A far more satisfying experience than most modern females.

Despite our constant reminders that the world is globalised, fully integrated & getting ever closer to homogeneity, we are still far from that. Wealth is still narrowly dispersed across countries, with Western Europe & the USA taking the lion’s share, Asia hot on their heels & South America struggling to maximise it’s enormous potential under the spectre of widespread corruption.

Leaving your country & going to explore others is a fantastic way of understanding what you have or do not have, & how others manage or prosper compared to how you do. By ‘explore’ I do mean more than going on a package holiday, of which there is nothing wrong with at times. If you simply need a way to relax, package holidays are a superb invention. Everything is taken care of & you don’t have to engage your brain at all; something I think we should all do on a regular basis. But this isn’t going to help much in understanding other cultures better & in turn, understanding yourself better. To see how others manage the challenges of creating the reasonable expectations of a roof over their head, enough safely to raise a family & the opportunities to earn some money can be very enlightening, particularly to those who live within a life of privilege.

I have travelled extensively & as I write this, am currently passing through a North American country by bus, observing the variety of variety of businesses & ventures that industrious people create by the side of the roads in order to try to create a better life. It has been a common theme within my observations & discoveries, that those of any current status in life but whom had to endure in order to get their not only appreciate far more what they currently have, but are also immensely more interesting. While they may utilise their current position in order to enjoy or participate in certain activities that were previously inaccessible to them, they tend to understand that a lot of these formality based activities have little meaning & instead the value they note, is that from their families, their relationships (not only romantic) & the journeys which led them to where they stand today.

I’ve spent considerable amounts of time with people who’ve never really had to endure struggle in their lives & while a minority do understand the importance of acquainting themselves with how others less privileged than themselves conduct themselves, the majority are just blindly going about in their own little bubble, utterly oblivious to anything that’s going on & frankly, crushingly dull. I’d honestly rather not converse at all than rotate through the same tired old polite conversations. It surprises me that these people don’t realise how boring they are & take action to address it. Perhaps they’ve been traumatised is the only explanation I can think of, but to traverse failure & pain is the only way to know oneself & grow.

Any time travelling is mentioned these days, it’s often painted as a predominantly female pastime or right of passage. A man can be content with simple things & be happy to embrace isolation. Sexism has now become so commonplace that a man is assumed to be a sex pest should he decide to visit a country that may in parts have a reputation for sex tourism, irrespective of whatever his intentions may be.

Lay waste to normalised sexism, feel free to go forth & visit countries that may have previously concerned by how it may be perceived by others. While I personally have never paid for sex, in much the same way as I at least understand some criminal activity to feed his family; one must find means that work for him or herself. I have visited countries after chatting with a girl online & been invited, which honestly was one of the best ways to visit somewhere, for obvious reasons (although I normally maintained a level of control by booking a well known, central hotel).

One last note on why certain activities are frowned upon; much in the same way the old establishments are threatened by the internet revolutionizing business models, the availability of options for the modern man in search of quality females for whatever purpose he wishes threatens the entitled female. Although a woman should never be your primary motivation to do anything, a man should travel. And a man who can go abroad has the possibility to meet friendlier, less demanding, more feminine & more attractive women than what he might have on offer back home. Give that most Western women are offering little more than the prospect of what’s between their legs as an incentive for a man to endure all the rest of their bullshit, once a man realises the true range of possibilities out there he immediately loses interest in the cattle back home & so they lose the only level of power they had.

Freedom through knowledge brothers.

~ Unjaded

The Battle Of Authenticity

So commonplace now, it’s utterly dull.

It’s often said that your environment can shape you both temporarily & permanently. I believe there is an American saying something along the lines of not living in San Francisco too long or it’ll make you soft, but also not to live in New York for too long, at risk of becoming too hard.

Where I am now is so slow & shit-eatingly politically correct, that it’s making me lazy (by my own standards – I’m seen an incredibly motivated genius here, unemotional to the point of being perceived presumably by others as a narcissist & utterly dull. People here live to societal standards by way of peer evaluation. Status is everything & so that on the surface takes precedence.

And my God, does that make it one of the most boring places I’ve ever been.

Perhaps it’s coming from within myself, as frankly I’ve done so much in my life that by now, very little impresses or motivates me to go out of my way to do anything extravagant. Notably though, I have noted I am reaching the point of total disinterest in women. The only one’s who tend to spark any type of interest in me are Latina or Eastern European women that are either about the same age as me or older, or the extremely rare cases where one would find that bizarre, immense chemical attraction to someone. As I’ve stated before, younger women are either or both of boring or have the attention span of a fly; something I’ve no doubt is a consequence of the newer millennial generation – a term I happily use with condemning abandon. Having been alive for a reasonable amount of time now & in that time, doing more than the average person may have done, I can state unreservedly people became much worse in their general quality. While their general levels of inform have become better, the mass of always available information has made it easier for idiots to be both bred & then further feed whatever belief they have of X, Y or Z. People have always looked for peer support & latched onto anything they can find in order to justify their own beliefs, & with endlessly generated information (regardless of accuracy or source) that is easier than ever.

The end result is a majority of zombified idiots, afraid of upsetting anyone because they’re spending too much time on the internet & think extremists are as prevalent in real life as they seem to be online. If that actually was the case, we’d live in a state of almost total anarchy but of course, we don’t. Unless there is a an active war, even in the most deprived of regions the majority strive to create communities, because in reality most people want the same things; housing, food, stability, reasonable opportunity (such as the means to work fairly) income & the occasional treat such as a holiday. Everything else comes from the ego by way of media & environmental conditioning. Most people have no interest in standing out & most successes or failures can be traced back to either a psychological or environmental event, or a combination of both.

Everything also comes with an cost, sometimes spoke about in economic circles as a opportunity cost. I reside in one of the richest countries in the world, courtesy of it’s self-creation as a tax haven. Yet the cost of living is such that I am poorer here than where I was in my last position. The focus on money verges on the insane; everything is distilled into a commodity. While this has rapidly become a global phenomenon, here it’s unforgivable to have any circumstance where one might have made a reasonable mistake & allow them some leeway. Rules are rules & any divergence from this is punishable.

‘Schizoid personality Disorder’ is a condition which takes numerous forms, one of which is the adaptation of your professional persona & approach into your personal life. The exterior that many of us must maintain in the workplace, particularly the corporate world, is akin to a child barely disguising himself as an adult. People compartmentalise their lives, sometimes as a coping mechanism & resort to well beaten cliches to dig themselves out of a panicking situation, such as being asked an unreasonable question to which it is implied (usually by a superior) they should know the answer to. But every mind has it’s limit, to knowledge as well as tolerance. Controlling your emotions is not suppressing them; it is rather knowing when to release them & to what degree. One can only imagine how many people fantasise about doing something drastic at work such as quitting on the spot or directly telling an irritating superior their true thoughts, but they never do.

With most people’s spare time intentionally filled by nothing more than a variety of distractions & the majority of it being filled with nothing more than the employment they must undertake in order to survive in a capitalist society, their career becomes their main focus. Indeed, one of the very first questions people ask each other upon engaging in small talk is of course ‘what do you do for a living?’. The truth is within the very question; ‘what do you do to ‘live”.

As such, this focus becomes our environment for the majority of our time & changes our personality. Our brains adapt, sometimes against their real will; something we simply cannot deny. While there are some who are content with such an existence (safe, mundane predictability), those who must play a part to receive the economic rewards will pay a price. They will become slowly changed by their environment much in the same way radiation might affect those in a fantasy film. As time passes & youth slowly leaves them, the effects are ever more apparent. The spirit will insist upon it’s own path & the conflict between your actions & your true desires will begin to manifest itself somehow, & the first candidate will always be your personal life.

~ Unjaded


Anne De Paula, hailing from Brazil. Eyes open on the news to see who’ll be fucking her soon.

Much like in economics, the rule of diminishing utility also applies to women. I found myself today discussing with a friend, how I no longer gained much pleasure from going to your typical nightclub. I have no interest in posturing to others to feel better about myself, no interest in most of the music that is played in such places, I don’t drink & getting women into bed is easier in almost any other scenario than in a club in my opinion. My self worth is rooted in the knowledge & experience of the self, the music is generally just generic shit that as a musician I can see straight through, I’d likely to be surrounded by drunken idiots & more likely to get into a fight with someone & getting women to go home with you from a club is probably the most thankless task known to man these days, even for a prime – well, prime enough – alpha like myself.

I’m now thirty seven, & while I can appreciate younger readers out there might not appreciate where I’m coming from, bear in mind I’ve hit it hard over the previous years. I’ve hit the bars & clubs (& occasionally still do the former: nothing wrong with hanging out in a bar), I’ve gone through all the expectations & jumped through all the hoops, & played the game – only to come out with fuck all. But don’t get me wrong – as a young man you should be experiencing these things. But if you really want to learn, think about what’s going on around you while you do. Those wily old dogs who have managed to come through those same menacing years you’re now living up, are probably actively seeking on fucking your girl. Don’t allow the fun, to cloud your awareness & judgement, because it’s most likely your girl is going to be jumping on someone else’s dick.

I have often in the past looked at people of high standing in the eyes of women, such as celebrities or popular sports stars, & wondered why on earth they would ever possibly consider getting married or sticking to one woman. I heard a story of a pop star, who I believe was Usher, who apparently used to just sit on his couch, while a queue of women waiting outside his dressing room to fuck him. He’d literally just fuck woman after woman, without having to anything at all. Damn, he didn’t even have to open the door; his security did that.

I jest on this blog, & it probably comes across as arrogance at times to the otherwise uninitiated. But it’s just confidence. I know what I’m good at, & also what I’m not so good at. And getting girls into bed, is one of my specialties these days. You can go back in this very blog to see the journey & the journey I took as I perfected my ways over the last two to three years. It certainly wasn’t easy, but also with fantastic experiences. While now I am almost mercilessly systemic in my approach, I do still waste time with certain people & that’s my current challenge. Also continuing to waste time with people who either don’t put out in a reasonable time frame, or who are simply shit in bed. I’m understanding when it comes to people wanting to learn, but I may as well be fucking a pillow if someone wants to turn all the lights off & not kiss.

People often talk about testosterone dropping as you get older, but your attitude towards sex (& life) is going to be influenced more by whatever your genetics have blessed you with & also the lifestyle you lead. It’s well known weights increase testosterone. The actual drop between an eighteen year old & a seventy year old man, is estimated to be approximately only twenty five percent over the course of your lifetime. Over a lifetime, that’s practically nothing. What will change considerably depending on your experiences, is your attitude towards women & life.

Right now, I’ve reached a point where I know most tricks to get most women into bed. It doesn’t matter so much on their relationship status, age or much else. It simply depends on me identifying what type of character they have & critically, how much effort I’m willing to put into it. An example would be the Ecuadorian woman I have spoke to sporadically over the past months. She gave me her number, met up with me – even came to my house once, despite being married. She then told me over a matter of a few weeks, how firstly she couldn’t go any further with me, & then soon afterwards, how much she liked me, loved spending time with me & wanted to go further but was resisting ‘temptation’. Why was that? Because I changed my attitude to her, once I realised she was more of a romantic.

But let’s be clear. This didn’t mean I started buying her flowers or professing my love to her. Far from it. What I did, was subtly modify the composition of my messages to her, the way in which I propositioned her to meet & the way I behaved with her, into a ‘softer’, more emotional approach. With other girls, this could not work at all , because they want a dominant man & see it as weakness. But with her, it was the key to unlocking her heart / legs. That said, I didn’t sleep with her because I had come to the point where frankly, I had a whole host of other girls who were already sleeping with me, good in bed & with whom the arrangement was little more than coming over, fucking me & leaving again. That’s perfect for me.

But there ain’t a thing like contagion. And as I considered what I enjoyed doing in life, what I missed & new possibilities, I realised there were a lot of things I’d rather be doing, than getting certain girls into bed. Anyone who for example, is going to flake on me more than once (once is permissible, as it can happen & also then gives me a freebie), regularly not respond to text messages or with whom I have to meet more than three times before they agree to come to my place (they all know what ‘coming over for dinner’ means), is wasting my time. And I can think of at least two women I’ve been spending time with who most guys would fall over themselves to get into bed with. And if they messaged me to tell me, ‘can I come over & see you’, I’d most likely answer ‘yes’. Such is the blessing of being an attractive woman – you can get fucked whenever you want. But for me, fuck them. I’m not going to tolerate being ignored or treated like an idiot, just for the sake of some pussy, when I’m practically drowning in it anyway.

~ Unjaded


Welcome to Anllela Sagra – another ‘Instagram Model’ (not sure when that became a job) & owner of a fine ass body.

It’s so interesting how one’s perception can change with time & experiences. From a moment of realisation in conversation, to reading a phrase that stays with you while you make your way through a book. A lot of this takes place in simple day to day interactions, but gets lost because the delivery is inadequate for the moment or the stage isn’t grand enough.

On the macro level, it can happen through a number of subtexts. The internet taking the place of so much previously face to face interaction is something I’ve gone into more than once, as is the influence of the politically correct media seeping into the millennial generation; apparently the most depressed & least sexual generation to date. Clearly not a coincidence.

I’m a person who can happily eschew people for a certain period of time, being content in my own world. An introvert at heart. But even I acknowledge the central importance of any of our most central memories, being intrinsically attached to the involvement of another person or people. Doing shit alone ain’t really much fun. That said, delving too hard into isolation or surrounding your every minute with others can also be exhausting, even physically as well as mentally. Embrace something too much & you may end up deeply within in, forgetting why you’re there.

A classic strategy to put young people off of smoking when I was growing up, was to give them as many cigarettes as possible & tell them they’d have to finish all of them that day, before doing anything else. Typically, this would of course result in them being violently sick & through association, being totally off cigarettes for good. There seems to be something to this, as I know quite a few people who’ve experienced something similar with vodka (even at an older age) & then never touched it again.

Much in the same way, the more we deny something, the greater we might desire it. Most cite age for this but I don’t agree entirely – experience is something not equal to age depending on how one chooses to live their life but invariably is connected due of course, to the passing of time that brings us opportunity or experience. Those jaded young men believing a relationship at the age of seventeen to twenty two will be the answer to all their problems do have good intentions but are painfully unaware of how they are not taking into account the typically true nature of today’s Western female. They do this, because they know no better. Only hard experience will show them that the path forward is self improvement & self-sustainability. Even those reading this, may attempt to take this advanced path early, & good for them for doing so. But the reason ‘why’ one is following that path will always remain without basis, & so the vulnerability will always remain. Many a man has created the life he thought he wanted, only for something inside – something without foundation, to fall; by his own hand or otherwise.

So in many ways, you could say it’s a rights of passage. Girls being as they generally are now, allow us to take the best of any situation presented to us, by putting some of us through hell or at the very least, proposing such trades that no sane person would possibly go for under any other pretext. For example, “I’ll be only yours forever” in exchange for financing my lifestyle, your seed, your unabridged openness & faithfulness, & no mistakes whatsoever. Of course, we all known what happens should someone make a mistake (entirely acceptable by the way; anyone doing anything that have to do will make mistakes & potentially end up in bad situations) & for example, the classic test of you being imprisoned. How long would it be before she strayed? If your answer is anything other than “She wouldn’t”, then any such trade is utterly worthless to you. You’re giving everything for a lie.

As I have mentioned here before, I am involved in the music industry. Anyone who has had some level of interest from a label or management company will testify, that whatever you believed before joining that organisation, will quickly be torn to pieces in the interest of the greatest success of the band. If you thought your image for example, was very cool, you’ll soon be told in no uncertain terms that it’s not, if it’s not.

And therein lies the essence of the greatest issue we as people face; being honest with one self when faced with a situation. When another tells you things in real terms (which happens most often in business, usually from those who have found success through it), it’s around this point that egos get hurt. Dealing with your ego is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, & it reveals itself not only when hurt, but also when one wants to convince one self of something, which may not be entirely true & they know it. Time & time again, I’ve seen people trying to convince themselves of an idea. If that idea involves someone else, an entirely non-controllable entity, then you’re already putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

The unfortunate truth is that, as many have alluded to, society is in a state of decay. The proliferation of internet, the degrading of shock value, the rationalisation & acceptance of everything, & removal of structure outside the workplace has made life joyless, people detached from each other, relation non-permanent & options available to all.

Give a man power & you’ll see his true nature. Give a woman power, & much like hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, hell will soon be made real.

~ Unjaded

More. Less. The Rest In The Middle

Assuming characteristic attributes are as expected, either of these should be sufficient.

Assuming characteristic attributes are as expected, either of these should be sufficient.

Now then my fine readers, (assuming you haven’t all completely lost interest, leaving only Zan & I reading our own pieces), allow me to explain to you what no doubt you’ve been wondering for most of your lives until now; why do we get some incredibly attractive (I’m talking nine to nine & a halves here) saying they never get men showing interest in them?

Well, firstly let’s translate this from from the unnecessarily obtuse dialect of ‘woman’ into correct wording. When they say ‘never’, they are of course not counting the assortment of men who register their interest for sex with them on a near daily basis. A lot of them will be referring to what they might describe as ‘quality men’.

‘But hold on’ I hear you cry, as your face screws itself into a understandably disputing manner. ‘Her definition of a quality man is entirely subjective!’ Indeed you are correct good sir, the layman can never been expected to know what a woman considers attractive.

Or can we? OK, pompous veneer aside now; of course we actually can make a reasonable assessment case to case. A lot of the early manosphere was dedicated to the concepts of ‘peacocking’, ‘negging’ & in lieu of real confidence, performance bravado. This had it’s place in the evolution of the manosphere & we wouldn’t be where we are today without it, but those concepts simply lead on to the knowing of oneself. The investigation, understanding & improvement of the self is the centre of increasing the general means of increasing your attractiveness to women & secondly, the understanding on a case by case basis what a particular woman might find attractive.

Personally, I’ve discovered maximising your strengths to be more prominent, while minimising your weaknesses to appear less obvious is a good strategy. You can also choose to go a step further & improve those weaknesses if you wish, but I’ve found this to be something more to do with general development than attraction focused development. In attraction focused development, you’re looking to strengthen the general characteristics that are visible when looking to attract women; posture, wit, knowledge, energy & overall confidence. That confidence should be backed up with real reasons, rather than a relatively transparent front but should essentially be the core reasons fueling your outward facing confidence. General development is also something a man should endeavour to pursue but has to be evaluated on two fronts; the time investment against the tangible benefit & secondly, weighing up if it cannot be compensated for by other existing skill. For example, someone who can form & lead great teams isn’t going to need to learn every aspect of his project, but someone more naturally inclined to the granular detail of a specific area might still want to concentrate on being a specialist in this. He then only needs to enhance his communication skills to a competent level, rather than trying to become an expert in something he has no passion for. But in either case, general development is more focused upon the optimisation of the self. Women aren’t going to be impressed with your shell scripting skills.

Furthermore, situationally what women are more likely to be impressed by is if you are different to what they regularly encounter. If you’re in the office trying to impress a co-worker, it’s probable her attraction is going to lean towards someone more alternative; a ‘bit of rough’ if you will. Similarly, if you’re interested in a barmaid, simply not being a drunk dickhead will most likely sway her more to your direction.

Now, coming back to the original point we look back to these points above. Without self development & a genuine foundation of confidence, high level women are going to mostly be impenetrable (in every sense of the word). Remember we are talking about ultra high quality women here; raised by a good, supportive family who have taught her the definition of real love & so her not having any major issues from previous idiotic partners – if you’ve been lucky enough to receive genuine unconditional love from someone in your life, it’s likely you’ll be one of two ways. Either you’ll be acutely aware of this & unwilling to accept anything less than the highest calibre of relationship – a form of abstention that surprisingly can still rarely be found; mostly among the highest quality of women as mentioned before. I have encountered men who also have this approach though, & the majority of them are incredibly successful. They’ve eschewed wasting time with the delusional majority making up the female dating pool & instead channeled that pent up energy  into another focus, such as money accumulation or becoming an expert in another area. Unfortunately, the less strong willed can sometimes find the unreleased energy becomes contorted & escapes into other, unhealthy interests. This is where we see very twisted behaviour that practically anyone would disagree with, so personally I feel a balanced approach is required; do your shit & don’t forget to get some fucking in.

The second manifestation of knowing genuine love, is similar in that the person sees how prospective partners fail to reach these admittedly high (yet correctly so) standards. But in this case, they still give these partners a chance in a relationship; & possibly from not wanting to be alone, because of their hopeful nature or not having the willpower to steadfastly hold to an alternative path in life, will end up jumping from person to person.

From our perspective, the difference between these two approaches by such people helps us assess the character & identify what type of character we are looking at & if they are suitable for our goals; getting laid or something more substantial. Being able to identify an attractive woman & differentiate between the two is going to mean more yield by effort expended. It’s also going to help you understand who to expend effort upon, akin to the Sniper Rifle approach but also generally useful.

Frankly, the girls who fall into the second category are going to be even easier to nail than not just the former category, but girls generally. As I’ve said before, I don’t make the rules of the game, I just play it & the game means girls like this are, due to their various disappointments going to attach less significance to the prospect of having sex with you than either the abstainers (of course) but also your general woman. A typical woman struggles in her own mind trying to balance the urge to get fucked against her moral perception of herself. Despite what feminists may say, this nagging doubt always exists in the typical woman because sleeping with various partners is not a part of their biological makeup. So again typically, they will try to adhere to these conflicts in their heads by withholding sex to men they ‘like’. The disillusioned girl of beauty who has known a parental love is likely to be more attractive & more open to sex. It’s a little bit tragic in a way but frankly, it’s the way the world works & some men undergo exactly the same thing. I can personally say I know what proper love is from my grandmother & so I won’t accept anything less as a result. Despite my apparent blossoming addiction to sleeping with a variety of women, even now there still exists a part of me that’d love a kick ass, super hot, loyal & awesome girlfriend who hasn’t fucked half of the country & their brother. The simple bottom line is, I’ve been with many women & see what even the supposed most loyal women are capable of, & it’s fucking heartbreaking. So I use the majority of them simply for what they’re worth, while securing my own position with my own work.

Even with my knowledge, the likelihood of me finding that seems remote. If I were to find a girl fitting that description, she’s likely to come from the initially described category of woman, who are tough to find & even if found, are tough to acquire. You have to be at a high level of self development, internally as well as externally. These make up what I would estimate in my experience as approximately the five percent of women who are actually worth settling down with. The closest I’ve found to someone like this was probably early-era EEP (probably an eight or nine minus the latter phase regression into psychosis) or BM-13 (probably an eight). But I intend to finalise this search with a minimum nine, & that’s only because I’ve learnt to be tolerant & ten’s don’t exist.

Perhaps I have high standards, but they’re equally as high for myself & I shouldn’t accept anything less. If you can honestly say you’re doing the best you can in your life, neither should you.

~ Unjaded

The Mating Game

'Yeah girl, I love the way you pop dat neck in & out'

‘Yeah girl, I love the way you pop dat neck in & out…’

You can’t make & present yourself as a high value male, without truly living the role. Stood as a man, straight backed & confidently with a steeled look in your eye, any woman who may be making eye contact with you is probable to be intimated to some extent, or at the very least have expectations if anything is to progress. You’re going to have to take control of the situation.

What does this mean? In the purest form, putting aside technology for now, just look at animals. Birds particularly (ironically enough – where I’m from, ‘birds’ is what we call women sometimes). In mating season, male pigeons are sticking out their chests, parading themselves amongst the others & aggressively pursuing the females. It’s quite funny, because the female pigeons sometimes look like they wonder what the hell is happening, when normally all of them are just pecking away minding their own business. Although I have my doubts, I’m sure they’re aware of their doing, the conniving fuckers.

If you’re walking around & have the belief you are the best you can be, if you see a girl anywhere, the chances are she won’t do anything to initiate an approach. She might invite an approach, by sitting nearby, repeating eye contact or doubling around so she walks past you again. But know, this is where you are expected to do something. She’s giving you the window of opportunity. Don’t dwell on it or any imagined consequences. We put ourselves through much worse on a daily basis, by sitting on cramped public transport, going to jobs we hate & smiling through our gritted teeth at people we couldn’t really care less about. Initiating a conversation with a girl who is inviting you to do so is easier than any of these. In the age where the huge majority of men lean on technology or at best, their work environment for one hundred percent of their dating prospects, by approaching a girl directly you’re going to look like the fucking man.

Do remember there will always be some women who are just looking for validation. You’ll start the conversation & they’ll then act like you’re bothering them. Perhaps they’ll go quiet when you stay showing enthusiasm (I’ve noticed Brazilian women especially are really prone to speaking short with you following your opening lines). Don’t waste too much time with these types. Pull back & become a bit cold, show a casual attitude, like you are beginning to rapidly lose interest. If she doesn’t perk up, just make your excuses & walk away with your dignity, proud you took the step to initiate.

Another important factor is context. Club game & online game are very similar, because you’re in a situation where women are constantly being validated by drunk dickheads / internet warriors. The best ways to counter this is to be a little more direct. You should already know what your strong points are; employ them unreservedly. Escalate to a familiar enough level to get them to meet you in person if you are communicating online. Don’t leave too much time when you arrange to meet them – the same day is rarely possible but the next day should be standard. Remember, every day you waste between them agreeing to meet you & you actually meeting them is another hundred internet warriors elevating her ego by promising her the world. In the same way, when in a club you have to be direct. I’m of course not saying you should be grabbing every girl of interest near you, but if you’re getting eye contact, you should be re-evaluating once or twice more at the very most before going directly to the girl to speak to her. Standing there like a mug staring at her is only going to transform you from ‘interesting / hot guy’ into ‘increasingly more drunk weirdo’. Also remember, you’re in constant fierce competition when in a club. Even now, many guys only go to clubs to meet girls, because they know they’re more likely to meet a girl who will put out. I would agree with this, girls go to clubs for attention & depending on how much attention they’re needing, this will determine how far they’re likely to go. It’s no secret when you meet a ‘party girl’ whose been around a lot, they exude a false veneer of confidence. They may appear confident in certain situations such as knowing how to deal with guys cracking on to them, but sit one of these women down & scratch below the surface, you’ll see there’s massive insecurities. It’s genuinely quite tragic to see these women who for whatever reason, simply won’t find what they are looking for (an idea of love) because they simply only know one way of trying to get it. As such, they stand out a mile in clubs, fucking guys when all the really want is the post-coitus hugs.

But that’s the way the world is, we can’t change it & to get a girl in a club, you should have a constant goal of escalation, increasing comfort labels while maintaining intrigue mixed in with generous helpings of physical contact, preferably with increasing intimacy. Remember, you’re not trying to grab her tits in the club – you’re trying to ignite her emotionally so she’s going to let you do whatever you want to them in the comfort of your own home.

Therein lies the key point; one I’ve alluded to time, time & time again in previous posts; women are primarily emotionally driven. Your goal is to change her state to that matching whatever objective you have for her. This is for getting laid, for making a girl fall in love with you, for maintaining a relationship, everything involving women. Simply look at female dominated work environments, which can be prone to being riddled with incompetence, yet sackings are rare because the ‘right type of person’ & personal attachments are valued more than actual ability.

Final point: despite what I’ve said here, there are a minority of good women out there (in my own experience of mainly western dating culture I would say about five percent). Don’t be so stupid to commit the typical male offence of convincing yourself whoever you’re currently fucking is ‘different’, because she’s probably not if you evaluate honestly. But if you are lucky enough to come across one of these quality minority, don’t be a fucking dickhead & treat her like a cunt. They deserve better than that. I’m aware women often like to take the victim role but some of the stories I’ve heard over the years are out of order. So don’t be a dickhead, right?

Now go forth & conquer!

~ Unjaded