Making Snowballs

Carolina Sanchez, from Uruguay; a place where attractive women of good character are still possible to find.

Total confidence eases you through every situation. It will also clearly appear to the majority of who claim or appear to be confident, but have little below the surface – the growing redefinition of how ‘confidence’ is perceived. In an attention deficient world, only the immediate is considered, those who take the difficult path become stronger than anyone, providing you make the effort into dealing with the inevitable downturns those experiences not may, but will bring. There is no growth without pain.

Anyone. As time passes, we now have ‘experts’, televised at the ages of approximately twenty one. Although it is possible in extreme cases, a twenty one year old is an expert in nothing, more so than ever where the typical teenager is totally insulated from making their own mistakes – one of the main methods of getting to know oneself. We are dictated to in the name of profit, as to what is right & how we should be, which upon examination will usually be found to be nothing more than shaping us into optimal consumers.

Consider anyone who has made at least some effort to experience something beyond what is promoted disguised as consumerist cultures, & ask them what were the best experiences of their life. In the vast majority of cases, they’ll describe an experience or something intangible. No matter how much they enjoy it, I’m almost certain they won’t describe something they bought, unless it is connected to something intangible; a house for their family which by extension of seeing their family happy within it, makes them happy they bought it.

Experiences & moments large or small, are what make life worth living. I won’t dispute that access to good funding increases your options of different experiences substantially. But that is only one means of increasing your range of choices. Much in the same way as learning game will increase your chances & choice of women, the focus of belief in oneself, remembering the path to true self discovery, peace with oneself & then the ability to strive forward without self doubt in search of expanding your boundaries will open up far more options to you, as well as the possibility of financial rewards, creating a snowball effect.

I look around the environment I currently exist within, that of finance within a rich country & see many people who have a much or often more money than me. And while there are exceptional individuals, there are the majority who have effectively resigned from anything beyond what they now have. Their income is sufficient & their job is set, albeit for some token rank denominations & nominal yearly salary increases. Their sole focus is working for an organisation that takes their energy, time & enthusiasm, in exchange for a salary. When the corporation needs to restructure or they have reached retirement, they will be ushered on to the twilight phase of their lives, to slowly regret the years they lost to their previous employers. They are for all intents & purposes, already dead.

While we do of course need to work to exist in a debt controlled society, there are things you can do. Firstly, be aware. If there’s an issue in your life, don’t hide from it & address the root cause. For example if you have a health problem, ignore pharmaceuticals as much as you can & look for other solutions. Consider exercise, for both mental & physical issues. Be honest with yourself & look at yourself. Are you handicapping yourself subconsciously, or making excuses. I commonly hear the response “I don’t like XYZ exercise” when I am asked by someone what they should do to resolve a physical issue they’re not satisfied with. I don’t always like going to the gym each of the five days a week that I typically do, but I do because I like the results of how I feel & look.

Nothing of value or substance comes for free in life. Everything has a cost. Simplify your life wherever possible & stop making excuses. Forgetting about the constant stream of bullshit that we hear through the media or those surrounding us, & being honest with oneself is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. It’s not easy to remove yourself from the status quo. Start with little things, gain that positive reinforcement & take another step forward each time. Over time, you’ll begin to see how absurd your old ways were & while admittedly subject to your current means, any level of success is possible if you are flexible, adaptable, honest with yourself, maintain your principles & be smart.

This week, I took home over five thousand dollars, for realistically working less than thirty hours. I was confronted with contracts worth six figures, to which I was ill prepared but came across honestly & confidently, resulting in a confidence from those decisions makers. I contacted companies in charge of millions of dollars worth of property, with proposals to film for next to nothing. I set in motion things that if they move forward, will result in playing with some of the best musicians of the past forty years. I slept with three different beautiful women from around the world, all of whom are infatuated with me. I organised a crew of talented professionals, all of whom are willing to work with me for free, because they believe in the project after I described it to them.

It was quite tiring. By Thursday I was preparing to sleep by nine in the evening, slumped in front of my fire, simply staring into the flames, too exhausted to even move. I stayed there for a hour, taking the time to contemplate should the thoughts enter my mind & enjoying the silence if they did not. At one point, I considered my life now; the raging whirlwind of forward moving uncertainty & how different things had been both five, ten & twenty years ago. I certainly was different at all those times & absolutely not the person I am now; almost in total disregard of peer or societal expectation. In each of those eras, in different ways I was a yaw of self hatred, self doubt, internalised anger & misunderstanding of a world in which I never seemed to fit into no matter what modifications I made to my demeanor. I am not the finished article now, but whatever I choose to do with my time now & in the future, I expect to be easier. As I experience more, I learn more. As I learn more, I understand more. As I understand more, I gain confidence to experience more.

~ Unjaded

The Boring One

Now this, is what I need at work. Not just the picture; the willing girl & her location...

Now this, is what I need at work. Not just the picture; the willing girl & her location…

Last week, I recorded a demo for the band I single-handedly put together last August. We’ve also wrote an entire album since then; eleven songs totalling forty plus minutes, without a single weak song in the pack. We’ve probably written at least four possible breakout singles from those. Of those we’ve played our songs to, we’ve only had positive feedback. If we approach this in the right way, we’re well on course to do this professionally.

But apparently, I’m boring.

I’m currently negotiating an extension to my contract. An extension which is double the length of a typical contract & have principally agreed a rate increase of forty percent, taking me even further into earning five figures net in Euro’s per month, as my base salary.

But apparently, I’m boring.

I’m near to the best shape of my life, age becoming little more than a figure, as I maintain fitness levels & heal long term problems to remain well ahead of men ten years younger than me. Because of the hours of training I’ve put in at the gym, women stare at me in the street & their eyes are alight with desire, running their hands over my abdominals as I make love to them.

But apparently, I’m boring.

Through keen observation of the markets & developing a new strategy in the equity & oil markets to profit even during the unpredictable volatility that shook the financial markets earlier this year, I’ve increased my risk capital by thirty one percent so far this year, without realising a single loss making position. It’s a enviable record that even full time traders would be proud of. Putting the hours in, & keeping a close record of price movements, trends, volatility & market indicators has been an enriching & profitable experience for me. Adding to my property assets, I’m approaching becoming a millionaire in the next two years maximum.

But apparently, I’m boring.

I’ve slept with girls from Chile, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Portugal & Spain in the last three months. I have sex with a mean of three different women per week, who for the vast majority are also very happy with the arrangement.

Apparently, that’s boring too. And also wrong.

I live my life, without apology for my actions, providing they do not harm others. I live truthfully, acknowledging & experiencing the mistakes & bad decisions I make. I live through them & no matter how difficult (even the lowest points), I come through them.

I do not lie to myself. I do not create justifications for my own inaction or circumstances I have, through self destruction or neglect, created as part of my life. I know no matter how difficult your circumstances or however hard they may be, there is always a choice that can be made. There is always an alternative, providing you are courageous enough to take that risk. I do no delude myself or try to rationalise weak or poor behaviour. I accept I am only human, & so I may procrastinate, or make poor decisions, or indulge myself too much at times. But I accept myself for who I am, & strive to be the best version of myself I can be. Leaving a legacy after I am gone.

I am not satisfied with simple peer acceptance, because those supposed ‘peers’, deemed as such because of similarities in age, background or status, are rarely so, because I’ve elevated myself to that level – they’re often born there out of privilege. As a result, they have no proper conception of struggle or adversity. I do not care for showing my face amongst those to whom I am supposed to aspire to, because I am aware the only thing I can fully control; is myself. Hence, all change is driven from within. By going through extra mile. By doing things properly. By being a man of action, rather words.

I’m not interested in ‘fitting in’ or being involved in any context with people on that basis. People can either accept me as I am or leave me alone, because I know my quality through the hard work I put & don’t have to overcompensate for it through bravado.

I walk forward in a straight line, towards my goal. My value is intrinsically built. I don’t care to, or need to imitate others.

~ Unjaded