts to help or (in my opinion more commonly) for their own benefit. Their benefit can be tangible, or again more commonly in my opinion, in the pursuit of enlarging their ego. One with value rooted in oneself, does not require such external validation.

And so we go full circle. Feminism had achieved it’s tangible goals long ago, & now seek to control men. Reasons appear to include bitterness, inclusion among peers, a struggle for identity where real problems are ignored over the imaginary in a culturally mature world or simply, egomaniacal opportunistic careerists. Being a heterosexual male is now considered the least interesting denomination, despite the world being built upon the shoulders of them. In the Westernised world, we find ourselves as the least represented group, to the extent of those issues which apply equally to humans but even more so to men, simply ignored even in the case of death. Any situation where both a man & a woman are equally affected by the same malaise, which be portrayed as far worse for the woman, or the woman will be used as the example of how bad it is. In reality, these should be considered equal, even by the very supposed tenets of feminism – equality.

There is good news however. Despite the institutional discrimination that is in place, the majority of regular people see this for what it is. And when a group does not even display consistency or allow their beliefs to be rationally challenged, they rapidly lose legitimacy. Fortunately for humans, despite our often quoted faults, the majority of us abide by an ingrained code of rational human morality. Evolution has conditioned us somewhat to know the main aspects of what is right or wrong behaviour, & for the most part simply human desires such as security, shelter, food & comfort. And so, discrimination is seen for what it is; a destabilising, destructive force.

In spite of this, we still as men must deal with institutional barriers brought about by cultural shifts, themselves brought on by media framing & selective journalism driven by piggybacking onto sensationalist ‘issues’ not based on fact. Institutions opening themselves to social media means they are subject to the social equivalent of distributed denial of service attacks, as masses of raging, uninformed women latch onto headlines, fixate upon statements out of context or joylessly condemn humorous intent to shame companies into making changes. Hence, therein lies a choice for the man. Accept these as stated, rebel entirely against them or my recommendation; lie within the system, use it to your benefit, strengthen yourself & quietly become as independently powerful as possible.

Let the extremists think they are in control. Let them think they are empowering themselves. Let them think they are in control. All the while, quietly build yourself until one day, powerless, they see you have in fact always been in control.

~ Unjaded